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Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 25 Feb 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 25 Feb 2009



You see that pile of business cards in front of you (I know they’re there)? What about that wallet full of receipts weighing down your pocket? Imagine all of those pieces of paper digitized, searchable, and available in Evernote without you ever touching a scanner. Magic? Maybe a little.

Shoeboxed and Evernote

Shoeboxed is a service that will scan all your business cards and receipts. You just stuff all that paper into an envelope and mail it to Shoeboxed. Some accounts even get a special blue Shoeboxed envelope that come postage-paid and pre-addressed, to get rid of even that small burden. Think of it as Netflix for your papers.

Once Shoeboxed receives your stuff, they scan everything and make it available online. Now for the really cool part, you can send any of that content from Shoeboxed into Evernote, where those business cards, receipts, and any handwritten scribbles become searchable. All you need is your Evernote email address, which you can find in the settings page of you Evernote Web account.

Great together

There are tons of great ways to use the two services together. Here are a few ideas:

  • Dreading tax season? Use Shoeboxed to scan your receipts, then organize them in Evernote. If you’re an Evernote Premium user, you can even keep your tax software’s export files in Evernote, so that you can access them at any time.
  • Just got back from a long business trip? Instead of having your business cards in one place, receipts in another, and meeting notes somewhere else, now everything can be saved and organized in Evernote. All searchable and available whenever you need.
  • Taking a home inventory? Send all your purchase receipts to Shoeboxed and import them into Evernote. Take snapshots of the things you own using your digital camera and add those to Evernote. Finally, take notes on the condition of your belongings directly in Evernote. Voila, a perfectly organized inventory for your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance

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Don’t forget, as with anything in Evernote, all of your scanned receipts and business cards are accessible and searchable on Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, Windows Mobile and lots of other devices.


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  • Caleb

    This would be a great idea – if the photo search actually worked. I’ve never been able to make it work in Evernote.

  • Scott Rogers

    Hopefully, they’ll get around to the rest of the stuff in the shoebox…old concert tickets, show programs, journals, letters and such.

    Harder to get the pricing model and workflow down with those things, but hopefully some day.

  • Andrew

    Not much use for Evernote users who don’t happen to be in the US!

  • Leo

    I’ve been using a ScanSnap S510M with Evernote for a while and love it! I setup the ScanSnap Manager software to send directly to Evernote.

    Something I would love is a way to route to a folder or tag automatically from ScanSnap. That way I could automatically route receipts to the right folder.

    • roland greco

      did you ever figure out a way to fax directly into a specific notebook?