Happy Birthday To Us

Posted by Phil Libin on 24 Feb 2009

Posted by Phil Libin on 24 Feb 2009

It’s the one year anniversary of our launch (actually, it was Saturday, but companies aren’t allowed to have birthdays on the weekend). We’ve had a pretty precocious first year: 770,000 users and 25 million notes! It took us over two months to reach our first million notes, and now we’re adding a million notes every week.

We’re particularly excited about our API partners. Since launching our API last October, over 230 third-party developers have signed up to create Evernote-enabled apps. We’ve already seen great results from Zengobi, Eye-Fi, Tarpipe and Pelotonics, and a lot more will be launching soon. (At least one will be launching very soon!)

We created Evernote to give everyone a second brain.  One year in, and so far so good.  Wait till you see what we’re up to by the time we’re two!

Cake time.

Try this: Want to see Evernote’s image recognition in action? Add the birthday cake image above to your account, sync, then search for the words written in frosting.


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  • Mathieu CHATEAU


    If all users do this, this would cause 150G of your storage to be used, just for this picture 😉

  • Jamie Walker


    Happy Birthday… to you…
    Happy Birthday… to you…
    Happy Birthday… Mr Elephant…
    Happy Birthday… to you!

  • Marc

    Happy birthday — maybe you can come out with an Android version as a present? 🙂

  • johnd


    Evernote is becoming an indispensable part of my brain so here’s wishing many more birthdays to come!


  • Phil Libin


    What kind of engineers do you think we are? 🙂

    Our servers detect and optimize for storage of identical binary resources, so only one copy of that picture would be stored per server, regardless of how many people add it to their account.

    At least that’s the theory… I guess we’ll know soon enough.

  • Jash Sayani

    Great going! Evernote has been great. I have also been using it from almost a year (was in the private beta).

    Hope to see more… Tip: Evernote Storage. Free 1 GB storage for your documents/files. Pay for more storage.

    It would be great like Dropbox! 🙂

  • Justin Thompson

    Happy Birthday guys! Keep up the great work! I use Evernote every day and I love it!

  • Tony

    I wish you guys many more. Seriously.

  • Greg

    I do all of my writing in Evernote. It’s brilliant! Everything is automatically backed-up, and accessible from anywhere.

    Bappy Hirthday! Keep up the great work 😉

  • Brett Weiner

    Happy birthday guys! It’s been a fun year. Save some cake for us!

  • Bretton MacLean

    Happy Birthday, purveyors of my digital brain!

    Big fan of Evernote – I recommend it to everyone, regardless of whether or not they’re asking for my app recommendations. Keep up the good work

  • David Bosman

    Happy Birthday !
    1 year only? Seems like you’ve been there forever. Couldn’t live without you 😉

  • Jim

    Yes – happy birthday! Use it everyday allday – can’t imagine life without it!

  • Wei-Yen

    Can’t wait till the blackberry version comes out.

  • Joe Cavazos

    Happy BDAY! Thanks you little elephant for making my scatterbrain self a little more organized!

  • Alexander Deliyannis

    Congratulations and all the best for the second year!

  • Olivier S.

    Happy BIrthday! I use EverNote everyday. Keep up your excellent work.

  • Oopsh!

    Oh man, I love my “new brain” 😉
    Thanks a lot
    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Mervyn

    Happy Birthday – a fantastic product and use it all the time… thanks for all your efforts

  • Clodéric

    Happy birthday to you ! You should be proud of your work !

  • 善用佳软

    Happy birthday, and getting better everyday.

  • cameos

    Happy B-day!

  • Ab

    hrmm I’ve fallen in love with a one year old, thanks god there are no laws against that!

  • Louis

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Louis

    Evernote is almost my most favorite software now and will always be.

  • Jonathan Kong

    You guys have been brilliant in improving the usability and adding features on Evernote. Putting in technology that actually works, a web app I use everyday (for saving notes).

    Happy Birthday and many great years from the team!

  • cubicrover

    Happy Birthday!!! And Keep going…

  • Oliver

    Happy Birthday from Germany, as a beta user I still love it, excellent work.

    Also fully agree to Jash, “Hope to see more… Tip: Evernote Storage. Free 1 GB storage for your documents/files. Pay for more storage.”


    Offline windows mobil usage.

    Cheers Oliver

  • Varadh

    Happy Birthday………Nice growing with you……..

  • japapuss

    You guys get better and better. Keep it up!

  • Charlie

    Thank you Evernote for saving my head.
    There was too much stored up there, to much coming in and twirling about, those bloody thoughts almost gave me a blood clot they were so jam packed together – I could have died; you saved my head.

    Happy Birthday, many happy returns.

  • Mario


    I wish you or someone else do a Linux Version(Ubuntu!), rigth now I’m using evernote webpage (Mozilla Prism) or Evernote App via Wine.

  • Artem

    Happy birthday, guys! 🙂

  • xeonic

    Happy birthday~!
    I like it, keep it up~

  • Shyaam Deshmukh

    Sorry missed this one…..

    Happy belated birthday Evernote.


  • Fanmeel

    Uhhh… Too laat. Ah, what te heck: Happy B-day!
    And a little question: any plans for Evernote for Symbian? Love Evernote, but can’t use it om ny phone…

  • Carrie

    Happy Birthday Evernote! I can’t remember how I functioned without you. I find new ways to use Evernote everyday.

  • rhangelxs

    Happy Birthday and eaven New Year of your good prodacts

  • Rob

    Happy Birthday!
    By the way, a killer app for me as you guys build out your file sync capabilities would be to have a file explorer type interface into to Evernote. In other words, I’d like to map a drive to evernote to drag/drop, and open those files the way we already do. Anyway, happy birthday again!

  • Sascha

    Oh Happy Birthday :))

  • Lukas

    I can’t believe Evernote has grown up so fast. Even though I am not a parent, I’ve been with you from the start and I kind of feel like I’m that crazy uncle, who makes family guests feel mildly uncomfortable at parties.

  • Lukas

    And Happy Birthday.

  • Leyla

    С Днем Рожденья!!!
    Note everything and even more 🙂

  • Wagner

    Thanks to all of you that came Evernote to us!

  • young!

    看来我来晚啦。。。 呵呵
    happy birthday!

  • Rebekah

    Happy Birthday! My husband uses EN daily and tells everyone (including me) about it! He was super happy when it first came out & loves all the updates! Good job because I married a very picky programmer!

  • barstep

    Is it only a year – I can’t imagine life without Evernote. It lives on three Macs and an iPhone – and it just works – and gets better. Thanks for all the development and success because without it, it wouldn’t be here and nor would I.

  • Arnd



  • ClubEddy

    Happy Birthday!
    Like Evernote very much!


  • Kent McCallister

    Amazing app, don’t know what I’d do without you! Happy Born-Day!

  • Ruud Hein

    Congratulations but especially a big thank you.

    Evernote is an essential part of my computer toolkit. Over the years (4 now…) it has become a trusted place for snippets of information and knowledge, essentially turning itself into a searchable database of “what I read, did, saw or thought”


  • SoHoS


  • Justin Dorfman

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for making my life easier!

  • Chang HeTa


  • emonweb

    happy to start using it form a birthday.

  • ant1952com

    Congratulations And Happy Birthday

  • Goody

    Ha’pee Birf’day Eva’note!

  • J. Perdigão

    Feliz Aniversário!
    E que possas comemorar muitos mais.


  • Carole

    Happy Birthday!
    I am a recent convert, and am totally hooked. Thanks for such a great product.

  • KM

    Long Live, Evernote!!!!!!!!!

  • mat lemin

    happy birthday, heres to many more

  • tommy293

    Congrats on the great achievements. Keep it up and get even bigger.

    Tommy From Student Loans

  • Grace Richards

    Happy Birthday! Thank You for all your hard work! 🙂

  • sulumits retsambew

    Happy Birthday… to you…
    Happy Birthday… to you…
    Happy Birthday… Mr Elephant…
    Happy Birthday… to you!

  • Orville

    Belated happy birthday, my birthday is also on February 16
    happy birthday again, more power 🙂

  • OsoLean

    Man, congratulations. In this day and age where websites pop up overnight and disappear the next week, making it to 1 year is significant.


    Happy Birthday!! I use Evernote all the time, so congratulations to you!!

  • ForexSignals

    Happy Birtyhday guys. As a long user of EN products, I wish to have many more birthdays!

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