Evernote + Eye-Fi = Instant Photographic Memory

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 10 Dec 2008

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 10 Dec 2008



Does this sound familiar: you dropped a few hundred bucks on a new digital camera and you’re using it once a month to snap photos of vacations, friends, and family. It sure sounds familiar to me, because that’s how I use my camera: rarely. That’s all about to change.

Evernote and Eye-Fi have teamed up and the results are, well, amazing. It’s now dead simple to get photos into Evernote. You’re about to get much, much more out of your digital camera.

What’s Eye-Fi?

Eye-Fi makes Wi-Fi-enabled SD memory cards, which are compatible with the vast majority of digital cameras on the market. You put the Eye-Fi Card into your camera, go through a quick setup process, and any photo you take will be wirelessly sent into your Evernote account. No cables. No docks. Just magic.

This changes everything

Think about it, you own a device (camera) that takes high-quality photos incredibly well, and you use a service (Evernote) that’s really good at recognizing text in your photos and organizing your memories. Now with Eye-Fi, your, formerly, once-a-month camera becomes an essential tool to capture all sorts of day-to-day things. Here are some ideas:

  • Got back from a conference with a stack of business cards? Snap a photo of them.
  • Just finished a big whiteboard session? Don’t copy it into your notebook, snap a photo.
  • Just had dinner? Snap a photo of the receipt for your records.
  • Doing some comparison shopping? Go to a store and snap a photo of the sales tags.
  • Got a billion dollar idea sketched on a napkin? Snap a photo so you’ll never forget it.

Then, as soon as you come into range of an open wireless access point, or one that you’ve configured, the Eye-Fi card will send those photos into Evernote, where they’ll be processed, indexed, and made searchable and available on every platform and device you use. That’s pretty sweet.

Get an Eye-Fi card now. They make awesome gifts, too. Be sure to choose the Share, Anniversary, or Explore cards —these come with the web sharing feature.



Some Eye-Fi Cards also capture your location when you snap a photo. Once in Evernote, photos with geographic information can be easily mapped. This way, you’ll remember the “where” in addition to the “what.”

A great reason to go Premium

Today’s cameras are amazingly good. The pictures they produce are sharp, vibrant, and full of data, but they’re also quite large. By upgrading to Evernote Premium you’ll get tons of storage for all those snapshots, plus you’ll get priority image recognition, so your photos will be recognized super fast. Upgrade now.

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  • Verbal Jam

    Very nice! But where can I buy it in Europe? Even better: in The Netherlands?

  • Chris

    The problem with Wi-Fi is that, well, you need Wi-Fi. Finding a place with Wi-Fi access (for free, or even paid access) is difficult. Are you going to have Wi-Fi when you’re in a shop, for example? No. Most business don’t have Wi-Fi anyway, either. Is a restaurant going to have Wi-Fi? Very tiny chance. If this had access to 3G networks it might be more viable, but currently this is just the same as any other SD card.

  • Phil Libin


    You don’t need Wi-Fi to take the pictures. Since the Eye-Fi card has 2 or 4 gigs of RAM, I take all the pictures I want without worrying about Wi-Fi hotspots. Then, whenever I happen to walk into range of a hotspot, the card automatically sends all of the queued-up pictures into Evernote. Since I know that I have Wi-Fi both at home and at the office, I know that all the images will have a chance to be sent at least a couple of times every day.

    • Andy

      HI I have allowed eye fi to upload to evernote but no images get sent and I dont know how to set things up and the instructions are vague. any advice appreciated.

  • paul de wit

    Great idea if the cards have a buffer. Suggestion; use these cards in combination with a digital notepad. Not often used yet, but already available; the digitiser pad is recording every pen stroke that you make on paper and makes is available throug sd card. This solution makes ist available directly in evernote on your desktop with recognition capabilities!

    Also a suggestion: how about combining evernote with irex technologiesd iliad

  • PakoPako

    The same as Verbal Jam… where to buy in Europa. Especially in The Netherlands!

  • Bill Cooey

    What about security? Is there a way to control whether the upload is sent on demand or can it be controlled?

  • Stefan

    How about to Flickr?

  • Kevin Neely

    Still no updates for the m. site or S60-powered smartphones or blackberries. Evernote is cool, and I enjoy using it for a couple different things, but I am extremely limited in that it is next to useless for me when I am mobile.

  • Jacques

    Eye-fi is just not available in Europe and their site does not ship outside USA/Canada.
    Why such a restriction?

  • Bill

    Wi-Fi is good, but 3g would awesome. The Amazon Kindle uses 3g. Maybe Amazon should make an SD card.

  • Andrew

    That’s ingenious. Now we just need the Eye-Fi cards to ad hoc mesh network and you really could have great coverage. :)

  • Lisa

    The problem is that I “us[e] it once a month — rarely” because digital cameras still suck. Having to upload photos from my digital camera isn’t the most annoying thing about my digital camera. It’s not even in the top 10.

    (If it was, I’d *use* my camera every day and only *upload* them once a month — nobody cares if I post vacation photos a month late. But I only *use* it once a month.)

    While this looks pretty neat, I’d be 10x more impressed if you’d simply made a digital camera that didn’t suck. :-)

  • Mark

    The REAL problem with Eye-Fi is that they require you to get an account, rather than allowing developers and end users to set their own upload destinations. I want my photos uploaded to my own server, not to some commercial server that peeps at my photos and that can, at any time, be sold to a larger company that invades my privacy for an ad buck.

  • Sandr

    For the Dutch: I ordered a Eye-Fi card at , totally awesome… now looking for the Evernote function.

  • Bruce

    Eye-Fi says:
    “Upload to your computer or to the web.” So, looks like no account to me. Also they work with 18 photo sites (Costco to Nikon to Flickr) Interesting idea.

  • Roger B

    I have both the Eye-Fi card and use Evernote on my iPhone. I think the combination is great and a good option. Lisa says she wants a better camera. Go buy one; there are plenty. I use Eye-Fi cards in my Canon SD100 and Digital Rebel (with CF card adapter). Works great. Transfers pics to my computer and my online website. Now that Evernote is an option, I may use that personally/professionally. There are several requests on Eye-Fi’s site about ad hoc options or personal web servers/ftp servers. They add features every couple of months. I imagine that, just like the new Evernote feature, they may be adding those features down the road. The time it saves me to auotmate some of the transferring is highly worth it to me with a child. I can take 150 photos in a session, but the transfer time from the cards to the pc, then uploading to the web, is time I can’t afford with a baby, so Eye-Fi takes care of that for me. Later, I log onto my website and just delete the bad ones or move the good ones to a public folder for friends and family. If you can’t see the value in this, then you won’t see it, so don’t buy it. It’s that simple. I would like to have more control over the dataflow, though, as I might not want my personal pics to end up in Evernote, and my professional pics not to end up on my website. But a separate Eye-Fi card may resolve this.

  • Paul Davis

    This is an awesome marriage! I love EverNote and I love my Eye-fi. My iPhone also takes pictures directly into Evernote, but it’s so slooooow to upload between shots. Now I can snap pictures as fast as my camera allows and they will load automagically into Evernote. Then I can tag and post my notes to my meeting notes Evernote notbook to share with the other attendees. No hassle meeting minutes, etc.

    For those who haven’t used an Eye-fi, it’s just a matter of turning on the camera when you you’re in Wi-Fi range. It uploads your photos to a folder on your computer and/or Evernote before it reaches the automatic turn off time for the camera. (I’ve extended the time before my camera shuts to allow for many pictures.)

    How’s this compare with using the iPhone to take evernote pictures? I’ve been using my iPhone camera to take pictures of whiteboards, documents and cards, but the iphone camera isn’t great and taking pictures and it’s really slow to upload in Evernote. (The clarify case helps with taking pictures up close, but it’s still not nearly as good as a real camera.)

    Now I get the speed and quality of a real camera with the incredible convenience and speed of eye-fi and I don’t have to wait between shots for the pictures to upload.

    (Yes, Eye-Fi works with Flicr, and lots of other photo sites, but for me Evernote is exactly the right solution.)

  • gil!

    Evernote, please gimme a Blackberry app! pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!! :)

  • Jose

    When a symbian version of Evernote ?

  • Helene James

    I have a camera and I just bought the Eye-Fi Anniversary Card. I read it is not possible to buy the card in Europe but my question is Can I use the Eye Fi card in France. I was hoping to use it to work on my blog Typepad…..and send pictures to it through Evernote. I need some clarification…

  • Dan Ray

    I have evernote and the Eye-Fi card – how do I link the two – no mention anywhere? Does it have to be a premium account?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Dan This is done on the Eye-Fi site. You can now select Evernote from their list of WebShare options.

  • Daan

    Thanks – I must be very dense. I open the eye-fi manager and there is nothing about evernote anywhere. I search under eye-fi support and there is nothing that comes up for evernote. It’s as if they don’t want you to know.

  • Mike

    This would be perfect if it was a Bluetooth device that could connect to my mobile phone. The mobile would be responsible for the sync with EverNote. After all, 3G is more widely coveraged than WiFi. While this sounds redundant (my mobile phone has a camera built in) my camera is a better camera than my phone.

  • Verbal Jam

    I live in the Netherlands. I managed to buy an Eye-Fi Home card via photojojo. It works great (after updating firmware).
    Now I wanted to upgrade to photosharing. Guess what? It’s only available in US and Canada!
    When do they start thinking global at Eye-Fi? This is sooo 1995!
    And I cannot see the problem: I can assure you, in The Netherlands we have the same internet as in the US and Canada!

  • improve your memory

    This would be perfect if it was a Bluetooth device that could connect to my mobile phone.

  • Greg

    I agree with previous comments about not working outside the US and Canada. The integration of Eye-Fi is just the thing that would make Evernote a must-have, but if I can’t use it in the UK … much less appealing!

  • Mark

    @Bruce: “looks like no account to me”

    Um, no. You don’t get it. You can only upload to your computer if you are NEAR your computer. Otherwise, you need an account, which means your pictures are going through a single third party service that can collect all your pictures under your user id.

    What I want is the ability to be out and about, not anywhere near my home WiFi, and to upload over a public WiFi to my own server on the internet. Not Flickr, not Picasa. No. My own server.

  • sarah

    i love the evernote/eye-fi linking but automatically loading all of my photos into evernote destroys all of my bandwidth in about 1 hour and i have a month to wait for more! Please enable us to select which of the photos actually get synced with evernote

  • Intimate Clothing

    With the ability to upload to my own server
    this would appeal to me as well

  • r0bErT4u

    New owner of a Sanyo Xacti VPC-E2, Eye-Fi 4GB Explore Video, and installed the free version of Evernote onto my iPhone.

    If I win the giveaway, may I please have a One-Year Evernote Premium Subscription instead? You can give the Eye-Fi Card to an Eye-Fi needy person =0p…

  • intimateclothingHelen

    I agree with Greg. We need to be able to use it in Europe too!

  • Gary

    Was there ever an answer to whether you can determine what pics go where. For instance – say I took 75 shots. 50 I want to go to iPhoto or Flikr, and the other 25 I want to send to Evernote. Possible? Easy?

  • Portable Navigation Systems

    I think this is a brilliant idea, however if you can’t use it in the UK, it would defeat the object. I also agree with Sarah when she talks about automatically downloading all of the photos taking bandwidth – def something to consider. Having said that, it sounds great!
    Caroline J

  • Norm

    I’ve always liked my Eye-Fi card.

    And then they provided “Direct Connect” to my iPad / iPhone., Yes, their app is buggy but Photo snitch works great like a dream – no more crappy iphone camera shots, now I can upload beautiful images taken with my digital camera.

    Then I got a Visioneer mobile scanner for receipts and all the paper crap that comes my way. And I thought, what if I put my Eye-fi card into it and set my Eye-fi card Online preferences to upload to Evernote instead of Flickr. Presto! All that paper is now in Evernote.

    Putting the Eye-fi card into the scanner and having everything sucked up to Evernote is like some kind of black magic I swear. It just works and I don’t care how or why… I just love it.

    So I’m getting a second card just for the scanner.

  • biliard

    This would be perfect if it was a Bluetooth device that could connect to my mobile phone.