Evernote for Windows Mobile Gets a Facelift

Posted by on 04 Sep 2008

Posted by on 04 Sep 2008


We released some great new updates to Evernote for Windows Mobile.

Download it now: EXE | CAB

Updated user interface

The UI got a nice facelift, making it easier to navigate and choose among the various note types available to Windows Mobile users. Don’t forget, Evernote for Windows Mobile lets you add ink notes, too (if your device supports ink).

Faster and easier search

We made it easier to search your notes, by allowing Evernote for Windows Mobile to jump right into your account without requiring you to sign in every time. This cuts out one step and saves you a great deal of time.

Create an account right from your device

Say you’d like to try Evernote, well now you can do it right from your Windows Mobile device. We made it quick and simple to register for a new account. So, the next time you’re out with friends, have them to create an account.

Stay tuned for other exciting developments on the Evernote mobile front.


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  • Adam

    While a Windows Mobile client is cool and all, I don’t know anyone who uses Windows Mobile to be honest!
    How about a Symbian client for all the Nokia users out there? Even a Java client would be welcome!!!

  • Brian

    Nice facelift. I’ve got a problem with the voice note interface tho.

    I’m a heavy user of Jott. I might even be persuaded to use Evernote’s voice recording in favor of Jott, but the teeny, tiny recording controls that pop up once I tap “voice note” are a deal breaker for me; there’s no way to use that while driving.

  • Gilberto Padilha

    I know you don’t get many requests for this, but is it possible to support Windows Mobile 2003?

  • Bill Bittner

    I absolutely love the new mobile version. ESPECIALLY that photo notes takes less steps to take and upload.

  • Bobby

    Hi hi!

    I like the new look — can’t wait for it to get closer to the iphone app, though.

    Tiny buttons aside, I was pleased about the ability to record directly from the client. I would like to be able to upload files from whatever program i record in, but one thing at a time.

    Here are the real problems with the voice record:

    – Does not have the option to record to storage card.
    – Does not support other filetypes
    – Records in bloody WAV files!!!

    that last one there? That’s the real problem. Before you even consider fixing anything else, you -might- want to take a look there. I’m not exactly sure what you were thinking with that… but I am sure you have a reason somewhere down the line.

    Resulting issues?
    – 3 minutes of talk time = 24 megabytes of -internal- memory. That is insane. INSANE I tell you!!
    – That same file = more than HALF of my monthly upload allotment to my Evernote account. Just two files of that type and I have to start paying you for storage. Not happy about that. Nope.
    – Lack of support for other filetypes with high compression ratios like spx, ogg, aac or even mp3, means using other programs to record and then upload those files is also out of the question.

    Conclusion: While a step closer, the internal voice record is effectively useless. as a matter of fact, external voice record is also useless.

    Voice record as a whole is, unfortunately, pretty much useless.

    I hope there is a very quick fix coming.

  • Tommy Butler

    So where’s evernote for the blackberry? 🙁

  • Cloo

    Is there a memory leak? I think this upgrade caused my wm6 phone to eventually grind to a halt– once I deleted it, it worked fine! Now I just hope I can find and install one version back…

  • Frank

    (+) I love the update, esp. the new UI.
    (-) Ink notes still don’t work properly on HTC devices with TouchFLO technology – writing interferes with scrolling as soon as a vertical scroll bar exists in a note, and the context (popup) menu pops up much to often if you press with the stylus a tiny bit too long. 🙁

    Still one of my favorite WM apps!

  • zigo

    I have a problem with ink notes on Samsung Omnia / Windows mobile 6.1. Once the screen is full and scroll bars appear, the writing of ink notes is interpreted as scrolling of the screen. The built in note taking tool does not have this problem, so a workaround should be possible.

  • Terry

    When EN is running the device doesn’t wake up from sleep mode. This was a problem in the previous version as well. A pity as the latest version is really nice, but it’s not usable for me. Please fix this, as I’d love to use the WM version of Evernote!

  • Alex

    Evernote is SOOO cool, SOOO in the right track… that I HATE there’s one deal-braker for my particular case: you can’t keep your notes locally in the Windows Mobile client; they all live “in the cloud”. In many places around the world (like my beloved Mexico) it is still expensive (or just impossible) to be always connected.

    While at home or the office I can count on WiFi, but not everybody has WiFi in their phones.

    Elsewhere, if no WiFi is available, I would have to resort to GPRS, or pay around twice my current fee (and get a new phone) to get access to the recently available 3G network.

    Please: at least give a second thought to my posting. Adam (first post) says he knows no Windows Mobile users, and that he wants a Symbian client. And he is right; I understand Symbian is strong in Europe. This side of the pond, I guess that, un-sexy as it may seem next to the iPhone, WM is still prevalent in the smartphone market. They’ve been around for quite a while, and keep getting cheaper. I love my HTC Excaliur.

    Think about it: local notes gives us a faster user experience on limited hardware (such as smartphones) and as a win-win argument, mobile users would only sync to Evernote servers every once in a while (instead of every time they wanted to find a note), lowering your network usage.

    I hope I become an Evernote user soon!

  • tm

    I hope to change internet proxy setting.

  • ALberto

    When evernote for blackberry??

  • feusl

    What about a symbian S60 client?

  • lotus_in_the_hills

    Love the new evernote mobile as well, except that it seems like my ink notes, when they are upload, come out huge and the text turns out unsearchable…anyone else with this problem? I’m using an axim (remember those?).

  • antstamper

    A Symbian client would make all the difference for me too.

  • erdogany

    Why this app needs a connection when I add a note?
    It would be better, to add notes and then run a sync command manually. Just like onenote mobile.
    I want to use this app as a note taking app but I want to upload my notes only I am in wireless area

  • hans henrik skov

    a mobile or symbian client would be a life saver! Please please please

  • philwil

    Please give us a symbian client!!!!

  • Vatin

    I might become an active ernote user if there’s a symbian client available, or java client, that can function offline and sync whenever you want.

  • JF

    I’m getting the issue with the scrollbars as well. As soon as you’ve inked enough to fill a screen, the scrollbars scroll automatically while you are trying to take notes, making it almost impssible to use the app. I’ve got an ACER F900 running WM 6.1 and the latest mobile version of Evernote

  • Jill

    When can we expect a client for symbian based mobile phones? It’s realy frustrating to see you only concentrating on high-end phones. There are a lot of people using symbian phones (nokia, lg, samsung, se,…) – they all could benefit by using evernote. And you will get more paying users for sure 😉