Evernote Gets Funding

Evernote Gets Funding

Posted by Phil Libin on 08 Jan 2009

Posted by Phil Libin on 08 Jan 2009

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features and pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.


We couldn’t have thought of a better way to end 2008: on New Year’s Eve, we officially closed a $4.5 million round of funding from Troika Dialog. That’s enough runway to keep us going strong into 2010 and, with a little more hard work, indefinitely. Our users deserve all the credit here: you told us how to make a great service and your obvious enthusiasm for Evernote is what got us this deal. Thank you! I’m officially taking a week off from worrying about money before going right back to securing some additional financing to fund our more ambitious plans (Evernote for Cats, Evernote Zero G, Evernote eXtreme Sportz Gel).

If you missed the New Year’s Resolutions email that I sent out a couple of days ago, here are some of the things we’ll be spending money on this year:

New Year’s Resolutions

1. Sharing and Collaboration

The public notebooks functionality that we launched in 2008 was a timid, first step in our ambitious plans for making Evernote a great tool for sharing your memories and collaborating with your friends and coworkers. In 2009, we’re going to greatly expand what you can do with your memories, documents, files, photos and anything else you throw into Evernote. If you’re the social type, we’re going to grow up from being your external brain to being a telepathic-mutant-super-brain, but with good manners. Of course, you’ll always have the option to keep any or all of your info totally private.

2. More Mobile Phones

We’ll be adding new Evernote native clients for a bunch of popular mobile phones. Right now, Evernote works great with iPhone or Windows Mobile devices. All other types of phones can use our mobile web and email interface (, which is good for reading notes, but not as slick or full-featured as the native clients. If you’re hankering for the full Evernote experience on your favorite phone, there’s a good chance that you’ll get it in 2009.

3. International Launches

It turns out that not everyone speaks English as their native language! Who knew? Well, actually we’re a pretty multilingual office, so we kinda knew. There are currently Evernote users in over 110 countries, so we’ll start rolling out versions of Evernote in multiple languages. The whole world can soon have a better brain. Today, Silicon Valley, tomorrow [makes world-shaped motions with his hands]!

4. Even Better Desktop Clients

All of our desktop clients: Web, Mac and especially Windows are coming in for a major UI and functionality overhaul. The result will be a smoother, more powerful and more consistent Evernote experience no matter what computer you use. Our web clipper is going to get a nice boost as well, making it even easier to capture and organize exactly what you want from the web.

5. Third-Party Apps

We’ve got a lot of people working on great applications using our recently-released external APIs and a couple of really spiffy ones have already launched. In 2009, you will see many interesting third-party releases and we’re cooking up big plans to partner with API developers and help promote and sell their work. If you’ve got a great idea for an app or feature that could work great with everyone’s external brain, make sure you let us know.

6. More Premium Features

We’re going to make it easier for you to give us money next year, with expanded and enhanced payment options. Not excited by that? We’ll also make it lot easier for you to decide to upgrade to Evernote Premium by rolling out great new premium features. Universal File Sync, our new premium feature launched earlier this month has already been a big success and more are on the way. Free users don’t have to worry about being left in the dust; much of our new functionality will continue to be available to everyone!

Thank you so much for finding us and for staying with us. 2009 is going to be a blast!

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  • Tim Stringer

    Congratulations on securing the funding – what a wonderful note to end the year on! I’m a big fan of Evernote and have become a bit of an Evernote “evangalist” in recent months. Thanks for a truly amazing piece of technology and I’m excited to experience all the new developments that 2009 will bring!

  • MIKE


    I’ll be and maybe some billion people will be really appreciated if you guys launch a chinese version.~

  • johnd

    “4.5 million round of funding”

    Well, I wonder if you need my $5/month now then! 😉

    Throw a case of that Evernote eXtreme Sportz Gel my way maybe? 😉

  • Don LaVange

    Four changes would really help my workflow.
    1) when I type search data I hate that the note gets highlighted in reverse video or whatever it is. It’s a pain to try to click out. When I come up with a hit, I just want to be able to see it clearly.
    2) I don’t want tab to take me out of keyword entry, but set me up for the next keyword. I know I can press comma, but for some reason, I keep pressing tab and then have to go back up.
    3) I find it counterintuitive to add an object if the note doesn’t exist. I want to “import” object and have that create the note. Now I have to say “new note” and then I can drag into it. How about letting me drag to a “create note” area or something.
    4) I’d like a smooth workflow for scanning. I’ve tried the hacks I’ve seen recommended, but I can’t get them to work.

  • Paul Richards

    CONGRATULATIONS Phil and all the Evernote team. That funding is absolutely deserved. Evernote is an incredible application that trounces anything else available. Well done and I look forward to even more incredible features in the months ahead! Especially the version for cats. Have you considered making a version for hamsters?

  • vvlad

    Do you have plans to add wiki-like links between notes in Evernote?
    I’m sure that this will bring much more paid accounts to you.

  • Matthew Yankelovich

    Great Job Guys! I was surprised that this didn’t happen sooner… Looking forward to all the great changes and *wink* *wink* a Blackberry Mobile App maybe??

    Keep up the great work!

  • norvo


    Would love to see that money also in part being spend on speed of the web interface (the current ajax-version is way too slow) and a client for Linux (this should not be so hard and you will win the hearts of a lot of computer power-users 😉



  • Brian

    Please make the next mobile device be the Android Platform, Thanks for all your hard work and giving us a great Free account set (most companies don’t these days) and an even greater Premium account feature set which I will be upgrading to once I integrate Evernote more and more into my life.

  • Matsya

    And what about another way to subscribe to a premium account than Google’s what-do-you-call-it ?!

  • Troy Malone

    GREAT news Phil. Congratulations on a job well done. I can’t wait to see where this takes you now…should be some exciting enhancements coming down the road.

    Troy Malone

  • Andy

    Great news, and congrats all! Looking forward to seeing the product evolve, and am using it constantly on my Mac & iPhone… wouldn’t know what to do without you guys!


  • Gowtham

    Hi Evernote Team!
    I am in totally love with this software!!!!
    This is first ever time a software is having a noticable impact on my daily life, since photoshop!
    You guys are awesome!!!
    It looks like its too late for me to vote for you for crunchies now, but i am sure you are gonna get it!!!

  • Alexander Deliyannis


    Looking forward to seeing the resolutions materialise; count my vote also for a Linux client.

  • anders gullander

    nice to hear that you guys got some funding… you deserve it..

    thanks for a great app 2008… saved me countless times 🙂

    keep it up!

  • wayne

    Please support the palm pre!

  • Nicola

    A feature that would really be useful would be the possibility to import contacts from, for example, Outlook (a note for each contact) or other softwares. I mean not just the name and email address but all the fields.
    Rock on!

  • Florian

    Are there any future plans to support Paypal payments?

  • Kenneth

    Great to know! Ive been telling everyone about Evernote since I created my account on March.

    If its any incentive, a working Blackberry app would seal the Premium deal from me 😉 Or you can let me in on the beta test of it! There is one right?

  • Carlos


    Mmmm…now…with all that money, I want note thumbnails and columns on my Windows desktop client.
    Any chance?

  • mm

    Perhaps now you can afford to restore certain Evernote 2.2 features:

    — integrate “tags,” “attributes,” and “saved searches” into one flexible left bar — which would not be limited to alphabetical organization.

    — Category intersection pane.

    I hope this is what is meant by “Even Better Desktop Clients.”

  • Hunter Baker

    All I know is that I just switched to Evernote online instead of Google Notebook and I’m thrilled. This is a much better product.

  • Tat

    Hey guys
    Congrats on the award and the funding. This means you will start developing for Symbian ASAP, right????
    Please, develop for us symbian users, and if not, then at least let us know you won’t be doing Symbian, so we can find ourselves another app for our beloved phones!

  • Rayaz

    I have been using 2.x and now have moved to 3.x. For some reason i liked the lighter 2.2 compared to the newer version.

    I am glad to hear you guys have not got some funding to your great product. Hope you will have a product that runs on native Symbian or even a featured Java based solution that runs on the Symbian platform products from Nokia (and Samsung).

  • markg

    In your blog you say “The result will be a smoother, more powerful and more consistent Evernote experience no matter what computer you use.” errrmmmm… that is, of course, unless you are a Linux user. With more and more Linux netbooks out there you really do need a Linux desktop client.

  • Eckhard

    Evernote 2 for windows mobile was my absolute favorite for quick notes, because of the excellent handling and many features even on a mobile phone. In addition the synchronization with an Desktop PC worked fine. Evernote 3 is extensively using the synchronization through the internet, but has lost all of its local capabilities on windows mobile. For months I hoped, that one of the frequently announcements of new features concerning Evernote 3 would head towards the cleverly worked out mobile – Desktop interface features as in Evernote 2.
    Is there any plan for the near future to revive the local Evernote 2 features?

  • Torben

    Looking forward to an symbian edition!
    Thanks for a great product.

  • memyself

    Great news! I vote for linux & symbian versions of client.

  • Steve

    Linux client please. A true tag hierarchy would be real big plus. Even separate lists of tags for each notebook would help a lot.

  • matt808

    I would love a Linux based client. I currently use the web interface and the iPhone app, which are nice, but a well designed Linux based desktop app would be superb. Better yet, what if there was a Python based version?

  • Clark

    I’m in for premium when a BlackBerry Bold native app is available.

  • Chloe

    I’d love a more consistent interface – your Mac interface is pretty much perfect IMO! I’d love to see the web and Windows interface match up with it…

    Although, ultimately, I’d really love to see a Linux version. Currently, I just check out Evernote once in a while to see how it’s coming along. If I used Mac instead of Linux, it’d be my #1 and only note taking program…I’d love to see a Linux version or at least a Windows version that functioned like the Mac and ran well under Wine : )

  • Tara

    Another vote for a Linux client – please please please!

    Here’s your user story:
    I just got an eee pc for school notes, and it’s a pain to have to copy them over to my mac then put them into Evernote, or pray that my internet connection stays stable enough for the web version in our old thick walled buildings. Er, and since it’s an eee pc I’d like the option for really small buttons 🙂

  • Josh

    Here’s hoping that these VC’s love their blackberries, and will get you on board. Now that you see what the iPhone did for your business, imagine what it’ll be like to hit the bigger install base! Good stuff.

  • Sandi

    Congrats on the funding!

    I’m a new (brand-spanky new) Evernote user and I can’t wait to start using it! Referred by someone’s “Evernote” gadget on iGoogle, incidentally. As to suggestions for new R&D… I’m not as tech savvy as some of your other customers, but one of my favorite resources lately for productivity ideas is David Seah’s site on “Emergent Time Management” Collaboration with him might prove fruitful (no, I have no motive for promoting his site other than its usefulness to me).

    For what it’s worth, I currently use a PC laptop w home wireless, Open Office (no MS Office/Outlook), Motorola Q9c (hoping Evernote will work on it!), and OGGSync to synchronize my Q with Google Calendar wirelessly. Agendus or eXtreme Agenda. Also Nikon Coolpix LG digital camera with SD card (yes, I’m considering the Eye-Fi card), and sometimes webcam.

    If Evernote proves as useful as it looks, I’d consider going Premium at $45/yr… would probably pay up to $60/yr for a quality service such as this. Thanks again for what you do and keep up the great work!

  • phil

    WHAT!? Why does especially Windows get more functions and a better UI? The Mac version is already far behind the Windows version. I am a Mac user and the big differences between Win and Mac client keep me away from upgrading my account..

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Evernote. But why are the clients so different?

  • Jean

    Congratulations! I can’t imagine life with Evernote.

  • ray

    Please make a ritePen and Evernote version for Linux. More and more people are turning to Linux as very viable alternative. Thanks!

  • aaron

    Put me down as a vote for the Linux version as well.

  • n5kxw

    Please add my vote for a Linux (Ubuntu) client. Thanks

  • Gregory

    I’m interested in a Linux client as well.

  • Zach Dwiel

    I’m also interested in a Linux client

  • Lee

    Linux please.

  • Phillip

    A linux client would be very nice.

    Even if you can get it working under WINE would be great.

  • Farid

    Linux client please!!!

  • Dave

    Please consider a Linux client that can also be compiled for Maemo (v4 for compatibility with the N8xx as well as the N900) and Android.

  • Jim

    Another vote for a linux client — or how would you feel about supporting an opensource project for a linux client?

  • ScoBe

    I stumbled on this page while searching for ‘Evernote’ and ‘Linux’ and am surprised to see so many requests for a Linux client! If this IS a single-handed conspiracy, I’m not a part of it. Please add one more vote for a Linux client

  • Jsul

    I’m not surprised about so many requests for a linux client — it seems like the same thing can be found on every single evernote blog entry (!)…so, the surprising thing is that there still isn’t one.

    in any case, adding my +1 for a native linux client…please!

  • Keiron

    Just discovered Evernote, have the iphone client. A linux client would make it perfect.

  • Miguel

    Vote for Linux Client. Please! Please! Please! 🙂 … If it’s possible GTK Version

  • Jacob

    yes, linux client please!

  • Alexei

    native linux client please!

  • Pier

    I’d be very interested in a linux native version!!
    It’s the only relevant platform that is lacking in the software offering.

  • KDante

    Native linux client please

  • Milos

    Linux client please.

  • Adam

    1+ for a native linux client!

    I have just imported all my notes to evernote using the web client, and although it went pretty smooth (except for the usual webapp latency and a good bunch of JS exceptions), I can imagine it would have been a joy if I’d have been able to use a desktop client.

    Oh, and GTK please.

  • Daniel

    How about a simple Java client that will run on any platform? I use Linux and Windows. I really like Evernote but I can’t run on it on my ULCPC that has Linux.

    • James

      *BUMP* This is a good suggestion!

      The killer features for me have been the mobile apps for Windows Mobile and Blackberry (though I’d love to see the Blackberry client a little better integrated and complete instead of relying on the webapp for part of its functionality – but I digress). iPhone/iTouch/iPad are great but everyone seems to be doing that (along with Android). Only the truly committed offer App support the somewhat less “cool” Blackberries. Thank you!

      Using a Java client opens it to Netbooks and other alternative OS devices and platforms. Alternative OS compatibility with the likes of the BSDs and even something like Haiku may not realize a huge install base but would make Evernote the darling of the Technorati (I realize for many it already is). I could see communities around distributions like Ubuntu making the Java client part of “must-have” but non-free repositories like “Medibuntu.”

      Some progress is being made toward reliable Tomboy integration(sync).
      Unfortunately, Evernote API compatible addins/plugins are probably a long way from the Evernote “experience” simply because the framework of these applications were never intended to accommodate that experience.

      Then there’s Adobe Air. Wait Forget I said that. Booo!

      Anyway, as I said, *BUMP!*

  • Bobo


  • Alex

    One for for Linux!

  • fwoncn

    EverNux (Evernote+Linux, I coined this term) PLEASE!

  • The Compiler

    I’d get me a premium account if there was a good linux client…

  • Marco

    I had a premium account and stopped it because you don’t have native Linux client 🙁

    I will most certainly go back to Premium if you provided this!

  • David

    +1 Linux. I am a premium subscriber. I have been able to make Evernote usable on Linux with Wine and the last EverNote 3.1 Portable version, but it would be much better to have a native client. Please, please do not anything to break backwards compatibility with Evernote 3.1 Portable. I use it extensively both on my Linux machine and at work on Windows where I don’t have administrator rights to install the new 3.5 client.

  • fuzhijie

    Linux client please!

  • Jacob

    I vote for a linux client too
    It’s honestly the only thing keeping me from getting a premium account. I use linux as my main desktop and even though Evernote is really useful I can’t bring myself to buy it with native support for linux

  • KirkT

    +1 for Linux and count me in for a Premium account if you do it. At the very least make it so I can use it with Wine.

  • Jado

    Linux native client please!

  • Sheik

    +1 Linux… please!

  • Michael Rowe

    I’d use Evernote exclusively if I could get a Linux client.

  • Dale L.

    There is a LINUX version of Evernote – it’s called Nevernote and you can find it here:

    There’s just a few requirements to get it running… follow the instructions and visit their forum!

    You can choose between 32 bit or 64.

    I got it working fine and it runs well…!

  • Coran

    Linux client, please. :]

  • Ramesh Karthik

    Linux Client please 🙁

    I don’t understand why all the good products don’t consider Linux or BSD in their platforms. (I don’t why these platforms are cursed??)

    Please provide us a good linux client just like the one that you guys have produced for windows.

  • mirari

    One more voice for Linux client!

  • Aldennis Lagumbay

    The comments for Linux client had reach its anniversary. Linux native client please!!!!

  • wili4m

    Client for Linux plz. Thanks.