Windows Mobile Update: Location Awareness + File Sync

Posted by on 15 Jan 2009

Posted by on 15 Jan 2009

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the pricing described in this blog post has changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.

WM location menus

The latest release of Evernote for Windows Mobile (version 3.3) adds fantastic new functionality. Here are some of the new features:

Download the latest: EXE | CAB

Where was I….

For those out there with GPS-enabled Windows Mobile phones and devices, Evernote will now capture the location of your notes and let you search by proximity to your current location. So, say you were at a tradeshow in Orlando last month. Now, you’re back in Orlando for some related business meetings. Launch Evernote and say, “Hey Evernote, show me the notes I took the last time I was here.” Like magic, everything shows up.

Premium file synchronization

Our new premium-only feature, file sync, is now available on Windows Mobile. If you are an Evernote Premium users, then you can select any type of file from your device and create a new note. Files are then synchronized with the Evernote Service and made available across all the other versions of Evernote that you use. And, if you have the right viewers installed on your device, you can view those synchronized files on the go, right from your phone.

If your device has GPS, after installing this version, go to settings and click the “Use GPS” checkbox.

Feeling cramped?

If you need more space, you can now use your device’s expansion memory card to store Evernote content.

Improved organization

The latest version also lets you add and edit tags, as well as assign notes to specific notebooks.

Download the latest: EXE | CAB

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  • Mike Perry

    A marvelous idea. Can we assume that location awareness is also coming to iPhones?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Mike Actually, location awareness is already part of the iPhone version of Evernote. If you have allowed Evernote to know your location, then every note you create on the iPhone will include it.

  • Troy Malone

    Will location be included in the API? {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Will location be included in the API? “}”videoUri”:{“value”:”″}}}

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Troy If a note contains latitude and longitude information, then it’s already exposed in the API. Here’s a link to the section in the documentation:

      ps. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Taewoo

    Winmobile client is totally useless until it need mandatory internet connection. Do you plan to fix it?

  • Jerry

    I know this is off topic… and I apologize in advance … but I just learned Google is ending their Notebook service. If you guys offer a way to migrate everything from Google Notebook to Evernote, it would be a total coup.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Jerry We are working on a Google Notebook importer. It will be up and running soon.

  • Chris Marshall

    OT: is there a feature in Evernote that allows you to highlight text?

  • Chotpy

    so…. what about an Android version of evernote? >_> We’d like an app like that too!

  • Charles

    I wish this worked on the Blackberry

  • maseratij

    I was wondering if there would be a symbian version before Android. There have to be more symbian than android users, don’t ya think?

  • sgtret

    Blackberry also is gps enabled. Nudge.

  • Jon

    Another nudge for the Blackberry. Would look very nice on the Bold 🙂

  • AL

    Oh! Oh! Please make a version for Symbian S60 with the location awareness feature! Lots of us have Nokia and Samsung phones with GPS and awesome cameras, and we’d LOOOOOOVE a native Evernote!

  • WJB

    Please can you focus on making this version work off-line. I need to be able to take notes on planes and whilst roaming. Also I still have a bug with using a celular connection rather than WiFi On my Sony X1.

    Back to OneNote 🙁

  • Michael Sullivan

    Add template creation, check mark or check off marks, and alarms, and whoa this would be the best app out there. Templates would make it possible to use forms like expense slips, customized address “cards”, check off to do lists etc. Alarms would make this app a potential to replace outlook for small businesses that don’t use exchange servers.

    Keep up the good work.
    BTW Premium is worth every penny!!!!

  • Saverio

    Location awareness is so great!
    But I cannot understand if this should work on my WM6 device… I have a GPS on a serial port, but where can I choose what my GPS is in Evernote?

    It would be great for me cause it would let me use Navizon as a GPS!!!

  • Luckaza

    The application now starts very fast, but now it is very slow to show the notes. I want velocity to speed up my productivity. Also, there are some important notes that i can’t edit and I don’t know why. And why can’t I download the note with the attached file with the premium account? There are some images, excel spreadsheets and other stuff that i wish could download from the Evernote app and edit on my HTC. Also it would be great and so useful have the possibility to have the copy/cut/paste function on existing notes, for example if i want to copy some information and send it by sms, which i can’t do for now. Thank you so much for the actual improvements. Luckaza.

  • Mick Altmyer

    I’m confused. I have Evernote on my desktop at home desktop at work and notebook computer and iPhone. How do I update my iPhone with the new Mobile Update? Thank you

  • Joerg

    Do you already know if you will be able to support Android, too?

  • Denise L

    I am new to Evernote, and like what I see so far, but before I jump for joy I need Blackberry connectivity. Did I miss this feature?

  • lukas

    I also can not wait to get my hands on the series 60 version (Nokia e90). Any news about this platform? cheers

  • aloe

    Evernote would be good, if you can actually edit the notes on the iphone (not attach another note but to edit the original synced one). Without this option, evernote is pretty useless in comparison to MobileStudio where you can edit txt file and save and edit again, and sync, etc.

  • Katrina

    Hey there,
    this is probably the gazillionst request: OFFLINE functionality for Windows mobile!

    I see myself forced to use OneNote… please don’t let that happen!

  • HJ Meulekamp

    The evernote windows mobile applications is unable to run on my windows mobile:

    Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
    HTC Diamond Pro (with keyboard) (touchscreen)

    Is says one time on startup: Evernote.exe is not a valid pocket PC application.

    I have downloaded it several times, so installer cannot be corrupt..

  • Stephen

    Very cool indeed. I still find it is lacking a little bit in organizational abilities vs. Google Notebook. I liked being able to have notebooks, sections, and then multiple collapsable notes inside of each section. Infinite nesting and a tree structure would be awesome for those of us who take complicated notes on multiple projects across multiple businesses, etc.

    As far as the mobile app goes. It’s cool but dissapointing that notes with anything other than text in them can’t be edited. Even notes with simple TO DO checkboxes can’t be edited.

  • Jeremie

    Another request for Offline storage. I have practically no use for evernote without it.

  • Dino Michalopoulos

    Another person begging for online update capabilities for Evernote on Windows Mobile.

  • Leo Chyi

    I would love to use the GPS capabilities with my Samsung Omnia, but Verizon has locked the functionality of the GPS receivers so that only their navigation software can use it. There’s online rumors that they’re going to unlock (, but there’s also online postings saying they’re backtracking. I’ve asked them to unlock the GPS, but as a company with a great product that could be even greater, if Evernote could push them on this as well, that would be great…

  • PacoBell

    GPS doesn’t seem to be working on my WM6.1 HTC Kaiser/TyTNII/AT&T Tilt. It could be that I currently don’t have a satellite lock, but shouldn’t the app check for that before uploading data? There’s not even any feedback that lets the user know GPS is active. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks.

  • armandoj

    Hi, Evernote is fantastic, but it don´t work on HTC Touch Dual. Only wifi network, no HSDPA.
    Evernote says ‘the network connection couldon’t be establised.
    Can you help me?

  • Manuel

    Please add the possibility to evernote for WM to take notes while offline … evernote is totally useless to me without that feature.
    At least text notes…

  • David

    Feature requests for WinMobile app(some already made):

    1) Clip from mobile browsers, such as Pocket IE, Opera Mobile, NetFront, etc.

    2) Clip from Pocket Outlook

    3a) Integration with Windows Mobile’s file explorer. The addition of a ‘Send To -> Evernote’ menu item on files

    3b) View Evernote ‘cloud’ files in explorer (both on mobile and desktop apps)

    4) Integrate with camera/album on WinMob devices so that a picture can be sent to vernote without having to start the Evernote app first

  • Jimmy

    Still almost unusable for me without offline support… what a shame for such a promising app!

  • Matthew

    I just tried out Evernote on my Windows Phone, and loved the fact that I could access my notes perfectly. It even let me search text that was included in images I had put in Evernote from my PC. However, I am amazed and confused that it does not offer offline access! Please, let us sync the notes we chose to our devices! My memory stick would love to have more notes on it 🙂

  • Zhenyu

    file sync should be supported by non-Pre users …as without this function, each time the mobile need to connect the network to update a lot of notes … I can not imagine

  • WildCherry

    Please make it possible to sync between Evernote desktop and Evernote Mobile WITHOUT needing to connect to the Internet as I do not my private data stored or connected to the Internet.

  • Wild Cherry

    Hi again!
    I am using Evernote on my PC in offline mode and loving it. Just a nudge: have you started working on an off-line version for Windows Mobile yet? This would be the icing on the cake.
    Great product!

  • Mike

    Is offline mode for Evernote on its way?

  • Mike

    offline for Windows Mobile I mean.

  • Wild Cherry

    I’ve been away from Evernote for a while so forgive me if I have missed anything to do with Off-line for Windows Mobile users (6.1). So, have you made it possible to work on the Windows Mobile without having to connect to the Evernote Website?

    I am happy to go Premium for this feature alone!


  • Paul Doyle

    Hi, I bought the Evernote bundle many years ago. The normal version and one for putting on a memory stick. They worked OK for years until you made it so that you needed an internet connection to sync the two. This has made my life so much harder and I would
    now never recomend Evernote to anyone. If you had left in an option to sync on the same PC it might have been a good idea. Do
    you still know what it is like out here in the real world?

  • TarasB

    Still no news on Windows Mobile OFFLINE? R.I.P. Windows Mobile?..

  • shiraz

    i too can’t believe there’s still no offline support.

  • John Bufton

    Local synchronization between the PC and the Windows Mobile is a must. Downloading data via the cellphone network if far to expensive in South Africa.

  • Peter

    Another request for offline access for WinMo. I got all excited about Evernote about 18 months ago until I found out I couldn’t access stuff on my phone offline. I dropped Evernote at that point. Since then I’ve picked it up every 3-4 months hoping to see some good news on this front … at which point I will become an enthusiastic word-of-mouth salesperson for you once again.

  • Shaun

    Well I only just heard about Evernotes whilst looking for an alternative to Phatnotes. I “believed” that I instantly grasped the concept and got all excited. When I realised that Windows Mobile can not be used offline I came down from my high hopes with a big crash landing back to phatnotes. I need my data in my pocket at all times and to rely on a mobile phone data connection is unrealistic and prohibitively expensive. Bonkers!