Evernote for iPhone Hits 2.0

Posted by on 01 Apr 2009

Posted by on 01 Apr 2009

Evernote for iPhone gets its first major update in a few months, and it was well worth the wait. The latest release (version 2.0) introduces landscape support, thumbnail view, Favorites sorting, speed improvements, and lots of other enhancements. Update/install the latest from the App Store.


Evernote now supports landscape orientation for many of its application screens. This is particularly useful when creating or editing a note, as it brings up the spacious landscape keyboard.


Thumbnail view

Turn your iPhone on its side when in Notes View to launch thumbnails. This side-scrolling view is great for quickly scanning through your notes. Tap on a note to access it, or hold your finger on a note to get a quick zoom.

thumbnail view

Sort your favorites

Evernote for iPhone now lets you change the order of your favorites. Go to Favorites, tap Edit, then press on the three horizontal lines on the right side of the note. When you do this, the note pops out, letting you move it to any position you like.


Embedded browser

There’s now an embedded browser within the app. Whenever you click on a link in a note, the browser will launch right inside of Evernote. This makes viewing web pages, and returning to your notes when you’re done, a whole lot faster and easier.

Lots of other improvements

In addition to the big things, we’ve also made a number of smaller (but no less important) enhancements

  • The application loads quicker
  • A nip here, a tuck there and the UI just became much more polished
  • Attaching a photo to a note is way speedier
  • Note geo-tagging is much more accurate
  • Improved support for favorites, including access to attached files

As always, we recommend giving you’re iPhone a cleansing reboot after upgrading to the new version of Evernote. Call us superstitious, but that just seems to make it work much smoother.

iPhone 3.0

Like many of you iPhone fans out there, we’re very excited about the recent iPhone 3.0 news. We have lots of ideas for ways to take full advantage of all the new capabilities. Stay tuned.


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  • Alex Wilson

    Thank you!

  • activo

    evernote for blackberry 1.0???

  • Vrokolos

    The application loads quicker
    This is the greatest feature ever! I can finally remove iphone’s ‘notes’ application from the bottom row

  • Norm

    Evernote is the best web app to come out since Al Gore invented the Internet!

  • Michelle

    It looks like a great update! It does appear, however not to work with iPhone OS 3 beta 2. As a developer I have the new OS. I just get a spinning wheel when opening up a note. Oh well.

    Can’t wait to see what Evernote has planned for 3.0. :). Keep up the good work.

  • Gadgetto

    The new features for Evernote (iPhone) are very exciting! Thanks for the big update!
    (There is one small cosmetical problem: in embeded browser the bottom tollbar is too big! maybe you could change this an save some space…)

    I think it’s time to upgrade my account!

  • Oopsh!

    Oh my!!!

  • cassetti

    Lets see a version for linux next! I still am not entirely happy with evernote on my HTC touch pro. Its just too…… inefficient

  • Well

    Yep… These fanboys sure don’t show any love for the Blackberry…

  • sfnando

    The landscape mode is a great improvement and the camera notes seem faster, BUT it’s now crashing in several places quite frequently. When I’m deleting notes from the favorites page and the notes view page. It goes back to the home screen, and doesn’t delete 🙁

  • Jeff

    *Very* excited about this update, Evernote. Thank you!!

  • pj

    Looks great! I agree, let’s have Evernote on Linux! Please?

  • Gary

    I can’t even tell you how much you guys ROCK! I will be gladfully be renewing every year. This is absolutely the best service ever, and this just demonstrates the commitment you guys have to keeping your customers happy. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Dan

    Same as Michelle, I’m a dev on OS 3.0 b2 and it just gives me the spinner forever when trying to view a note. Looks like a great update though, can’t wait ’til I get to use it 🙂

  • Leonid

    Thanks a lot! Evernote is my favorite app in iPhone and macbook

  • Chris Kraft

    Add me to the list of OS 3.0 b2 testers who have the spinning forever problem when trying to view notes.

    Its too bad, I really liked using evernote. Hopefully it will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.

  • Alex Leonard

    +1 on Evernote for linux – and also, what about a Symbian app! It’s not like Symbian is not highly used 😉

    “Nokia maintained its No. 1 position with 42.4 per cent market share in the third quarter of 2008, but for the first time it recorded a decline in sales of 3 per cent year-on-year (see Table 1).”

  • I D

    Still no editing notes?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @I D Evernote for iPhone does let you edit text notes.

  • Matthijs Langenberg

    Too bad it doesn’t work on OS 3.0 beta 2. Will resort to the default Notes app or try the web interface.

    Keep up the good work though!

  • Fred

    does this version have ads like the latest desktop version? Just asking before I commit to an update.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Fred There are no ads.


    A native Android app would add big numbers to the list of paid customers…

  • Terri Hamilton

    And there was great rejoicing!

  • M

    Will you guys be opening up the API to any languages other than Java? It crashes out a lot in my browser.

  • Aaron

    I’m very disappointed you’re continuing to update the iPhone client without even providing a basic client for Blackberry (which has a bigger installed userbase than the iPhone).

  • Rob

    Definitely one of my favorite applications for the iPhone.

  • Chris

    +1 on the BB client. Not having a BB client is the only missing Evernote element keeping me from becoming a paying customer. I’d use Evernote more often, too.

    Own an iPhone, love the client. Use a Storm for work, miss the client. Won’t touch WinMo with a 100-foot pole.

  • Maria Duval

    Just installed Evernote on my iphone and is really very happy with it. Nothing problems whatsoever. It’s really easy to use too. Thanks!

  • Lars

    nice, but it’s a lot of crashes, even though the lack of RAM on the iphone makes that..but there were a lot of crashes wheni tried the new version

  • Yoann

    Good job, your app is well designed. I’m fan !

  • Iyaz

    Does anyone know if you can edit Pending Notes on the iPhone/iPod Touch?

  • fc

    nothing on canada apstore 🙁

  • DL

    @fc I’m in Canada and using evernote 2.0 on my iPhone

  • jm

    Lanscape is nice – but I can’t view the notes on my Touch since this update. Usually, offline, I can still view the notes that I can’t edit. Their thumbnails are there, but selecting them shows me blank notes…

  • fc

    ahh you are right DL. I had no idea that the name was still Evernote and not Evernote 2. Thinking Evernote was the first version. It works perfectly and the app is awesome. Thanks evernote

  • Javier Plumey

    Fantastic! I love Evernote more every day. Great work and thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Kevin Vuong

    +1 to the iphone 3.0b2 users with the spinning ball when trying to open a note. The note preview shows up fine, but opening note has spinning ball.

  • jm

    Whoops – it appears I was mistaken. I must “favorite” notes to make them offline-viewable on the Touch:

    My bad!

  • RedeTeemiaDig

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  • Jonathan Gardner

    +1 for the developers with iPhone 3.0b2 that get the spinning ball when trying to open a not. I love Evernote and use it all the time. Now I can’t see any of my notes…

  • Logan

    Evernote is a fairly new find for me but I love it already. reagrading the iphone-Evernote functionality, it’s great now as far as I’m concerned and I’m sure will only get better with continued user feedback and love and care by the developers.


  • Rick

    Evernote has truly made my IPhone extremely useful. Before, I viewed it as mostly a nice “toy”. Evernote has enabled me to use it in more ways than I thought when I initially bought it.

    Great application.

  • Anthony L

    Wonderful update…thanks!

  • Jason

    AWESOME! I was wondering about this the other day. Any plans for this on the Blackberry Storm?

  • Dylan

    Hope some of these features some to the windows mobile app :3

  • alan

    a quick issue. It seems that, in order to read note offline, every note need to first be read when the ipod touch connected to the internet. But snapshot do not have this problem.
    Can you just simply make all the notes available offline once they are synchronized?

  • Ken

    +1 on BB app! Since app world came out, it may help provide more coverage on Evernote? I would gladly pay for premium service to have a BB app.

  • Sean Mally

    Thanks! Awesome app for my phone.

  • domene

    Fantastic! I love Evernote more every day. It does appear, however not to work with iPhone OS 3 beta . Keep up the good work.

  • DaNy

    Thank you guys. Great app for my iphone.

  • Ross

    Does anyone know of an app like Evernote that works on 3.0 beta? I hate to switch, but I need something that works on the beta

  • Maggy

    This is awesome I love evernote on my iPhone


  • marnix

    makes me want to buy a iPhone and throw away my blackberry

  • Sam

    How do I open Individual Notes for Viewing…this is frustrating me…

  • Shirley

    This just sounds so neat it almost makes me cry! The reason for that is that my phone is Sprint’s Instinct (which I like fine … but iPhone gets all the goodies). I needed to go with Sprint because it’s the only carrier that has a decent signal where I live.

    I’ve been an Evernote addict for several years and can’t live without it. If only I had a really practical way to use it on my phone, my life would be complete.

  • Noel99

    Is the a linux version? Thanks

  • Andrewsteave

    Thank you evernote, its really awesome, it seems really nice, and the landscape orientation and the embedded browsers are some of good features. Evernote is the best applications for i-phones.

  • Fischer-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

    Oh man – and yet another reason to get an iPhone…

  • Scott B.

    Thanks for the update! Like the landscape function. Have some friends who would like it on the BB.

  • Bakersfield Bankruptcy Attorney

    Man this thing gets better and better. I agree, the landscape is just sick. the whole unit is just SLEEK. lovin it

  • Arthur

    This application is fantastic, thank you for the update.

    Is there any way to set favorites from the desktop or web apps? That would be really useful.

  • krabbe

    I love evernote, but there are still some problems with syncing to iPhone.
    The single-view of notes I created on my mac doesn’t work for me. Only headline and a blank white page come up after sync on iPhone.
    I’m on iPhone OSX 2.2 with jailbreak…

  • Kris

    Where is our BlackBerry client? We have a larger install base than the iPhone, dammit!

  • Mickey

    I would love to see Evernote as a Blackberry App. Several of my friends have iPhones and use Evernote. I just cannot give up my Blackberry.

  • Larry

    I am also having the blank note problem on my iPhone evernote client. Notes sync across my Macs, syncing in Evernote on the phone updates the thumbnails but EVERY note is blank when I open them.

    Not very useful in this mode. 😉 Appears to be a looking problem, any word from Dev?

  • Prescott Hardcastle

    I love Evernote for the PC. I am glad to see it will replace several apps that I am currently using each day

  • doug hemphill

    Oh, I would love this new iphone. I wish it wasn’t exclusive to ATT.

  • Jared

    Awesome Thanks for the info

  • Sean

    This is nice!! Now if we can get it for the Blackberry too!!

  • altrenda

    Still waiting for the Android client. I have stopped using evernote and have found other solutions, but miss some evernote features.

  • jshoreman

    The iphone has almost become as useful as a computer, with the range of apps you can get and the growing number of websites you can visit on an iphone.

  • AJ

    Love this app.
    Would LOVE to be able to add TO DO list items on the iphone.

  • Michael Morgan

    +1 for Blackberry!

  • Alex

    The landscape orientation is a really great improvement.

  • Michael G

    Is it possible to make ALL notes Offline by default within he iPhone app, perhaps via the iPhone Preferences? Or can this be done via the Mac OS X version of Evernote?


  • Alan

    Yes, Evernote is a great app. My biggest wish is that it has the option to keep the notes on the iPhone — cached — instead of requiring a live connection. I’ve tried using “favorites” but it’s 1) cumbersome because each note must be edited, and 2) it doesn’t always work in offline mode.

    Recently, I needed a note while flying and, later, at a location without cell service. So I was SOL.


  • Negro

    Sounds great… thanks guys!!!

  • Todd

    I too would love for the notes to be saved locally to my iPhone, so I can access them without a cell/wifi connection.

    Any update on this? Is this possible to do now?


  • Maskus

    Good job!

    Just a little idea: It will be great if you include a bookmarklet for Safari in Iphone, so we can save pages or text while we are surfing with the iPhone.

    The current version of Evernote for iphone it’s useful only to check what i saved while i was surfing with my desktop.


  • Evan

    Don’t take programming time away from your great product to support Blackberry. Evernote is just perfect on iPhone. A blackberry version of your good software will simply prolong the death spiral of the legacy Blackberry platform, and will encourage Blackberry users to annoy their IT departments with further requests to support RIM’s crappy Enterprise Server software. The sooner that thing dies, the better. No apps = cut off Blackberry’s air supply.

    Meanwhile, I love Evernote. I tell everyone about it, except the benighted who do not have an iPhone yet 🙂

  • Warai

    Having the same problem as several other users. The thumbnails update listing all of my notes but I cannot view any of them. After opening them it merely displays a blank white page. Any clue why this would be happening?

  • Warai

    If you are having troubles with notes just being blank when you open them try what I did. Uninstall Evernote, turn your iPhone/iPod Touch off and then on again (don’t just respring) and then reinstall the app. It is now working perfectly for me. Amazing app.

  • Mike

    First of all congratulations on a great product suite. I do think you guys may be missing out on a revenue opportunity though. I can’t imagine I’ll need enough bandwidth to justify paying for a premium account (never say never though!). I would, however, pay for a much, much better iPhone app. That would mean the ability to cache all or some of my notebooks to my iPhone. There are plenty of occasions when i have no or limited connectivity and where this is essential. Security on the iPhone needs to be improved too. The regular logon is a little cumbersome on such a small device and again, doesn’t work at all if there is no connectivity. Much better to have an iPhone pin in place. Styling could be improved too.

  • Robert

    Evernote is such a wonderful idea/program. However, I am having a problem integrating the “saving” function into my use of it on my iphone. By that, I mean that I use evernote on my iphone exclusively for quick voice notes (because I am very verbal and also trying to type a note into the iphone is like trying to get in your car with a coat hanger–big fingers maybe). And when I am holding on to a thought I appear to be too preoccupied to be able save the notes through the illogical steps the Evernote program requires(stop>save>save(again for naming). Is there any way to bypass this (i.e. simply through a “preference” option) such that when I hit “stop” it saves the note . . period. For this I would pay $100, without it for me Evernote is more than useless as I am losing valuable information. Can this be done through any current settings? I pray so!!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Robert We’ll be improving that functionality. Stay tuned.

  • Stephen

    Painfully Slow then Crash then slow then crash the slow then FAIL

    Adding a camera roll note does not allow for tile or tagging it just dumps straight into sync and then painfully Slow then Crash then slow then crash the slow then FAIL

    Am I the only one? Am I missing something?

  • Brian Burick

    How do I sync “favorites” to iPhone app?

  • Surveys4checks

    I really need to upgrade to a Iphone, these apps sound so cool.

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