Evernote for iPhone 1.2 Gets Note Editing and More…

Posted by on 11 Aug 2008

Posted by on 11 Aug 2008

Let’s just cut to the chase. You asked, and we made it happen:

  • I want to edit notes right on the iPhone: DONE
  • Give me more audio recording time: YOU GOT IT
  • Make image and audio uploads faster: IT’S 4X FASTER NOW
  • Let me choose to have notes sync only over WiFi: OKIE DOKIE
  • Ugh, the first line of my text notes gets cut off: FIXED
  • Integrate a flashlight application: UM, NO

Get Evernote for iPhone version 1.2 or check for updates on your iPhone / iPod Touch.

Editing existing notes

With the latest Evernote for iPhone release, you can edit existing plain text notes; append text to notes that contain images, audio, or other rich content; and change tags or notebooks for existing notes –all directly on the iPhone.

To edit a note, open it and click on the new Edit Note icon in the lower right corner.

note edit

Shiny new audio recorder

The audio recorder is completely redesigned, making it significantly more user friendly and intuitive. We increased the maximum recording time to 5 minutes, added a level meter, gave it some nice thumb-friendly buttons, and made the whole thing a lot easier to use.

audio recorder

Note upload options

We learned that some of our users pay a hefty price for cellular data transfers. Since we’re in the business of improving your memory, not emptying your wallet, we’ve added the option to choose whether notes are sync’d over cellular networks or only when connected to WiFi. This setting is located in the Account screen.

Faster uploads

We’ve significantly improved our image and audio compression, which translates into uploads that are nearly 4X faster than in previous versions.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Take a call or quit the application without losing your work
  • Note list automatically displays any newly created notes
  • Fixed a bunch of “Pending note” issues

Thanks everyone for the great feedback. Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming. Now that we’ve got the 1.2 release out, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting started on the biggest task: letting you have local storage of notes right on your iPhone. Stay tuned.


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  • Patrick

    Great job. Thanks for the update. Evernote is my trusted personal information organizer!

  • Emily

    Awesome. Thanks especially for filling the sync only over WiFi request!

  • mdotbb

    Well-done! And your post was so good it made me come to the blog to give you a shout. 🙂

  • Caprica

    Huzzah!!!! – finally local storage of notes is on its way

    btw. If you are looking for a kick ass feature to add, how about back end server conversion of documents, like word documents, pdf documents, power points etc to evernote notes. that way I could take any material with me and read it where ever I am and I would not suffer from the perils of the apaling pdf reader in my itouch or the lack of a word / ppt reader. (I know this is probably too much to wish for – but it has to be almost as useful as a flashlight feature you have promised us)

  • Dan

    Any updates for Windows Mobile? 🙁

  • Evan

    My heros.

  • Judi Sohn

    Was the new version pulled? Am I the only one who is still seeing version 1.0.1/July 15, 2008 as the latest in the App Store?

  • maique

    great, thanks for the update…

  • Graham

    Awesome 😀

    But just really want the local storage and perhaps a view of all the notebooks, instead of all notes 🙂

  • Robert

    Fantastic work! I can now use Evernote as my note synchroniser 🙂

  • flo

    but editing notes on iphone isn’t full featured?

    it says that i can’t edit note, cause there are images and or formatations in the note. when will that be fixed?

    I’m an administrator and i would like to use evernote on my mac and iphone as a ticket, task AND knowhow library. specially for tasks and my little knowhow articles i would like to add screenshots and so on.

    if i have a note with an image in it i can’t edit it on my iphone, i’m just able to add text, but can’t see the old text in the note 😉

    cheers, flo.

  • Vinod

    Thank you!
    Please consider adding offline storage of ALL the synced notes on the iPhone – perhaps in the future updates.
    Thanks again.

  • Ricardo Figueira

    Great brilliant job!!! The “sync only over wi-fi” made you my heros! When you get the local storage of notes working I’ll commend you for a Nobel!

  • Blake

    I wish there was a way to make task lists on the iPhone with Evernote (with check boxes)

  • nesman89

    how about better editing on the windows mobile platform. it’s a bit clunky to say the least. I do loves me some evernote though

  • Ziru

    Sync is good, and I especially like the sync-only-over-wifi support. However, as Vonod pointed out, missing offline storage definitely prevents me from using it. I bet I will be very frustrated by no access to my notes when the wireless network is not good or even not available. In brief, I will wait until the next release drops.


  • Henry

    This is just great. I still need the notes to be slightly magnified, and line breaks converted to paragraph, or br tags when in the desktop or web app (so it displays as I entered it on the iPhone).

    Otherwise, thanks for getting to these things so fast!

  • Marinucci

    Really, really need to have a notebook view so that I can see all my notes arranged in each notebook instead of all of them just appearing in a single view.

  • Christian

    Fantastic!!! Evernote is progressing at wonderful pace! Keep up the great work and I look forward to having local storage on my iPhone!

  • avrum68


    One suggestion – allow us to edit “to do” list functions on iPhone.

    X2 for: “Please consider adding offline storage of ALL the synced notes on the iPhone – perhaps in the future updates.”

  • Joe

    Great features. When are the rest of us with Windows Mobile gonna see these features? I use evernote heavily and these features are what I would love to see.

  • Capo

    Sweet indeed. Evernote rocks my tiny little touchscreen world!

  • Jeff

    I think the only reason why local caching/storage of notes wasn’t added is that images (which would comprise a huge percentage of people’s notes, I would think…) could add up to a crazy amount of MBs. Still, I would really prefer for Evernote to take the place of OmniFocus on my iPhone

  • Mike Puchol

    One more vote for offline storage – I need to be able to access my notes quickly, and over EDGE or GPRS, this can take forever. When this is added, I will buy a subscription. Otherwise, keep going, you rock!

  • Walt Basil

    Great update folks! A bunch of welcome changes. Like others have said too, great post! Came here just to comment after reading about it over Twitter and NetNewsWire. But also like others, I still can’t use it as my main note-taker until I see that local storage like the Mac version.

    I’m really looking forward to the next version! Keep up the great work.

  • John

    Another vote for offline storage! This is sespecially important for iPod Touch users who don’t have always on networks!

  • Ryan Imel

    Loving the update. Upping the audio limit to 5 minutes is awesome, I’m loving that. I’d ask if you had plans for transcribing audio in the future, but I’m sure you do :).

    I look forward to future updates. Thanks for updating and explaining things on this blog, as well as the hints at where you’re going next. Much appreciated.

  • Tim McCarthy

    It would be very nice if in addition to offering to append plain text to a rich text note, it would offer to just strip out the formatting and convert the note wholesale.

    Add that, let me make the font a wee bit bigger, and add offline storage and the iPhone version will be perfect.


  • Ken

    A suggestion if not included, it’ll be excellent if the notes can be emailed to someone.

    Also, this has been suggested but offline note storage will be great.

  • Ken

    Sorry – to be clear email existing notes from iphone.

  • Mar

    great! nearly time to “poof” apples but first evernote needs local storage (perhaps for text notes only). and to choose list-view instead of thumbnail-view. keep on!

  • physio

    Thanks for the great update. Evernote kicks butt!

    I use the Jott integration but even so I would like to see Evernote convert my iPhone voice notes to text. Is this in the works?

  • Charlie Uniman

    As of 8/13/08 I haven’t had the update appear on my 3g iPhone. What do I do to obtain the update?

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the updates. I love your program and I love it even more that I can access it from my iPhone.

  • Peter

    Great stuff – a quick fix to make the iPhone version wonderful. Thanks guys

  • Shyam

    This app is cool. I use it on my 3G iPhone. One great feature would be the ability to email notes from the Evernotes iPhone application. Hope we see it in one of the future releases.

  • nesman89

    notebooks would be awesome

  • Beth

    Adding to my wish list:

    editing to dos so I can check the danged things off when I’m on the go AND offline storage so I can see them when I’m in places without WiFi (say, the local hospital, which surprisingly has no WiFi).

  • ridim

    please include screen rotation in the next update


    thanks for a great product

  • avrum68

    “editing to dos so I can check the danged things off”

    So, so important.

  • Henning

    Evernote for the iPhone has now become useful! Great stuff.

  • Henning

    BTW, to all of you that use more than one notebook: why? Tags are much more powerful than notebooks. The only reason I’d use one is to keep some notes on a machine instead of on the Evernote server. I moved all my notes into one notebook and started using tags exclusively, and the experience is much better.

  • Dave Tavener

    Echoing the sentiment on offline storage. I didn’t realize it didn’t exist until I tried to read my grocery list in the store and my touch couldn’t connect to anything! At the very least, please let us tag notes to be stored locally. Just text notes would be fine with me, but probably not everyone.

  • Vilalao

    I sure would like to see 2 things on the iphone client:

    – having my notes locally on the iphone everytime (so i could see and edit while without net access);

    – a pause button on the voice recording, so i can pause and then resume recording.

    That would be really a major improvement on the client.

    But hey it’s looking good !!!



  • Nizam

    1. For those who have the 500 mb/monthly limit, is it possible to increase the 5 min recording time? Perhaps like 1 hour or something (having the option to control audio quality, lower quality = longer recording time).

    2. Local storage would be AMAZING. I’m so happy you guys are working on that.

    3. Indexing Audio Notes (is that even possible?)

    4. Having Columns within the notes. (Left for notes, right for tasks or something).


    I love evernote, awesome program.


  • Chris Mahon

    and…..another vote for offline storage. Yes, our notes databases might be big, but guess what, I’ve got an eight gigabyte iPhone! (and I don’t think my notes are much over 2MB)

  • Tim Jeffries

    Great update, thanks!

    I too would love offline storage. Our 3G coverage can be pretty poor at times so accessing notes at those moments is a problem.

    Thanks again.

  • ridim

    please put in screen rotation in the app and also local storage would be AWESOME..

    great work guys!

  • Rich

    Wow, you can edit text? And the web clipping WAY out-complicates making a bookmark. Will wonders ever cease?

    Really, what am I missing here?

  • Jason Kelly

    Hey best app ever made! One thing I wish would be made and the one thing keeping me from buying a full account is the ability to save notes to iphone. Many times I do not have wifi but need to remember a note. Or I am out of coverage and wanted to check something. I realize that saving all the notes would take up a whole lot of space. But if you could select which ones you would like to save to memory that would be so useful!

  • Willem

    I’m loving this! Thing I love most is that it doesn’t have a flashlight application. Great job!

  • judd

    Love it. but please– oh please — give us local storage of notes

  • Craig

    I’m loving this program so far. I’m not going to love it so much when I’m out of a service area. Note storage on the iPhone would make this app absolutely perfect.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  • crinau

    I am not alone in requesting this – please consider adding offline storage of ALL the synced notes on the iPhone we don’t have 3G/data access in my area and can only use WIFI at home.

  • Brian Pirie

    This looks promising!

    The biggest things that are holding me back are:

    1. It doesn’t remember notes for when I’m away from a network (I have an iPod Touch), which is much of the time. If I can’t see my notes, it’s rather pointless.

    2. As soon as a note has any formatting, it’s existing content cannot be edited again. In the worst case, even if there were a way to discard the formatting to be able to edit it, that would at least make it usable.

    Once those basics are taken care of, the next enhancement I’d suggest is the ability to quickly sketch ink notes on the touch screen. If you could have ink notes on the Mac client also, then we’d have a killer app here!

  • BKNY

    I have to second the following feature request:

    Please consider adding offline storage of ALL the synced notes on the iPhone

    I can’t comprehend why the ability to simply edit and snyc notes and have synced notes available for edit COMPLETELY OFFLINE WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF INTERNET CONNECTION WHATSOEVER is not #1 on the list of features to implement. What if I’m in Europe and I don’t have an edge/wifi connection available? The application will be unusable in that case to look up my stored notes. The only notes solution I can currently use is putting notes in Things for Iphone.

    If this feature was implemented, this would be a brilliant app and I would pay for it.


  • BKNY

    Somehow I missed that you were already working on local storage of synced notes so my previous post just doesn’t apply.

  • Maureen

    wish list:

    local storage!
    web capture on iphone safari! (or has anyone found a work-around?)

  • Platron

    Adding my vote: Offline access please.

  • chris

    offline storage.(A Button) Sow i can choose witch Notes evernote downloads to my Iphone…

  • Stephen Skarlatos

    Offline selective note store would make this a killer app, until then the networks make a fine application unreliable to count on.

  • Shaun

    Just like the last few comments – need offline storage. Thought I had found the perfect app but realised it is useless to me without offline storage capacity.

  • Rafi

    Really looking for offline storage to download notes from the cloud. I had difficulty to access online note when I was in the overseas. It would need me to roam my cellular data which I prefer not to.

    Rich note editor and to do list with check box will be a great feature to add…

    great job guys..

  • Jeremy

    Evernote for the iPhone is a great start but it won’t be complete until you add offline/ local storage. I need to be able to access my notes even if I don’t have network access. Thanks for making great software.

  • newtdark

    local storage on iphone/ipodtouch would be great, that’s all i have to say for now. evernote = a lovely app tho 🙂 might start using it over journler sometime soon.

  • Fred Stefanowicz

    Is there a way to add a “to-do” checkbox directly from the iPhone? I know how to do it from the desktop, but can’t find the functionality in the iPhone App. Thenks

  • Jaime Cham

    And yet another vote for offline access. To me the very point of creating these notes (as opposed to surfing the web for them or accessing one’s email account) is to be able to access them when out of range or roaming.

    Would be nice to hear something back from Evernote on this (such as “we’re working on it”, “never” or “in version X”).

  • Oleg R

    One more vote for offline access! and this iPhone note taking application will be absolutely perfect.
    You don’t always get reception/wifi/etc plus maybe will want to work with notes on the airplane or abroad…
    Have notes cashed/pre-loaded into the internal memory will make it perfect.
    As an example – before going abroad i places all the places i want to visit into Evernote… and did not get roaming data (was not supported) – all the notes got locked on your servers and I had to run around to look for internet cafe…

  • DBinSD

    Local note storage is a must – I have an iPod Touch, and currently I can’t access my notes unless I’m on WiFi. Your program is totally worth paying for with local storage, really not worth having on my device at all without it. For me (and hell, this *is* all about me) Evernote does what Notes on the Touch *should* do – sync notes between my Touch and the rest of my machines. But without local storage, I’m can only access the information when I have WiFi – which means I’m at work or home…which means I can use the machines that have the information on them in the first place to get the information, instead of looking at it on a tiny screen.

    That said, I’m willing to bet $100 Apple is preventing Evernote from having local storage because that would “duplicate the functionality of the Notes feature,” (although it doesn’t). I’m willing to bet another $100 that Evernote isn’t even allowed to say that because the developer agreement prevents them from explaining to all of us that Apple is jerking them around.

    I love my iPod Touch, but I loathe Apple.

  • Tsunami78

    First and foremost, GREAT APP. Thank you for all of the hard work you guys have already put in. This is by far the best note app to date on the iPhone. That said, below are a few things I think would even further enhance the application:

    1) Another vote for offline storage/editing/creation
    2) Email Notes (as attachments)
    3) A Pause button for audio recording.
    4) Improved text recognition. I try to use it a often, but it’s just not there yet.
    5) Speech recognition for voicenotes.
    6) To-Do lists

    Overall, this is a GREAT application. With the addition of the features above, I don’t see why anyone would want another note application for the iphone. That said, I would like to see some additional features built into the Mac client for evernote, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

    Thanks again for the excellent application.

  • Tsunami78

    Quick followup to my previous post.

    I don’t know if this is currently in place, but I really would like the ability to encrypt notes transmitted from the iphone.

  • Moore

    I’d like to second Fred Stefanowicz.

    Creating to-do-lists on the fly is really important so it would be great to see this function on the i-phone app. Cheers

  • Nechama

    I’m probably missing something. The other day, I entered a long list into a new note on my iphone. I switched to my calendar for a moment, planning to resume work on my list after switching back to Evernote. However, I hadn’t saved the new note. When I switched back, the new note I had been working on was gone, along with all the information I had entered. Is there any way to temporarily save the contents on the iphone as one types, and before one saves the note to the website? Many apps save information even when one is using another app (map saves my location, many games save my progress in the game, etc.). Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Nechama Notes that are created on the iPhone can be edited from the iPhone later. So, we recommend that you save the note, exit Evernote, then open and edit that same note later.

  • Jerry

    Can I use evernote to transfer inotes from my iphone to a new iphone 3g. I want to transfer existing notes in the notes of the iphone. Can I copy them into evernote? It looks like you have to start with evernote, and that it will not copy notes from the iphone that are pre-existing.

  • ad

    I would like to record 60 minute lectures with evernote. Voicenote seems to have 5 min limit. Am i correct?

    Also it seems possible to record a voice note in airplane mode but not possible to play it back (because internet connection is needed). that true?

  • Micah

    I need functionality like MS OneNote’s or Apple iNotes’ voice lecture recording that matches the point in the recorded lecture to the part of the notes that correspond to that part.

    This would be incredible.


  • Albert

    Please explain how to edit and add new notes to my Iphone

  • Jonathan Dueck

    Ink notes on the iPhone, please! This would be a _major_ boon. (And editable ink notes on the Mac.)

  • Al

    I have sent an Email to my Evernote email address from my iPhone and in fact the email shows up in my Evernote on the iPhone
    the email has Word Document attached and after trying a bunch of things I cannot find a way to View the attached document in EVERNOTE
    Any tips or guidence greatly appreciatted

  • Ken

    Al: I’ve been having the same problem with Word Docs. I think you can only upload Word Docs if you have a premium account.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s correct. Free users can attached text, images, audio, and PDFs. Premium users can attach any file type.

  • John Tanner

    I know this blog is about iPhone but I have Evernote on an Android and I can’t see how to Edit a note.

    Any help would be most welcome as I want to suggest this product to two companies I’m working with but need to make sure anyone in the group can access and edit a note. Preferably add an audio message to a note.