The Amazing New and Improved Evernote Web Clipper

Posted by on 26 Feb 2009

Posted by on 26 Feb 2009


I love Evernote’s Web Clipper. There, I’ve said it. In fact, web clipping represents about 75% of my Evernote use. I clip articles, recipes, music reviews, stuff I want, places to eat, and gift ideas. In other words, tons and tons of clips. That’s why today’s announcement makes me a little giddy: the Web Clipper just got a jillion times better.

Besides looking snazzier, we’ve added a new feature called Quicknote, which lets you create a quick text note right from the browser without launching Evernote.

How the new clipper works

  • Clipping: Highlight a portion of the page, then click the Web Clipper. Evernote will clip any text, links, and image into your account complete with the source URL. If you want to clip the entire page, select all (CTRL+A, CMD+A) then click.
  • Quicknote: If you click WITHOUT selecting anything, the Quicknote appears, letting you to create a new text note right inside the Web Clipper popup. You can even grab the URL of the page you’re viewing for future reference.

Being able to clip what I need and create notes without switching to Evernote is a huge time saver, especially for those of us who spend a large portion of their day in the browser. Sweet!

Get it

The Web Clipper bookmarklet works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. There is also a Firefox extension. Get the Web Clipper on the Evernote downloads page.

Please note: If you already have the FF extension installed, you will need to restart your browser to get the updated extension. Or, go to the Mozilla site to download the latest version.


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  • Unimpressed

    Clicking with no text selected used to capture an entire page — to me this new behavior is not a “jillion times better” but a significant feature loss.

  • Witti

    Great, thanks alot.

  • Jude

    This makes much more sense as I can enter a title and tags rather than having to switch over to Evernote.

    Although the Firefox extensions doesn’t seem to work as advertised. Is it not yet updated?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Jude You may need to restart Firefox in order to download the updated extension. If that doesn’t help, go into the Add-ons menu and check for updates.

  • John Clark

    I initially misunderstood Quicknote as a bug (

    Apparently it’s a feature.

    I suspect I’ll grow to like it…

  • Mark Dixon

    I installed the clipper Firefox extension, but it doesn’t allow me to type in a note. I get an error message: “No text is selected. Do you want to add an entire page to Evernote.”

    Is that what should happen?



  • Matt Duda

    I like the fact that I can now select the correct notebook, tags, and add comments, *but* is “unimpressed” (see above) correct? We now cannot clip an entire webpage unless we highlight the entire page?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Matt Yes, that is correct. Although, all you need to do is select all (CTRL+A or CMD+A) and then click the Clipper to get the same result as before.

  • Ken Green

    Firefox restarted. Still no Quicknote feature.

  • Timothy Moenk

    While this is more like the behavior I expected when I first started using the bookmarklet/ffextension, I have to agree that this is a loss of valuable functionality. Especially with a web that is constantly changing, it was extremely valuable to take a snapshot in time of a webpage for future reference almost like a printout. Great for keeping financial records, academic work(!), and just keeping offline copies of these web pages in general.

    That (somewhat major imho) complaint aside, it’s a much better user experience and the quicknote feature is way better than creating a new note using the desktop client! Any chance there’s a keyboard shortcut for it?

  • Nicole Marie

    I’m encountering a strange issue here… both the FF extension and the bookmarklet clipper will only work if I’m clipping from a page on the domain!! On every other site I’m trying, the clipper box appears with the logo and close button, but the rest is blank…

  • joe houghtaling

    Been having problems with the clipping extension. Have downloaded and installed the new version.

    Mac OS 10.5.6, Firefox 3.0.6

    The floating dialog only draws the elephant graphic and the close box. The rest is blank. A check of the error console in Firefox shows a number of warnings:
    Warning: Unknown property ‘marginheight’. Declaration dropped.
    Source File:
    Line: 492

    There are 10 of them, all “unknown property” warnings.

    I’ve tried restarting Firefox in Safe Mode and the problem remains. Oddly enough, the clipper works fine in Safari.

    Hope I can get some help with this. Thanks!

  • Phil Constantinou

    @Ken If your Firefox extension doesn’t immediately update to the latest version you can uninstall the old version and install this add on:

  • joe houghtaling

    One more thing: the clipper works correctly only on the Evernote site.

  • Jude

    @Andrew Sorry Andrew, this function does not work. The entire page gets clipped as before. No additional dialog box appears to input tags, etc.

  • pop0121

    Hi, I’m a Ubuntu user. Can I put a query as when will you release a linux version?

  • Dustin

    I too preferred the ‘old’ web clipper – (which I seem to remember had most of these ‘new’ features, like the the ability to set a different title, add or designate tags and then select the destination notebook for the clipping). The only reason I’m here writing a comment is because my workflow was interrupted when I discovered that I now have a bunch of nearly-blank notes in Evernote instead of the pages I thought I was clipping, and I needed to figure out what went wrong and why that was happening.

    The ability to capture the text and graphics of a web page (with most of the formatting intact) in just one click (and a return to accept the clippers parameters) was, IMHO, Evernote’s killer feature, and something I used daily. Sure, having a quick and easy way to add a basic text note to Evernote is nice, but I can’t imagine using it. I know others will, but I’m trying to figure out why you’d swap out the prime placement of a very simple yet powerful tool and give it to basic tool that’s more complex. (i.e. typing a quick note requires me to handle the overhead and do the hard work of writing; I’m left with my note and a link… clipping a page gives me an entire page of visual information that’s searchable and includes quite a bit of contextual data… and no mental overhead slowing me down)

    Anyway, now I’ve gotta go back and recapture the 8-10 pages of my research that I had attempted to clip this morning… I guess intead of doing my usual reviewing/linking/digesting of this data all together in Evernote with the rest of this project I’ll be out and about on the web…

  • Phil

    I’m seriously bummed out about having to perform extra operations like Command-A to copy the website. That was the beauty of Evernote – click Clip and there you have it. Is it a big problem to return that ease of use?

  • Olin

    Two things:

    1. As others have said, this feature removed the hold page feature. Can that be included somewhere else?

    2. Can you please add autofill tags to the desktop client in all locations like it works in the bookmarklet? It’s an essential feature and should be everywhere I think.

  • Andrew

    I like the new clipper, but it only works in the bookmarklet for me. The Firefox extention doesn’t work correctly. When I click the Evernote button, no panel appears; instead, the small window in the bottom right corner of my screen appears, telling me I’ve created a new note: this is the same functionality that occurs when I clip text/screenshot from my computer. I had this behaviour before today’s update, and my dad has had this happening for a few weeks now. For the record, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Firefox extention to no avail.
    Anyone else having this issue? Any idea what could be going on?

  • Jackson Fox

    This is pretty annoying. I used to use this feature a ton to save entire pages, now I can’t do that. I like the idea of quick notes, but I think the trigger is exactly backwards.

    * Selecting text should trigger Quick Note
    * *NOT* selecting text should trigger Web Clipping

  • Long time user

    I have to agree with Unimpressed. Loss of the ability to capture a page with a single click is a major step backward in benefit and in ease of use for me.

    This is the first “feature” of version 3 that I’ve found objectionable. I hope you reconsider bringing back the old functionality, and soon.

  • tivoboy

    I’m having some problems with the new URL clipper. Using it on Firefox for MAC, and it no LONGER captures the PAGE that I am trying to save.

    Does one now have to COPY the page, as in actually HIGHLIGHT the text and all?

    That is a bit cumbersome.

  • iayork

    I completely agree with Jackson Fox: This is backward. Highlighting text should invoke QuickNote with the selected text — no highlighted text should clip the whole page, the way it used to work. As it is it makes no sense at all, adds an extra and annoying step to a simple and common procedure, and will lead to tons of empty notes. Please reverse the triggers!

  • stratus19rt

    Why not just add another checkbox on the Quick Note that says “Clip Entire Page” or something like that. I agree with everyone who has pointed it out, the ability to clip an entire page was great and is a bummer to be missing now.

  • nk

    same problem with nicole marie and joe houghtaling above. i’m using firefox 3.0.6 on OS 10.4.11 and when i try to clip, the pop-up remains blank apart from the logo and the close button. works fine on safari. has anyone managed to solve this issue?

  • Frode

    Any chance of the FF extension getting similar functionality (preferably with options, to cater for the concerns of those that prefer the old system)?

    The extension seems a bit superfluous compared to the web clipper now.

  • missdipsy

    stratus19rt’s suggestion seems like a good idea:

    “Why not just add another checkbox on the Quick Note that says “Clip Entire Page” or something like that.”

    I’d be happy with that as a compromise for the time being.

  • luckman212

    installed on FF 3.1b2 (win) firefox extension

    not seeing any new functionality, extension is still using the ‘old’ behavior. I guess only the web clipper was updated? I don’t get it.

  • tivoboy

    I think part of the problem, MAYBE was the fact that the evernote clipper wasn’t doing the actualy copy and paste, but actually GOING to the URL and PULLING the info, and then PUTTING it in the body field? Is that correct? Or was it drawing from my cache, and then copy pasting?

    Second QUESTION: Does anyone have a problem with the text at BARRONS? I can NEVER get the text to copy over to the body field. I have tried the old clipper way, and actually COPY and PASTE, there is just nothing there.

  • jbrader

    The new clipper is completely broken. Not only does it not clip the entire page like it used to but it doesn’t send my clippings to my default notebook. So now instead of having clipped a whole bunch of really great sites to one notebook I have clipped a whole bunch of nothing to the wrong one.
    Clipping sites is about 95% of what I use evernote for so now a great service that I’ve been using and telling everyone about is all useless to me.

  • Jason Daniel Batt

    Thank you for continuing to develop this product daily! I cannot recommend this enough!!!!!! I love evernote and believe you have one of the most dedicated team of developers on any product!

  • jbrader

    @stratus19rt: Not a bad idea, but I think the default behavior should be to clip the entire page and there should be a button or check box to change to a quick note if that’s what the user intends to do. And, like I said above, the clipper should send notes to my default notebook rather that the first one in an alphabetical list. I really like evernote but perhaps they should have run an open beta before they dropped this on us.

  • Jorge

    Same problem here, I have firefox extension installed and no new functionality.

    Judging from others comments I think most if us evernote users use the clipper to clip full websites, I too have told friends and colleagues about evernote and the clipper function and most have adopted evernote for this functionality.

    I agree with @jbrader and @stratus19rt, hopefully this is an experimental release to get some feedback from users.

  • debu

    Can I use it WITHOUT the desk top client installed? If not, can I use it with a portable version of Evernote on my computer? thanks

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @debu Yes, you can use the bookmarklet or Firefox extension without having Evernote installed on your computer. They do require an internet connection.

  • Randall Stevens

    Totally agree with almost all of the above. Entire page clipping was my FAVORITE feature of the best, most productivity enhanced application in 10 yrs on the web. The new clipper is horrid. Doesn’t default capture the page, just the url. Doesn’t place it in my default notebook. ICK, in general.

  • Russell

    Bad move guys on the NEW “Clip to Evernote” Please change back to the old way!!

  • Bill

    While I am sure the Quicknote feature will be useful to many, can you at least provide an option for those of us who prefer the old behavior to change it?

  • Uli

    Only fine with me if you revert the default setting, as suggested: Quick note only when some content is selected – if not, clip the entire page.
    I, too, was pretty confused and have to recapture quite some clippings. And I don’t like the additional necessary step in my workflow, as most of the others here.

    Apart from that: Evernote rocks, and it became absolutely essential for my workflow in no time.

  • Jackson Fox

    For anyone on Mac, there’s a kinda-sorta workaround. Turns out if you drag a URL onto the Evernote icon in the dock it will make a webclip of the page in the default notebook.

  • WC18

    I agree with everyone who thinks the new clipper is a step backwards rather than forward. The old clipper allowed me to copy/capture the entire website on my iPod Touch – a mobile device that (unfortunately) lacks cut & paste functionality! (I posted a comment about this in the user forum.)

    I suspect that you guys at Evernote didn’t realize how many of us iPod Touch & iPhone users were using the old clipper. I use Instapaper constantly for text … Evernote allowed me to capture the text AND the images. Not anymore!

    Please let us use the old clipper … Or quickly adapt the new one to give the option of copying the entire page!!


  • z

    I agree with everyone. I’ve been trying to figure out what was going on all morning. The reason I’ve been using Evernote was the ability to clip the whole webpage so effortlessly. Please make that a setting! The old way was way better. I can see the point in just taking notes but please, please make that an option not the only way to do this.

  • jim jay

    Not impressed! The new version is glitchy at best, displays incorrectly in FF 3.06 on Mac 10.5.5. The new clipping behavior is annoying, but what bothers me most is that the previous versions of the add-on are non-downloadable (invalid file hash on all previous versions) on mozilla’s add-on page–so I can’t “downgrade” to the clipper that works for me.

    I can’t exactly say why, but I think Evernote is losing touch with what users want. I was about to go premium but I think I will move on to another product.

    I’ve been an evernote user for several years, bought numerous desktop versions and was very pleased.

    But, you guys can’t see the forest for the trees, and seem to have become enamored of “features for feature’s sake” rather than just a working product.

  • L F

    Another user greatly disappointed with the new clipper. Please bring entire page clipping back as the *default* behavior (no extra clicks or selection).

  • Geoff H

    I miss the option of the entire page being clipped when no text is selected because on iPhone you can’t select text. A URL is ok but a copy is better for research purposes.

  • Doug Farnes

    I mentioned the following on an unrelated Friendfeed thread re: Evernote/[competing product], but think it would apply here (I’ve removed the other product’s name):

    I would love to be able to drag the favicon to Evernote and have it save the web page *as it actually appears in the browser* into a new note, just as [competing product] does.

    Whenever I “Clip to Evernote” in Firefox it ends up as an unformatted text note. Ugly. If I want to save a web page as it appears, I have to do a full-page capture and then paste the image into a note.

    After Evernote works its OCR magic it becomes searchable, but unwieldy. I can’t perform any kind of copy and paste, for example.

    Just my .02

  • Russell

    The Control A does a good job, not sure if it’s the same as the old way.

  • ArcAngel

    I’m looking forward to using the clipper again when it gets added to Google Chrome!

  • shultquist

    I agree with Unimpressed. I would really like the clipper to copy the entire page (at least the text like Instapaper does) if I don’t highlight anything… or at least provide an option to do so. Right now, it’s broken, and I don’t have what I need in Evernote; I have to use a browser to reload it (if it’s still at the same URL, etc.).

    Please restore the function to clip the entire page without having to highlight it?


  • ryanpmack

    Along with most of the responses on this post, I much preferred the old web clipping method, where the default was to clip the entire page.

    Web clipping is my most used Evernote feature, something I do MANY times a day.

    I’m now unable to do web clipping from my iPhone since there is no Command-A equivalent on that device.

    A choice between the two methods would be nice, but a single check box to clip entire page would be a functional workaround for now.

  • iayork

    Please, please, at the very least make the old version of the clipper available. The more I use the new version of the clipper the more I dislike it. I really want to revert back to the old behavior.

  • Randall Stevens

    Has there been any internal discussion/decisions re: comments from users on this thread?

  • Bobrocky

    The new clipper works on my Mac G5 with Firefox just fine. But on my MacBookPro with the same OS and version of Firefox, I just get a blank box with the little elephant icon. No clipping at all. I’ve installed it, uninstalled it and reinstalled it many times and nothing helps.

  • ryanpmack

    Forgot to mention that your support page for clipping still has the old instructions, so the only way for users to find out about the new way the clipper functions is by hopefully finding this blog post.

    Although I’m rooting for changing the behavior back to the old way, or giving users the choice, but at the very least having the documentation describe the new behavior would at least let them know what’s going on… When they click their bookmarklet and suddenly can only clip the URL by default without highlighting text.

  • TAS

    I LOVE the functionality. I think some people are misinterpreting the post. Step away from the ledge…

    1. I use Firefox on a PC and have the Evernote Web Clipper installed. The description clearly says “to add a selection or an entire page to Evernote” and that is exactly what it does. I can clip an entire page as many of you do and have described.

    2. I did as the video instructed and copied the link to my bookmarks toolbar. After clicking on it brings up the dialog box to tag, grab the url, enter notes, etc…

    I use BOTH and love it. I like the ability to capture address alone and tag it. By using the bookmark tool I can also tag a clip instead of going into the client to do it – saves me a step.

    It is not an all or nothing proposition with this, the Firefox add-on and the bookmark tool are different things. I think the poster implied that they are the same, but they are not. Thank you Evernote!

  • TAS

    Furthermore – this makes tagging websites much simpler for me. I have have never gotten that in to but always wanted the feature easily tag bookmarks. This looks like the perfect tool to do that.

  • luckman212

    In regards to Randall Stevens’ (and others) comment above, I am re-iterating the question:

    Can we get an official response from the Evernote staff to all of the feedback from the users here. It appears that the vast majority prefer the ‘old’ functionality.

  • Daniel Tan

    Yeap! I’ll jump on the bandwagon too!
    Selection should = QuickNote!
    No Selection should = Complete WebPage Clipping

    As it was before please; that was the best feature of EverNote IMHO.

    Here is my vote to resurrect that FEATURE! 🙂

  • Matt Duda

    Yes, please let’s get an official response from Evernote. Also, can we hope for consistency in the clipper behavior? For some page, the clipper will capture the entire page as a default behavior, for others, I need to CTRL-A. The only thing more frustrating than changing the behavior of an application is to do so (a) without warning and (b) inconsistently. I do love Evernote and all the hard work the team has put into it; it’s just that the communication could be better. Thank you!!!

  • Ben

    Great! Love the new look and feel.

  • Ryan

    Definitely agree: this is a step backwards. Also, in Quick Note I CANNOT see the buttons! I set my system to use a larger font size (125% normal size, 120 DPI) and now can’t see the Done/Cancel buttons in the clipper popup!

    It needs to be designed to work with verious display settings!

  • Norris

    Is it my imagination or a bug?

    After the first use of FF web clipper, I can no longer copy selected text – copy is now grayed out.

    I would like to be able to still copy selected FF text to other applications.

    This is on MS Win XP and FF 3.0.7

  • prof

    Please, please go back to the old version. I switched to Evernote from another application because of the one-click-save-webpage functionality. This has me almost swearing never to use a web-based program. What’s the point if the features you depend on can be changed at whim? At least give us an option.

    I also concur with Ryan. The clipper fonts and the window are now misaligned.

    Changing the most basic functionality like that creates an insecure user base who will jump at the next thing… Please don’t become that.

  • Bruce

    I’m a network administrator for a software company and I love Evernote and look forward to each new release, but I spent a good 15 minutes “troubleshooting” my empty web clips before I found this page and discovered that marketing has invaded the engineering department. This upgrade is called “The Amazing New and Improved Web Clipper”? That’s preposterous (overuse has weakened this term – it means “absurdly ludicrous”).

    BTW, selecting the whole page and then clipping produces a poorly rendered shadow of the original web page. I want my old and busted feature-deficient Evernote clipper back!

    When something this stupid happens, usually the lawyers are involved. Is that what happened? If so, let us know, then at least we’d know why the eviscerated Evernote clipper is wearing a marketing hand-spun silk suit.

  • dan

    I am very upset. Is there any way to switch back? I want to add the clips when I want, and edit later when I have time. I want to use this tool as it was, free and runing locally.

    If this is the way for evernote, I would use a simplest software, but reliable and honest.

  • Chris

    I just want to add a vote for having the Web Clipper clip an entire web page by default. Most of the time I want to either clip full pages or, less often, else just a selection of them.

    Couldn’t the Quicknote functionality be achieved in some other way? For example, by dragging and dropping the URL from the address bar onto the Evernote window.

  • fer

    So what’s the difference between the little elephant icon buttonn on the top of the browser and the clipper? Is the elephant button not needed anymore?

  • max


    I find this a useful article. Thanks for sharing

    Good Luck

  • BrianJ

    Just added this app. Great idea, Thanks.

  • Matt Coyne

    Is there a link you can send me to learn how to save photos and text from Safari on my iphone?

    Also do you have an easy way to send photos from iphoto to Evernote?

    THanks so much! I love your product and am going to go premium if I figure an easy way for my wife to do this.

  • Si Hill

    any idea how to make the web site appear as a web site in evernote? instead of just plain text? or is that just not possible?

  • dann

    I found Evernote as I was looking for alternatives to Google Notebook. It is quite useful and the web clipper make it so easy to clip parts of a page. It can help you especially if you need to compare different houses on a longer period of time.

  • C Chang

    I can only find keyboard short cuts, I cannot find the icon of Evernote clipper on the IE tool bar. (The IE tool menu does show it is an add-on). Question, where to find the little elepahant in my IE tool bar?

  • Ma

    Like others here I’m very unhappy. I recently became a premium member because of the clipper feature. Now it doesn’t work the way I need to work for my business.

    Will you refund?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Sorry to hear that the Web Clipper isn’t working as you’d like. The clipper functions are identical for free and premium users. Please contact our support team if you would like to request a refund:

  • sophie

    Please guys get back to the older clipper, i used to clip images on one note and they’d all form a resized horizontal set of pictures, not everything i clip comes in a seperate note, PLEASE GET THE OLD CLIPPER BACK!

  • Rick

    Love the new clipper with one exception. It doesn’t work on pdf’s. When I try to use it to copy a pdf in my browser the clipper takes me to Evernote on the web. The little dialogue box doesn’t pop up. Bug?

    • Craig Ostrander

      I agree Rick. I’d like to be able to clip a pdf into evernote and this seems impossible now so I hope they fix it soon.

  • Kathy

    If i have to sign in every time to use the clipper, it defeats the whole purpose. I can just copy and save to my computer faster. I don’t like the new clipper at all.