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Posted by on 12 Mar 2009

Posted by on 12 Mar 2009

For some time now, we have been hard at work on a huge revision to our Windows client. We aren’t ready to release it just yet, but the latest version of Evernote for Windows (3.1) lays some critical groundwork for things to come.

Server-side recognition

In this release, we removed client-side image recognition. This means that images will now be processed on the Evernote servers, and not locally on your Windows desktop. We have a number of reasons for doing this. Mainly, it’s to provide you with better quality recognition. Up to now, whenever we made tweaks and improvements to our recognition technology, we were forced to tie that change to a Windows release (and a lengthy QA cycle) in order to ensure consistent results. By moving all image processing into the cloud, we can be much more aggressive in improving our recognition technology, which benefits all Evernote users.

This change also decreases CPU and RAM usage, which allows Evernote for Windows to run faster and more reliably on a wider range of computers; and it’s a much smaller download –down from a hefty 56MB to a svelte 21MB.

This change does have one significant side-effect. There will no longer be image processing in local-only notebooks, but we feel that this is a good long-term tradeoff.

Improvements all around

We’ve made some nice enhancement to existing features, including:

  • Merged notes will now maintain any associated attributes
  • Better indexing of tags and PDFs
  • Improved handing of Outlook file attachments

Promo Display

The lower left corner of the navigation now has a promo display. Look to that space for update information, tips on how to use Evernote, and (eventually) promotions. Premium subscribers have the option of hiding the display if they wish. Rest assured, none of your data in Evernote will ever be sent or shared with any external companies.

All this, in addition to numerous under-the-hood tweaks and big fixes. We hope you like it. Stay tuned, there are big (BIG) things in the works for Evernote for Windows.


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  • Owen

    Wow. That is a HUGE change.

    I assume that local image recognition is going to be completely dropped as an option because you’d need to maintain it, and most users won’t use it.

    I’m sad to see this go.

    Is there potential for an option that allows local notebooks to send images to the server for recognition, but not storage?

  • ellis

    I don’t know. The promotional display, removing local image processing and shipping with Growl on the Mac side (which I had previously tried to avoid installing). I don’t like the recent direction Evernote has taken and as such, I’m holding off on upgrading to premium. May have to consider alternatives if this continues. The promotional display should have the option to be hidden without upgrading to premium. Even Meebo allows you to do that. Until today I was a huge cheerleader for Evernote. Today though … I’m taking a step back and being cautious.

  • dave voge

    “Improved handing of Outlook file attachments” I don’t notice any difference. Either i would like to drag the attachment directly into evernote or have the attachment added with i clip the entire email. I thought this would address this? I am using outlook 2003

  • Frederic Ducros

    Thanks. WE WANT the “Clip as You See It” that the Mac Users have now. Please, don’t force me to toy with OSX86 just for that 🙂

  • Gareth Berry

    I’m glad I noticed your weasel worded way of saying there would be ads in the release notes before I installed the update. Was it part of the funding requirements to monetize the free version?
    Unfortunately it now looks like you’ve annoyed another part of your userbase on top of the mac users you’d already annoyed (check the tweets). If you responded to the user feature requests in a positive way then maybe people wouldn’t mind so much.
    A tiered pay structure might snag you the users such as myself who don’t need anywhere near the current upload cut off between free and premium but don’t want adds bugging us.

  • Evan

    I think the server-side-only image recognition is a great idea. Looking forward to what the coming months will bring!

  • shadow

    To be honest…not really buying the change. There are reasons for keeping notebooks offline, and the image recognition feature is probably one of the best features of evernote. Would it not be possible to have a seperate version in the client that only works on local notebooks? and update it only when u make new releases?
    I think most of us with local notebooks won’t mind an “old” recognition feature because I’m pretty happy with what it dones as it is already.

  • Jeff

    Interesting. I figured you guys would be quick with turning around more updates since that seems to be a priority post-December funding, but I was expecting/hoping an update for the Iphone app. (Landscape typing is a big deal for me as an Ipod Touch user who can’t always use the mobile note workaround.)

    I think some members of the community will be distraught about the loss of image processing in local-only notebooks, as it forces, say, those tracking scanned receipts to put them in the cloud for image recognition. But I’m sure you’re already expecting that, and I’m sure they’re more than capable of expressing themselves! 🙂

    For me, as I begin the process of refining (and combining) my initial scattershot, this update looks like it may have a lot of things I can put to good use, so thanks!

  • Yun Fu

    I hold off upgrading too. They are definitely not the most important things I am looking for. I hope client side can improve on browsing experience more. Right now it is not even as good as web interface, which has thumbnails for me to quickly find notes. Although imaging processing may be very exciting from technical perspectives, 99.9% of my content is from web pages, whose recall experience is not perfect yet.

  • darkandlong

    ‘there are big (BIG) things in the works for Evernote for Windows.’

    But not for Evernote for Mac?

  • Warrick

    I’m pretty much with Ellis. The image processing doesn’t worry me as much as the ‘Updgrade to Premium’ button which can’t be closed, despite the little X in the corner which is pretty much universal computer interface for ‘close’.

    It looks like Evernote is going towards more ads, reducing features and more heavily promoting the premium version.

    I was heartily recommending Evernote everywhere, until now.

  • Mike

    Used to love Evernote, don’t like the way it’s now going, thinking of deleting it. Sorry.

  • Pete W

    Wow! Loss of local image recognition is a HUGE step backwards! So now I MUST be connected to the net for image recognition to work – what a bummer. Here in Australia, we just don’t have the free hotspots that you Americans enjoy, plus many of our ISPs charge for data UPloads as well as downloads. So pumping images up to the Evernote servers is going to cost us money every time we do it.
    And most of the image recognition is done on my notebook, while NOT connected to the net, currently, and the image only gets uploaded once at the next sync. I can fiddle around getting the image just right, and redoing it as necessary, without worrying about uploading anything, until the next time I connect to the net and sync.
    I agree with the poster above about having the option to use local OR server-side image processing. That would be ideal.

  • Jason

    Local image processing was the only reason I was using Evernote. I have no reason to store the items I have in Evernote online. I don’t mind having to ignore the ads, but I think Evernote just lost the one reason I use it.

  • Ralph

    21mb is HUGE! Why Air Why?

  • charles Schenck

    It hurts me to see successive versions of evernote in desktop forms without a version 1 of the Blackberry app

  • Mladen Mihajlovic

    Local notebooks should retain the offline recognition – there’s a lot of use for that.

    Not sure if I like the advertising idea. Will download and see, but many good apps have lost clients because of throwing advertising down their throats.

    If you ask me, I’d prefer if you focus a bit more on the windows mobile app.

  • simon

    In short the motivation for upgrading shoud because your users find your services useful (which i think everybody did) it should not be because your now holding them to ransom if they want to remove a permament advert from there screen in there already oversturated pushy media lives.

    I don’t mind you promoting your premium service, to me, via email, or popup at the begining of the program, but this one thing alone make evernote rock a good deal less for me today.

    Will be looking at altenatives.

  • Rhys Evans

    Updates are always good – I never used the local OCR, so not something I would miss.

    As for the adverts – I think its fair – Evernote need to make money somehow! Also – they are very small an unoptrusive, it could be so much worse. And if it bothers you that much, well Evernote Premium isnt expensive 🙂

  • Mike Knox

    I mainly use Evernote on an HP Mini Note (Netbook) that ironically is used primarily in areas that I DON’T have internet access. I sync up later when I’m home or near a hotspot. Moving functionality off of the client and into the cloud is not very helpful to me at all. I had moved over from MS-OneNote and was considering upgrading to the Premium service, but may have to reconsider.

  • anibal

    Anyone have the previous version lying around? I regret the upgrade.
    No local recognition is a huge downside. Instead leave it as an optional download or plugin you name it.
    Ad. window with a close button that doesnt do what supposed? Why contaminate the user screen with that?
    And still no thumbnail option? Mac users had that since the first time (even on the web you can have it).
    Sorry guys, no thumbs up from me.

  • erleser

    Yesterday I thought about licencing Evernote for Win — but after the “Upgrade”, I think I’m out: I don’t like “the cloud” for private notebooks (which sometimes have pictures), I use EN, because I’m offline in many places. I hate to see ads without being proper informed about that before installing the so called upgrade. No, that’s not the beste way to make a good thing better.

    Eudora did the same with their ad-window years ago, now, they are long gone. Evernote will go the same way down, I fear. It’s all about broken promises.

  • Mike

    I hope the Evernote team is getting the message that the advert box is going over like a lead balloon–or should I say a lead elephant! I’d hate to see Evernote’s great reputation get trashed over something so trivial.

  • John

    I must admit Evernote really lost something today. I wasn’t as sharp as some users who commented above and pushed eagerly the update button. Boy, I was in for a big surprise with the nifty bottom left corner panel that doesn’t close.

    One person said it is fair that Evernote uses this kind of methods to finance their software. I certainly agree. But I also agree that Everonte became what it is not because of premium content users, but because of people like me, using the free version. Consequently, I assume that this change signifies a trend, a direction the company is going. As many other businesses on the market right now, I think their greed will make them fail. I, for sure, will be less inclined to recommend this program to my friends and will probably start considering alternatives.

    The premium content extras were enough in my mind to create an incentive for free users to upgrade because they were ADVANTAGES. Positive additions. Now the company is going into creating DISADVANTAGES, not limitations, but annoyances, to stimulate the upgraders. This is bad policy and it usually yields bad results.

  • armorix

    I’m a Mac and a Windows user. The “Eudora-sponsored mode style” Promo Box made me revert to a previous version on both Mac and PC.
    This is not a clever move at all.

  • Kalyan

    Hello Evernote Team,
    It is evident that option to offload client side processing is serious a major step backwards. Instead how about following google chrome philosophy. Maintain two versions of releases as per the User Choice, User chooses the processing options and thereby downloads the client updates as per the individual release cycles.

    Abilty to add, index and search notes offline is a lovely feature.. please reconsider.

  • Matsya

    “Improvements all around

    We’ve made some nice enhancement to existing features, including:

    * Merged notes will now maintain any associated attributes
    * Better indexing of tags and PDFs
    * Improved handing of Outlook file attachments”

    Well… 3 features which no one -really- want to have. Please, look at the forum and you could see what we really need.

    Ad… What a STUPID idea! With my MSI Wind (netbook, 10″ screen), your ad prevents me from seing my tags, my attributes and my searches! It’s very big PROBLEM!

    You must erase it. Because of that, you can be sure that you will loose a lot of strong cheerleader users and you won’t have more premium clients. If you want this, you have to work on this ->

    In conclusion, I’m really surprised and disappointed of those news. You fail to meet my expectations!

  • Dino

    I agree with most here that losing the local indexing is a huge disappointment. I use the local notebooks for work information which I do not want to have on an external server. Evernote has now made its product less functional for people like me.

  • Ninjamoeba

    It’s sad to see the windows version becoming adware too.

    The developers ought to be ashamed.

  • Paul

    Does this imply Local only notebooks containing images are not indexed ?

    Keeping a private notebook that I don’t want online was very handy, such as screen shots, so I can find text in error message windows during debugging.

    Removal of image indexing for local notebooks that can’t be indexed on the centrally maintained servers, while maybe they don’t have the latest and greatest algorithms, was just fine the way it was, I’d been happy to pay for a “premium” client that does index imaging of local notebooks…

  • Graeme

    That’s good news on the server-side image processing. Hopefully my Windows client will become useable again !!

  • darkandlong

    In Evernote’s defence… How do you expect them to make any money if they can’t advertise. If it bothers you, spend the tiny amount they ask for a premium account and you won’t have to see them. The plain truth is that everything has to be monetised. You want things for free, you pay the (small) price of advertising.

  • kindfox

    “Merged notes will now maintain any associated attributes”

    To be honest, I don’t like this improvement. I usually clip some sentences from a same webpage and then merge them together.

    Now I have to delete the “associated attributes” manually. Could you please add an option so I can disable or enable this feature myself?

  • dd

    Wow! Love the great new features, such as the informative ‘DelphicOracle Panel’ which frees me from having to be distracted by all those pesky USELESS TAGS, FILTERS, and ATTRIBUTES.

    Had a bit of a learning curve at first, but once I got the hang of it I realized how useful it was to be reminded on a minute to minute basis that tutorials exist on Stupid me, I keep forgetting this stuff. Can you maybe make it easier to remember next upgrade — I’m thinking big, like hmmm… maybe EN could gently nudge me every couple days by, say, formatting a random partition, or if it’s not too inconvenient/out of the way, maybe send someone over to thump my skull with a crowbar? Okay maybe that’s too much to ask. lolroflbbqkittenz.

    And let me just say: you sure made the right decision on my behalf, to trade out half the effective functionality for a bi-monthly bandwidth savings of 30mb. Me and my darn 2.4baud modem totally appreciate it. Pure brilliance.

    Kudos to the team for so thoroughly crippling Evernote for me, and without even asking/telling me… you always seem to know just what your customers want! Insulting our intelligence by passing it off as a feature was a master stroke too.

    And what timing — I literally signed on this morning, debit card in hand, having decided to finally spring for a Premium account today — despite the recession & even though I’m a quite broke grad student. This was before I realized that, far from a long-awaited upgrade with more useful, promised features (true PDF OCR?! Maybe a BlackBerry app finally?!), you pushed onto your unwitting consumers this stripped-down NAGWARE.

    I cannot wait until google and/or micosoft comes out with something better Or some laid-off coder who doesn’t treat his clientèle with total contempt. In conclusion, this rant has been a long time coming, as I’ve been around long enough to remember vividly the beta fiasco. I’m simply stunned by this.

  • Dennis

    I also made the mistake of upgrading, first from v2.2 to v3.0 last fall, and now to v3.1. (I paid for v2.2, but it is no longer supported and I get no credit for it.)

    The large, annoying ad at the bottom left in v3.1 was enough to make me complain to Evernote’s Technical Support. I highly recommend that you repeatedly jab a fork into your forehead rather than try to converse with these geniuses. In short, I’ve gone from being an Evernote advocate to writing this negative blog comment in about a day and a half. I’ve uninstalled Evernote and closed my online account. The ad was just the catalyst; the ensuing conversation made it obvious that the company is heading in the wrong direction.

    Be careful before you get too committed to Evernote. There are some really good alternatives out there.

  • RW

    I don’t know why the windows version always contains a lot less features compared to OSX version like thumbnail-grid view etc. Its not as if those features are harder to implement in windows.

    Also, please remove the adverts, you’re gonna lose a lot of happy customers just because of it.

    Loved your app till today..

  • Matsya

    darkandlong -> you could read this and you will understand a major problem for a lot of users like me

  • Peter

    Wow, what a bunch of whiners. Evernote stated an excellent reason for moving recognition to the cloud. They also added a little ad in the corner to make some money “-oh no! don’t do that just keep giving me more stuff for free!!!” Upgrade to premium you losers.

    I’d be willing to bet 98% of evernote users will continue to be happy with the update. The other 2% won’t part with the dollars for premium anyway.

  • ianam

    “Also, please remove the adverts, you’re gonna lose a lot of happy customers just because of it.”

    They aren’t “customers” if they aren’t paying anything. If you want the adverts removed, all you have to do is pay $45/year. Sheesh.

  • ianam

    “… became what it is not because of premium content users, but because of people like me, using the free version….I think their greed will make them fail….The premium content extras were enough in my mind to create an incentive for free users to upgrade because they were ADVANTAGES.”

    Then why haven’t you? It appears that the greed is all yours — for a stingy $45/year. People who aren’t willing to pay for the product aren’t the sort of evangelists EverNote needs.

  • ianam

    “darkandlong -> [you forgot to enter the link] you could read this and you will understand a major problem for a lot of users like me”

    So you’re saying that, because “a lot” of users aren’t willing to provide PayPal with a credit card and thus will not pay for the service EverNote provides, that EverNote should give it to them for free, without ads, because these people are “loud cheerleaders”? That makes no sense at all — all you “loud cheerleaders” (who yell that EverNote is “STUPID” and disappointing and fails to meet your expections) are bringing to EverNote is other people who aren’t willing to pay — which means added costs for EverNote. EverNote has adopted the standard business model for dealing with freeloaders — ad revenue, with a premium upgrade path. If these “cheerleaders” stop using the service, that’s no loss to EverNote, since they weren’t paying, weren’t going to pay, and weren’t bringing in others who were going to pay. Premium users are mature, successful people who have no trouble paying $45/year for a service that provides so much value, and are able to make a rational risk assessment in regard to providing a credit card to PayPal — and there “a lot” of people like that.

  • Jason S

    I for one have become dependent on EverNote, loving it since it’s very early days – and convincing countless others at home/work to do the same. I went premium, not because I needed *or used* any of the extras really, but to support a project and folks that I believed in, because I seen what was possible with the first few releases, and imagined what might happen when future releases arrived. Thankfully, I read before upgrading to the latest ver, because making local notebook images non-indexed/processed is a game ender for me. I use local notebooks for stuff i either don’t want online, or for large indexes that I dont want using my allotted limits – why would I want to keep paying for less functionality?

    I could care less about the ads, I pay for my premium version with pride – but making a significant change like this leaves me to look for an alternative, and end my support for what I thought was one of the most innovative products I’ve used. Shame guys, shame. Ads we can live with, taking away functionality that costs you nothing to leave in – and benefits us.. that’s just not the company i thought you were.

    ;( – One Sad Evernoter

  • Matsya

    I’ve no trouble to pay 45$/year, for example, I’m a client of MobileMe. I WANT to pay for the premium account, but I don’t want to use Google Checkout or Paypal. If you think that giving such valuable info to Paypal is a rational risk, I understand why you can’t understand the problem.

    And, I’m okay with using ads to promote Evernote, but adding those sort of ads on the product isn’t the best way to succeed.

  • Michelangelo Capraro

    i just want to say that i think the product is great, i’m glad its eating up less resources and am a big proponent of the cloud, so moving image recognition there makes sense to me.

    i’m still awaiting those features and little details i miss from onenote: remove the pencil and pen cursor in inking mode when on a tablet, it would feel that much more natural. and implement inking and entering text in the same space, it changes and greatly will improve the inking experience in your product.

    as for the ads: c’mon guys, you cant get everything for free. this is a great product and if they need to make money to survive, then help them out rather than complaining.

    to evernote: i’m assuming (and hoping) most evernote users are totally fine with the changes, but if you find that is not the case then just make the ad smaller and in the titlebar or something, but dont remove it because of a few loud folks.

  • Jeremie

    Evernote guys, what about Windows Mobile? Where’s the update love there? I really can not use Evernote until Windows Mobile – at the very least – gets offline storage.

  • Frederic Ducros

    What bunch of cheap 🙂


    The software is good. It is far from perfect, but the reason we see it is because we rely more on it.

    I will agree with some of the comments that there are a bunch of important features that are starting to seriously be past “fashionably late”.

    But for the nagware… come on, be rasonable. If you have a computer, internet, probably an iPhone or other cameroa phone/pda, Windows, and a bunch of other gadges (otherwise, you would not know about Evernote) and can’t afford $45/year, you deserve the title of chp bstd.

    And if you are really SO MUCH into free open source, go get tomboy, put it on linux, and get out of here.

  • Frederic Ducros

    God…. BMW and MErcedes Benz ae SO NOT into Free Open Source. Just to check, I went to a couple of car dealers this week, and asked them for a free version of their car, with the adware. THEY DIDN’T WANT. Man…

    Can you imagine that? They didn’t want to let me use their car for free. It’s called free ride, I told them. I think they were German and didn’t get it.

    Anyway, dear Evernote team, please disregard this crowd who will never pay, but also, try and be more interactive with your paying user base around the product roadmap.

    Doing “technical improvements” is fine. t’s part of the deal, but the UI is important too, and new features, well in demand, would be good too…

  • David

    I’m a Premium user these days. But one of the things that sold me the most on Evernote was how well they treated free users: fairly logical limits on use, no distracting promos or ads. I don’t know that I’d have even used Evernote enough to want to pay for it if I had the promo box thing up all the time. It’s not so nice.

  • Roberto

    Couldn’t there be an option about that? It would really be helpful for those (like me) who can’t be online at all times.

    What if I don’t upgrade to the new version, how much more would I be missing?

  • JD

    Solutions :

    1. Make client side image processing available as a post-download add-in. Don’t maintain it, just offer it as is – 90% of people are perfectly happy with it (like me) and aren’t very comfortable with Evernote (or anyone) having complete access to all imported images, no matter what their privacy statement says (like me).

    2. Float the ad box & make it always on top. This allows it to be moved around WHEN it gets in the way for someone (like having a 10″ screen).

    Outcome :

    1. Everyone stops getting narked with ‘Local’ notebooks going the way of the dinosaurs.
    2. Atombook users don’t have the ads preventing them from actually using the software.

  • Pyatno

    I’m a OneNote user and have been using the free version of Evernote for month or so now, to try it out. I really liked it. After using Onenote, Evernote is a dream, especially the tagging.

    The free-version ad screen blew that out of the water. It’s placed to interfere with the tags. It doesn’t just sit there, it’s an actual loss of functionality. In all honesty I would have preferred reduced account space to the ad box. Yes, you want to monetize the free version, but something about its placement comes across as a big “eff you” to the users of the free version. Most people are going to use the free version before upgrading. Reducing its functionality may not be the way to go.

    I’d happily pay $45 for this program. $90, assuming I use it for 2 years? No. I am not sure what I am renting there. Permanent storage on someone else’s servers? I don’t need that. All I need is syncing between computers. Image indexing only when I am on-line? That’s another net *loss* of functionality.

    I can certainly see where some people would find these useful features, enough that they would pay $45/year or $5/month ($1 for 100Mb of storage!?). Unfortunately there are a lot who don’t need that. I am already renting third-party server space, I don’t want more.

    You have a great product, but I am not sure about your pricing structure. Onenote is bloated, clunky, and the tagging is a trainwreck. But it is more economical over the long term. Even if it doesn’t do it well, it does what I need. All the useless crap on it that I don’t need? At least I only paid for it once.

  • clartusk

    I paid for 2.2 but was happy to move to 3 when it provided a cross-platform solution.

    But more adware?! Not on my boxes. I’ll miss the image recognition stuff a little, but will gladly forgo it rather than have yet another nag added to my life.


  • salesgeek

    I use Evernote Premium on a Mac, and two PCs. Thank you for the v3.1 improvements to the Windows client. As a regular “switcher” who uses both platforms I have two requests that I haven’t seen on this thread. These improvements are about consistency between Mac & PC.

    1) Where is the side-by-side view in Windows? I hate the top and bottom view. This is a MUST HAVE.

    2) Put the tags below the title in the Windows version like the Mac version. I know it’s only one tag but annoying as heck when using Windows and Mac on a daily basis.

    The Mac client is far superior. Hopefully from the blog entries this signifies the Windows client isn’t going to be a low priority in the future.

    Thanks for the great product. I know some users are hating loosing local image search but for me that’s not a biggie as I sync my notebooks to my iPhone. If I didn’t, I could see how I would have more local notebooks.

    Great work on the fantastic iPhone client (and previous update with local notes).


  • Vitali

    Bad place for adv, especially for widescreen netbooks. It would be much better to use status bar (bottom line) for some text promotions.
    And if you want some money, make additional plans (e.g I don’t need extra 500mb, but file synchronization can be useful, if it will cost half of current price)

    Anyway, thanks for good app

  • garmone

    I’m also of the mind that the addition of ads to the desktop client is a big step backwards making this a much less appealing service. Granted, I’m speaking only from the standpoint of a user and I recognize that there has to be a way to make money if the service is to continue.

    I am a convert from google notebook and will now have to seek out an alternative… too bad.

  • Matsya

    I’m very surprised of the aggressiveness of some people here. If I won’t pay nothing, I could understand that someone tell me to move along, but, it is really not the case. I repeat: I want to pay for a premium account, but I can’t with those ways.

    Please, be cool. Everybody here want the succeed of Evernote and be happy to use it in general.


  • Local Indexing Imperative

    ok, I can live with the ads. I love Evernote, the ad is small, and I’d upgrade if I was still employed.

    But no local indexing? What in the world are you thinking?

    I certainly won’t put my medical information, business receipts, income tax scans or other similarly sensitive images in the cloud.

    Looks like I’m back to MS Onenote 2007.

    Was thrilled to switch to Evernote so I could lessen the grip of Microsoft’s tentacles, but waddaya know, Evernote’s even more insidious.

    And to bill it as an upgrade worth paying for!

    Get a set of brains to match, whydoncha?

  • Cyber

    Ok I’ve been an Evernote user for a long time. I don’t mind you including an ad to support your software but right on top of the tags area??

    It’s poorly placed and w/o warning!

    Also Evernote has been getting SLOWER AND SLOWER.

    It’s becoming more like crippleware lately. Is premium service supposed to be faster?

    Also why do you keep dropping features that were common to prior versions? I am still missing 2x features thinking they would come back. I had to carry a thumb drive around back then but at least my notes were MY notes!

    Ugh, I’ve had enough, going to look for other note taking software.

    Former Evernotes Lover

  • Arthur

    The fact that I’m a paying subscriber and I have to close the little ad window is awful. That was a really poor decision.

  • Matke

    Throughout the week I struggled with the new EN “features” I was lured into. And all the time I really wanted to leave a post how annoyed I am. Only now, after I had read the comments on this blog entry, I realized how many people complain.

    As to ads, your yearly fee for a premium account does not work for me either. Since I am mostly using EN for personal textual notes, I do not need any of the premium features. I am seriously considering going back to One Note. Please come up with a more diversified fee structure.

    But the thing that upset me most was the updated merge command that now adds these gray boxes and other stuff. I typically clip paragraphs from the same webpage and merge them together. I cannot believe that you left out the option that controls note merging.


  • Gio

    Like many others have said: removing the local ocr is a big step backwards. I use Evernote only with local notebooks, and I don’t want to send around scans of my bills, receipts, invoices and letters. If you’ll do that I’ll stick with 3.1 and look for alternatives.

  • gbroiles

    Dropping local image processing makes me think Evernote isn’t going to work out for me after all.

    I have been meaning to upgrade to Premium because I realize you guys need cash to stay alive – and I don’t mind paying for software.

    However, I’m an attorney, and the documents I want to index contain other people’s information, and there’s no way in **** that I’m going to send that to your servers. I’m sure you’re nice people and everything, but there are too many ways something can go wrong.

    I am disappointed. I may (or may not, depending on the alternatives I find) use Evernote for personal projects, but for work it just became useless.

    It may be that I’m trying to use Evernote in a way that it wasn’t intended to be used – but I don’t see how it’s practical to have people uploading tens or hundreds of megabytes of images to your servers to be indexed. Computing power is cheap enough (and processing can be batched) so I see how that’s plausible, but given your current storage/transfer limits I think image processing locally is the only option for me, privacy/confidentiality issues aside.

  • Srikanth

    I don’t mind the ads. But please retain the off-line image recognition option.

  • Srikanth

    Now this is crazy!
    You have comment moderation and yet didn’t moderate Mr. Frederic Ducros jibe at free users in his second comment – “What bunch of cheap”!

    What’s the point in moderation then?!

  • BAM

    I used the offline image recognition regularly for receipts, which I keep as a local only notebook and don’t want making their way online.

    Not so keen on the ad box either, but I guess everyones gotta make a buck.

    I’ve gone back to 3.1.1034 for now, if I’m forced to upgrade and there is no local image recognition, I guess that will be it for me and evernote.

  • LeMel


    Love this product. But I have to tell you – I DEPEND on local recognition for several uses of Evernote – please bring that back in some form – even limited. I’d planned to add other family members and upgrade to premium, but without local recognition, I have no reason to now. My family project requires it.


  • Amaron

    Evernote has turned into FeedDemon.

    I don’t like ads in sidebar.

  • Arthur

    Regarding the ads …

    It seemed like the first version with ads made you close it every time you opened the application, which would have been annoying. Checking it out now, it looks like you only have to close it once. As far as I’m concerned, that’s as good as there being no ads. So now I turn them back on once in a while to make sure I’m not missing something.

  • Fenders

    As a new user, I’m really bummed about two things. First, in the Windows version, there’s no thumbnail option!!! This makes it completely bulky/unwieldy. Please fix. That should be easy!!

    Second – in the iphone app, there’s no way to clip from websites. Please add a browser/search inside the evernote app to resolve this problem.

  • Garry

    * Merged notes will now maintain any associated attributes
    * Better indexing of tags and PDFs
    * Improved handing of Outlook file attachments

    I think this is great…

    But I hate ads, they are really annoying..I will use for work definetely!


  • Tracy

    I just discovered Evernote and was excited to download and install it on my Windows box. I was slightly bummed by the ad box, but not a complete deal killer.

    No local image processing, however, is a deal killer. I just can’t see uploading receipts and other potentially private data up to the cloud for processing.

    Sadly uninstalling.

  • Sam

    HERE is what you should do:

    Two version. Let us buy one version (one time payment) that will be OFFLINE ONLY -with- local recognition.

    Other version can be an ONLINE/OFFLINE -without- local recognition, and MONTHLY subscription.

    Otherwise Evernote is doomed. Trust me.

  • Gene

    I was going to try evernote out even though I was alittle dubious of the online nature of it.. I want a good desktop app for taking notes locally…

    I read about the ads in the desktop version though and I’m completely turned off.. Sorry but i don’t want to look at ads all day.

  • Neil

    I’ve used evernote for a couple of days now and I like it. However, If I was going to use it for personal/private stuff or at work, where I deal with other peoples information, It would have to be an offline only application (with offline image processing).

    Thats something I would happily pay for.

  • Neel

    I Love this program, but my main concern is that when i save an email from outlook using the evernote Icon I could just see the message but not the actual attachment this is very important for me please help

    Thank you

  • Luisa Lu

    I was an early beta tester before there was image processing. I really needed image processing and was excited to hear that when it became available, though I didn’t have time to check it out then. Now I’m back, I’m very disappointed that local image processing is no longer available. As several people have already said, there are many file I would not be willing to upload to the cloud, such as receipts, one of the primary things I want processed. This is very unfortunate, as I would definitely be willing to pay for an offline version.

  • John Q

    Is it possible to uninstall 3.1 or do you have to do a full os reinstall

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The standard Windows uninstall procedure should work: Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Evernote. If you are having problems, I recommend contacting our support team:

  • hate ads

    I just “upgraded” and see that you ruined Evernote by showing ads. I considered paying for a premium account, but when I saw the ridiculous $45/year price tag I bailed. $5/year and I would have bought it. Oh well, I’ll just find something else that doesn’t annoy me with ads.