Evernote Mobile Web Gets Androidified

Posted by on 03 Mar 2009

Posted by on 03 Mar 2009


UPDATE [12/16/09] Evernote for Android is now available in the Android Market

Unlike me, Evernote is sticking to its New Year’s resolutions. Today we unveil the slick, new version of Evernote Mobile Web designed for Android phones. Android users will automatically see the new version when they go to

What’s new?

  • Easier search and navigation with quicker access to commonly used features
  • Touchscreen optimization makes browsing easier and faster
  • Works in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Dynamic user interface takes full advantage of the Android browser

Check it out:

What’s Evernote Mobile Web?

Evernote Mobile Web is designed for web-enabled mobile devices (not just Android). You can search and browse your notes, email notes to friends and colleagues, create new text notes, and edit existing ones.

Want to add a photo, audio note, or file to Evernote Mobile Web? That’s easy. Simply email it into your account. All you need to do is add your Evernote email address (available on the Settings page in Evernote Web) to you phone’s contact list. You can also try ShoZu, or similar applications, which can be configured to automatically send photos and audio into Evernote as soon as they’re created.

Native version?

We know what you’re wondering, and the answer is ‘Yes’. We do plan to release a native Android client, as well as native clients for other mobile platforms and devices. Mobile versions are a major part of our product roadmap, and the Android-optimized Evernote Mobile Web is a first step. Stay tuned.

Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution License.

UPDATE [12/16/09] Evernote for Android is now available in the Android Market


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  • Regan


  • icantremember

    Where’s the Blackberry optimization?? Why are you guys catering to the smaller installed base?

    How about a BB app?

  • Mike M

    You guys got me all excited when I first saw this, I thought it was a native Android app, but then I read it and was let down.

    Glad to see that a native app is in the works. I <3 Evernote and recomend it to everyone I can.

  • Mark

    Symbian, please.

    . . . but is better than a sharp stick in the eye, I admit. . .

  • dan

    My blackberry cries itself to sleep each night due to the fact its denied a steady working relationship with Evernote. Please can you spare the heartbreak??

  • icantremember

    thanks, i was wondering what that puddle under my ‘berry was every morning… 🙁

    i keep bugging @evernote on twitter about a blackberry app, but they won’t give up any info.

  • icantremember

    i guess im not the only one

  • Zuber

    Come on guys. Focus on the numbers, not just the hype.

    Something like 200 million Symbian devices sold to date. Surely that should be grabbing your attention.

    The new Nokia 5800 (first symbian touchscreen device) has already sold over a million.

    Surely that should be getting some priority…


  • CanyonR

    Thank You so much. You have made my week!

    I can’t wait for the full fledged, native, client but this is a great step.

    As I move more of my life into evernote, I find less and less things get “lost”.

  • Darwin

    What is taking soo long for the native clients for BB and Android?? It’s killing me. I really want to get rid of my iPhone, but Evernote is one of the major things keeping me.

  • Jim

    Evernote needs to try to implement something like this:

    I don’t know how well this actually works because I don’t have Onenote, but this is light-years ahead of the windows client which seems like a ’90s app.

  • bohemicus

    I can’t wait for a Symbian version to make the Nokia e71 just the perfect phone.

  • Christian

    Whooop, thank you! Can’t wait for the App!

  • Marcel Lanthier

    coud you produicing a version of evernote in french language please answer me YES.
    Congradulation for your work and have a nice day
    thank-you Marcel Lanthier

  • Phil

    Please please please do Nokia/S60/Symbian devices!!! It’s the most used platform in the world!!!

  • jfm2038

    I can’t believe it. Right now there is only one Android smartphone on the market and millions of the users of Symbian phones. When is there going to be a version for Symbian?

  • midwinter

    Love the Android integration so far. Very impressive.

    I AM looking forward to a native app, though, as Evernote as enabled me to become completely paperless now.

    Really is a great service you run guys.

  • Kris

    This seems… odd. There are more BlackBerry and Symbian phones out there with more users than Android. Why not push to get those out first?

    Since BlackBerry is more of a professional device for typing I would have thought you’d get a native client for BlackBerry, then Symbian and the finally Android.

    Oh well, at least you’re expanding…

  • Stewart

    I second, or third, or fourth or whatever the desire for a S60 version for my E71. Yes, the /m version is ok, but what about something better. I don’t want to have to use ActiveNote when I have Evernote everywhere else.

    The point of comments is to have a conversation, so how about an official response? 🙂

  • Deebster

    Thanks a lot for this, the full site was a bit painful.

    Obviously, thought, I’m eager for the native version, I did like the Window Mobile version, and Android integration should be easier and fuller.

    I’m gracious enough to be happy to let you give your BB/Symbian users some love first 😉

  • blkdykegoddess

    yipee! I love you!

  • saklas

    once evernote is on android~
    there goes 3 other apps that i use to replace 1 evernote 😀

  • skybeedoo

    Will the native android app allow offline access and syncing a la google gears?

  • landon w

    Sweet, I’m McLovin your pipeline. Android rocks!

  • walter822

    Excellent! Now with Evernote mobile, my Nokia E71 is No.1 phone for me. Thanks.

  • walter822

    Excellent! Now my E71 wil be No.1 for me. But how about Evernote for Ubuntu?

  • graymoment

    Thank you for making progress with Android, and I eagerly await the native App!

    @everyone who is complaining about the attention to Android before BB, Sybian, and Windows Mobile:

    The Evernote team can clearly see the writing on the wall. Android is a more advanced operating system, and because they allow deep access to the system in an open source environment, developers in the known are flocking to Android.

  • Andreas

    I’m also eager to try the Android version. I’m pretty sure I will upgrade to premium when it hits the Android Market 🙂

  • Kevin Neely

    Why does the new site not work with my Nokia 5800? I still get the old site. Is there a way to force it?

    I still want a native S60 app, but am confused why the new mobile site doesn’t work correctly.

    It works fine (Great, actually) from my N800 tablet. Wish I got the same love on my phone.

  • Lulugirl896

    Small issue: I went to the android site on my Blackberry bold but it didn’t work because I’ve chosen to disable javascript. But now I can’t go back to the old version of ! I keep getting re-directed to the android site which I can’t use. Any ideas?

  • emmett


  • Michael

    I’m waiting for the Android native app – so I can then sign up for the Premium package and know it’ll work for all my devices.

    I hope development is moving along here.

  • Chris

    Once the android native app comes along… premium here I come

  • Jesse Redl

    Just picked up an HTC magic today and the mobile base evernote works great! Thanks!

  • bodsham

    I just picked up an HTC Magic and the mobile site doesn’t work at all. All I see is a list of notes. No ability to move to different notebooks or use tags. I have Javascript enabled. Am I doing something wrong here? The native app is needed.

  • jose

    Please can we have a Symbian / S60 client?

  • Sam

    Hoping for a client for Android! Thank you for the great product – I went “pro” just yesterday (but will be using a HTC Hero (Android) soon).

  • Paul

    Hi, I’m an Evernote Pro user and need a native Evernote client for Android for my Hero. When do you release it?

  • rossgeography

    Delighted and all for Androids but please please for Symbian / S60 (nice site though)

  • Ken

    Okay, this post was in March. There is now a client for the Pre. No native Android client yet.

    I use tags as my primary form of organizing notes. The search on the mobile edition does a poor job of searching on tags. And offline work is not possible.

    Could really use an Android version. I’ll echo the others who ask, do you have a release date?

  • Miles Gilmour

    I would just like to add my voice to those asking for Symbian/S60 support. I have just started using Evernote and love it, the one thing that would make me go for premium membership is a native Symbian app.

  • Alb

    Another vote for an S60, power users on N95s could really use a version.

  • Fila

    Yet another vote for Symbian, please.

  • Tingu

    Another vote for Symbian / S60 from me. The iPhone version is really nice. Truly amazing array of clients so far so one more will hardly be an effort right? 😉

  • Liam

    Symbian please, would love this for my N86!

  • Steve

    Disappointed that there seems to be a plethora of mobile clients but nothing for Symbian / S60.

    A vote for a client to make my E71 happy please?

    On a side note, how about something for Maemo 5 / Nokia N900?


  • NokiaMan

    Symbian, Please. I am currently in new E52.

  • Cris

    Is it so difficult to develop a symbiam version, or is there any strategic reason not to do so? Does Apple made any arrangement to have an Iphone version before Nokia/Simbiam? Why nobody at Evernote office answer our questions regarding this issue?

  • dj

    isn’t the symbian market much larger than android?

  • Mohammed Mudassir Azeemi

    when we will have evernote for android?

  • Please Develop1

    We’re still waiting on that native Android version. Please at least give us an progress update.

  • olav

    Once the android native app comes along… premium here I come

  • steve

    yeah.. waiting for the native android version.. =)

  • gerrrg

    So, I just read that Samsung’s App store was going to have an Evernote app…which makes me wonder, will Evernote support a native app for Samsung’s Omnia before the Android platform? :O

  • TheJadedTech

    One of the reasons I went with my HTC Dream (Android) was because of Evernote! Eagerly waiting for the native app!!!

  • JFD

    I would like to see an Evernote app for the android platform.

  • Anders S

    Yeah, native Android will be killer app.

  • Geisterhund

    Waiting for the native version for android as well. Desperately!

  • YN

    I switched from iphone to gphone and i’ve been waiting for android evernote since then…

  • Kent Liu

    I would like to see evernote native app eagerly~~~

  • Ken

    Just go announcement of more great stuff in Evernote–google reader integration, etc–but still no Android. Hmmm. Is there an ETA?

  • steve

    still waiting~~~

  • Mikos

    Waiting too …

  • Jennifer

    When will you be creating an app for Android? I haven’t been using the Evernote service at all, because I need the mobile ability for it to be useful.

  • Mk

    Hurry please..

  • Claudio

    I want an Android version too!!

  • Ted

    Until you can select by notebook rather than just having a long list of notes, this is of no practical use.

  • Zachary TG

    Still no client? This is the only reason why I am not getting the HTC Magic. Well, that and the lack of a 3.5mm port. I am so disappointed, I am never going to get a Premium account if Evernote continues to continue with this horrible speed. Not even a beta? I am so disappointed.

  • Sammy Lao

    Android beta has been out for awhile.

    Here is the article in Lifehacker:

  • Joe V

    I’m also looking forward to the native app for Android platform.

  • Thiago

    Hurry up guys! Looking forward! 🙂

  • Carl

    Looking forward to the Android version. Once this is out I can make my switch from One Note.

  • Chris

    Same here. Switching to Android when the new Verizon Droid is released in a few weeks. I was disappointed to see there is no native app yet. Really looking forward to one.

  • Dan

    Please Please PLEASE release a native Android version of EverNote so that I can choose the new Motorola Droid phone over an iPhone 3GS.

    Pretty Please!

  • ST

    I remember in a previous podcast that the Evernote team said that there will be a native app when a new exciting phone would be released for Android. This was to allow for Evernote to piggyback on the marketing push for the new device.

    Well, the Droid is here. The push should be big enough. I am looking forward to the announcement…

  • samuel

    same here : waiting for the evernote android version i could get on Droid once available in france. But thank you so much for this excellent app that makes me impatient…

  • scott

    like others, i would like an Android app for the Motorola Droid. keep up the great work!!

  • PatrickTT

    Any updates from the IT-Crew?

  • Chance

    Got a Droid…now I just need a native Evernote App to make the Droid PERFECT!!

  • colin

    Piling on. Got the Droid, now I’m really looking forward to evernote!

  • Stewie

    Yes, piling on! Must have android!

  • Kevin Chiu

    It’s been a quite a few months since the original post. I can almost taste the native Android app coming. I noticed there already a native Palm Pre one… which strikes me as odd since I haven’t seen that many Pre’s around.

  • Dan wEst

    The Android beta version is very rough. I just switched from the Blackberry Tour to the Droid. The Blackberry Evernote app was great. The Android app has trouble working with the camera etc. I have to have evernote but the Droid has me hooked. Good bye Blackberry and hello Android.
    Come on Evernote. Your app is rather basic and it would be in your best interest to get it updated and working for Android. Mark my workds, it is the next big thing. Blackberry is going to be losing some serious market share.

  • Whitt

    Android native app, please!!!!

  • Leanne

    droid native app, please. i switched from iphone to droid and miss having a native app

  • Lopan

    Ok I got my Droid, only thing missing is Native Evernote WITH handwritten notes. Makes it so please.

  • kevin

    I’m writing this from my G1. Native Android App Bump!!!

    Thanks guys. Evernote is better than sliced bread.

  • CyBuzz

    There is a beta app that works ok.

  • Ronnisi

    Want to switch from my iPhone to a Droid since Verizon (as opposed to AT&T) allows you to use your phone to make phone calls (that don’t get dropped!).. but i’m reluctant to give up my Evernote app which has become part of my life.

    One more request for a better Native Android App please!

  • TBomb

    Just received my moto DROID and I need Evernote native. PLEASE don’t make me go back to the iPhone just for this.

  • Laurie Boutte

    Getting an HTC Hero to replace my HTC touch pro. I would love to have evernote on it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  • Hans

    I’m desperately needing a native Evernote application for my Droid. Where is it? I need it ASAP. I will pay for it. How much? I don’t care. I just need it.

  • fizzog

    Please let’s have a native Android Evernote app! The faster the better, as far as I am concerned!

  • JayMonster

    I too am awaiting this functionality and would love to have it on my Droid. In the meantime, for those waiting to be able to post to EverNote from an Android Device, check out PixelPipe which allows you to upload to many different places… including EverNote. It doesn’t replace a good native client, but will do in a pinch until EverNote gets up to speed on Android.

  • 4242

    Yes, give me a native android, and I’ll give you 16 premium account for the whole company! Go! Go! Go!

  • Robert Rosenwald

    Android Evernote badly needed

  • XTRO

    I’ve installed Evernote for Android in my phone: HTC Tattoo.
    Problems found: writing user id & password for log-in. Every keystroke do not paint the character in the correspondent field. You don’t know what you’re writing, and it cause constants failures when log-in.

  • XTRO

    Hello again. I’ve installed Evernote for Android in my phone: HTC Tattoo.
    Security problem found: you can access the Micro-SD’s content with a browser, and find a folder named “Evernote”. If you surf in the “notes” directory, you can access without problems into numeric folders (ex: 3bc3bc5669b-2388-40d1-89ab-f68c76522f6c). Inside them, there are 2 files: “content.enml” and “note.html”. You can open the html file and read the complete information of the note (passwords, card numbers… etc.)

  • Jaap

    The beta works ok, unfortunately it still has to go back to the web application for viewing notes… Can’t wait until the next update. Can you pls give us an estimate when the full version comes out???

  • Patrick

    Here is a how-to downoad and install the beta:

  • Jon Payne

    I am adding my voice to the chorus here clamoring for a native Android app. I am a premium user and I loved the native app on my iPhone! Unfortunately I am relocating to an area with no ATT coverage and I am forced to switch to Verizon. I settled on the DROID over a BlackBerry and hoping it was not a big mistake. I would be happy to BETA test whenever you are ready.
    Jon Payne
    Elberton GA

  • Scot

    How can I get a copy of the Anrdoid Beta? I would love to test it.


  • joel matriche

    Dear Santa Claus,
    I’m a nice boy, I did all my homeworks and I help old people to cross the road. Please, Santa Clause, may you bring me a native evernote application for Android?

    Many thx

  • steff

    I’m getting my Droid today and am desperatly looking forward for a native Android version of Evernote. Please make me put my iPhone on eBay. It’s time for a change….


    PS: I voluteer to test the beta extensivly

  • Konrad Walsh

    Just hoping for an Android App… Please… I miss it

  • Ryan

    yes. a native android app would be much faster, especially if it had an offline mode, or maybe use gears for the browser version.

  • jay

    Yes… come on guys WE NEED A DECENT ANDROID APP…. I even switched and installed an online office script on my server to have a central place to gather my ideas and information… I would love to get back to you guys but only if it works ok on my phone (Droid).

  • JM

    I too would love to see an android evernote client! Feel free to add me to the beta list!

  • Colin

    fa-la-la-la-la, an android app! Just made the switch to the Droid (Verizon > At&t = no brainer) and am incomplete without the Evernote app I so cherished on my iPhone. Is that nicely wrapped box waiting under the tree what I hope it is? Beta me plz!