Big Evernote for Mac Update

Posted by Phil Libin on 10 Mar 2009

Posted by Phil Libin on 10 Mar 2009

We just released a new version of Evernote for Mac (version 1.3), brimming with more-features-and-less-bugs goodness. Here are the highlights:

New Safari Clipper

Evernote for Mac now has a speedy clipper built right into Safari 3 and 4. Activate it from the “Clipping” tab in the Evernote preferences window and you’ll see a handsome new elephant button in your Safari toolbar. You can do three things with the Safari clipper:


  • Select a portion of a website (text and images), then click the elephant to make a new note with your selected text and images.
  • Click the elephant with nothing selected to clip the full contents of the web page.
  • Shift-click the elephant with nothing selected to make a nicely-formatted PDF of the current web page and send it to Evernote. Use this option if you want to preserve the formatting on a complex page.


You can also configure the Safari clipper to show your new note, allowing you to quickly tag and edit, or just let it run inconspicuously in the background, so you can go on browsing and clipping uninterrupted.

Quick tip: you can easily find all your web clips by browsing to “Attributes->Source->Web page” in the left-hand navigation panel.

Safari 4 Support

Apple’s new Safari 4 beta browser is pretty sweet, unfortunately installing it caused some problems in Evernote, including a number of note editing issues and intermittent cursor jumpiness when searching through notes. This should all be fixed now. However, Safari 4 is still in beta, so other issues may crop up in the future. As always, please let our sleep-deprived support team know about any problems.

Growl Notifications


Evernote now ships with Growl, which lets you configure background notifications for several types of events like clipping, synchronization and file attachments. You’ll also be notified when new images have been fully indexed. Your Evernote situational awareness has never been better!

Merge Notes

You can now select two or more notes from any view, right-click, and select “Merge Notes” from the menu. Guess what happens?! Your selected notes get combined into one longer note. This is great for tying a bunch of stray thoughts into a coherent narrative, or putting someone’s business card right under their picture. Your original notes will automatically go into the Trash, so you can fish them out if you made a mistake.

Promo Box

Keep your eye on the box in the lower left-hand corner. We’ll display tips, messages from Evernote and (eventually) promotions. We’ll try to make this useful to everyone, but Premium subscribers can always turn it off.

More Configurable Preferences

The Evernote Preferences window has been expanded and improved to give you more customization options to make Evernote conform to your every whim. Total whim conformation not guaranteed.

Many Bug Fixes and Usability Tweaks

Evernote for the Mac is now faster, more stable and just plain better.

We hope you enjoy it. Lots of other improvements are coming soon. Thanks for helping us improve Evernote!


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  • Tim Stringer

    I just updated to Evernote for Mac 1.3 and am impressed! The new Safari button and the Safari 4 fixes are especially welcome. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Timothy Moenk

    Excellent update! This will totally get me using Safari 4 as my default browser for at least a month. One minor feature suggestion: the ability to change the sound it makes when it finishes importing a note. The current sound makes me feel like I just got an email, and all the other default system sounds should be options.

  • Alexander

    Guys, you were doing fine, unless you added this promo box… It was very nice and very fun before.

    I don’t need network sync, I don’t wanna pay for it (and I won’t), let my pay you 5 us or whatever any other currency; you wanna 10? 15? Ok, but let me happy off-line user and don’t be surprised with such kind of gifts.

    For the program to be payed – it’s fine, for the nice program to be payed – fine as well, but there much more competitors then.

    Your MacOS X user.

  • tivoboy

    I love the fact that this NEW update includes CLIP ENTIRE PAGE, whereas the previous web clipper got RID of that great feature. Hopefully, that means that this great feature will return in the other incarnations of Evernote.

    Get them PROMOS lit finally.! I keep saying, make it so USERS can get you MORE USERS, that is the best way to grow a solid user base for this great product.

  • Doug Farnes

    I would love to see this functionality in the Firefox plugin (since I don’t use Safari). Saving a PDF is the next best thing to doing an actual save of the HTML with formatting, like Shovebox or Scrapbook.


  • Sergio

    Thanks for that interesting update. The Safari Clipper works fine and the PDF option is also a very good idea.

    However… the promo panel reminds me that I’m using a shareware software, I don’t think a lot of Apple users will like it. I was waiting fo real-life export features (inter-aplication drag’n drop, as Yojimbo or DEVONthink) to justify paying the premium service. I work a lot in Cocoa TextCore applications (as DEVONthink, Scrivener, VoodooPad Lite and TextEdit) and Evernote is still out of any workflow concerning the integration of those applications. Now, I’m really wishing to export all my info from Evernote (because I can’t stand the litle squared banner) but all I can get is a very difficult to understand .enex file.

    About openness : I a forum topic this was discussed before, Evernote representatives said that Evernote is open since all the files can be found in the Application Support/Evernote folder. This is true only if any normal human agend could understand the meaning of those computer agenced files and folders…

    What do I do know? Pay for a service that I know I can’t still integrate in my workflow? Learn advanced XML to decode all MY info again and convert it to RTF? Send myself 500 emails containing nice Evernote branded PDF’s?

    Please add real-life exporting data for Evernote, and I think a lot of users will begin using more trustefully Evernote.

  • MarceloR

    I don’t know about other folks but the only update I want to hear about is the one that enables inknote in the Mac platform. It’s high time you give us at least read-only inknotes…

  • phil

    Ah, I love it. Thank you 🙂

  • George Sherman

    will the clip to pdf feature be implemented in Firefox? That feature is enough to make me want to switch browsers!
    Thank You!

  • Henning

    Will you support proper pasting soon? When I copy and paste ObjC code into a note, it always loses all indentation. This is quite frustrating.

    Also, will you be offering a one-time price for the premium version? I dislike recurring fees.

  • Uli

    Great update, thanks!

    However: The elephant doesn’t want to stay in the toolbar in Safari 4 beta. I even copied it to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ from ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ .
    I chose to install it at the launch. No show. I dragged it from the Toolbar tool and it looks just fine – but doesn’t appear again when I restart Safari.

    Any ideas? Or anyone else with this problem? I’d love to solve this quickly because the Web Clipper is better than ever now!

  • corey molinelli

    WOW!!! Evernote just keeps on getting better everyday!
    Thanks you for all the hard work

  • Yves Bougardier

    Excellent !! I love it
    Thanks a lot

  • TjL

    “Promo Box” eh?

    So I either have to pay $45 a year fee for the rest of my life or have a distracting ad in the corner?

    How much for the non-ad 40mb/month version?

  • lee butler

    Great update! The new web clipper is fantastic and the growler integration is handy too.

  • Diello

    I don’t need to upload 500 MB/month, and I don’t need the other Premium features neither.

    Am I supposed to pay $45 just to get rid of that annoying Promo Box?

    I’m considering switching to Drop Box.

  • Owen

    Really great update,
    Thank you!

  • Chris

    My Elephant doesn’t stay in my Safari Beta either. Every time I add it it disappears upon restart of Safari.

  • Dave

    Same issue – restart safari and clipper gone – what a bummer! – cooliris plugin is still there – so perhaps they might know something..

  • Rob

    The new features are neat, but I think Evernote will grow in a big way if the privacy concerns are addressed. I’m a premium user, but would use it a lot more if you stored my notes encrypted. I realize this would limit search functionality, but perhaps you could offer it as an option for certain folders.

    Evernote tip of the day (real life from earlier today):

    I locked myself out of my hotel room on the way to the gym, but had my phone with me. I had no ID with me, but was able to lookup my passport which is stored in Evernote in case of emergency. The hotel desk clerk was able to verify my ID via the scanned passport and gave me a new key.

  • GregHK

    I have the same problem with the Elephant not staying in Safari,4 it was there when I first upgraded to Evernote 1.3 and then when I restarted is has gone. Resetting the tab in preferences doesn’t fix the problem so now I have no way to clip!! Please fix as soon as possible.

    Also I agree with the other comments regarding the need to upgrade to Evernote Premium, I don’t use it sufficiently to pay the Premium price, but as I really like Evernote I would be prepared to pay a one-time fee to get some version in between the free product and the premium product.

  • GregHK

    Just an update on the Elephant disappearing from the Safari 4 toolbar, it can be added back in if you customise the toolbar and drag in back in, it also shows in the default toolbar set, but it continues disappears every time Safari is shut down and opened again.

  • Peter

    I don’t need a premium account. This month i uploaded at least 14.2 kb (3 days left in cycle) Please remove the promo-box.

  • Adam

    Please, remove ugly ADV!!! I don’t need Premium right now. When I need it, I buy it, but now REMOVE IT!!!

  • Denis


    Nice software!

    Do you have a localisation in French comming soon?


  • gam

    oh god… I hate this distracting “promo box”!

    I don’t need the premium benefits and I don’t want to pay 45 USD a year to get ride of this annoyance!

    Give us an alternate way of getting ride of it, please!!!

  • Zach Clark

    This a great update. I’m using the premium service and loving it. Worth every penny. Why does everyone want everything for free? Greatness comes with a price.

  • Stephen Hryncewicz

    Great upgrade with more useful items, esp. clipping pages as pdfs. Pity about the In-your-face ad block, that really detracts from a great app.

  • caaronbrown

    I’m having the same problem with the clipper in the toolbar as others reported above. It disappears each time I quit Safari. But, even worse, the clipper doesn’t appear to be working properly. When I click it, it takes me to my Evernote application, but does not actually clip the page.

    More work needed.

  • Chris

    I also have a problem when I click on the Check for Update menu item. I get the following message.
    An error occurred in retrieving update information; are you connected to the internet? Please try again later.

  • Rhomany

    I’m using Safari 4 on a PC and I can’t even get my elephant into the toolbar, let alone get it to stay there!

  • Phil

    Lovely improvement – thank you! This responsiveness to users is to be applauded. Evernote is slowly becoming an important part of my data management life, as I work on new applications for it. I have always had in the back of my mind that dreaded time when it will go fully commercial. This stepping stone – the shareware ad – is crass. Couldn’t the obviously talented and creative team at Evernote come up with a more tasteful and less intrusive reminder that the premium version is available? I’m tempted to look into alternatives, but trust the great Evernote team’s ability to respond to all its users’ feedback.

    P.S The disappearing elephant effects my Saf 4 too. Perhaps a new idiom is developing – from “pigs might fly” to “elephants might fly”.


  • goatcatcher

    Love the new clipper and the return of being able to clip the entire page!

    The clipper button doesn’t stay in the toolbar between Safari 4 restarts for me either.

    Shame, otherwise a great update.

  • parusnik

    terribly annoying promo panel in the corner

  • Frederic Ducros

    Hi 🙂

    As Doug, I would love to see this clip whole page or at least clip with correct looks) appear in Firefox or Chrome (not working yet on Windows 7 anyway)

    Congrats on the new update, even though I can’t use it before I VM my way into OSX on my PC. Don’t tell Steve…



  • John

    I really don’t understand why people complain about an unobtrusive ad on FREE software AND services. Does an ad bother you that much? If so, buy premium. If not, shut up. You (and I) are mooching anyway, and we should be grateful that all it costs us is a small ad in the corner.

    Great job Evernote!

  • bruno

    Hey, this is great, i love the version for mac, but i also heave a windows computer and evernote is soo bad in this one… well, the mac version is a must anyways!

  • xxxxiangxxxx

    May I kindly ask when will it be available for Safari on Windows?

  • Daniel O'Keefe

    I would just like to echo the sentiment that I have seen posted both above and in a number of other forum posts. Evernote has a ton of great features, but it still, in most practical ways, tries to lock your data in. I would happily become a paid member and switch from Yojimbo and Journler if I could easily get my files and text out of Evernote to use in other places.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed that you guys are listening…
    Still not a paid user…



  • Steve

    When will we be able to search through non-text based PDFs like other images??? Waiting….patiently….

  • Nate Adams

    Bit disappointed with the promo box.

  • Ofir

    The Safari button is great but when I restart Safari it’s not there anymore and I need to re drag it… any idea why?



  • Brian

    Is there an separate installer for the safari plug-in… my computer crashed while installing the update. The standalone is working fine, however the new plugin did not. Any ideas where I can get this?


  • dave

    The promo box is a bad idea. I probably would have upgraded to a premium account in the near future because I like the product even though it’s not perfect. I don’t need the additional capacity or features but I would have done so to show my support. Now that I’m being forced to upgrade to get rid of the annoying promo box I will now look for a better paid solution. It’s a sneaky move and a bad idea that’s going to backfire.

  • Mark

    Get rid of the promo box NOW. I don’t need the web syncing. I am happy to buy Evernote as a client, just any piece of shareware. Now I have to subscribe $45 per year for the rest of my life to avoid adverts on my client? That is a shameful.

  • jeroen

    Great update!

    Same problem with the homesick Elephant! He’s gone after restarting the app.

  • Robert Cox

    I love the new promo box. It’s a fun reminder that anytime I want I can quickly and easily upgrade to a premium account. In the meantime, it is an attractive, soothing color. Sometimes, when I feel a bit overworked, I stare at it and feel calm all over.

  • Robert Cox

    I was just kidding about that last comment. I will pay you $5.00 to let me get rid of it 🙂

  • Mic

    When is the decent clipper coming to FF? This has been one of my biggest complaints so far in a piece of software than I love.

    And LOL @ the whiners about the promobox. You all sound like you’re not going to buy the software no matter what, and this is just the latest convenient excuse. It’s extremely cheap for what you get, that’s for sure.

  • Dinis Correia

    Same issue with the clipper not staying in the toolbar.

    Any fix/workaround yet?

  • Darrin

    I love Evernote. Or I should say I did until the new promo box feature you just added appeared. Sorry but that is going to bug me into looking for another note taking app. Im happy to purchase the software outright, but an indefinite monthly subscription to have the promo removed… I don’t think so.

  • Rus

    I’ve just updated the program.
    Oh my…
    This promo box is really loathsome.
    I love Evernote, but now I almost start to think about changing it to something else :(((

  • Rhys Evans

    Seems to be a huge overreactio to the Promo box – everyone wants something for free!

    Maybe 1$ a month for 40/MB upload and no promo? then again, people will moan about that too!

  • Frederic Ducros

    To Doug Farnes: If you want to save it as PDF, there is a bookmarklet that can do this for you. If you go to, and select “Download PDF” bookmarklet, it saves the web pages as PDF. I am pretty sure it would work with Safari

  • Erik Hansen

    I’m also having issues with the Evernote Safari clipper plugin screwing things up with the Safari 4 toolbar. Actually, it runs deeper than just being unable to keep the elephant button in the toolbar between Safari relaunches. If I have the “Use the safari clipper plugin” box checked in Evernote, the entire Safari toolbar resets itself between Safari relaunches. So, for example, the “Open in Dashboard” button shows up in the toolbar. If I remove it, it shows back up when I relaunch Safari.

    I know Safari 4 is in beta, but I just wanted to let the Evernote team know!

    Thanks a lot,

  • Marcelp


    I really enjoy using Evernote, helps me a lot for organizing my work !

    I get the same problem with the toolbar button which doesn’t stay in Safari (on version 3 as well as on version 4) in OS X. Any idea where the bug could be ?

    Thanks !

  • DPJ

    Adware ! Ugh.

  • JasonQ

    I agree with all those loathing the promo box in the corner. Especially since screen real-estate on a laptop is scarce and I’d like to have more space for my tags and atttribute.

    It’s seems unfair to make users pay a subscription just to get rid of that annoying distraction. I have no need of more than 40mb a month. I’d pay for a one-time serial to use the App and get rid of the ad space.

    Can’t there be a middle way?

  • Andrew Sinkov

    Hi folks. We’re aware of the Safari clipper issues: disappearing elephant and elephant stampede. We’re working on it, and should have a solution very soon. Thanks for your patience.

  • MarcelP

    Cool ! Keep on the good work ! We’re looking forward to it 🙂

  • Bruno Santos

    I’d like to know why I am seeing ads on my Evernote app if I have a Premium account paid to December this year. Please? I should pay for it again? Such a hassle.
    Love the PDF feature. Love it beyond words. But the plugin button keeps disappearing on Safari. Not nice. Every other plugin stays, but Evernote.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Bruno If you have an Evernote Premium account, you can hide the promo box by clicking on the “X”

      • James Kachan

        I agree. the promo box is HATEFUL
        GET RID OF IT.

        I own payed the 60 bucks but now it’s mine, and there are no distractions. I just want Evernote to manage my writings while handles my life. I’d pay for a one time key to just not have to deal with the promo box but there is no way im paying the $45 a year!

        adware is AWFUL
        it ruins a good thing.

  • Sohail Ahmed

    Usability Improvement Suggestion:

    Even with this release of the updated desktop client for the Mac, the cursor jumps around when I’m typing in a note.

    For example, I may use the Evernote Note window to type in a note that requires some thought, over the course of 15 minutes. As I’m writing, I’m frequently interrupted with Evernote doing a background save and/or sync and I lose my cursor position (and my train of thought). This is annoying! I’d fire up a separate RTF editor and then paste in the contents when done (shouldn’t have to do this) but then I’m also stuck with the problem of formatted text not preserved between Evernote as coming from other Cocoa based RTF clipboard contents.

    Please, please…do your update/sync/save in a thread that doesn’t disrupt a user typing in a note!


  • RL

    New release is fabulous but I agree with others who have been requesting easier export on the Mac client for a long time now. At minimum, other Mac apps like Eagle Filer, DT Pro, etc all support easy drag and drop from one app to the other. Evernote should at least support this. Citing the xml api is kind of a cop-out for most non IT savvy users (which seems to me to be the best audience for Evernote with it’s ease of use).

    Also, just to emphasize, many of us will be happy to pay for Evernote Premium once we know that we can move our data around easily. It makes sound business sense to provide this portability as it will only increase the market for Evernote — not reduce it.

  • Nathan Meyer

    I have been using evernote for about 3 months now and I really like it.

    Unfortunately, I too can not stand the “Promo Box”. And to really make it bad, they added a “Promo Close” button which only pops up another promo and says, “You can’t make the box go away unless you pay.” I would be willing to pay something for Evernote and I really appreciate the service. (I don’t however have anywhere near the needs that justify a premium account).

    I understand the long-term benefit to having regular recurring income, but as a consumer, I really dislike that model. It’s sad to see evernote this way. I’d rather pay for a lifetime subscription, than pay every year. I suppose I can see the ongoing fee structure in-light of the data storage requirements. As my data increases the cost of storing it would go up, so…

    Anyway, I’d like to see some middle ground offering between the free and premium. $1-2 month/$12-24 year. That sounds like something I’d be willing to pay. But I’m not paying $45 a year not to see that hideous promotion box and the box only creates bad-will and dislike among users. Most likely a rather bad move in the end. (Unless, the free-loaders, like me are taking up server side space with out paying and they just want to tick us off and get us to switch to another service so they don’t have to store our data anymore.)

    Great feature to add: (as commented above) useful export function to RTF. (not just PDF).

  • Dale

    Nice job on the update. Ideally I’d like to see the clipper updated in Firefox as well, but it’s still a nice feature that I’m making use of. Love the Growl notifications.


  • Paul Sham

    After updating to this version, I thought that I’d be fine with the promo box. I understand that I’m using a free version. But, after using it for a few days, I’m finding it too distracting, especially when the external ads showed up. The green Evernote ads at least go with the colour scheme of the application.

    As awesome and useful as Evernote syncing is for me, I don’t feel that the text features are good enough for me to pay yet. I mean the most basic text editors have better features. I still find the lists to be glitchy.

    So at this point, I’m disappointed.

  • Nick

    Not real happy on the ‘promo box’ guys. It feels like the 1990s dot coms all over again. The ‘promo box’ didnt work for Opera and is now gone. The ‘promo box’ at the bottom of the screen in exchange for free internet didn’t work for NetZero. I don’t think it’s going to work here either. The gentle, “The feature requires Premium …” model works way better and politely reminds me that theres more to Evernote than meets the eye, and eventually I’d pull the trigger to premium. If they don’t pull this out by next version, I’m pulling out of Evernote.

  • Csiszi

    I’m having problems with the toolbar icon too.

    If I enable it in evernote, after safari relaunch, the evernote icon disappears AND 2 safaristand icons apper. Very annoying.

  • Michael Czeiszperger

    I’ve been using Evernote since 1.0, and the new 1.3 upgrade has me stumped. How do you get new notes into the system? I’m using the paste to Evernote OSX pulldown, and instead of pasting into Evernote it opens a little window where the only things you can do are format text and “Email”. There’s no save, or sync, or any way at all to indicate that its being saved anywhere, and the notes don’t show up in the “Notebook”.


  • Jean-François (DigitLife)

    Evernote is a great application, and I even recommended it to French users on our website.
    However, as much as I love it, the promo box is a mistake: it is simply huge, to the point that it renders the soft unusable in some cases!

    For instance, on netbooks with limited vertical resolution (600 pixels), there is simply no place to view the different notebooks, let alone the tags! This is unacceptable!

    To finish, I am becoming skeptical towards the pricing scheme. I understand that you need funds to finance R&D, but 45$ is quite an amount per year, especially if we sum up all other online services.
    I’d rather either pay 45$ once for a lifetime licence, or less each year (max 25$) if you prefer a reccurring scheme.

    I’m looking forward for your answers. Keep up the good work and please address those shortcomings.


    JF, from France

  • Terry Wang

    I love Evernote for Mac and iPhone. But I have to say that I was disappointed to find that advertisement window is finally introduced to free users.

    At least give free users an option to turn it off. Or you may lose some of the users.

    It’s really a shame.

  • John M

    I’ve just upgraded to the Premium version on the grounds that EverNote is a really useful app – I use it every day and feel that $45 per year is a realistic cost for something that I find improves my productivity. I agree that the promo box is annoying (I’m glad to be rid of it) – perhaps the developers should think of either another pricing strategy based on a more restricted upload total or just bite the bullet and leave out the promo box altogether as they build their business.

  • fred

    nice update. still want drawing tools like on the windows version. Also get rid of the promo box or give us users who don’t need premium and 500 mb storage some way of buying the app or switching off the stupid promo box. Very disappointed when I saw that…. might look at other options now sorry.

  • Alfred

    Ads on my screen? Definitely not. If it remains, I’m going to uninstall Evernote.

  • Sean

    The new clipper is par for the course for the “new” Evernote–i.e. remove features and tell you it’s better and that it does more. The old clipper used to clip the entire page automatically. That’s what it did. It was a WEB CLIPPER. But now, the web clipper is NOT a web clipper first and foremost. Instead, it’s a quick post extension thingy. So, if I have to cmd-A to select all to be able to clip the page, why don’t I just use the universal clipper and bypass the (non)web clipper entirely?

    And there’s the issue of claiming that there are new options under preferences that allow the user to configure Evernote to “conform to your every whim.” Uh…actually, preferences look the same as before. And even if there is something different, it certainly doesn’t allow me to make Evernote conform to my every whim. Conforming to my every whim….I think you are confusing your new product with your old product–i.e. EverNote vice Evernote; i.e. a highly customizable application that was awesome…before you screwed it up, removed most of the features, and then told us it was better.

    Finally, speaking of the old EverNote….”merge notes” is NOT a new feature either. Merge notes was a beloved feature of the old EverNote, one of many beloved features that you took away and told us it was for our own good. Now you give the feature back and call it “new.” No, sorry, not “new,” just rectifying a prior screw up.

  • Thomas

    Isn’t there a lot of overlap in functions between the safari clipper and the web clipper?

    The only thing I can figure out that is different is that the safari clipper can clip a webpage exactly how it’s supposed to look.

  • tim

    I’m quite impressed by the new Safari clipper, and I do like Evernote very much – especially the synchronisation between my phone, home and office computers. But the advert panel is NOT cool. I know that you guys have probably got to make more money to pay the bandwidth bill, and I know that you’ve got to feed and clothe your families, but surely there’s a better way to persuade me to spend some money on you?
    I don’t yet store enough stuff in my notebooks to justify the pro upgrade, and if I’ve got to look at ads every time I open the app, I think that I’ll be cutting and pasting my stuff into something else (even though it’ll be a bind).

  • Hate the Ads

    Please kill the advertising box. Many other excellent products find revenue models that work without putting advertisements on users desktops.

  • Rich

    Bad choice on going with the ads. It makes the app look cheap and makes me wonder if Evernote is making enough money to stay afloat which leads to the inevitable question, should I store important things with them? Premium accounts should be spared this annoyance.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Rich As a premium subscriber, you can close the promo box.

  • Tricia

    Will Evernote be available for the Kindle2?

  • Gary Turner

    Clipping works great with Firefox but not with Safari 4. There were several websites in Safari I tried using the clipping features and received an error message.

    I opened Firefox and went to the same websites and was able to clip fine. It looks like Firefox is going to replace Safari as my favorite web browser unless there is a future fix for the clipping service in Safari.

  • fred

    How about this for a compromise? I’d be happy to pay for 1 year pro upgrade if from then on my version(s) of Evernote are unlocked for ALL point releases even if I go back to basic after the year is up. Because at the moment I do not need the pro features or the extra storage at all! What I do need is a great cross-platform note syncing service, with nice and professionally polished desktop apps to access this. Evernote is exactly that… except for the fugly promo box in the lower left corner.

  • Promo Box Hater

    Farewell, Evernote! Things were going along so well, but then you ruined everything with your promo box. As my needs increased, I saw myself voluntarily upgrading my account, but your bullying ways have changed my mind.

    Also: a heads up notifying me of this obnoxious new intrusion would have been much appreciated. No thank you for this sneaky move, so unexpected from your otherwise excellent product and team.

    I’ll be back once you remove the box or show me how to revert to the previous version. Until then, I am shopping around for alternatives. Enjoy your newfound greed.

  • Brent

    Adding my voice to those wishing for a middle-of-the-road option.

    I love the application, but I’m not going to rent it. Especially at $45/year, as I’m never going to come close to the 40MB usage cap, let alone needing the space provided with the Premium account.

    I won’t put up with ads on my screen either.

    For now I’m sticking with a previous version, and exporting my data in case that somehow ceases to be an option.

    How to bet *my* money? Offer a one-time fee to remove the ads. Something like $15-$20 would seem more than reasonable. Keep the 40MB cap, lose the ads.

  • Philip

    I am mad as you-know-what about the promo box! I thought Evernote was above that kind of trashiness. It is an annoying, cheap distraction. I have no need for the higher storage or other features that require a paid subscription. So, I need to pay a fee just to get rid of that brash advertising? I HAVE loved Evernote, but the new promo box has just cheapened the product in my mind and I’m looking around for an alternative now. Regardless of any new fancy features, the promo box ruins it for me.

  • Dave - one more who could do without the ads

    great job overall, but you should have said you were turning evernote into adware, I would not have upgraded . Not the best way to convince me to switch to premium. Rather, I am now switching to other alternatives.

  • Nick Wreden

    Add my voice to the chorus asking for middle ground. Don’t mind a one-time fee, or even a lower annual fee. But $45 for life?! Also, you could add more features to the premium. I’m a text, not a visual guy, and the additional storage doesn’t make my nipples hard.

    BTW: Really like the capability of merging notes.

  • Brian

    I’m really annoyed with growl taking the focus from my note where I’m editing. This seems to happen about once a minute. I’m disabling Growl from Evernote for now, but if you add a setting that keeps growl from taking the focus away from the editor window, I’ll re-enable Growl again. I looked through the Growl settings, and couldn’t find a way to adjust the cursor or application focus. An interesting note is that this doesn’t appear to be an issue with Safari, since I just saw an Evernote upload notice from Growl while I was typing this message, and it didn’t steal my focus the way it does when I’m typing in Evernote.

  • Fred

    another annoying thing about the bloody Ads are that they are US of A focused. So even if I found something useful in the Ad (very unlikely and not likely to placate my annoyance) most likely it would be available to USA customers only!!
    Please give us a middle-of-the-road option for getting rid of the ads! You have until the next version revision and if something isn’t offered I’m jumping ship.

  • Marko

    Just uninstalled Evernote from my Macs. Don’t care for the advertising or the subscription model. Pity. I would have happily paid $50 to own it.

  • armorix

    I am as mad as everyone about that promo box, but you know what? They just don’t care…

  • Jon

    Just to let you know I will be buying Yojimbo instead of Evernote for 1 reason, that promo box.

  • armorix

    My previous post has been removed although it was not agressive. Nice censorship ; maybe I had a point, then?
    Therefore I repeat myself :
    “I hate the ad box as much as everyone, but you know what? They just don’t care.”

  • Detritus

    I would like to be able to make a one off payment for this application to remove the promo box. I do not need the online services, can this be arranged please?

  • Name

    Hey, Evernote people, anybody out there?
    Could someone just pay attention to what we all say?

  • Ria

    Can I switch back to the old version? Pretty please? I hate that Promo box so much, I don’t want all the cool new features of I can have evernote without that box. Thanks!

  • Jim Brown

    I’ve been also trying to figure out how to remove that ANNOYING Promo box. Anyone???

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Jim Premium users can choose to hide the promo box.

  • Elaine Ormund

    Only Premium subscribers can turn off that promo box.

  • Jash

    I like Evernote (UI), until it gets its promo-box. Its a annoying “feature” that will you loose more (users) instead of winning (money).

    Please think about this.

  • gosha

    Don’t need/want a premium subscription, but I’ll gladly pay a one-time fee to eliminate the promo box. It’s disruptive enough that I’ll find another solution for my needs and stop using Evernote if this option isn’t offered soon.

  • Andre

    How do I remove Evernote and Growl, it’s usability sucks and Growl is choking my internet connection?

    System Version: Mac OS X 10.5.6 (9G55)
    Model Name: MacBook Pro
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro4,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz

  • cnicolaou


    I just want to remove the clipper in Safari 4, i tried deleting the keys in safari plist, what else can i do? nothing seems to work

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @cnicolaou Open Evernote preferences and uncheck the “Use Safari clipper” option.

  • AndreP

    Good product, ruined by a silly, intrusive parody of ‘marketing’. Deinstalled from three machines here.


  • xo0r

    please remove the ad!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Wow. Seriously. One little ad in the lower, left-hand corner and you’re complaining? I mean, I see more ridiculous ads browsing the web then I do with Evernote.

    It’s FREE software. FREE. Someone had to design this, develop it and run the servers to keep all your content available. If you don’t like the service that Evernote provides, just don’t use it. Complaining about how they are trying to KEEP this FREE SERVICE running is just rude.

    Safari 4 with Leopard doesn’t fix the clipping issue, just FYI.

  • PeterVk

    I downloaded Evernote, played with it for a bit – and then deleted it. Now I cannot get the elephant out of the toolbar. What’s going on here? I customize toolbar, right click and remove item – nothing works. Feel like Safari’s been hacked. Not cool.

  • niklas

    I have nothing more to say than this:
    I love Evernote. Love it.
    It has totally changed the way i work with text and ideas.
    Thanks man.

  • Maxwell

    I’ve been searching (and the web) for specific instructions of how to uninstall the complete Evernote package for Mac OS X 10.5 (the Desktop app, the browser clippers, and whatever else it may install). Evernote support has not responded and I’ve found only bits and pieces elsewhere. If anyone here can help I would be grateful for a complete set of instructions. Thanks.

    • Maxwell

      Never got an answer here but did find this:

  • Joel McIntosh

    I wish you guys would figure out a way that the Safari clipper wouldn’t kill 1Password. Surely, you and Agile Solutions could get together and resolve this.

  • Josh Freeman

    I agree. I use Evernote and 1Password and love both of them. Can’t they get along?

  • Stan James

    Also cannot figure out how to remove Evernote from Safari. It puts it’s fingers into everything with no way to clean up the mess.

  • nikulis

    i installed the update but now everytime i try and open it it gives me an evernote quit unexpectedly window. help!!!!!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @nikulis Please contact our support team with your issue:

  • ATA

    Hello, is it possible to use Evernote with Safari for Windows? can’t find the clipper download anywhere. Thanks

    • Quiknote


      Yes, there is a bookmarklet that you can drag to Safari’s Bookmarks Bar. I have it, but I’ve never used it, so I can’t say offhand how well it works. I use the bookmarklet mainly with Opera, and I’ve never had any problems there. It’s rather a nice feature.

      Since Safari now supports extensions, I don’t see why there isn’t an Evernote clipper for Safari for Windows. Then again, extension support for SW is nonexistent. Most developers seem to assume that people with Windows wouldn’t want Safari; that it’s mainly a Mac browser.

      Although I don’t agree with that. I love SW to death. 🙂

  • Paul

    I find the product just a bit too invasive compared to other things I own.
    I think it’s pretty audacious to invade Safari an icon without asking my permission,
    and only asking when I explicitly launched Evernote.

    And to the guy who’s defending the ads – the ads suck. It’s FREE software, … THAT”S the justification? Hey, if I like something enough I’ll buy it. The more ads, the less I want it. I run from pushy spammy software where people are trying too hard to coerce or business out of me.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Paul, you can remove the Safari extension by unchecking the option in the Evernote for Mac preferences.

      About 98% of the ads that you see promote either features within Evernote that users may not be aware of or complementary products that enhance your Evernote experience. I would hardly call that pushy or spammy.

  • paul d

    Crashed firefox all the time, couldn’t get the swing of it. Wanted to love it.

    ; )

  • jimbob

    February 2011. Evernote Clipper still bumps other toolbar buttons from Safari, now in version 5. Nearly 1-1/2 years after this bug was reported. The main victim? My 1Password button. Guess which one I want most, and which software I’ll be uninstalling? (Hint: Starts with an ‘E’.) Learn to listen to your feedback, dudes.

  • shaitana7

    I liked the Evernote interface, but the inability to edit some notes (rich text) is a no-go for me. Too bad, seems to be a pretty good programa and service, otherwise.

  • Joe Woelich

    Is there any possible way to prevent the Safari Evernote clipper button from hopping positions every dang time I start up the browser? I have 4 extensions installed, 3 of which have buttons; 1password, evernote, adblock plus and flashblock. Evernote is the -only- one that does this. I see all sorts of entries in console log about inserting itself, yet I see no other entries for other extensions. What gives?

  • emma

    How exactly do I get the evernote button on there in the first place?