New Version of Evernote for the Mac

Posted by Phil Libin on 04 Aug 2008

Posted by Phil Libin on 04 Aug 2008

We’ve just released version 1.1.4 of Evernote for the Mac.  This version makes several improvements to editing, clipping and dragging.  You can see the release notes and auto-upgrade your current Mac version by using the “Check for Updates” command from the “Evernote” menu.

You can also download a fresh copy of all our clients; Mac, Windows, iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc.; from the downloads page.

More updates for all the platforms are in the works…  We never rest.  Well, *I* rest, but not our developers.  Ok, sometimes they rest a little.  One at a time.


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  • bobert21

    I’ve been so spoiled by the tape view in the PC version of Evernote that I am still unable to use the Mac version, as much as I’d like to. I don’t know where that is in your development roadmap for the Mac, but this is one request to move it to the top of the list.

    It is a great product, but I feel forced to run it in a PC virtual machine just to get the same functionality.

  • chiraqitaq

    I am wondering if the service will ever have an API?

  • Reza

    Thanks for the great application, both iPhone and Mac.
    There’s still a minor problem in the Mac version: select/dragging text doesn’t work and the selected text disappears.
    I also wish the iPhone version had some caching mechanism for notes.

  • Nick S

    I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue but with the new update for my Mac, anytime I edit a note specially; size and font, Evernote freezes up.

    love the program guys! can’t wait for new updates!

  • avrum68

    I’ve sent tech a msg bout disappearing notes, and othe wonky issues, with the new version for Mac.

    I tell ya… when the iron out these bugs, this system will take the place of 4-5 different systems I’ve been using. Worth paying for!

  • Colin

    Love this app, its perfect for notes and now i have synced access on web, iphone and mac. Here are a few requests to go on the list.

    Love the paste to evernote function, would be great to set a default tag (eg pasted from laptop) and also a default title (first line of text) so i didnt have loads of untitled notes…

    Also really could do with a search for “untagged” notes, as if i forget to tag notes are hard to find.

    Thanks for a great app

  • Crackity

    I love Evernote.
    I switched from XP to Ubuntu recently – A Linux version coming soon?

  • Regnareb

    Evernote for iPhone but not for Opera… This is ridiculous ^^
    What a shame.

  • Ronald

    Hi there,

    I have been using EverNote for a while now and I have been really happy. Few days ago i just decided to completely using it for all my document.

    This afternoon i upgraded to the latest version and suddenly it gives me a weird error dialog saying alert.

    I quit the program then I start it up again. I m so shocked that all my notes are dissapearing. Im very unimpressed with this as I lost all my important notes. Some people keep their important stuff on their evernote and I am one of those people.

    Im hoping if there is anyway I can recover them. I use a local notebook for all of them so they are not synced

  • Mike

    How about a version for S60 based mobile phones?

  • John Reed

    Thanks! Really interesting. I wish i could spend my time on writing articles…just have no time for it.

  • Malcolm

    Hotel California Software Design – DANGER!!

    You can check in but you can never leave.

    I made some recordings at an important family event only to find out that I can never get to use these recordings outside of the system. I am furious beyond belief and will do everything I can to dismiss this application as one more closed system that tricks you into using and then locks you in (Think AOL).

    Don’t ever use this product for anything important.

  • Stephane

    Good for Mac/M$ users, but what about the others…
    I switched to GNU/Linux (now Ubuntu distro), and there is no way to run it except from emulation or virtual machine.

    Any roadmap for releasing a native Linux version?

  • J

    A Symbian version please.

  • Larry

    I like the OneNote import idea but i’d like to be able to attach files to the notes

  • aaron

    a way to edit/add tags to more than one note at a time would be great.

  • Patrick

    Did you try exporting your audio by emailing it? Then you can drag and drop it and save it as you please. Not as direct as it could be, but your audio isn’t in a closed system.


    hi why is there no symbian app or java app? i’m a nokia champion and i cant use your applications on my phone. i have to only use mobile internet and that is really hard when you roam the world. it’s too fiddley in the phone. when you’re a model and you roam the world, your phone is your life.


  • Gudjon

    As I describe in my today’s blog entry at the following link, your platform has a great potential. My two top priority feature would be hierarchical structure of notebooks, so that I can create as many sub-levels of notebooks as I want. Also, we need better (some!) security for the RSS feeds, to enable the knowledge enterprise use of Evernote, see my blog:

    Also, I would like to be able to publish my Saved searches as RSS feeds.

    Until then, thanks for a great app guys! – Gudjon

  • Brian Pirie

    This app is looking fantastic. Unlike a simple port of a Windows app to the Mac that some companies do, this has the real feel of a Mac app, and is very clean. Well done!

    My one wish for the Mac version is ink support for quick doodles, sketches as part of notes. Often the keyboard is the best way to jot down an idea. Currently I’m still inclined to use my paper notebook, for this reason. Unfortunately, it’s hard to search my paper notebook, or integrate things that I collect on the computer.

  • Paul Collins

    Thanks to the Mac and iPhone clients (and web publishing/RSS!), I’ve been fairly blown away by Evernote, and plan to make it our main demo at the September 9 meeting of our Mac user group ( Tune in if you’d like to see my newbie demo. Or, if someone at Evernote Corp would like to do a remote (iChat Theater) demo, just contact me.

  • Robert Gottlieb


    I’m trying to copy an entire listing in a notebook. You have the ability to select and email some, but it leaves a huge amount of space in the email and the notes themselves are not editable.

    Also, on your web interface, there is no select all capability which can be very frustrating when trying to select multiple items.

  • Chad Merkert

    Evernote is very nice, but I would really like to see a Linux Version.

  • Jonas Szx

    I love Evernote and use it for all my GTD and daily journaling needs. Now, having switched over to Ubuntu I would love to see a true Linux version of Evernote available.

  • Zigurds

    I vote for Linux version too.
    I have switched to Linux 3 years ago and I’m really happy with that.
    Evernote is excellent app, but it is really weird why there still is no Linux version. We even have iPhone version…

  • Mark Ryan

    I love Evernote but also love Linux. Add my vote for a linux client.

  • nk

    linux please… how hard can it be to port if it’s been done for the mac already.

  • Less Antman

    I’d love a Linux version as well, but be aware that Evernote can be installed on a Linux system through Wine right now. Google “evernote linux wine” and you can find step-by-step instructions.

  • Daniel

    I’d love to see a Linux port too now I am considering getting an ubuntu netbook (I use Mac at home and Windows at work)…

  • Anonymous

    No linux version yet? *sigh* Why?!? 🙁 Don’t any of your developers use linux? You already have a Mac client … can’t be THAT much more work to get it working with Linux.

  • Greg

    We need a native Linux app!

  • Adam

    Yet another vote for Linux. Come on people, Linux isn’t the geeks only OS that it used to be. If I can buy a Dell, IBM, Acer, etc… with Ubuntu Linux on it, I’m pretty sure it’s main stream enough to support it now. You even have a client for WebOS Pre’s. That’s Linux!

  • Mike Wendt

    I also vote for a Linux Version!…

  • james

    Another vote for a Linux version. I cannot see myself becoming a paid up member without a Linux version.

  • sbravo

    +1 for a native linux version !!

  • Ed

    Another vote for a native Linux version. The only place that I use Winders is at work. All of my home machines, including a full size laptop and an Eee PC are all running Ubuntu.

  • Erik Westrup

    I love Evernote and I use it on OS X, iPhone & Windows. But I really miss it in GNU/Linux 🙁 Please make a GNU/Linux-version too!

  • Chris

    I vote for a Linux version of Evernote as well.

  • Martin Packer

    Would happily beta a native Linux client. I’m on Ubuntu, currently using WINE to run it, as well as the iPhone client and (my legacy laptop) Windows.

  • Anson

    I’d love a linux version as well. Got my credit card out ready to pay when that happens.

  • index01d

    I also vote for a native linux version!

  • Stepan

    Linux version, please!

  • Benzjaminz

    Another vote for a Linux version. I use XP and Ubuntu and would love to have cross platform compatibility.

  • Kay

    If I had this for Linux (without wine) I’d heavily consider and gladly buy Premium for a year ($45). As it is, I use it frequently, but need to be booted into OSX where I spend about 1/4 of my computer time. Linux is truly the way to go.

  • Rule


  • Dr.Echo

    Great application, but btw… why not a Linux(unix->Mac) version ? Everybody´s asking for it.

  • Håkon Kalbakk

    Untagged Notes

    In general my notes have at least one tag but especially for distinguishing between braindump items and processed projects, next actions, etc. it’s important our items have their tags.

    Search: -tag:*

  • sully

    Just adding an enthusiastic (slightly shrill) +1 for native linux version!

  • Gary Hollingsbee

    I’m just moving all my PCs over to Ubuntu. I use Evernote a great deal and I’m a premium subscriber. If you’re not considering a linux version then I’m probably going to cease my subscription.

    I can’t emphasise how much I love Evernote but I’m so fed up with Windows now that I want an OS that I don’t have to reinstall every other month. Please please please make a linux Evernote.

  • Robert

    Love evernote, but since I migrated to Mac for my personal computer and Linux for work, I don’t use it nearly as often.

    The clip to evernote browser link does work great in firefox on linux, so it is a great start, but the linux platform really needs another option for notes. I hope to see an Evernote release soon!

    With the iPhone application and the Mac software, I now use it again for personal notes. I have been very impressed with the applications and I see regular updates and bug fixes.

    Thanks for the great work, keep it up.

  • Paulo

    Native Linux support plz!