Posted by Ron Toledo on 02 Dec 2008

Posted by Ron Toledo on 02 Dec 2008

It’s year-end award season, and we would love to add a Crunchie to our virtual mantle. We need your help.

The Crunchies, run by TechCrunch, honor the year’s most compelling technology innovations. Perhaps a company that helps you remember everything by synchronizing across more than 7 different platforms and devices, not to mention some pretty nifty image recognition, deserves a little love. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

Here’s where you come in. Nominate Evernote in the Best Technology Innovation/Achievement Category, and help us get through to the voting round.

Click here to nominate

Nominations are open now through December 10th.


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  • Tom Maroney

    I love Evernote. I love Evernote. I love Evernote. I’ll nominate yall for ANYTHING. Thanks for the recent improvements. Keep on truckin’.

    The more text formatting and to-do/prioritizing stuff you introduce, the less likely I am to ever open apps such as Word.

    iCal integration would be fierce. And also — I’m just dreaming here — using geolocating, what if I could set a note to remind me, when I came home, to feed the cat? Damn!


  • Tim Reynolds

    Nice post. Thank you for the info. Keep it up.

  • John Garabedian

    I love Evernote. I am crazy about it. I have it on the main dock in my iPhone. I was going to go to Premium early this week, except i just cannot download the update of 3.1. It does the whole download routine but freezes with 2 seconds to go. i was hoping that it woul have been resolved by now – its not . i am starting to think twice.