Nine months and 500,000 users later

Posted by Phil Libin on 21 Nov 2008

Posted by Phil Libin on 21 Nov 2008


It’s been exactly nine months since we launched and we’re happy to announce that over half a million people are now Evernote users! In the time that it takes mother nature to make just one biological brain, we’ve cranked out 500,000 shiny metal ones. Technology marches forward!

Some other Evernote fun-facts nine months after launch:

  • Number of Evernote application clients: 7
  • Number of production servers: 22
  • Number of notes: 14 million
  • Caffeine consumed by Evernote employes to build all this: 9,720,000 milligrams

More notes than caffeine milligrams? Who would’ve thunk it.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped us make Evernote a better product! We’re not slowing down anytime soon.


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  • Kel

    Um hmm.. congrats! Now what about my tee shirt 😉

  • Tom van Geffen

    I also Loooove evernote but I’ve got one really essential featureneed:
    off-line notes(viewing only would be good enough)
    for windows mobile

  • Leonardo Pavia

    Great Work!!! Im using Evernote everyday!!!!

  • Neil Chapman

    I’m a long time “macattorney” who started using Evernote about a month ago for my iMac, Macbook Air and iPhone 3G. Man, it changes everything for me! I even gave a presentation on it the other day for my local Bar Association.

    One suggestion, if the developer is out there listening. It would be extremely cool if there was a drop down (toggle button?) menu thingy for the tags, like there is for the notebooks and the “any/all” toggle button. What I mean by this is, when you select a tag from the tag list, it says at the top: “Viewing X note(s) from [Notebook] matching [any or all] of the following: tagged with [tag name]. It would be cool if, when you clicked on the [tag name], that it would then show a drop-down menu with all tags you could quickly go to a different one.

    Because I create a different notebook for each of my cases — 50 or more. It’s a pain to have to scroll to the bottom to change the tag search each time. It’s not bad if the case is some named lower in the alphabet, so it’s close to the tags. But for those names at the top, the tags are too far down and you have to scroll down.

  • Lonzollamas

    Congratulations!!! I’m very glad to be an evernote user, it simplify my life, literally.
    I’m tottaly agree with Tom van Geffen, WE NEED VIEW AND EDIT OUR NOTES on the WINDOWS MOBILE client. I’m right know paying for your premium service but it would be so much better if i have this improvement on my phone,
    Thank you very much and congratulations again!


  • Nico

    Thanks for that cool piece of software: the most usefull in years since Netvibes as far as I am concerned !!

    Please keep it simple and light ! – but with intra notes hyperlinks !