Evernote For The Win

Posted by Ron Toledo on 16 Dec 2008

Posted by Ron Toledo on 16 Dec 2008


Wow, Evernote won the Mashable’s Open Web Awards for Best Mobile Application. Thank you everyone that nominated and voted for us.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the award, it’s a pretty big deal.

“The 2nd Annual Open Web Awards is a multilingual, international online voting competition that covers major innovations in web technology.”

  • There were 50,000 total nominations
  • 80,000 total votes in the first round
  • 90,000 votes in the final round

To make it even sweeter, we won both the People’s Choice and Blogger’s Choice awards.

Thanks again for all your support.


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  • Quinton Diets

    Congrats Evernote! You deserve it for sure.. nice app and bright future.

  • sfmitch

    Congratulations! Evernote Rocks!

  • Mitch Olson

    Well deserved. Congrats Evernote team.

  • Troy Malone

    Truly an award that is well deserved. Kudos to the whole team!

  • Nick

    Congrats! And your tweet was hilarious. Now that you are all famous, I beg of you, kind sirs, to throw us some Android love!

  • Jonathan Jensen

    Well done, guys. Evernote is my top web productivity tool.

  • JasonOne

    a well-deserved win and award for a deserving site that you are.
    Congratulations Evernote!
    Keep up the good work always.

  • Criss White

    Congrats! We love Evernote.

  • Elwood Smith

    Evernote for me is my handy notebook. I used notepad for the longest time and my notes are all over the place. Sometimes, it is really a pain having to locate where you saved it. But with Evernote, I type, screenshot, share links and do everything in one place. This is especially handy for me when I go to meetings or job hunting. One neat feature is that you can collaborate for teams and share notes easily. In fact, this is where I found out about Invisume that lets me join for free. Its a website that connects me with other potential employers, and therefore, I can evaluate my market value without fear of losing my current job. Anyway, Congrats Evernote and more power!