Evernote Web Gets Single Note Pop-Out and Better Printing

Posted by on 15 Dec 2008

Posted by on 15 Dec 2008

We recently added two great features to Evernote Web:

  • Note pop-out
  • Print button


The Note Pop-out button lets you create, view, and edit a note in its own window. This new window includes forward and backward navigation, making it easy to browse through your notes. In addition, this super compact window is perfect for viewing multiple notes on the screen at once.

The Print button makes printing a note significantly more elegant. You get just what you need and nothing else.


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  • Rui Carmo

    Great, but… The pop-out is still too cramped on a netbook screen, since half the vertical space is taken up by navigation, toolbars, etc.

  • Jonathan L

    Thank you! Keep up the good work.

  • Cecil

    I don’t see this new feature on the Mac using Safari or Firefox.

  • Lindsay

    New features are always good! What I would like to see is a way to edit the meta data like you can in the Windows client (though it seems like the ability to view that data is also a recent update?).

  • Max

    Hi, great work team! I love and use a lot Evernote but the big, big announcement that I would like to read here is “Now we support Linux!”. Please, are you working to support Linux? There is no a such good note taker in Linux, and I would be glad to subscribe Premium account in that case.

  • TD


  • jess

    I am really looking to print all notes from a notebook or from a saved search. I want to be able to show my boss and team what i’m working on since everyone in my office is not using evernote and i don’t see them moving to that anytime soon. is this an upgrade option that i’m not seeing?

  • Mark V Wilson

    Not having this feature is the worst thing about Evernote. I assume the goal is file format lock-in. It’s an insult to paying customers to not implement it after all this time.

  • Mike Ricigliano


    I don’t see this feature to print on the MAC client. Where is it or is it just not implemented on the MACs and if not when will it be.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      The Print option is the last item in the File menu. You can also customize your toolbar (by right clicking) to add a Print button.

  • Ra

    Where do I find the print function in the new Evernote? I can only see it in the old Evernote, but in the new version, I don’t even see a File menu?

    • Chris

      I can’t see a toolbar in the new version, either–no “File”, no “Print”….nothing.

      • Wally

        Same here. No toolbar, no “Print” in the new version, including a pop-out note.

  • May

    When I use the print feature in the web service, all it prints is an empty page. Any suggestions?