Evernote Web adds attachments and easier tagging

Posted by on 14 Aug 2008

Posted by on 14 Aug 2008

We just added two great features to Evernote Web:

Adding attachments


Evernote Web now allows you to attach up to 10 images, audio files, and PDFs to a single note. To attach a file:

  1. Edit or create a note
  2. Click the new “Attach file” link
  3. Locate and attach file(s) from your machine
  4. Click Done

Finally, once you have finished making changes to the note, click “Save Changes” in the main edit screen. Keep in mind, you must click “Save Changes” in order for the files to appear. And, until you do so, your monthly upload allowance will not be affected –good in case you accidentally attach the wrong file.

Easier tagging

Tagging just got a whole lot easier. When creating or editing a note, you can now type your tags into the new tag field. If the tag already exists, then Evernote will auto-complete it. To add multiple tags at once, separate each with a comma. As always, you can drag-n-drop tags onto your notes.


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  • Oliver

    Nice! One problem (?) I noticed is that if I attach a pdf (haven’t tried other file types) the icon appears in the note in the XP desktop app, but there’s no file name displayed. That’s not the case when I attach a note in the desktop client (it displays the file name with icon).

  • Xmas

    Brilliant changes, both – was hoping for the tag upgrade since I signed up.

  • Richard

    Ah, the tagging enhancement is wonderful. I was actually very much looking forward to that. Thanks!

  • Vintage Electric Guitar

    I think this is an absolute must have for someone who really is serious about building their Vintage Electric Guitar and/or Vintage Acoustic Guitar Collection.

  • Nick

    The tag upgrade is wonderful.

    Any thoughts of moving deeper into the online storage zone?

  • kjk

    How do I add Attachments in Evernote Desktop for Mac?

  • Pardes

    What version is the attachment available in? I have 3.0 and don’t see this as available.

  • rob

    i cant seem to find the “add attachment” on the desktop evernote, any help?
    Also, i tried to add an excel attachment and it says its not supported? does this mean i cannot attach any excel file to my notes? thats crazy! what about powerpoint? word?

  • Cash For Surveys

    I’ve real pleased with how much easier it is to tag.

  • Making Wire Jewelry

    Excellent! Thank you for adding the tagging feature. That should come in especially handy.

  • Safe Bookkeeper Brendan

    The tagging feature has been extra helpful when tagging my bookkeeping notes and uploading attachments.

  • Alicia Summers

    How did I miss this tagging? It must be longer than I recall since I’ve used evernote. I’m going to try this out again now!

  • Damian

    Hi – just to let you know that this post didnt show up via RSS for me – but the 12 comments did! Not to say that my fellow Evernoters are not interesting but this feels like a bug 🙂


  • Rick Lobrecht

    I love tagging, but still wish for sub-notebooks.

    All file types for attachments are supported if you pay, but only PDF, MP3, images (and maybe a couple others) are supported if you’re ad supported.

    In the Mac client, you can just drag a file from Finder into a note, or onto a notebook. I think the same thing works in Windows, but I haven’t used that version as much.

  • Scott

    I’m getting all these replies in my Reader. I’m unsubscribing. You guys keep posting the same things on your blog as you do on your Twitter page etc. I love Evernote, but you guys have to get your situation tightened up over there. The focus seems to be on these little things you can save like recipes and all that, but you don’t provide me with a way to explain what Evernote does and is in less than 2 sentences. The videos you use don’t do the job and every video from Evernote is so low in volume I embarrassed to send it to anyone. Get Lee LeFever from Common Craft to do your explanation video and watch your joining stats go up. I’m a Premium member and again I love Evernote, but it seems you’re too focused inward and you need to focus outward. Another thing glitch is the contact section for Premium members. Its impossible to get in touch with anybody from Evernote. Very frustrating.

  • Putting Baby to Sleep

    Thanks for the tagging feature evernote!

  • Bed Guards

    Just discovered this and tried out the tagging and its a godsend – thanks alot!

  • Newly Qualified Solicitor Jobs

    Just tried that tagging feature too and I can’t believe how much this is going to help me out. Shame I didn’t find this earlier.

  • dog training books info

    The videos you use don’t do the job and every video from Evernote is so low in volume I embarrassed to send it to anyone.

  • Guitar Guy

    This is a very good feature. Should be really helpful. The autocomplete makes it fast and easy.

  • dadoorene


    And there is NO answer to similar comments. Why ?

    Is the attach command only available for Premium Users ? I don’t remember reading about this restriction.

    René the Swiss

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The attachment icon is visible when you edit a note.

  • talinai

    What was once new, is now old, but it will always be cool.

  • madra

    I don’t want to be a party-pooper here, but I think tagging is one of Evernote’s biggest shortcomings. Maybe it’s just the way I work, but I always find tagging notes a teethgrindingly annoying experience. Just for reference, I tend to drop a lot of notes into Evernote at once and then add the tags afterwards. This often involves trying to add multiple tags to notes, or single tags to multiple notes. A few examples of the things i find irritating:

    1: How to avoid the over-tenacious autocomplete?

    Example: I’m trying to tag a document with the [new] tag “mot”. I already have several tags beginning with the letters “mot”. So as soon as i type “mot…” Evernote tries to autocomplete it to “motoring”. If I hit return after typing “mot” I get it autocompleted to “motoring”. If I type “mot” followed immediately by a comma and then hit return [which I’d expect to tell Evernote to end that tag there] it also gets autocompleted to “motoring”. If I type “mot” followed immediately by a space and then return, the tag does not get created at all.

    Suggestion: Use the right arrow key, or tab key to accept an autocompletion, as most word-processors do, rather than forcing autocomplete.

    2: tagging multiple notes or multiple tagging notes

    If I select multiple notes, I can drag a tag from the tags panel onto those notes, to apply the tag to all those notes at once… or do it by dragging the selected notes onto a tag in the tags panel. All well and good. However adding multiple tags to a note [or notes] is a major PITA:

    A: I can’t select multiple tags in the tags panel to drag onto a note [or notes] for, as soon as I click on one of the tags, then the notes panel is automatically filtered to show only notes already having that tag. Similarly, selecting a bunch of notes and then trying to use the “Tags” popup at the top of the window just filters notes by that tag. People might ask “What’s the problem with just dragging the tags you need one after the other onto the selected notes?\'” [or vice versa], but when you have several hundred tags, it becomes extremely tiresome scrolling up and down the list of tags trying to find the ones you want to add to the selected notes.

    Suggestion: Provide an easy method for applying multiple tags to a selected bunch of notes at once.

    Disclaimer: I’m pretty new to Evernote –only been using it for about a month, so apologies if any of my abovementioned problems are due to user error and failure to RTFM!

  • Andrew Silberman

    How about going the other way? Once I’ve saved a photo into Evernote, how can I attach that photo to email messages going out? Or…how can I save that photo to my desktop?