The Shiny and New Evernote for Windows Mobile

Posted by on 24 Nov 2008

Posted by on 24 Nov 2008

Today, we unveiled the new Evernote for Windows Mobile (version We’ve added new features, new views, and more options, all designed to make Evernote for Windows Mobile faster and easier to use.

For those unfamiliar with Evernote for Windows Mobile, this version lets you create text, ink, snapshot, and audio notes, as well as attach supported files, such as PDFs. It also allows you to quickly and easily browse and search through all the notes in your Evernote account.


Get Evernote for Windows Mobile now (CAB | EXE)

Browser begone

Evernote for Windows Mobile is now a full client, which means that the browser no longer launches when searching, viewing, or editing notes. Everything now happens right inside the application, making the user experience significantly snappier.

Views, views, and more views

When browsing your notes and search results, you now have three view options: Thumbnails, Details, and List. Thumbnail view shows a small thumbnail of the note alongside the title and tags (see image above); Details shows the title, tags, and creation date; and List shows only shows the title.

You can now tailor your view to match the speed of your network connection. Speedy connections can go with Thumbnails, while slower connections can choose Details or (the lightening fast) List view. It’s up to you.

And more…

In addition, we made accessing Saved Searches much easier, and we simplified the interface to make it more user friendly. You can also choose whether you want Evernote to upload new notes over a cellular connection, or only via WiFi –great for those watching their cellular bandwidth usage. All that, on top of tons of fixes, tweaks, and enhancements.

Do I have a Windows Mobile phone?

We’ve noticed that a lot of people have Windows Mobile phones, but don’t know it. Visit the Microsoft Windows Mobile site to find out.

Get Evernote for Windows Mobile now (CAB | EXE)


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  • EP

    Thank you!!! Windows Mobile and it’s users love Evernote!

  • tuxella

    Still no news about a blackberry client ?

  • mcapehart

    In the new WM edition in “Settings” it shows my account as “Free” and a limited amount of space available. I have a paid account.

  • w0nk0

    Awesome update! That’s something I have been waiting for a loooong time. By the way: I got “Evernote received invalid update data” when trying to update from within EN4WM.

    Now if you guys would give the Windows Desktop version a little hotkey for the “merge notes” function, two of my biggest gripes would be solved!

    Keep up the great work

  • temujin

    Evernote is fantastic. I use it daily. But I recently retired my old WinMob phone and have gone to a BlackBerry Curve. When will you develop a client for the BlackBerry?

  • Nick

    You guys Rock!!!! Thanks, I was waiting with bated breath!

  • Chris

    Yes, Blackberry, please?

  • Ray

    Thank you!!!

  • horizontal heat

    yabba dabba doo!

  • Jeremie Lariviere

    Any chance offline storage is coming?

  • DJ

    Thank you so much for realizing that there is life beyond the iPhone and the majority of mobile devices in the world are Windows Mobile.

  • Jake

    Second vote for offline storage and inbuilt PDF support, if it doesnt exist in this version (haven’t had a chance to actually update yet)

  • nesman89

    awesome. this is what i have been waiting for. the only issue i have found is …..
    1. note created on windows client
    2. i edit that note on windows mobile the note then becomes one big run on sentence and becoming one continous paragragph. once i edit the note within the mobile client it will then retain the formatting.

    1 offline notes
    2 geo location

    i love evernote.

  • Thomas Whitley

    Is there any way to use Evernote for Windows Mobile without connecting to the Internet, just syncing with the desktop app? I am someone who has a windows mobile phone (Moto Q), but my wireless service is paid for by my employer who will not pay for a data package for me, thus they would not be too happy if I constantly used an app that accessed the Internet.

    I am new to Evernote and am loving it. This would just make it that much better for me.

  • r8

    As I understood, there’s no way to create new note if my device’s not connected to internet?

    Oldest versions was still usable in offline mode. I could create notes without net and later just connect and upload it. Please, bring back this feature, you just killed your application for me and for other users without permanent net 🙁

  • Dustin

    Does this version still support Windows Mobile 5? Four times I’ve tried to install, and each time it’s been unsuccessful.

    Installation attempted on a Motorola Q with Verizon service, including data package.

  • Len

    Blackberry, please!

  • JP

    As if y’all have nothing to do, when you see your way clear, please throw a little love to the growing ranks of people who dig Android!

  • lonzollamas

    Thank you so so so so so much!

    Excelentes and so expected improvements, i also wonder the offline notes.

    Thank you again

  • lonzollamas

    and the possibility to edit notes would be great too

  • Jake

    Every time I launch the new app, it spends several seconds logging in. It would be cool if, upon launch, it went straight to the “New Notes” screen, and perhaps logged in, in the background.

    90% of the time I launch Evernote, its to quickly enter a voice, photo, or text note.

    It’s a drag waiting for the login, especially when you don’t have reception.

    Thanks! You guys truly rock and I am going to buy a subscription.

  • Prasant

    I am relatively new to evernote, currently using your mac client. I just got an HTC Touch Pro the same day you released this client. I tried some of the functions, and it works great! Very fast and responsive. I think this will make me use the service more…


  • Christoph Wagner

    Any plans for a Symbian 3 Version?
    Planning to grab a E71 soon:)

  • Chris

    Thanks very much!

  • lonzollamas

    Let me correct myself. Notes can be edited. It’s really great. I also agree that the time it takes to login should be faster – it is a bit slow when you need to to post a note quickly. It would also great to be able to use the touch feature without having to use the scroll for neither the notes nor the notes view.

    I hope to see them in the future, and again, thank you very much for the excellent and necessary imporvements.

  • arvidh

    Thank you!!

  • Forrest

    I’m downloading… hope it works on Windows Mobile 2003!

  • Bob

    I’m also going to request a Blackberry version…

  • Paul Caplan

    Another vote of thanks.

    Another vote for quicker/background login and crucially ability to create notes offline.

    Also why should the Apple lot have all the Geotagging fun. We WM flaneurs want to play too… please.

  • Filippo

    Symbian, please!
    In any case, thanks for Evernote. I use it since a month now, and cannot really live without it.

  • Will

    It works fine on Windows Mobile 5. I have it installed on my HTC TyTn.

  • Muhammad Ooi Teong keat


    I’m very happy to receive this great news! Thank you very much!

  • Gilberto Padilha

    I suppose it still doesn’t work on Windows Mobile 2003 🙁

  • Chris K

    @lonzollamas – how were you able to edit a note? My “edit” menu option never activates; it is always disabled.

    Anyone have check-boxes working on the WinMo version? Mine seem to disappear…

  • Chris K

    My apologies. I can edit now. Cool!

    Still no check-boxes and I’m seeing the “one big line” issue others noted in earlier comments. Getting closer though 🙂

  • Nick

    Thank you!
    It works fine on Samsung i710!

  • Peter Maddern

    What are the chances of being able to combine text, ink, images and voice in the same note?

    That would be awesomely awesome! (and would trump OneNote Mobile)


  • Clark C

    Beware on the update. I just updated the software because EverNote prompted me to and now it is giving the following error.

    The network connection couldn’t be established.

    My configuration is:
    Hardware: HTC TyTn
    Network: ATT 3G
    OS: Windows Mobile 6

    Evernote works fine when I turn on the wifi but have issues when it try to use the 3G network. To double check my 3G is up I click “sign up” and it brings up Evernote website.

    The previous version worked fine. Is there a link to the older version?

  • Phil Libin


    You can currently combine text, images, voice and pdf files in the same note. You can’t combine ink with anything else yet.

  • Andy

    Thank you. Editing on the device is much better now then through the browser. This is a significant update!
    Another vote for offline notes! Please!!! This would make evernote almost perfect!

    Great product!

  • Mario

    Please, consider the configuration of a proxy in the windows mobile version.

  • Andy

    After some more testing here’s what I found:
    I encounter the “One big sentence”-bug (note created on desktop then edited on WinMob) too.
    When there is an image or even a link in the note (created on the desktop), you can’t edit the note on WinMob.
    I think these issues are somewhat crucial, especially the first one…

  • Mike

    The view and edit features for online notes are a huge improvement. And I am happy to work ‘offline’ then use the Resume command to upload when I have reviewed/edited the note.

    However, I just attempted to take a note in an underground room, as I have been able to do over the past few weeks. I couldn’t because it is now necessary to log on before Evernote will load. This is, I presume, an unintended restriction which reduces Evernote’s usefulness. Please restore in the next version.

  • Scott Blomquist

    Exact same problem on exact same platform as Clark C. I want Evernote back. 🙁

  • Leo

    How sad you still havent realized that there are far more (not-yet-) evernote users who own an symbian/nokia handset.So where is the Symbian-Version of Evernote f.c.s!?

  • Tyler Toone

    This is a really nice software which I use on my laptop and my windows mobile device. I just noticed today though that if I create a note on my laptop that has bullet points or any other rich text content I cannot edit the note on my mobile phone device. I am using a Treo 700wx.

    Any thoughts?

  • Alex

    I second R8’s question: has anyone been able to use the new version while being offline? I can’t. Luckily, I kept the old version installed on my memory card (I installed the new one on internal memory by a fortunate mistake).

    I also agree with many. 90%+ of the time I use Evernote is for writing a note. Why not create small, standalone modules, to insert a new note (one module per note type, perhaps) that loads instantly and does just that? no access to search, no uploading; just a quick note, and the options to SAVE, SAVE and CREATE NEW and CANCEL.

    But feature request #1 is and will remain ’till it’s released: OFFLINE STORAGE OF ALL NOTES.

  • eklektik

    Evernote is a brilliant application – but the new version for Windows Mobile ( is completely unusable if you’re not in reach of an internet connection (e.g. on the tube or in the middle of nowhere).

    The other new developments are great, but the lack of offline capability seems to be a step backwards.

    Please make the old version available until a new version can fix this shortcoming.

    Otherwise, what an incredible product – Evernote rocks!

  • moog

    BlackBerry client please!

  • Ryan

    Great product. Ability to create a quick note offline would be appreciated.

  • pppetter

    Nice app… but you lost me with the “The network connection couldn’t be established”-bug (I also have a HTC with WM6). When you fix it, I might reconsider… until then Evernote is just waste of space.

  • Erik-Jan

    Another vote for offline note-taking. Even stronger… I quote from your own blog:
    “Evernote for Windows Mobile is now a full client, which means that the browser no longer launches when searching, viewing, or editing notes. Everything now happens right inside the application, making the user experience significantly snappier.”
    Sorry but it doesn’t work that way; I ALWAYS have to log on to the internet when I open the appliation or when I finish a new note and I am just not that rich.
    Please solve this problem. Without this, the app is useless.

  • Mark

    Any Symbian S60 version on the roadmap ?

  • Lee

    +1 for a version for S60.

  • Dale

    I’d spring for the Premium if you’d port this to Blackberry. You’re missing a huge market by not having a BB version.

  • Lagoon

    I have a HTC TYTN with windows mobile 6.
    When I try to view a note containing a pdf, it will not work on the TYTN. Can just see a pdf icon in the note. ClearVue PDF installed and it sucks bigtime. Anyone with a solution on this. Any other PDF viewers that might work on Windows Mobile 6 ?

  • Adam

    This new version is awesome!

    One thing, every time I take a snapshot on my tilt, it ends up getting compressed beyond readability. I set the camera resolution to 1280×1024 and settings to super fine, but it’s still the same. :-

    Still, this new version is the best note software for WM yet!

  • Tom van Geffen


    Love it,


    another vote for offline notes (does anybody use the imap possibility, I get 100 notes only, not my full 250 or so??)



  • kenbeyond


  • Sgtret

    There is an echo here that is being ignored. “Blackberry” “Blackberry Please” Has it occurred to you that people who would make use of Evernote would also lean toward the BB platform? Some crumbs regarding its interface development would be appreciated.

  • Damian

    Another vote for offline usage with synchronization to the web.

  • John W

    Another vote for a Blackberry version, please!

  • Jim F

    Ahem… Blackberry? Lessee, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry… wonder what the US (not global) markets shares are? Oh, lookee here!

  • Rita F

    Need offline options — an ESSENTIAL feature for the mobile client — I need to be able to control the amount downloaded, where the download goes (my very limited main mem or storage card); see the offline content stored locally, create notes offline then upload when wifi connected. So far I’m using Evernote’s IMAP email option to download and hold my notes, but it’s clunky beyond belief and the PDF screen captures are usually too tiny to read on my HTC TYTN screen. Add the features above to a nice, nimble client, and it would be purr-fect.

  • Ryan

    Download the newest update, it allows you to create notes offline! and lets you stay logged in even after restart. 12/12/08

  • Peter Maddern

    I’d love to see a future release of Evernote whereby you could create a note where you could mix text, ink, photos and audio all in the same note.

    To me this would make EverNote an unbeatable killer app!


  • Alexandre

    Symbian S60 support ? Is there a deadline ? The community is eagerly waiting for this !!!!!

  • Michael

    The recent update to be able to work offline with my PPC is a great addition and it works well.

    Thank you.

  • Tim

    Symbian version please! Windows Mobile is so….

  • Phil

    Please please please create a Java, or better yet, Nokia/S60 client !!! 🙂

  • Andreas Heynatz

    Please make a Java based client or an S60 client!

  • Rodrigo Araujo

    Please make an S60 Cliente!!
    My e71 needs evernote!

  • isd

    I need to edit ink notes on pocket pc!
    And to be able to zoom in/out in ink notes. As well as being ble to change the default ink note paper, and to define custom colors.
    And it would be perfect.

  • Denys

    support Symbian S60 version please

  • Corentin

    Hello Evernote!

    Your app is really a great one. Definitely one the most useful that I have on my PC. I use it on a daily basis.

    Unfortunately I am really disappointed by the windows mobile porting.

    For one reason : The lack of offline access to data!

    I really hope that you’ll include this feature soon, it will make a huge impact on how I use your product!


  • kitteh

    Great. Now if we could just get rid of the “Network connection could not be established” annoyance so it could actually be *used* on a mobile platform, everything would be even greater. Until then, there is just no point, sorry.

  • mike- singapore

    Yes- I am using it on the iPod Touch, OSX and would love to use it on my Nokia e71.

    Please make a version for e71 soon. Thx

  • mulder

    Hey – good thing, but please: support symbian s60. I want evernote on my n95.

  • dimangi

    S60 client coming up soon?

  • Jim McDonald

    I seem to be having the same problem as a few of the bloggers. I am using the 3G network and I am currently awsy from my computer and on the mobile, and cannot access your FAQ section to find if the network connection problem has been fixed. Could you please advise if, and, when I may be able to use Evernote again. Cheers, Jim

  • Eero

    symbian s60 please!

  • Photo Gear Guy

    It works wonderfully on my HTC Touch Diamond however, it would be even better to have an option to store downloaded notes locally so that I could use it without an Internet connection just like the desktop version.

  • Stubbs

    A bit late to comment but I like Symbian S60 version too.

  • dd325xi


  • David Winton

    Blackberry!!! please please please.

  • Mike

    oh, come on… symbian and blackberry version! and also Chinese version if possible…

  • Carl

    S60 client +1

  • FizzyPopMan

    To echo some of the comments above, I too often want to use EverNote when I don’t have a mobile signal (e.g. on the tube/underground).

    Unfortunately the “Network connection could not be established” message makes it unusable.

    I look forward to this being fixed.

  • mupper

    +1 offline Client !!!!

    Important !!

    Write Notes und upload from Home WLan !

  • Michael

    Symbian, please!!!!!!!!!!

  • TC

    Please make a symbian client for my Nokia E71! 🙂

  • Nerve

    I need an E60 version too, because I want to change my Samsung SHG-i600 to Noka E71.

  • DanJLevak

    I just want to reinforce the groundswell of support for a BlackBerry client. I have hooked about 20 people at my office on EverNote, and they agree this would be an end-all killer app if you had a BlackBerry mobile version.

  • drtau

    Is offline browsing/editing supported in the Windows Mobile Smartphone version?

  • Lorry

    Blackberry please

  • Leslie

    Brilliant product – I’ve had it a week and use it every day already – excellent way to bridge your business and personal life. Most of the planet uses Symbian or Blackberry – we need suport for this as well before a competitor comes along and moves all your customers to them. happy to help if needed…


  • dimens

    Waiting for Evernote client in E71, too.
    It’s so convenient. I love Evernote.

  • Jeff Gautier

    Please think about Symbian 🙂

  • RDoug360

    I like the client on my Ipod Touch. I’m sure I’d love the client for Blackberry.

  • Kitezh

    I like Evernote, particularly for the tag functionality. But the inability to access notes offline in the Windows Mobile version means that I won’t use it as my note-taking application quite yet. I’ll wait for offline use.

  • ToreAF

    Big vote for offline client. Evernote most useful when travelling and roaming data charges are v high so need to control usage. Would have thought it’s the most obvious function for a mobile client really.

    Looking forward to the release 🙂

  • Olivier

    For me, totally unusable without WM offline.
    I need to see all my notes on my HTC WM offline.

    Data base replication like the old Palm.

  • Bill

    Another vote for offline access for windows mobile. I’ll probably still use this as a replacement for google notes. It’s much better and if an offline capability arrives it will be fantastic.

  • alan

    And yet another vote for the Symbian OS since I use Nokia E71.

  • David

    Add a vote for Symbian! I would gladly pay to have an app that allows me to work with Evernote items offline on my E61i and sync over WiFi. Right now, the best option is syncing Evernote over IMAP, but that doesn’t compare to what a real client-side app could do.

    I used Windows Mobile for years and the only reason I would consider torturing myself with it again would be for apps like Evernote…

  • arran

    Until evernote makes its debut on Symbian, it’s a limited app for me.

    C’mon guys … make it happen!

  • Alex

    and another vote for offline access. without that not usable for me.

  • Sillen

    Symbian…one more vote. Useless for so many people who are NOT on windows mobile or iphone.


  • thelion

    The “network connection could not ne established” issue is obviously still not resolved????????????????

  • Seb


    Bring Evernote to Symbian


  • Dmitry

    Symbian please! Really looking forward.

  • Martijn

    When is de symbian beta available? I just checked the comments and its obvious that there are very many symbian evernote’rs around……please give a sign of to if you guys are working on it and the expected releas….thx so much

  • Jesus T

    Any simbian luck? We have been waiting for long time? Thanks

  • Srinivasan

    Another call out for a Symbian version. Please please please!

  • Dave

    Symbian NOKIA e71!

  • jsampol

    +1 for S60 version pleaseee!!!

  • Alex

    Without offline notes it’s useless

  • Nikita M Filippov

    Evernote for e71 it nees like air for us

  • John Pawlett

    Have I missed it or is the blackberry version out yet

  • Paul

    I desperately want to start using Evernote on my Windows Mobile phone, but because of the “network connection couldn’t be established” problem…I can’t!

    I use a HTC TyTN II with WM 6.1.

    EVERNOTE PLEASE!!! Fix this!

  • Anders Sneckenborg

    I use HTC Touch HD and have the same “network connection couldn’t be established” problem.

    There used to be a special version which fixed the problem but I lost when resetting the phone.

    Any ideas?


  • David Gómez

    My problem: “Network connection could not be established”

    Offline editing +1

  • Zippy

    Another call for symbian – PLEEEAAASSSE

  • carlos

    I’d love to access to my evernote trough my nokia N78.. so, please develop a symbian app for all of the worlwide users of symbian’s smartphones

    Iphone and Windows mobile are not the only OS on the mobile market

  • Alex

    +1 for Symbian version

  • Lagrange

    I am using Evernote for years…but not having offline capabilities for Windows Mobile is quite a downturn and defies a bit the sense of the application. Transparent and smooth replication of notes is strong suite of the Evernote clients, specifically of the actual windows client. Why do foresake this for the mobile version?

  • gus in Shanghai

    another vote for Evernote for the e71 🙂

  • mau

    Please, when a version for Symbian? I like this application but my Nokia phone like it more

  • miguel

    ++++nokia S60 v5

  • Matt

    Come on guys, get it on Symbian for all us millions and millions of happy Nokia users!

  • Simon

    Would love a version of this for Symbian. Using a Nokia E71 currently, any sign of this in development?

  • Andrew G. Allen

    Another vote for Evernote on Symbian, specifically on my E71!

  • Kai

    Still waiting for the offline notes function on WM version.

  • allan

    +1 for symbian

  • Chaosteil

    Another vote for Symbian here (E71)

  • Kantesh

    Keep it simple, guys! I am waiting for the day when Evernote will run on any basic Nokia phone (not just on S60/Symbian). Remember, Gmail works and so does Google Maps! I don’t think it is asking for too much.