Evernote for Mac Gets Improved Text Editing and More

Posted by on 13 Nov 2008

Posted by on 13 Nov 2008

We just released an update to Evernote for Mac, version 1.1.6. In addition to tons of fixes and enhancements, here are some highlights.

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Bullets and Numbers and Tables, Oh My!

You can now create bulleted and numbered lists, tables, and horizontal rules within your notes using the spiffy new note toolbar. We’ve made a bunch of smaller tweaks and enhancements that are less noticeable, but will make typing notes a lot better.

Adding and Removing Links

Ever wanted to type a link into a note, or, better yet, remove one that was already in there? Well now you can. Just CMD+click, select Link from the menu, and choose Add. To remove a link, hover over the link, CMD+click, select Link from the menu, and choose Remove.

Invisible Improvements

This is one of our releases aimed at improving many aspects of Evernote that you may not see. Trust us, these changes will make your overall experience with Evernote much more positive.


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  • Gruber Kristóf

    Looks nice. What I now really miss is a simple option to remove all the formatting from a selected text (or from a whole note). Is it possible that you can add this in the next version?

  • Jason

    You have made my day. Since day one I have been pining for bullets for my notes. Thank you!

  • Paul Tilley

    I love Evernote, but What would be great is a simple highlighter tool!

  • Richard

    Finally the pieces that make Evernote the best note taking and recall tool on the planet. Well done. Elegant design and super functional.

  • charles Schenck

    Love Evernote, use it on Blackberry all the time, would love an app.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Michael

    Evernote quit while unresponsive — I’ve had this experience on two different Macs, repeatedly, with this new version. It has, for me, become unusable. This is exactly what I feared. That I would trust you with important data (I’ve got 288 notes, and was planning on many more), and it woud be lost.
    I know it’s not lost. I just can’t get at it.

  • Kevin Purcell

    When do you make Evernote more Tablet pc friendly with better inking? Until you do, I’m forced to use OneNote.

  • agent8080

    Will there ever be a Linux version? Will there be an Android app? I wish you would at least comment on this, I don’t want to go any further with Evernote if you won’t be supporting the platforms I use.

  • William Stewart

    Hi Charles, i’m having trouble using it with my BlackBerry. I use it “all the time* by emailing notes to my secret Evernote address, but I just can’t access the website from the BlackBerry browser …

  • Drew Vogel

    I like Evernote 3.0 — it’s growing on me every day.

    When will these features be ported to Windows?

    I’d love to be able to BROWSE notes on my Windows Mobile PDA!

  • Robert

    I’d really like to be able to view long PDFs in Evernote instead of losing the bottom of the file while trying to view it. While this happens it makes Evernote almost a waste of time, and as someone who has paid for the additionally facilities I am a little unhappy. I’m having to use a different service for large PDFs. The idea was to simplify how I worked not make it more complex. Unless Evernote resolve the large PDF issue I’ll not be renewing my subscription – no point paying for two services…

  • James

    Really love the app. Was just about to go premium when I realized that I can’t edit tables on my iPhone!

    As soon as you get this sorted I will be first in line!


  • Steve

    I have to partially ditto another commenter here. I would LOVE to see the ability to add tables incorporated within the Windows and Web versions of Evernote. Is this a plan? Please say “Yes.” Sometimes, me note taking brain needs to put stuff in tables. Thank you!

  • fred

    I’d love to see the basic drawing ability that the Windows version has come to my preferred platform the Mac. I have a wacom tablet and it would be really handy to be able to quickly doodle out a quick sketch when words fail me!

    btw thanks for the great service and software!

  • Brad

    Really need to be able to change the properties of the table after being initially inserted.

  • Tony

    Any chance the numbers & bullets will be enhanced? There is no flexibility to switch from numbering to bullets or to indent these to create an outline. If you use the numbering feature and try to add text or bullets under the numbered item, then insert the number in the list, it goes back to #1. It would be nice to indent both bullets and numbers within the text of a note. This would make using Evernote much better for taking notes with in a meeting or preparing talking points, etc. In fact, if the numbers, bullets and some other simple formatting were improved, Evernote would be my primary place for note taking and simple word processing.