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On the Attack

Posted by on 22 Aug 2008

Posted by on 22 Aug 2008

Evernote was featured on G4’s Attack of the Show (link to video).

We’re so hip.


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  • Merijn

    Just started using evernote, and I do think it is a very cool and practical service.

  • Drew Vogel

    The cool thing is that my website (and my picture) are visible a couple times in the video!

  • Colin

    As much as I hate to rain on your parade, I’ve just had enough.

    Evernote WAS a superb desktop application – I even paid full price for it – but the Web application still leaves me cold.

    It is no-where near as intuitive, and the interface looks a mess. So much so, I won’t move my old Evernote notes onto the Web version.

    I have now changed to OneNote – if that ever goes to a Web version, I’d be worried if I were you.

    I’m no Microsoft fan – far from it, in fact (ASUS you cowards!) – but OneNote is now everything Evernote once was: easy-peasy to use, clean and crisp look, easily indexed, quick to search and move data around, customisable, it too can read text in images, but perhaps what finally sold me on OneNote was this – they recognise that there are millions upon millions of phone types out there and DON’T KEEP HARPING ON ABOUT THE ******* IPHONE!

    I’m sure you will continue to sell Evernote, and hope that you can make the interface useful (instead of just about useable). Me? I’m still not convinced enough to transfer to Evernote online, and I’ll wait and see if MS will link OneNote to Skydrive – now that would be a “wow” online application.

  • yakov

    Great program, nauseating video!

  • Gin

    I loved Evernote before the account and internet became manditory. Now I won’t touch it.

  • Rico

    Loved the old desktop app, wish it was still available. Really see no reson why I should be so stupid to entrust someone else with storing my information online.