No Network? No Problem. Offline Notes on iPhone and iPod.

Posted by on 28 Oct 2008

Posted by on 28 Oct 2008


[UPDATE: Evernote for iPhone 3.2 adds expanded support for offline notes and notebooks. Read all about it »]

The latest release of Evernote for iPhone, version 1.4, introduces our most (MOST) requested feature: offline notes. We call them Favorites, and here’s how they work.

When viewing a note on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll see a little gray star in left corner of the note title. Once the note is fully loaded, tap the star and that note instantly becomes a favorite. It’s now quickly accessible any time, even offline. To view your favorites, click on “Favorites” in the tab bar along the bottom of the application.

Great for the iPod Touch

This feature is particularly useful for iPod Touch users. Now you will be able to view selected notes even when outside WiFi range.

Planes, trains, and automobiles

With Favorites, you can access selected notes any time you like, no matter where you find yourself. So, whether you’re heading to the corner deli or to New Delhi, the information you need is always close at hand.


To help you get the most out of Evernote, we’ve added a little “Tips” tab into the bottom of the New Note screen. New tips will show up all the time, so be sure to check back.

And whole lot faster, too

In addition to the server-side tweaks that we mentioned in the last blog post, we also put significant effort into speeding up the application. So this version of Evernote for iPhone is faster than ever.

Make sure your iPhone is upgraded to the latest firmware from Apple and, as always, it’s a good idea to restart your iPhone after upgrading an app, especially if you have a lot of other apps installed.

Get the latest version of Evernote for iPhone now.

[UPDATE: Evernote for iPhone 3.2 adds expanded support for offline notes and notebooks. Read all about it »]


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  • Joe

    Hey, great.. but when are you gonna give the rest of the world, which does not use an iphone this ability? Most of us use Windows Mobile, not iphones… Those of us who don’t have internet plans on our phones really want this feature.

  • BF

    this is just perfect!
    Number 1 App on my iPhone.
    Keep up the great work!

  • nesman89

    how about a little windows mobile love. can’t we get the same features or do I have to whine like the Iphone homers.

  • ScruffyDan

    Offline access to notes are is a great feature, but it would be great to have the option to automatically have offline access to all notes.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Karsten

    Great. This is what I was waiting for. Excellent. For me Evernote for iPhone is now “ready” and nothing (no features) is left to be done.

    You may now turn towards something completely different 😉

    BTW: Can I switch the “tips” off once I feel I known enough? Didn’t bother to find out myself yet.

  • Josh

    How do I tag all my notes as favorites then? So I can easily take them all with me?

  • Matthew

    Cool! I hope that you find a way to allow text editing on the iphone of documents that have minor formatting. I created a note on the desktop, put a couple things in bold (nothing complicated) and discovered that the note was uneditable on the iphone.

    Also, I’m still missing the ability to clip webpages and articles from the iphone. There is no good workaround to get something from safari to evernote. One easy solution would be to allow users to send text and links to

  • karen

    This is great news — thank you.

    (And how fun to see my suggestion included in that recipe tip! That Ward Street Bistro post was a lightbulb moment for me.)

  • Joshua Karjala


    One step closer to completing one of the most important feature. Though as others I wish to have the option to save “everything” on my iPhone.

    I don’t want to have to log-on to evernote before leaving the house just to remember to favourite some notes.

    @Mathew – If you go to your settings you will see an e-mail adress that you can use to upload to Evernote. But yes in-app editing would be cool.

  • Andreas Duess

    This is awesome. Evernote went from “hmm, not sure what to do with this” to “can’t live without it” application within weeks.

    As a creative guy I am great believer in scrapbooks to keep a journal of ideas. Once I started thinking about Evernote in these terms I was hooked.

  • Paul Arterburn

    Along with Matthew’s comment above, I agree…being able to edit notes w/ formatting would be a plus.

    Perhaps, a box saying “Continue to edit this note and lose any formatting?”. You could also place any inline images at the very end of the note so you wouldn’t lose them, just have them out of place (ie. lose formatting).

  • Neema Naficy

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this update almost since the Evernote iPhone app first came out.

    Of course, being someone who always wants more, I’m curious if there will be an update to the Mac application to allow marking notes as favorites? This would be a great way to select which notes you want saved locally on your iPhone, and to possibly do so in bulk. Going further with this idea, it would be nice to be able to select which notebooks one wants to mark as favorite.

  • William Stewart

    I second ScruffyDan, it will be perfect when the iPod Touch can be used as a big fat offline Evernote client. That would be perfect (except for the crappy soft keyboard input).

  • nesman89

    well I just installed my preview release for windows mobile. I must say I feel like an Iphone user getting special treatment. as for the feedback you asked for here goes.

    1. very nice interface
    2. I love the new interface for accessing my online notes looks good and very functional aesthetically.

    not so good(however I’m sure you are working on this)

    1. unable to edit web notes at all.
    2. cannot delete notes from client.
    3. I would like the ability to resize (make bigger) photos from the client. this would make it easier to read OCR photos from my phone.

    nice job glad to feel some love for windows mobile.


  • Lars

    great stuff, really nice improvements

  • Chris K

    Just another voice seconding the request for some Windows Mobile love…

  • Tanc

    I’m not sure what the Windows Mobile users are upset about:

    Isn’t that a Windows Mobile version?

  • Eric

    Wow, another iphone update while Evernote for Windows Mobile is still broken .

    I hate how developers have all jumped onto the iphone bandwagon and abandoned WM users that have helped to pay their bills for over 10 years.

  • kjk

    Nice! Would love to have a preference to make this a default-I want everything available offline!

  • andrew


    nice to se that you guys are listening to the users 🙂

    saving for offline is something i really need and I appreciate the work guys!
    Of course having all notes for offline would be great but this is a huge step in the right direction

  • Adam

    How about making all notes available offline by default?

  • rob

    You seem to be concentrating on iPhone a lot, I’m still stuggling along with my windows mobile device and getting more fed up with Evernote

  • ben

    This all sounds great in theory but in my experience so far with 1.4 it only partially downloads my notes so it’s unusable.

    Shame really, could be quite handy. I may try it again when it hits v1.5

  • Steve

    Checking a “to do” item as “done” does not carry over. Either this is an error or a missing feature. I’m going to be using offline viewing for all my errands and “to do” lists and will need to “check off” items as they are completed. If these actions aren’t carried over, I have to remember to repeat each action on my “to do” lists when online.

  • Steve

    Another issue I ran into is the Favorite star button is so close to the Notes button (which returns to the list of notes) that I often press the Notes button and return to the list instead of selecting a note as a favorite. And I have small fingers!!!

  • codegirl

    Thank you! Offline access/editing of notes was something i really missed having. With this update, and the new API, I think i can make Evernote on iPod Touch do just about anything.

  • cloo

    Just another vote for this function for WM too please! We have wifi as well.

  • Jeremie

    Yet another request for Offline access to existing notes for Windows Mobile…
    Missing that functionality is the one thing that is keeping me from daily use of Evernote.
    Thanks for the good product, though, and keep the updates coming 🙂

  • satch

    I was about to sleep checking facebook notifications in my iPod touch when I read Evernote update. Jumped to my computer to download it, so excited. This is so awesome. Keep on your good work.

  • Zellenswager

    Come on, EVERNOTE!!! There are a gazillion Blackberry users here waiting for this! Get RIM involved so we can EVERNOTE for BLACKBERRY!!!

  • Mr. Matt

    Whoopty doo… what you really need is EVERNOTE FOR BLACKBERRY!

  • Aymeric

    Please, please, please, we need the same update on the windows mobile version

  • Chris

    Is there a timeframe when this comes to Windows Mobile? It’s nice to support the iPhone, but please support the application with the bigger user base first.

  • dirk

    Would it not be easier to select your favourites from the Evernote app on your Mac or PC? I think most clips are created at the main computer, so it would be easier to select at the point of origination if they should show as a Fav or not.

    Just a future request. Also it is easier to scroll through your clippings on the Mac/PC than it is on the iPhone.


  • Nubben

    Have to agree with “ben” – notes are only partially stored locally when added as Fav. Sent myself a gif image of the London Subway map by e-mail to keep handy and the attachment does not load when viewing the note. This is a great new feature – thanks! – but this release has proven very buggy so far (have had frequent crashes too since upgrading).

    Apart from that, in the beginning I didn’t really understand the purpose of Evernote until I had one of those lightbulb moments mentioned above. Now I use it to collect all my notes and keep an Offline desktop notes library to store heavy PDFs etc as a database.

    Keep up the good work!

  • morgan

    Awesome work on this so expected feature, I will finally be able to use this incredible app.
    It now only miss for me (ipod touch user, sorry windows mobile & blackberry users) the ability to search offline on the mobile device. It’s actually frustrating to now have the notes on the device, but loose a lot of time to drag down to get to the wanted note. With this use the tags are totally useless, what must not be evernote’s policy. But at least congrats on the already hard work done! If by any chance I’m wrong about the offline search, and if the feature actually exists, I would be happy that someone tells me how it works. At the moment I keep on getting the “Error communicating with the Evernote servers” message. Thank you in advance!

  • Chuck

    Why do I have to select EACH note to make it offline? There should be a feature to do MULTIPLE selection for offline notes.

    If I have 50 notes, this will be troublesome.

    Additionally, the new Evernote cannot create tables, etc. like the old version. I had Evernote 2.2 for Windows XP and Windows Mobile and everything transfer correctly and sync the exact notes, be it tables, checkbox, etc. I can even create notes with text formatting on Windows Mobile and it’ll sync back on the desktop version.

    The new Evernote moving to the cloud breaks the BASIC function of note-taking that made the previous version of Evernote famous..

    Another reason why I have not sign up for the pay version….

  • Charles

    I really would love to have all this functionality for the Blackberry!! We are hungry for a response from the company on what the hold up is?
    I love the web version and use it a lot. Thanks for what you do.

  • jefff

    Another request for the blackberry. If you were to do that, it would be the best app for note taking by far.

  • Steve

    I’d recommend a process whereby we can specify “Favorites” from any Evernote tool i.e. A box/star we can check on/off on the web, mobile app and software.

  • Geert

    Great for my iPod Touch but my main device is a Windows Mobile device. As there are more Windows Mobile users than iPhone users, please direct your efforts to that community first or at least treat them as equals.

    Creating notes on Windows Mobile is fine but getting to my notes with the browser is not the way to go. You should extend the application to get to notes in the Evernote mobile app just as on the iPhone.

    Thanks for the soon to be released update 🙂 and thanks for all the work so far. I really think Evernote is the best!

  • JellyBeen

    This is very convenient, I’m planning on picking up an iPod Touch very soon. I’m definitely looking forward to making use of this app.

  • gijs


    Since this iPhone version, notes consisting of only a jpg only are shown as a thumbnail, but when clicked just show as a large white note….

    (I have many scanned documents, full color, 2400×3500 jpgs)

  • Roman

    I started getting “error communicating with the evernote servers” for every note I’m trying to view.

    3G is enabled and available, I’m able to stream music with simplify and speed tests in safari give me up >600kbit per sec.

    For some reason evernote fetches my note list, but I cant open a single note! – Please help!

  • Andrew Sinkov

    @Roman We’re working on fixing that issue. It seems to be related to non-US mobile carriers. We hope to have it resolved shortly.

  • Andrew Sinkov

    @gijs We performed a server update, which resolves image issues. If you see an image thumbnail, but get a broken image when you open the note, you will need to re-install Evernote on your iPhone/iPod. Remove Evernote and re-install from iTunes.

  • BrettQ

    I find it very frustrating that the iPhone (which I own as a secondary device) is getting update after update while Windows Mobile gets ignored. We use Windows Mobile at my job, and if it had the capabilities of the iPhone client, I could easily talk more people into using it as a notes and collaboration tool. I would not dare recommend a client that forces you to go to the web browser to do everything.

    I really love Evernote, but I’m getting tired waiting for a real Windows Mobile client. My only hope is that you can take what you’ve learned creating the iPhone client and mimic it on Windows Mobile.

    I guess it could be worse…I could be a Blackberry user.

  • Hugh

    Huge Groan!! This FAVORITES feature shows that you don’t even begin to understand what we are wanting when we say we want offline functionality. WE DO NOT WANT TO MARK THINGS AS FAVORITES – WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO JUST CONTINUE WORKING ON ALL OUR NOTES OFFLINE. ALL OUR NOTES. ALL. ALL. ALL. GET IT.

    I find it intensely annoying and irritating that this blog post begins suggesting that Evernote has just implemented the most requested feature. You haven’t at all! If you think that this favorites thing is what we want, you haven’t even begun to understand what is basically a VERY SIMPLE concept: we can do offline what we do online. FAVORITES is NOT, NOT, NOT that.

  • Jeremy

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciate Evernote’s responsiveness. All of the major feature requests I’ve had since I started using Evernote on my iPhone have been addressed. Sure there are still improvements can be made, but Evernote has taken care of all of the big issues.

  • Barbara

    I agree that the this version of offline implementation is barely better than nothing.

    If I could select notes in Windows and mark them as favorites in a big bunch, that would help. But I can only mark them as favorites on the phone,one note at a time!

    But really, the point is that EVERYTHING should be offline, period, and when online access is restored, EVERYTHING should sync. Or make sync manual. Whatever.

    Look at toodledo for the iPhone and do what they did. Simple, clean, works like a charm.

  • Joe

    Great first step toward a full iPhone client!

    This has put Evernote back on my radar for note taking.

    As of version 1.4 the app feels like a quick, slick, downloadable web-interface to Evernote, not a standalone client like on windows or mac. For many users, an offline note taking app that happens to sync with Evernote is much more useful than a web-interface with a native UI and a little bit of caching. The optimum interface, at least for me, would be a completely offline app with access to, editing, searching, tagging, etc. on all my notes. Users with larger note collections than I should be able to have the same, as well as to automatically sync certain notebooks from their evernote account to the device.

    Can’t wait for 1.5! Keep up the good work

  • nathan colquhoun

    need this for the blackberry.

  • Brian Pirie

    It’s great to see that you’re devoted to making this work for us iPod Touch users. I’ve been trying to use it for about a week now.

    The biggest limitation that’s limiting the usefullness of it at this point us that once you edit a note offline, you cannot edit it a second time. What happens is that until it has uploaded your changes to the evernote server, the app on the device still only let’s you loo at the previous version of the note.

  • James

    I also get a bug when using 3G connection on the iphone, that when I try to download some notes, it will come up with a message saying “error communicating with evernote servers” and either only download part of the message or none at all. At first I thought this was just a momentary thing where I may of lost reception, but if I refresh, It wont work! Nothing will work unless I get a wifi connection.

    I am a UK user. Any progress made on this fix?


  • Mark McKay

    I like that you can add favorites with the latest version, but what would really make this app killer is if you could edit these favorites offline. Like others have said, I want to be able to continue working on my note offline, not just read them.

    Also it would be nice if we could change the color of the screen. I find the yellow of Notes or the black of Text Guru easier on the eyes then the dull grey screen.

    Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see whats next.

  • Nancy

    Pretty please, Blackberry app! Perhaps in the new upcoming Blackberry download store?

  • João Coutinho

    This is the moust important update you could add to the amazing evernote!

  • John

    I second the need for a feature that allows Favorites to be created en masse, and/or via the web interface, and/or via the Mac app. I’ve got many hundreds of notes, and it’s painful to go through them on the iPhone, one by one. In fact, it’s proving almost impossible, as the app quits spontaneously and randomly before I get even halfway through my collection…

    Still, Favorites is a good feature… just needs some tweaking.

  • Stan Scott

    Thanks for the new features! Evernote is just great on my iPhone, and this makes it even better. Because I use a PC at work, a Mac at home, and an iPhone everywhere, Evernote is just perfect for keeping all of my information close at hand. Keep up the good work!

  • David Brake

    As a Touch user you’ve only begun to the offline problem. As others have said I would like to be able to specify that all notes are to be available offline. I would also like to be able to sync when I connect my iPod cable to my Mac rather than having to use wireless and I would like to be able to search my notes without being online.

    PS A minor point – when I go to edit a favorite which contains no body text I am told “you can’t edit this text on the iPhone because it contains images [etc]…”. Then if I tap anyway I can enter text fine.

  • Brudnod

    I had been using the Treo for some years and the Palm software (that I had used since 1996) was just not keeping up with technology. I upgraded to the iPhone since I use AT&T. Finding Evernote was essential to the transition since no other APP was capable of taking all of my valuable memos from Palm and inputting them to iPhone. Then to find that Evernote is such a robust APP was nothing short of wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Oliver Thylmann

    am I missing something? I marked notes that only have a pdf attached as favorite and I still have to lead the pdf each time.

  • David Brake

    When you create a new note while offline it should appear in the list of notes and of favorites automatically so you don’t have to look in the “pending” queue each time to make sure you didn’t miss something. Also, you must be able to edit notes in the “pending” queue!

    Roll on software version 1.5…

  • b

    Step in the right direction. For the next update, I suggest an option to have all the notes saved locally on the iphone.

  • Peter Norman

    Offline mode for notes on iPhone is a significant new feature for me. Thank-you!

    The OneNote 2007 Import Wizard in the Windows version of Evernote is also an important feature as it allowed me to migrate all my Windows-based OneNote data to my Mac (using Evernote’s premium service to provide sufficient upload/download limits so I could do the Windows-to-EvernoteServer and then the Evernote-Server-to-Mac sync). That really rocks! Hard!

    Are there plans to incorporate a landscape keyboard mode into Evernote for iPhone for text entry?

    Thanks again!

  • Gary

    Sorry, am I missing something, or are there only certain document formats that will allow off line viewing using “favorites”? I cannot read ANY of my PDF formats off line, and some documents appear fine when viewed on my laptop or iMac, but will not open on mu iPhone…please help to clarify of there are only CERTAIN formats which will permit off-line viewing on the iPhone


  • Gary

    Sorry, those “other” documents I referred to above are PNG and JPG documents that open appear fine on my computer but won’t open on the iPhone even though there is a thumb nail image that does appear.


  • Titch

    Even after the update to 1.5 I can still only view my notes as thumbnails on my iPhone. The only exception to this is Web clipped notes. This is such a promising app and the Desktop application is streets ahead of any other note app, but I’m becoming increasingly frustrated that it’s next to useless on my phone. I am sure I must be missing something obvious. HELP

  • Phil Libin


    Looks like a few of our European iPhone users are seeing this problem. It has something to do with the networks there. We’re working on a fix now.

  • Gary

    Based on Titch’s observation above, I used the clipping function in Evernote and the resulting document is available to me via “favorites”in off-line use. This is the only method of document capture that I have found that consistently delivers documents off-line on my domestic 1st generation iPhone.

  • ACG

    The application would be good if when you are off-line you can also use the finder. Now when you go to favorites to see the notes off-line you can not search (by tag, words…) as when you are in the notes tap. Is there any way to do so?

  • Titch

    A massive thanks to all at Evernote. The latest update seems to have cured all european iPhone problems I’ve been experiencing.
    I love it when a plan comes together!

  • Jon

    would also love to see Evernote on Blackberry. Especially now on my new BB Storm. Wow, would that ever look great! Any possibility of this happening?

  • haider_up32

    We want evernote for the linux and the symbian

  • daniel

    i want all my notes on my iphone – not just a selection. the main feature of this program to me is, that i can look trough al my notes when searching for something. i mean what use is it to know that you have a note and then go “aaahhhhh, i didn’t flag it as a favorite”

  • Martine

    The “Favorites” solution for offline viewing was working perfectly for me until very recently. Now I can’t see my favorite notes when my iPhone is offline. I think this coincided with my installing the latest version of the Evernote Desktop client for the Mac (1.2.1/41192). My iPhone is running the latest version as well (1.5.1)

    Any idea how I can fix this? Evernote is useless for me if I can’t access my notes when I’m offline.

  • toby

    Blackberry user sadly pass by

  • Paul

    Yep just another shout out to say Evernote would be perfect for me if i could have all my notes offline and sync’d onto my windows mobile device.

    failing that being able to add note on my windows mobile device offline and then sync with my account when i’m back in wifi coverage.

    thanks very much for a great app.

  • ivana

    I don’t know if it’s a bug or it was done intentionally, but I discovered that I cannot see starred note when I go offline if I didn’t reopen it (obviously while still online) after checking the star. Maybe my discovery will suit somebody, as relaying on a note you think you have, just to discover that you don’t can be really annoying.

  • Vickie

    It is difficult to write a new note and view it when not connected to the internet. It has to be uploaded then it can be saved as a favorite. If you could please allow pending to be seen.

  • NickM

    Is there a Blackberry client in the works? I love the Evernote program and have this installed on all of my computers and my Ipod Touch

    The mobile page is nice and can be used from the Blackberry, but an actual client would be awesome…

  • Sherry

    I cannot sync between iPhone, Mac and the Evernote website. My Mac and the Evernote website sync just fine, but anything that originates on the iPhone won’t sync with the other two. Help!

  • snoopbaron

    There needs to be a way to make entire notebooks available offline or all notes available offline we want, my iTouch isn’t always online.

  • Alex

    Offline search?

    I’m dealing with the fact that I can’t make multiple notes (or simply a notebook?) offline favorites for whatever reason. But I don’t know whether the servers happen to be congested while I try to access it or a bug, but it seems that almost every time I try to do a search (on an otherwise healthy wifi network or over Edge) it just hangs.

    Evernote’s a big reason why I gave up my Treo 650 for an iPhone, though every day I teeter between upgrading to premium and finding a more useful solution. Can you please make this more useful as an offline application? Thanks.

  • melaos

    Hi there,
    great work so far, and i second that to have this on windows mobile too!!!

    plus can you make it editable like the normal windows version? it would be very convenient if we have that too, and you can just sync it back when we go online. that would truly make the evernote mobile awesome!! 🙂


  • Michael

    Is it possible to make ALL notes Offline by default within he iPhone app, perhaps via the iPhone Preferences? Or can this be done via the Mac OS X version of Evernote?


  • Brian Miller

    Great program. You guys have a great thing going. For this feature, please introduce some automatic feature that by default favorites all of my notes. I use this feature everyday on my touch and forget on occasion to favorite notes. Thanks,

  • Abhijeet Pathak

    Guys, the Windows Mobile version is useless unless it can store notes offline too… Please add this feature…!!!

  • Paul Nancarrow

    Here’s one more Windows Mobile user begging, *begging* for offline capability for the WM Evernote app. I’ve been trying to use calendar entries and task notes and all sorts of weird things to get notes cross-platform and in the cloud. I thought Evernote would solve that. But without offline note access on my phone, it’s a worse option than my previous kludges.

  • Daniel Jeon

    I need usable Windows Mobile version for offline environment Today, I wanna this~!!

  • Ashish

    Evernote is crashing on update to 1.4.4 version. How can it be fixed? Any help is appreciated.

  • yo

    I want to manage many favorites from desktop application.
    It’s a real hassle to have to tap the star of many notes!

  • Kai

    Another voice for Windows Mobile users, we need the offline notes function! I have been a user of evernote for years & even paid for a license for version 2.2. I just felt that WM users are being treated as second class users that we have to beg a simple implementation that was on Iphone for months! I am really fed up…

  • Benne

    Sadly I belog to these people with the “error communicating with the Evernote servers: NSURLErrorDomain (-1003)” problem. Please fix this issue.
    I use a german iPhone

  • onehali

    I just downloaded Evernote for iphone 3gs and I keep getting error communicating with the sever when I try to sign in….any help will be appriciated.

  • khlrqa

    this is stupid,
    please allow offline access for ALL notes.

  • nunca

    Why did you disable offline reading of even the favorites? Evernote is useless like that

  • Steve

    Offline print screens that were made on the touch and then selected as favorites do not work offline. Help!!

  • Lou

    I have the latest version of evernote on my iphone and my MBP, yet I cannot read any “favorite” notes offline…am I doing something wrong?

  • Achim Bursian

    PLEASE offer this for WinMobile. It’s by far the most needed capability for me and a lot of colleages. Please!

  • john

    Please let us search our notes when offline as well as an option to have all notes saved for offline use if toggled! pretty pretty please! 🙂 I would love to upgrade to premium, but as a touch user (there are a lot of us you know 🙂 i cant justify upgrading until the heart and soul of your great product is actually available to me when offline (searching and reading my notes that is 🙂 thanks for the great work so far, its an excellent product.


  • Simon

    Yes, offline syncing is the only missing feature for me. After coming from PalmOS I find this missing feature hard to live with.

  • Ed

    should be able to tag notes as Favorites on the web and via the normal client.

  • Mike

    I just went to Europe for 2 weeks and turned data roaming off on my iPhone so as to avoid the ridiculous $20/mb fees from ATT&T. Several months ago I selected all of my notes in Evernote as favorites (a tedious process) so as to access them offline. However, upon arriving in Europe I discovered that I could not view ANY of my notes. Apparently an upgrade at some point in the last couple months wiped out my favorites list.

    Why won’t Evernote fix this problem by making ALL notes automatically accessible–for both viewing and editing–offline? What is the big issue? When one is offline one can view and edit all of ones notes (as many times as one wishes). And then when a data connection becomes available, the notes would sync up. Until this issue is resolved, I’m afraid I can’t use Evernote. I can’t take the risk of not being able to access my notes offline.

  • henken

    Yes, with “Favorites” I can see existing contents of my note even off-line, but it is not able to edit the existing contents in off-line situation. It is weak point of Evernote. I really hope improvement of this point in next ver. up.

  • hh

    Another request here for full offline capabilities, would make things so much better, even when there is a data connection but it is slow.

  • Thorsten

    And I thought Evernote was a great app…
    I can’t believe there are no offline notes. What are those guys thinking? Do they never actually *use* the stuff. I mean, ok, it’s free – but flawed free apps there are aplenty…

  • Jaime

    I have a premium account in Evernote and sadly realize that I can’t search my notes offline on my iPhone. There is no excuse for an app like that. Or Evernote evolves soon to include offline search or I have to move to another platform and lose the money I invest in a premium account.

  • Axel

    It took so long to transfer all my notes from another App to Evernote… and now I can’t work with them offline!?!

  • Chuck

    Even as implemented, there seem to be some bugs. I just tagged a note as favorite, closed evernote, turned on airplane mode, opened evernote, opened the “favorite” note.

    The title is there, the blue star is filled in, but the content is not visible. I was just looking at the note, so it must have been cached. (Even the little thumbnail shows the content)

    I’m trying to use the notes for an upcoming trip to Japan, so syncing won’t be easy if there is a problem with them.

    It’s a bummer as I love Evernote in many other ways, but I’d rather have plain text notes that sync reliably.

  • Dave

    I would be ready to go premium if I could view all of my notes offline on my iPhone. This lack of feature in inexcusable on a device as powerful as the iPhone 3GS. Cannot edit the notes while offline, fine no problem, but let us be able to at least view them all! Please. 🙂 Not everyone needs a data plan, wi-fi is just fine.

    P.S. – Evernote in Windows is fantastic!

  • John

    Really disappointed that I cannot create, edit, and search notes offline with the iphone app. I need this as I travel and am often not online (airplane mode, data roaming too expensive, or even no service). This is a great app rendered useless by this limitation. All notes need to be favorites all the time!

  • steve

    same deal. evernote: android: FAIL. we all wish we had wireless and EVDO EVERYWHERE, but if that were true, then this would be perfect. but we end up in places where there isn’t internet. and these notes won’t load. Evernote. *sigh. sad. i bet their own employees quit using their app a long time ago or else someone would have said something.

  • John

    The notes designated as “favorites” appear to be readable offline, but I cannot edit them if they were originated from a PC vis the Evernote web page. But if I am online, then editing works. Worse, if your iPhone Evernote gets logged out and then loses internet access, Evernote will not allow you to get past the login page to get to your notes. You need to wait until you can get online again. Not a user friendly tool that I can depend on to be there when I need it.

  • Roger

    There is a way to get round this for all off us the meantime. Awsome notes – an iphone app has a download / upload link to all Evernote notes .

    It is actually AWESOME and solves all the problems you are describing with ease. It has a trial app as well to try before buying.

    It really IS what Evernote should be on the iphone client!

  • Me

    So, after reading a lot about Evernote, I decided to start using it on my PC and Windows Mobile phone. I installed the clients, then realized that there is no offline mode for Windows Mobile…..HUH?! I refuse to pay $30+ for a data plan, so if I’m not near wi-fi, it’s useless. Too bad – looks like a great program.

  • Rohit Jain

    I tried Evernote more than a year ago. I found its inability to work in offline mode (when not connected to Internet) too restrictive and went back to basic note taking ability in my WinMo phone. Evernote is a very well done application, so I know device-server synch is not a technical challenge for your team. So what is it?