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Posted by on 25 Mar 2009

Posted by on 25 Mar 2009


Did you know that Evernote has a sister company that only works on digital ink and handwriting recognition products for pen-enabled devices? They’re called Ritescript, and they just released a major new version of their ritePen Pro 3.1 software. If you use Evernote for Windows and have a pen tablet or tablet PC, then ritePen might completely change the way you use your computer; and they’re offering a big discount for Evernote users!

In their own words

ritePen is an advanced handwriting recognition software for Microsoft Windows-based pen-enabled computers. Users of ritePen can write anywhere on their screen or other input surface and have their handwriting instantly converted to text for use in any Windows application, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and numerous others.

ritePen + Evernote

ritePen turns your entire screen into a canvas, so your writing is never constrained. You can jot notes, grab and annotate screen content, even launch applications, all without ever reaching for a mouse. The best part is how well it works with Evernote.

Feature: Handwriting recognition

There seems to be an inverse relationship between time spent at a computer and clarity of my handwriting. Luckily, ritePen can deal with whatever you throw at it. Whether you have your third grade teacher’s perfect penmanship or something more akin to a monkey doctor (either interpretation), ritePen will recognize it and place the text right where you need it regardless of where on the screen you write.

Feature: Annotation

See something interesting on the web? Quickly annotate what you like using ritePen’s markup tool, then click the Send to Evernote button to send the image directly into Evernote on your desktop. Since ritePen is designed to be an extension of natural handwriting, you won’t find any bounding boxes or region selection options. Instead, ritePen automatically creates an invisible box around the area that you annotate, so you get only what you want. If you want to capture a larger area, simply draw four dots around the area you wish to capture and ritePen does the rest.

Feature: Macros

ritePen allows you to assign handwritten shortcuts, which perform predefined actions. For example, you can assign a circled “w” to launch Wikipedia or have a circled “en” open up a blank note in Evernote. Does it get any simpler than that?

Feature: Smart Navigation

When you’re working with a pen computer, nothing breaks your productive groove faster than having to switch your brain from “now I’m writing some text” to “now I’m navigating around the system.” With ritePen, you don’t have to think about it. When you move your pen in ritePen, it automagically figures out whether you meant to write text, grab a scrollbar, click a button, resize a window, or fire off a macro. Pen navigation becomes almost invisible, and you can concentrate on the work at hand!

Get 40% OFF

For a limited time, Evernote users get ritePen Pro 3.1 for 40% OFF the regular price. Hurry, this offer won’t last. To purchase, go to the purchase page, select ritePen Pro 3.1, and enter the following coupon code during checkout: ritePenPro31En3Special


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  • Charles

    All the links are dead. Is the site down?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Charles Thanks for pointing that out. We’re looking into it.
      Update: Should be back up now.

  • Jim Kumpula

    Have you guys looked into livescribe. I am using this and would really love to export my notes to evernote

  • chris

    I’m testing ritePen Pro 3.1 w/evernote (portable install), and I think it’s a great product. Unfortunately, the “clip to Evernote” function doesn’t work. It spawns a command window, but no note gets created.

    Otherwise, it’s a great product by its own merits, and I encourage others to at least try it out.

  • Andrew

    Any news about Anoto compatibility with Evernote

  • Disabled Dating

    Yes, I agree, ritepen pro rocks but I can’t get it to work with Evernote either. Any comments about this ?

  • Onno ter Wisscha

    I second the request to look into Livescribe.
    All my notes and drawings on paper are already digitized bij my Pulse pen.
    Please create a smooth way to throw these into Evernote.
    Creating screenshots in order to do this is not so smooth….

  • Jeff Hartman

    Yes please…. Livescribe support. That and Evernote are my two most used (and recommended) applications.

  • Craig Peterson

    Another call for Livescribe support — on a Mac!

    I used to use a pad-based solution, Adesso, which introduced me to Evernote, but they don’t support Mac. I’m fortunate enough to not have to use Windows anymore, but have had to leave a few things behind. Livescribe does support my Macs…

  • josh

    +1 Livescribe Support (on Mac)

  • Eric

    Livescribe once again!! Have it, love it, and wish like hell I could just drop notes right into evernote.

    Seriously, think about something with those pen guys.

  • manuel

    WISHLIST: PAPERIUM integration…

    Hey you guys! Livescribe is great – but check out PAPERIUM. It is very similar to livescribe – but with a fantastic mac integration and the possibility to export your notes as txt, (YES it recognizes handwritten notes as text!!!), svg, jpeg, eps… whatever…

    Please check out paperium – it is as great as evernote – and it is “green” also… please connect to the paperium guys and make a synchronization possible between my handwritten notes and evernote! PLEASE!

  • Barbara'

    You don’t mention the kind of pen that is used to “write”. Will anything pointed do? Or is a special pen required? What kind of pen is not good for the screen?

    I would be using it for iphone.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Barbara ritePen is for Windows-based tablet PCs or pen-tablet devices only, so it will not work on your iPhone. Supported devices normally come with a special pen or stylus.

  • Ernie Hutton

    Are you working on ritePen for Mac?

  • monkey bean

    How I use Evarnote with C64 Geos! Is Evanote compatible with Final Cartridge III??

  • David Bourne

    I am also interested in Livescribe integration. It uses open source technology, so maybe the Evernote geniuses can make them work together.

  • Jackie

    Ritescript looks great. I’m also interested in Livescribe support. Thanks.

  • nagendra singh

    Yeah! Ritescript does looks great… I am too also interested in Livescribe support. Graci!!
    free calls

  • Lynette Chandler

    Another vote for Livescribe pretty please.

  • Arjan de Haas

    +1 Livescribe Support please

    @Andrew Sinkov: To bad you don’t respond to all the livescribe requests.

  • jeremy

    +1 livescribe pulse smartpen, me too!

  • haydn

    +1 Livescribe integration

  • Nick Kedev

    +1 for Livescibe.


  • Eugene

    +1 for Livescribe integration

  • Bob P

    +1 for Livescribe support

  • Rich...!

    +1 for Livescribe support

  • Waldi

    +1 for Livescribe support

  • Alan Kent

    +1 for Livescribe support! Ideally image and sound recording (if one was made)

  • Zack Schwenk

    +1 for Livescribe support

  • will

    +1 for Livescribe

  • Nishant Pyasi

    +1 for Livescribe PLEASE!

  • Doug

    Livescribe integration and my life will be complete

  • Wayne

    +1 on Livescribe support

  • Chris

    Here’s another for Livescribe integration.

  • Robert

    Just adding my request for Livescribe support. I barely use Evernote because my handwritten stuff is all in Livescribe.

  • Martin

    +1 for Livescribe support!

  • NL

    Yet another for Livescribe. Please!

    Limited integration to Livescribe is the one thing that keeps me having to maintain 2 platforms

  • Justin Fenwick

    +1 for livescribe!

  • Moises


    A vote to integration with Mobile Digital Scribe.

  • Moises

    Livescribe people, see this:

    Evernote guys, please integrate with this….

  • blayn

    +1 for Livescribe support! Please please!

  • Brandon

    +1 livescribe under os x

  • Mal

    +2 for Livescribe! Wife and I can’t wait for this combination. Oh my!

  • Pam

    JUST was given a Livescribe pen — my first question was “Does it interface with Evernote?” So add my plea for integration.

  • Ryan

    Another vote for Livescribe integration

  • Mark Stewart-Pearson

    Integration with livescribe would be great. Esp. for the mac.

  • Barry

    My vote for Liverscribe integration, please. I use the pen and notebook religiously, then have my notes converted to text using “Myscript for Livescribe.”


  • Dajuroka

    Livescribe please guys – love Evernote (maybe you should buy Livescribe if it is a competing product)! If you are my second brain for life then you have to deal with these documents too.
    (Love the podcasts and say gidday from downunder to the Elephants in the cage.)

  • Ian Mullane

    Live scribe would be great guys, it would be the final part of my jigsaw puzzle as sometimes you just have to be writing stuff down

  • arief

    have no idea with live scribe…ganna search for this term and use it if possible…

  • Corey

    I’ve Been an Evernote Pro user for a year now and am a proud owner of a livescribe pen for a week. The marriage of these two would be awesome!

    Please Evernote and Livescribe crew – add official support/integration!

  • China Tablet PC

    Another vote for Livescribe integration

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We have a LiveScribe integration:

    • android mid

      more vote for Livescribe integration

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Livescribe has integrated Evernote:

  • mapan

    good suggestion. Thanks for your post about good software. like ritePen Pro