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5 Ways to Evernote the Vote

Posted by on 16 Sep 2008

Posted by on 16 Sep 2008


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, buried beneath many larger rocks, you’re probably aware that there’s an election coming up. In this election, like in most others, there is a lot to be decided: president, congressional representatives, state representatives, local leaders, ballot initiatives, and more.

Making the right decisions means staying informed, and with all the partisan muckity-muck and mud slinging, it’s amazingly difficult to remain focused. We’ve come up with 5 great ways to use Evernote this election season to help you stay in the know.

1. Follow the issues that matter to you

Create notebooks and/or tags around the issues you care about most. As new articles, statistics and research appear, add them to your Evernote account. Before you know it, you’ll have a complete reference for all the issues that matter, accessible anytime, anywhere.

2. Track each candidate’s positions

Think a candidate is flip-flopping (read: refining) a position? Good thing you’ve been clipping and tagging articles all along. A quick search in Evernote will reveal the truth.

3. Stay on top of local candidates and initiatives

With the spotlight squarely focused on the national stage, we often forget about local politics. Use Evernote to capture information on local candidates and on state and local ballot initiatives so that you’re not surprised come November.

4. Create a historic archive

Choose a topic, say political posters, then collect everything you can on that topic. Clip articles and images on the Web. Go to a rally and snap photos with your camera phone right into your Evernote account. Then, search and find any item from your personal archive whenever you like, even years later.

5. Share your findings

Don’t let the pundits have all the fun. Collect articles and write your own, then publish your Election 2008 notebooks. Share the URL(s) with friends, and have them subscribe to your RSS feed. Not the publishing type? You can always email individual notes right from Evernote.

Sign into you account now and get started. Have more suggestions? Leave a comment.


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  • Russ

    This is a silly thing, but it really does help. Every time I want to email or call someone in government, I always forget what ward and district I am in. So I went to my Board of Election site, looked up the information, then created a note for it, along with my polling place info. This is very helpful and keeps this information much more handy!

  • Doug Garfield

    Evernote is indispensable. I urge all my graduate students to adopt it immediately and benefit and benefit. There’s life before Evernote and there’s way more life after Evernote. —Doug Garfield

  • kabe

    Anyone has a tip how to have an autotext capability in evernote?