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How To: Scan to Evernote (on a Mac)

Posted by on 12 Nov 2008

Posted by on 12 Nov 2008


I am constantly trying to keep my desk clear of miscellaneous scraps of paper. Anything ranging from receipts to business cards to post-its that manage to accumulate in piles around my keyboard or in the pockets of my jacket and backpack. As these piles grow larger, more unmanageable, and completely unsearchable, I decided to find an effective way to dump everything into Evernote.

On my desk, behind a pile of notes, sits a scanner. After a bit of fiddling, I think I found a pretty nice way to scan directly into Evernote that will work for a majority of scanners. I am currently using a Mac, but there are similar methods that could be used on Windows as well.

The setup is quite simple:

  1. Start ‘Image Capture’ – it is a free application that comes with OS X (/Applications/Image Capture)
  2. If your scanner is supported (and turned on) you will see a window similar to the one in the screenshot below
  3. Select the area you want to scan by dragging a rectangle around the preview of the scan
  4. Set the quality of the scan to either B/W or Color Photo (depending on what you are scanning)
  5. Give your scan a title
  6. Choose PNG, JPEG as the format. If you would rather scan to PDF, keep in mind that images in PDFs will not be recognized by our image recognition
  7. Select ‘Evernote’ as the Automatic Task – this is the key step in this process
  8. And click ‘Scan’ – that’s all


For the subsequent scans, all you have to do is adjust the selected area and enter a different title. All the other settings will be remembered as defaults.

Now, everything you scan will go directly to Evernote with the title you assign. And, all your notes will be searchable thanks to Evernote’s image recognition.

I hope this process helps others clear their desks.


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  • mike solmon

    Is OCR for pdf’s or another multi-page image format on the drawing boards…that would be very useful.

  • Joost Plattel

    Is this in anyway possible on a pc? Or does it depend on the scanner and the software used?

  • Jennifer

    Have I missed a way to do this on a PC?

  • Ron Bailey

    I am just getting into Evernote and this is a great tip. Many thanks.

  • Do

    I have been looking on the apple website for a list of supported scanners and I have been unable to find one.

    What scanner are you using? Do you have a list of supported ones?



    • Michael

      HP Envy 120 works great, and it works over wireless as well.

  • al

    Another way is to monitor your ‘Scan’ folder (Windows) so that every scan is imported into Evernote automatically.

  • Mojo Yugen

    I use a slightly different approach on a PC (not sure if my scanner software has an ‘automatic task’ option.

    In Evernote I set up an Automatic File Import location (Account–>Properties–>File Import). I then just scan into that folder. Presto chango, it’s in Evernote as soon as it hits that folder.

  • Richard

    Thank you so much. This came up today at our offices. Thank you, thank you.

  • Andrew

    I have made this work with network scanners as well by having all my scans go into a folder on my desktop called “Scanned”. I then enabled folder actions and added the following Folder Action script. Note I put a long delay in as I was having some issues with long (>5 page) docs. Your mileage may vary.

    add – new item into Evernote


    on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
    delay 60
    tell application “Evernote”
    create note from file added_items notebook “Scanned”

    end tell

    end adding folder items to

  • Alex Pachikov

    Thanks for the comments.

    I am using an Epson CX4200 printer/scanner and Image Capture detects it without any configuration. I also tried it with a few other scanners, and it worked with all basic USB scanners I found.

    As far as Windows support, there are few other tricks that I will probably write into a separate blog post.

  • Lorenz Sell

    awesome blog post. I’ll be trying to implement this set up with the Canon CanoScan 8800F Scanner shortly!

  • TrunkL

    this is l ike the best software ever

    get job

  • Neil Chapman

    I use the ScanSnap scanner (Fujitsu-$495.00) and it is brilliant. It’s software allows it to scan directly into Evernote. It’s dead easy with a Mac. This scanner is so good, I can’t believe anyone would use anything else.

  • pythagorean

    Thank you, kindly. That is the exact easter egg I was hunting for. I have a box of “to be scanned to evernote stuff” that I was just contemplating potential streamline options for. You did it. Much thanks.

  • pythagorean

    Also, an addition to the tip. For those who stopped at “step 2. if your scanner is supported” here is the easy open source work around to get your unsupported scanner to function just the same.

    (if you don’t want to mess with terminal and all that just scroll down to “pizzacake”‘s solution which is simple.

  • dwhit

    I will second the comment/question about MULTI-PAGE documents. When I saw this article title I thought “FINALLY!” I’ve been dying to clean out our piles of paperwork at the house but since so many documents are multi-page docs, there is no clear way I can find of getting a single multipage document into a single evernote note so it can be tagged and filed accordingly.


  • monty

    I have been doing this for a long time. So good for receipts etc I have also started doing all shopping dockets so if I ever want I can get a feel of the frequency I buy certain things and compare supermarket prices. One question though, does anyone have any tips for a multiple page scanner? I have seen ones where you can scan a bunch of pages at once but have no idea which one to look at. Any tips would be great.

  • Andrew

    dwhit – depends if you are on a Mac or PC. If you are on a Mac follow these instructions:

    I have all of my multi-page scans go into a folder on my desktop called “Scanned”. I then enabled folder actions and added the following Folder Action script. Note I put a long delay in as I was having some issues with long (>5 page) docs. Your mileage may vary.

    add – new item into Evernote


    on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
    delay 60
    tell application “Evernote”
    create note from file added_items notebook “Scanned”

    end tell

    end adding folder items to

  • Mojo Yugen

    What I’ve been doing for multi-page notes is something along the following lines:

    Jpeg method:
    -Scan all pages of the doc into some folder (one that Evernote doesn’t automatically pull from).
    -Drop all jpeg files into Adobe Acrobat (or equivalent). Yeah, this means you have to go buy software that can create PDFs. There may be a free option.
    -Use Adobe Acrobat to OCR the jpeg images. This allows Evernote to search inside the document.
    -Optional: Use the optimize document’ option to reduce the size of the PDF. You can squeeze the PDF down pretty small and have it still usable.
    -Drop the newly created PDF into Evernote.

    Direct PDF method:
    -if your scanner supports creating a PDF document just scan into the PDF format directly. -Depending on the scanner software you may be able to have it do the OCR step automatically too, otherwise you are back to needing other software to do it.

  • Bobby

    Can you scan TIFF documents and have it recognize?

  • Max

    Brilliant, setting up the watch folder on Scanned Documents folder in Evernote works brilliantly on my PC.

    I had been photographing meeting notes with my iPhone and uploading them, which was clunky, slow and resulted in big image sizes.

    Now I just use Windows Fax & Scan, and the images appear directly in EN without further intervention. Makes a big difference.

  • Nick

    Canon MP Navigator EX 1.0 for Windows works

  • Roz

    Waiting breathlessly for your tips about doing this on a PC, Alex.

  • Mason Simon

    this works great on windows with a Fujitsu ScanSnap S300. The only problem is that multi-page scans get scanned into multiple images which then become multiple notes, but it’s bearable. it would be nicer if evernote could do handwriting recognition on pdfs so that we could clump related pages together into one note

  • Frederik De Buck

    Isn’t there a way in Evernote to join different notes together ? That would not only be great for multi-page scanned documents, but also for combining related notes made with an iPhone or something alike…

  • Shannon Wagner

    I was trying to find a way to get my photos both to Picasa and Evernote automatically using my Eye-Fi wireless SD card.

    Unfortunately, the Eye-Fi manager only allows you to select a single web service to send photos to. However, during the upload process, all photos are also copied to a folder within “My DocumentsMy Pictures” (at least on a PC) called “Eye-Fi_upload”.

    So, after reading the suggestion above, I decided to leave the Eye-Fi manager set to upload directly to Picasa, and then set the Evernote Windows client to watch the “Eye-Fi_upload” folder, which effectively causes Evernote to also upload the photos.

    Perfect solution for me!

  • Michael M Gibbons

    Excited about this app but On MAC scanned my cards as you said everything work fine show up i EN notebook except when i search for words in the biz card I get no results? cards saved as PNGs

  • David Ditzler

    I have a Canon LiDE 90 which works great on the Mac. It is powered by the USB alone and I can run it off a laptop with no other power so that is pretty cool.

    I also have an IRISCard mini 4 business card scanner that works via USB too but Image Capture does not recognize it.

    I might add that the OCR software that comes with the IRISCard mini 4 works well on the Mac for getting business cards into Address Book which is what I got it for. I was wondering if it would work with this tip from Evernote but not yet.

    Also for a multiple page scanner you might want to look at the Brother MFC-6490cw which was avaiable for less than $200 after instant rebate (i’m not sure if the rebate is still available). It can scan directly to multiple pages and you can choose what format you want the files saved as. It is wireless and can scan to a network drive, email or USB stick without a computer even attached or on. It has a multiple page feeder on it and can even scan to 11 x 17 size. Pretty great bang for the buck.

    Thanks for Evernote, it ROCKS!


  • Jon

    I’ve been trying to implement the ‘folder actions’ as described in the comments using the script that was written out. However, when I copy and paste the script into the script editor and try and save it, I receive a syntax error:

    Expected expression, property or key form, etc. but found unknown token.

    I’d love to get this working because the only scanner I have at work is on the network and only emails documents to me. If I could have those attachments dumped into a folder and automatically picked up by Evernote, that would be amazing.

  • adam

    when you copy and paste, just replace the double quotes. for some reason they come over different with copy/paste. I was getting the same error and then simply deleted and replaced all 4 double quotes.

  • Jed

    On Mac, a workaround to get Evernote to do OCR with a multi-page pdf:

    1. Use Automator to extract all pages from the pdf as images (In the PDF library it’s called Render PDF Pages as Images).

    2. Drag all pages to Evernote.

    3. Select all the newly created notes in Evernote and chose “Merge Notes” from the Edit menu.

    You’ll probably want to include a Rename sequential action in your Automator workflow.

  • Chris

    I’d rather just see a Scanner button in Evernote, like SOHO Notes has…

  • Sheila

    That is so brilliant!
    Took me a while because I wasn’t ‘selecting an area’ thought I could just hit ‘scan’.

  • Alan Vallis

    Thanks Alex. Really useful.

  • Alex Parker

    Does anyone know what I can do to have scanned notes viewable on my iphone?

  • aubrey

    My Image Capture window does not have an ‘Automatic Task’ option. Any suggestions?

  • Dedra

    I am have the same problem as Aubrey- no Automatic Task’ option.

  • Dedra

    Ahh…I found it. BTW- I am using Snow Leopard.

    Close details by clicking “Hide Details”. Now you only have three pull-downs:
    -Scan Size
    -Scan To

    My Scan To was originally set to a plain destination folder- pictures. I changed it to the Evernote app instead. To do this, choose “Other” in the “Scan To” and then navigate to Evernote Application (likely in your Applications Folder).

    Now when you click scan it just pops right into Evernote with out intermediary steps.

  • Wolfie

    I have problems with multi-page documents – the only way to get them into Evernote is a scan to pdf if I’m right. Seems like there’s a bug in the Evernote software (Mac, Snow Leopard), there are notes first for page 1, then a note for page 1 and 2, then a note for page 1, 2 and 3 and so on. A bit annoying since the first notes are just for the rubbish bin.

    But what seems to be really buggy is that quite regularly pages are missing!!! Sometimes it’s every other page, often it’s the last one. No problems when I scan to pdf to the desktop or a folder, so it’s not an issue of Image Capture.

    (I’m using a Canon MX320 with document feeder, works just great!).

    And yeah, Search in pdf works as well, Premium account is worth the money I’d say! I scan bloody everything these days, I keep only important certificates. Cheers, Wolfie

    PS Does anybody know when ink notes will be supported? Works great on Windows but not on a Mac yet (other than that I love the Mac version much more than the Windows version).

  • meyersensei

    HP Photosmart C7180. On iMac with Snow Leopard. No problems – going direct to my Evernote account.
    Thanks for the tip……

  • Cormac

    in snow leopard, you can use the ‘scan to:’ selector and click other, and find evernote in your applications folder. my scanner doesn’t have an automatic task selector.

  • JohnnyFM

    I finally got the script graciously posted by Andrew and finessed by Adam and it works wonderfully on my Canon MX700 using the document feeder.

    How would I scan a sections of a book to pdf format as a continuous document to be copied into the folder that employs the folder action script.

  • JohnnyFM

    Thanks once again Andrew and Adam for make my life so much easier, the folder action script works great for copying stacks of pages into pdf format and sending them to evernote.

    As for the problem of copying sections out of a book – which as a student is a constant necessity – I came across a post that mentioned a little gem of an app called “combine pdf’s” and it works great for what I need.

    I scan the section of the books that I need for tutorial and send them to my desktop, I then move them into “combine pdf’s” and they are merged together into one continuous pdf document which i drop into my “add to evernote” folder that I set up earlier with the folder action script of Andrew’s.

    It works like a charm. “combine pdf’s is free to use for the first 1000 pdf’s and afterwords you have to buy a license for $30 US. A little steep I know, but if it is a function you need all of the time I think it is money well spent.

    As well, my Canon MX700 works like a dream on my network since I installed Snow Leopard and makes scanning into Evernote pure genius. One less wire is always good in my books.

  • Donald Nordeng

    I scan directly into Evernote. You just need to add it as an application. When you single click on the dock icon, you can select it. I scan any size. I don’t mess with anything else.

    For combining pages Yep is hard to beat. It is also easy to configure to use scansnap to Yep.

    Sorry, these are Mac OS 10.6 comments.

  • Brandon

    For the S300M, this technique actually will not work because image capture only works with twain scanners. However there is a simple way to setup the 300M with evernote that is described here:

  • MyKidsAreSoCute

    I have the latest version of the ScanSnap Manager on my Mac (I have a ScanSnap s300m) and I was able to add Evernote as an application in the Profile Manager. I then chose the Evernote Profile and am able to scan directly into Evernote!

    One of the other cool features that I just discovered is that if you open a PDF from inside of Evernote into Preview you can edit the PDF and save it and see the changes immediately in Evernote! I use this all of the time now to take extra pages out of PDFs or rotate pages to the correct orientation!

  • Gina

    @Mason, I had the same problem with the scansnap (not sure if you’ve already figured this out since it’s been a while since you posted your comment). . . but in case others are trying to figure out how to work with multi-paged handwritten documents. . . here’s a solution. Scan them into pdfs first to give the same name to everything within the handwritten notes, then save the file as a jpeg file (each note will be Name of file_001, etc). Import the jpeg files to evernote, then merge the notes within evernote (select all relevant notes, then right click to merge). They will merge under the title of the first note. The output looks nice, and allows you to take advantage of evernote’s text recognition and keep your multi-page notes together.

  • James

    Lexmark’s new All-in-one deskjets scan straight to Evernote via WiFi – yeah, now we’re smokin’

  • Brian

    I have taken the script above and applied some magic that I found from another script that would put things into iTunes to come up with a better solution that doesn’t need the delay. The script posted above doesn’t handle multiple items, a repeat loop was needed.

    I have a Canon MP830 and the buttons on the scanner allow me to scan and it puts a file in a folder, no applications opened or messed with! Then this script automatically puts it into evernote and removes the file since it exists in evernote now.

    A completely hands off solution for me!

    (* add – new item into Evernote *)
    on adding folder items to my_folder after receiving the_files
    repeat with i from 1 to number of items in the_files
    tell application “Evernote”
    set this_file to (item i of the_files)
    create note from file this_file notebook “Scanned”
    set the file_path to the quoted form of the POSIX path of this_file
    do shell script (“rm -f ” & file_path)
    end try
    end tell
    end repeat
    end adding folder items to

  • John Havelin

    I have an HP Scanjet 8300. How do I get Image Capture to recognize it? (When I open Image Capture it says I have “No Image Capture device connected.”)

    However–when I click on Browse devices it shows up under TWAIN Data Sources. I highlighted it and clicked “Sharing”, but I keep getting that same “No IC device connected” message.

  • Threegs

    So will Evernote Pro now OCR PDF files?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, Evernote Premium will make PDFs searchable.

  • tshfkym

    My printer (Canon MP950) supports image capture and I’m seeing everything but the Automatic Task menu.. What’s the trick?

  • Simon Browne

    @tshfkym same problem – until I chose Scan to : and selected, My Notes , PNG ( other formats may work too.) png of scan drops into automatically created My Notes – very cool.

    Using Epson Perfection V30 = perfection ( you can say that again ). Snow Leopard10.6.3 , Evernote Version 1.9.0 (83438) , Image Capture Version 6.0.1 (428)

    • Brett Michaels


      Are you able to can multiple pages in to Evernote?

    • Jay

      Thanks Simon. Works with Lion also.

      I can attach multiple pages as a PDF file. Select “Combine into single document” in ImageCapture, and keep clicking the Paper Clip in Evernote for each new image.

      • Polkar

        – Thank you so much. The failmy, the location, and the light made it such a great session!

  • It works on windows

    I have a Dell AIO Photo 926 – all i do is select evernote.exe as the application and *.png as the file extension. I’m about to try pdf…wish me luck

  • M

    This is one of the few times that I ever comment on a posting But I had to say THANK YOU. We are forever brothers bonded on the journey of Non-clutter.

    My very best regards,


  • Dale Gardner

    Using Simon’s approach – scan to Evernote – have to say I agree with Muriithi. We’re brothers now. Thanks!

  • AceSi

    How can I tell if my printer is compatible with Image capture? I have a Xerox phaser 6110MFP but Image Capture locks-up when I try to use it..any ideas please?

  • AceSi

    does anybody know if I can directly scan into Evernote from a networked printer/scanner. Usually I have to scan to my email address and then c&p into Evernote..any help appreciated. Thanks

    • Lisa

      There is an email address that Evernote assigns to you if you want to email things to your Evernote account. If you enter that address into your network printer/scanner, it will send it to Evernote instead of your personal email and eliminate that extra step. To find your Evernote email address, log in to the website and click the Settings link at the top of the page.

      Until I read your note, I had never thought of doing this. I email things to myself at work all the time, and will do this in the future! Good luck!

  • Theresa Mesa

    I scanned a copy of my savings statement into Evernote as a *PNG* using the Mac’s Image Capture app, as described above, using my Epson Workforce 600. It transfers into my Evernote account (I see it, it’s there), I’ve run it through Sync, but it is not searchable. If I do a search for “Savings,” Evernote doesn’t see the statement. What am I doing wrong?

  • Eric Ohde

    I just got a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500M for my iMac. I am in the financial coaching/investment advisor business and am trying to go paperless or at least paper friendly at a minimum! Can I scan pdf’s( ie: client files) with confidential info onto an encrypted cloud server using evernote or should I look for another cloud server system? I am a rookie at this so if someone wants to take a crack at teaching me I would be most grateful!!! Thanks

  • Joe

    Same problem as tshfkym I have an epson NX420, and i have image capture running, but no “automatic task” I can send to Evernote, but the AT is not showing up. Also, is there anyway to pre designate which notebook the scans go into? and also, any way to amend or combine two scans before they come into the program, meaning, not manually (I can merge them, but its also an extra step)


  • Alex P

    HP Officejet 6500 E709n

    I can scan anything fine, but same deal .. I have no option for AUTOMATIC TASK

    My printer is set up WiFi, however I have all of the proper software set up on my Max (OSX 10.6.4).

    How do I scan directly to evernote?

    • Alex P

      used SIMONS’s approach.. works well.

      Still really work evernote came out with folders/sub-folders and allowed us to scan directly into one of them!

      • Iza

        I use IPhone for scanning papers. My favorite application is DocScanner as it has a quickscan option.
        After scanning you just name it and send to Evernote.
        The plus is that you can merge a few scans in one EN note.
        I checked a few tools and this is works for me the best.

  • Rosaura

    Hi there!

    I have a Mac, running ‘Image Capture’ and have my CanoScan 8800F on. I’ve selected ‘Evernote’ for my ‘Scan to’ section.

    It worked beautifully! Thank you sooooo much! 🙂

  • Dan

    How can I scan to a specific notebook within Evernote?

  • DemoGeek

    Will this work with Canon printers? I’m about to buy a Lexmark for the SmartSolutions feature but would prefer a Canon printer instead. My basic requirement is there should be a clear Evernote integration. Will a Canon printer be a good choice for Evernote integration?

  • Brett Michaels

    Is anyone able to scan multiple pages into a single evernote?

    • Ken Freeman

      The only way I’ve been able to scan multiple page documents into Evernote is to scan each page and instead of keeping each page, I copy and paste the second page to the end of the first Evernote page, then delete the second scanned page. A bit labor intensive, but it works.

      • Guus

        You can merge notes:

    • ChrisL

      I just got a new Panasonic all-in-one printer with a document feeder specifically for scanning items into Evernote. When using the document feeder, my image capture program on my iMac has an option to allow all pages scanned through the feeder to be part of a single document. Never saw this option before when I didn’t have a document feeder. That’s one way.

      Only other way is to merge notes once in Evernote (as far as I can tell).

  • Stu

    I haven’t tried scanning into EverNote yet, but in reply to Brett and Ken. Wouldn’t it be easy to scan the two separate documents in one after the other and then hold shift and select the two notes, then right click “Merge Notes”. Not sure if this achieves what your after?

  • Tasra Dawson

    This is fantastic. Now that I’ve got it set up to scan directly into Evernote, I’m wondering where we should save the file. In the ScanSnap setting tab, you have to select a place to save the document but since Evernote already saves a copy in the data file, it’s duplication to have it save another place as well. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! I’m on a Mac.

    Also, wondering if you could direct me to FAQ or tutorial about how/where all the local and online Evernote data gets saved. Right now my Evernote data file on my computer is over 1 GB. As I start scanning and saving everything to Evernote, it’s going to start eating up space. Any suggestions on the best practices for that as well?


  • Force2Reckon

    Does anyone know why the Automatic Task does not show up for some people? I am running 10.6.6 and I can select the app to scan to (thanks for the suggestion guys) but the automatic task option is not showing on my image capture.

    • Kevin

      I am having the same problem with image capture not showing an automatic task option. In addition to why this isn’t showing, is the script something that comes with evernote or do you need to make a task yourself?

      Thanks for the help!


      • Eddy

        Same issue for me. Any resolve?

  • Darryl

    Works perfectly with Epson Workforce 500. Chose Evernote in the “Scan To” Field. Thanks for the great software!

  • Ron Earnest

    I have Evernote and a ScanSnap S1300. It does not show Scan to Evernote as an option. Nor does it have a way of adding Scan to Evernote as an option (I checked profile management). The fujitsu site only has instructions on adding evernote in a Windows environment.

    I am using a MacBook Air with OS X 10.6.7.

    Thanks, Ron

  • Ron Earnest

    I should have added that Image Capture does not show the ScanSnap S1300 even though it is plugged in and on.


  • raj

    Can you use multiple users accounts for the fujitsu scanner, ie. me and my wife ?

  • Justin Blake

    For the people who don’t see a “Automatic Task” option, choose “Scan To” and select the Evernote application. That worked great for me on OS X 10.6.8.

    • Daniel

      Works also mit Lion.

    • Melinda

      I’ve read all your comments but none of the solutions seem to work for me.
      I have an HP OfficeJet 6500A Plus. I don’t see an “Automatic Task” option and if I try “Scan To” it won’t allow me to chose the

      On top of this I have just upgraded to 10.8 Mountain Lion
      Any ideas?

      • Bernard

        I had the same problem on OS X 10.8. This tip here fixed it for me:

  • Dan

    To scan to Evernote Desktop on Mac make sure you have downloaded and installed Evernote for Mac OS X. Then open the ScanSnap Manager (in ApplicationsScanSnap). In ScanSnap Manager go to Application tab. In Application window select Add or Remove. Navigate to Evernote and Add. The rest is self-evident per the ScanSnap user guide.

  • Tony

    Thank you for the insight! Just scanned my first document directly into Evernote from my NeatDesk for Mac! This will be great for increased productivity!

  • Russell

    Just had to select Evernote in applications for the folder option and it worked perfectly. Great tool. Scanned with an Epson wireless printer without a problem.

  • Donald

    Hello there all you sick people (your sick economic terror system, I mean), trying to be ever so “productive” :-).

    It is also possible to simply right-click within a new note window and then select “import image” (from camera or scanner).

  • Olev

    This works great with my HP Photosmart C309a. I just followed what Simon suggested in his comment.

  • nhc105

    To answer the question about Image Capture and the Automated Task line not showing up. I’m running mac os 10.6.7 and do not show the AT option. I selected Scan To: option. Navigate to Applications and select Evernote. All worked perfectly.

  • jay

    ok so for those of you having trouble with finding the “automatic task”. I finally figured it out on my Kodak ESP.

    essentially you need to find this through your printer/scanner’s software. I opened mine up and scanned from glass. I got a preview and then hit “scan”. then I had some options and could select the application and automated task as noted above.

    then I closed everything out, hit scan on my scanner, and the scan popped up immediately as a new evernote note!

  • Rick

    Found this after winding my way through the forums…

    It worked like a charm.

  • Cathy

    Image Capture does not recognize my Epson Workforce 615.
    Mac 10.5.8

    • Cathy L. Carter

      ETA: It will not recognize it via WIFI but it will via USB.

  • Courtney

    Is it still true that if I scan to a PDF file, Evernote’s image recognition won’t be able to recognize my images? See #6 in the post: “Choose PNG, JPEG as the format. If you would rather scan to PDF, keep in mind that images in PDFs will not be recognized by our image recognition.”

  • amuramoto

    Evernote will run image recognition on PDF documents if you are an Evernote Premium subscriber. For more info, visit

  • Lois

    Does anyone know if I can scan to Evernote with my Canon MP600 scanner? When I go to Applications to select Evernote it’s light gray and can’t be selected.

  • Michael Lock

    Awesome! worked for me on my iMac (OS X ver 10.9.2). The “automatic task” does not appear on my iMac, but I scanned a document then closed iMage Capture and reopened it and the “To Folder” defaulted to “” so THANK YOU!!!!!!!. Now I can finally leave MS OneNote (which I always liked) because I can’t stand MS Windows 8 on my laptop (which was my go to computer for digital organizing before this post). Again THANK YOU!!

  • Vincent Iyengar

    Well this certainly doesn’t work with the Fujitsu ix500 ScanSnap. I bought the Fujitsu in order to scan directly to Evernote, but this is the one thing it doesn’t do.

  • Mike-k

    I use an app called Piikki to snap a photo of the item, which it will crop and then upload to a folder in Evernote called To Be Filed. I can add tags as well as choose what folder the file will upload into, if not the default folder mentioned above. Works like a charm and I can scan when on the go and just toss receipts and business cards. Or I can scan the business card and return it to th person who gave it to me.

  • MIke

    there is no auto task in 2015