Evernote for Windows: Better, Faster, Snazzier

Posted by on 03 Nov 2008

Posted by on 03 Nov 2008

Evernote for Windows version (download now or check for updates) delivers a number of great updates. Here’s what’s new:

Improved performance

We’ve been on a bit of a performance kick lately. Virtually every version that we offer has seen a major bump, and now Windows joins the party. With this release, Evernote for Windows is much more responsive, it even loads faster. Expect to notice a huge difference if you have (a) large note databases, (b) large quantities of images, or (c) large numbers of tags.

Saved Searches

Saved Searches allow you to easily repeat a search any time. Save simple or complex searches that contain a combination of keywords, tags, attributes, and other filters. To create a Saved Search, first construct a search, then right click on “Save Searches” in the left panel. Give it a name, and you’re done.

windows saved search

Saved Searches are great for those using a combination of desktop and mobile versions of Evernote, because they eliminate the need to manually construct searches on your phone. You just create the search on the desktop, save it, then select it when on your mobile device. Speaking of going mobile, don’t forget, we have a Mobile Web version of Evernote, which is optimized for just about any mobile device with an internet connect. Go to: to access it.

Better PDF Previews

We added PDF previews in our last Windows release. With this release, we improved PDF previewing by letting you see the PDF even when your note contains other content, such as text, audio, or images. You can also place multiple PDFs into a single note, and see previews for all of them.

Snazzy New Icons

windows icons

Finally, we updated the icons throughout the application. Sometimes the little things can make a big difference, too.

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  • Pete Riley

    Please, could we have a version of Evernote Mobile for the G1?

  • Paul

    When will we see the next update to the Mac version?

  • Martin

    great application and great upgrade! As little as it may be, the new icons look much better. Really like the PDF support now.
    Thanks for your hard work, Martin

  • Kevin

    Don’t forget the the mac/osx-ers….

  • Prashant

    Thanks for the update, now waiting for a linux client and Android and Symbian. You have windows mobile client but ignoring Symbian, the biggest smartphone majority in the whole segment.

  • Gary

    Love the update!

    But…why no thumbnail view in the Windows version but there is on the Mac and web version. This is a big deal for me (I use all 3 + iphone)…I hate not having a thumbnail view and scrolling.

    Also – would love to see better zoom options in the web version – it is either too big or too small…no in between for me.

    Those things aside – I pulled the trigger this past weekend on the Premium service…best $45 I’ve spent. You’ve got a subscriber for life

  • algarve golf

    great software never thought it could be so good works even better than any version on vista

  • Stepan

    Evernote for Linux, please…

  • Troy Malone

    Great to see the updates so fast and furious. Kudos to your whole team! Thanks for creating such a useful application.

  • Josh

    Evernote for Android please…is it coming?

  • Charles

    Thanx, keep us updated on the Blackberry progress. Or am I missing something my BB says it cannot install a CAB file which is what the evernote mobile format is?

  • Cesar B. aka the Mover

    This Blog reminds me the reason I like bloging so much, the interaction is very important with readers and you guys have it right. Looks great too, will be back for more posts, David the mover. : – )

  • Jon

    I’ve just started using Evernote and whilst scanning the web for helpful guides on using the program, it seems to me that a lot of functionality has been taken out of Evernote 3. For example, today I wanted to write a number of notes using the same headings in each. I recalled hearing about templates and thought they sounded ideal…only to find they’re no longer available in EN 3. What’s the reason for this? Seems like a really useful feature has been taken out.
    Otherwise, I like using Evernote.

  • InstantOn

    Haven’t downloaded the update because the key feature I’m looking for hasn’t been included – thumbnail view in Windows. Mac has this as standard why not Windows? Sent question to Evernote seeking some feedback on the issue and no reply to question – too busy programming I suppose – hopefully programming to provide a thumbnail view for Windows. Does this Windows vs Mac anomoly annoy other Evernote Windows users?

  • Greg

    I’m a big fan of evernote. And I’d love to see a nice app for Android and the G1.

  • Gary

    InstantOn – see my post above. I’m going to post it in the forums to see if we can get an answer.

  • Eric

    We need Evernote for Linux…

  • Altidude

    Aw gee – I kinda prefer the current icons to the new ones.

  • eric greer

    Evernote for G1 plz.

  • Brian

    Android app please.

  • Matt H.

    My G1 is arriving this week. I’m dreading the idea of not having the Evernote App on my phone! Please make an Android version. 🙂

  • George Goodman

    +1 on wanting Evernote for Android!

  • Marco

    I am using a Macbook and a nokia e66? Any software for these devices?
    G / marco

  • Josef

    Android is very easy to develop for, even a simple “add note” app would be a great start.

  • Ben B.

    +1 for Evernote for Android!

  • Amy Stewart

    I have been an avid evernote fan since the first release. Have it on Windows and Mac, and I really love the isight integration and the thumbnail of the mac version. I read on the EN blog that the functionality of thumbnails was easy to build in Mac because of something built into the Mac interface, but that it would all have to be done from scratch to work on Windows, which is why that feature doesn’t yet exist. But please, Evernote, I hope that you do add that feature. It is so much more useful to visually scour in thumbnail view.

  • Pat

    i was messing with both 2.2 and 3 EN yesterday. i have to say i went back to EN 2.2 I just really dislike the new version very much for one big factor. Every new note needs to be assigned a tag, by click or dragging? In 2.2 you could be in a category by highlighting and keep making notes for it. am i missing something or has that functionality been removed from 3?

  • Mike

    Another request for Evernote for Linux please

  • ryan

    +1 G1

  • thegeniusfiles

    I also think that an Evernote client for Android would be a good move. I think Android will soon supercede the iPhone as the cool kids’ power toy.

  • james

    +1 for android!

  • Chotpy

    +1 for android!

  • Brad Root

    2+ for android!

    (because my opinion is more valuable on average)

  • Andrew Perry

    Another +1 for Android

    (I’d also use a Linux client, but the lack of Android client is the missing link that keeps me from adopting Evernote for day-to-day use).

  • Neil

    Please make one for android!

  • Dan

    Android please! I would use this all the time if I could have it on my G1…

  • GaryO

    Another vote for Android on G1! Go Evernote!

  • david martin

    Keeping the android pressure on. G1 version please.

  • Friedrich

    Please make android possible.

  • Erik

    I don’t have a G1, but I hacked Android linux onto my HTC device and it is excellent! Some bugs have to be worked out and some functionality is not finished though. For a while I will use dual boot. But on the long term: No more windows mobile for me, ever (just like I’m happy to have gotten rid of it on the desktop!)

    An android version would be GREAT to have and make Evernote so much more useful. A mobile phone is not such a good input device, but with evernote’s OCR this problem is mitigated and you only have the advantage of being able to note or snapshot things, wherever you are!

  • knightcj

    G1 version please!

  • g funk

    2 words: thumbnail view (for windows desktop app) Please, please, please…

  • Natmandu

    +1 Evernote for Android pretty please!

  • Max

    Linux version is needed

  • Euan

    Another +1 for Android. Please, you have to!

  • Silas

    Another +1 for an Android app.

  • Asser

    +1k for Android app AND – by the way – thumbnail view on Win desktop app ..

  • Matthijs

    Yes, +1 for evernote on android here as well!! You recieved a nice funding! It should be enough to make an nice android version of Evernote 😉

  • Darko

    Great app. and i hope to see thumbnail view on Windows soon enough 🙂

  • BDot

    Another vote for Android.

  • it's time

    Bring on the android app

  • movers

    one more vote for android

  • tedward

    +1 for Android G1 please. Amazing app. wish I could use it and show off to friends!

  • z0mbix

    Android & Linux client please!

  • JZA

    Would be nice to have a Linux client, we could also have some work with so it has compatibility to OpenDocument Format for export of data.

  • lmkwak

    +1 for Android G1, pretty please?

  • pixel8ed

    Another request for Linux and Android, please.

  • James Murgolo

    +1 for Android G1. This application rocks on my pc, I want to access notes on the go.

  • Justin

    I find the windows version to be pretty much useless without thumbnail view…far too difficult to look around for things.

  • Alan Vallis

    Another plaintive cry…
    Desperately need a Linux client.

  • lujiebin

    We need Evernote for Android.

  • Android

    +1 for Android please!

  • GrumpyOldFella

    Please DO NOT release a version for Android. I’m already addicted to my wonderful little phone. If it had a brilliant app like Evernote too I’d be a slavering wreck.

  • Straw Dogs

    +2 for Android.

    Myself and a colleague would like to see this.

    Can’t believe you’ve already got a Palm Pre version out and they’ve only been around a month or so. The Android platform has been around for more than a year!

  • Valerio

    + 1 for Android

  • Scott

    iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android? What do all of these have in common… that COMBINED they still do not match the mobile phone OS market share of Symbian. ( Just because so many developers are North American focussed, doesn’t mean they should be blind to the global reality.

    Release Symbian next.

  • Cliff Pearson

    +3 for Android – myself and 2 colleagues are desperate for this! B->

  • Jan

    Linux and Android client please . At least +4 that I know of.