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‘Tis The Season…To Let Evernote Make Shopping Easier

Posted by Ron Toledo on 09 Dec 2008

Posted by Ron Toledo on 09 Dec 2008


We’ve all been there: you hand someone a gift, they tear off the wrapping paper, their eyes filled with anticipation, then their excitement turns to a forced smile, “Oh this, this is great, I’ve always wanted one of these, no you really shouldn’t have…do you have the receipt?”

The holidays can be stressful. Picking out the perfect present (or at least something they won’t hate) isn’t easy. We’re coming to the rescue. Evernote can help you give and get better gifts. No one should have to unwrap this:

Gift giving is tough. Evernote can help.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Create a public notebook and call it “Christmas Wish List” or “[your name here]’s Gift List” or “Stop Using Your Imagination, Here’s What I Want List”
  2. Add things you like to the notebook
    • Clip things from the web
    • Take pictures while out shopping
    • Scan ads and articles from magazines
    • Type what you want
  3. Add comments with sizes and descriptions to make it that much easier
  4. Share the URL

Here’s a wish list that I created and sent out to my friends and family:

Share your lists with us

Share your public notebook wish lists in the comments section. Trust us, lots of people out there need good ideas.

Evernote makes a great gift, too

Need an easy gift idea? Give the gift everyone can use, better memory. For only $45, give someone a full year of Evernote Premium.


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  • Ryan K from Going Carless

    I wish I would have thought of this months ago! This is a great idea!

    Also, I checked out your public wishlist. We totally have the same style in stuff. I wanted everything on your list. I might just send YOUR list to my family…

  • Eric

    This is a GREAT idea. Keep the blogs coming. I look forward to the RSS feeds (when there is something new).


  • Wil

    How did you format Evernote to have the one thumbnail on the right with the rest of the screen showing the text from the thumbnail? I’m using Windows Vista and Firefox.

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