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Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 28 Jan 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 28 Jan 2009


You can now upgrade to Evernote Premium via PayPal. PayPal allows you to pay via credit card and a number of other methods. It’s particularly useful for those living outside the United States.

Prefer not to use PayPal? You can always use Google Checkout. We’re easy like that.

Upgrade to Evernote Premium now »

What are the Evernote Premium goodies?

Evernote Premium gives you a bunch of great features for only $5/month or $45/year:

  • File sync: Synchronize any file type across all your computers and devices
  • Increased monthly allowance: 500MB each month
  • Faster image recognition: Get front-of-the-line image recognition
  • Stronger security: SSL encryption everywhere
  • Better support: Premium level support
  • No ads in public notebooks

And stay tuned for more, great premium-only features coming soon.

Upgrade to Evernote Premium now »


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  • Roel Willems

    Thanks for making Paypal an option!

  • evbart

    Great addition, any chance you’re building a blackberry app? I’d upgrade for that!

  • Meks

    Hi Evernoticians,
    I’d seriously pay for Evernote if there was a version for us Linux users, too. And no, the appropriate answer is not “just use the web app!”

    Sad to see there’s still this sort of underestimating and chauvinism around.

  • Florian

    Thank you very much for the Paypal update! Now it’s absolutely perfect!

  • Brian Carnell

    Upgraded to premium. Suppose I start maxing out the 500mb limit…will there be a way to pay to extend that limit? i.e. $10/month for 1gb, etc., etc.

  • LoseFatStomach

    Oh Yes, Thank you for the update! Going to upgrade to Premium asap.

  • Anonymous

    Shame they feel like screwing people over by forcing you to set up a subscription though. For people in Europe (who mostly fund their paypal through bank transfers) it won’t let you pay subscriptions from the available balance – thus that would force them to have to put in a credit card with paypal. Stupid move.

  • Dan

    It is not allowing me to upgrade as it is forcing me to add a credit card into my PayPal account. The reason I have a paypal account is because I do not have a credit card.
    Could someone please let me know how I go about doing this? I have over the $45 USD in my PayPal account.
    I appreciate it in advance, Dan

  • tobsen

    me too. i am here at europe and paypal does not working 🙁

  • christoph h.

    same here from germany, no credit card in pp so no premium 🙁

  • Shanti

    I’m goin to upgrade my free evernote Account, but I’ve trouble with paypal. I’m from Europe, and have no creditcard. My PayPal Account has enough Money to pay for the next years 😉 and there were no problems with checkout in other shops.. Can you help me with that?

  • Shanti

    Okay, no answer… if you post your paypal Email-Adress, i would send you the money directly via paypal. Please fix this problem!! 🙁

  • Koen

    I’m going to upgrade my free evernote Account, but I’ve trouble with paypal. I’m from Europe, and have no creditcard.

  • Peter

    Still the same for me. PayPal does not work here in Germany with Evernote only it seems.
    This way you will have to live without my money. Maybe you can keep up with yet another round of VC funding instead of getting money from us.

  • Rainer

    Same here, paypal does not work in germany… not with 5 usd / month, or with 45 usd / month… on this way, no money of my account.

  • Pat

    Same her. PayPal does not work here in Switzerland…

  • Seb

    Hi, still no payment with paypal from germany…

    • Heather

      PayPal has different acceptance rules for one-time purchases (e.g. buy a scarf on ebay) versus recurring subscription payments. They are much more strict for a recurring payment. In particular, they require that you have a “real” credit card number on file with them that can be used for future payments. I.e. you can’t pay for a recurring $5 subscription even if you have a $10k balance in your PP account unless you also have a linked credit card.

      We’ve found that Germans in particular frequently have problems with this PayPal policy because their PP account does not have an acceptable credit card linked to it. Whatever cards they may have associated with their PP records do not meet PP’s threshold for anti-fraud. It is a unique problem to Germany – we haven’t seen it in any other country.

      We have no control over this policy; PayPal gives us very limited visibility on their anti-fraud policies. We’ve asked specifically for them to make our account as permissive as possible (since the cost of fraud for us is low).

      We suggest you use your credit card for direct payment or via Google Checkout, as those are much less stringent.

  • André

    Hey Heather,

    I DO have a valid credit card on file with paypal – I got a lot of other subscribtions that run smoothly trhough paypal. Just evernote does not.

    It is not a Paypal Policy thing – but more a “How I set up my paypal for recurring payments” thing.

    Paying directly with a credit card is not so popular in Germany because we are always concerned about our data … 😉

    You lose a lots of customers. I mean paying customers. If you keep the attitude – “It is their fault.” There are ways to work this out – I mean I personally do accept paypal recurring payments in my business and it runs smoothly. Yes, even in Germany. ;-))

    What do you think?



  • Eugene Fishgalov

    I would like to pay using PayPal, but credit card is the only option I see on the Checkout.action page. Here is a screenshot:

  • Timur Batyrshin

    When I open “Go premium” page the Paypal link shows up for a moment and then immediately disappear.
    Does it mean that I can’t use Paypal for paying for Evernote from Russia?