GTD, Evernote API, and more

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 02 Apr 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 02 Apr 2009

Podcast MP3 | iTunes | Audio feed | Length: 49mins

Evernote Podcast #2 topics

  • New office! Woot!
  • You can’t spell Evernote without GTD
  • The glorious Evernote API [blog post]
  • The new Evernote for iPhone [blog post]
  • Clippers, clippers, and more clippers
  • Twitter questions: server-side image recognition, ad selection, free vs premium
  • ritePen integration [blog post]
  • Everyday ways to use Evernote

In this podcast, we mentioned our partners Pelotonics and Curio.


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  • Brian

    It would be nice if you fixed the text editor before doing more “integrations”.

    It’s broken, horribly.

    – loses focus when in mixed view as the thumbnail is updated

    – doesn’t maintain focus when I cmd-tab to another app and then return

    – pasted paragraphs sometimes end up with double-spacing if you delete text above it, moving the paragraph up a line

    I would *love* to see something like restructured text or Markdown support directly instead of this half-ass WYSIWYG editor.

    Otherwise, it rocks! 🙂

  • Gil

    Is the casual chatter necessary or helpful? I may be a stick-in-the-mud but would prefer to have you get right to the meat of things. Great product — hungry for tips and such, not entertainment.

  • Stan Scott

    I loaded the iPhone upgrade yesterday (4/1). I loved the app before, and you’ve made substantial improvements — everything runs so much faster!

  • Rob

    I love Evernote and am a premium subscriber. Can you address the security built into Evernote in the next podcast? For example, how is my personal data stored on your servers?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Rob That’s a very important topic. We talked about security in our previous podcast, and will continue to talk about it in the future. Dave wrote a good blog post about privacy and security here: http://blog.evernote.com/2008/04/15/evernote-privacy-and-security/

  • Kevin Neely

    Nice job on the podcast and great news on the API release! Can’t wait to see what people do with that.

    Sound effects would be fun, but a straight-up RSS feed for just the podcasts would be awesome so I could dump it into the podcasting app in my phone. Video is a nice idea, but personally, I find I can listen to podcasts much more than watch vlogcasts.

  • Steve

    I’m looking forward to the long and pithy podcast. I’ll be loading it into my iPod for an early AM workout tomorrow or Saturday, to drown out the REO Speedwagon playing in the background.

  • John Ghormley

    So your folks ever plan to address Linux? Given there are more Linux users than Mac, currently, it would seem a no brainer.

  • wirenjosh

    Simple a post,but is great.Thanks Andrew.

  • Frederic Ducros

    Like Gil, could you make it either (1) funny, or (2) to the point. You guys are great, and you are doing a great job. And I am sure you have more interesting things to say than to speak about your bathroom. I tuned out at 1:45. I’ll try again, maybe next time.
    Choose if you want to make it a date or a report. When you date, do you try and be REALLY BORING at the beginning? Or do you try to be entertaining? When you report, do you chitchat?

    anyway, again, I know you;re great. Have a good day

  • Patrick Mackaaij

    @John: Evernote called out for support via the API to Linux developers in the former Podcast. So I guess not at the moment.

    @Evernote: On the podcast a “GTD for Groups” is mentioned but I couldn’t get the spelling right. Can you supply a link to the tools website?

    Tip: Stackoverflow provides excellent shownotes. It doesn’t have to be this detailed (stackoverflow provides a complete transcript via community-wiki for hearing imparied and to make the podcast searchable) but maybe you can add a few more links next time and get some other ideas from them:

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Patrick The GTD for groups is a service called Pelotonics: http://www.pelotonics.com

  • Arcterex

    Great podcast guys, just discovered it and powered through the two episodes 🙂 I really enjoyed the GTD stuff in part one (and found http://www.fokkekooistra.nl/blog/2008/11/30/evernote-and-gtd-1/). I’m also interested in the Linux version request above, and enjoy hearing about the development stuff as well as how other people use EN. I’ve had it forever and basically don’t use it cause I don’t know how to use it efficiently, so hearing how others do it it awesome.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Andrew Scrivner

    You guys might consider featuring this gadget at some point: http://www.ponoko.com/showroom/kyleakoch/scandock-for-iphone-2703

    It seems like a good match for EN.

  • kindfox

    It’s cool now we can use Evernote on iPhone. BTW, do you guys have even thought about create an add-on for Opera?

  • Sanji

    Why did you named this podcast “part deux” and not “part two” ?
    I’m french, so I know the french word “deux” (witch means two), but why did you use it ?
    (I haven’t listen to this episode yet. Maybe I should, if the answer is in…)

  • max


    Simple post great work done.


  • Grace Richards

    Is Evernote availiable for the Blackberry. If not, will it ever be?

  • unfgreen

    Right on, Gil. I can’t listen to any more.

  • Fokke Kooistra

    Hi Phil, Andrew and Dave!
    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. It gives a sense of connection. I use Evernote as my primary GTD setup and works very well for me. You can read about my setup on my blog.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Carl

    Is there a way that I can subscribe to your podcast if I am not using iTunes? Does it have its own RSS feed?

  • Todd Finley

    I am such a fan of Evernote, and even the Podcast… I bought the Premium version and find it to have a very satisfying interface. I love the sound design when you Elephant-clip documents into permanent cloud storage.


    Todd B. Finley

  • Mike Seyfang

    I found out about evernote while recording my own podcast:


    Have the mac, iphone and web freebie versions running. Reckon I’ll probably upgrade to the paid. Nice work chasps – keep up the good work.

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

  • Mike

    I have enjoyed the podcasts so far. However, can you make the audio a little louder? I find it is very quiet compared to other podcasts (apart perhaps from one of you guys, closest to the microphone). I end up having to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other holding the speaker close to my ear to catch what you guys are saying!

  • Allan White

    @John G: are you saying there are more Linux *desktop* users than Mac users? Stats please. I find that hard to believe.

  • Sportsbook Review

    I’d also like to see you address Linux.

  • Wood Splitter

    I agree with one of the comments of can you make the audio a little louder? Its on the quiet side a tad.

  • kavin nash

    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. It gives a sense of connection.
    but i would like to one thing that Why did you named this podcast “part deux” and not “part two” ?

  • Brian A Roberts

    Would love to see a linux version. Also the software is neat, but lack the ability to link notes (internote linking). This is mandatory now days with the complexities associated with notes. Would love to hear this is going to be a future feature.

  • Derrick

    I have found Evernote absolutely invaluable when it comes to not losing great ideas to the shredder!
    Love the Podcast, keep up the great work!


  • Elliot

    Developers- please read.does anyone read these posts?

    Gonna avoid the long how much I love Evernote but I really really do. Recommend to everyone I can. Use at office (15staff) where we also have MS Server/Exchange implemented.

    Enough aleeady with the image recognition. You must switch resources in my opinion to a huge opprortunity for you. Shared Evernote WITH admin/user level security. So perhap a notebook/tag/note level can be asssigned to allow user-access.

    Could do role-based to suit larger business but I’m happier with by individual.

    This is so massive for you. Makes windows server redundant if like most small businesses applications are SaaS or run on local machine. Maybe accounting program ok server. Totally sidesteps Google docs and what they are doing.

    You would have THE must-have office productivity tool. I’m telling you it would be massive.

    Current scenario is each team has own Evernote account. I jave login access to all. Currently the ‘law’ is to ensure server also has copy only because if rogue employee left and changed username/password. Not only would they have access to body of our research but we would lose it.

    Sharing one Evernote with admin rights is all I want!

    Plus with one account we’d have to pay (over transfer limit) and frankly I’d be willing to per user say £5 per user per month.

    Please comment anybody. I really think this should be drive for Evernote now.

    Remember me when this concept gets you bought out by Google as a serious must-have office productivity tool. No more wikis. No more costly to maintain windows server shares and backups. Just one Evernote account.

    Ps. For total dominance have to be able to save any file type (even if can’t open). But first step happy with current files just share with security.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Elliot Hi Elliot, we are here and we are listening. You’ll be happy to hear that we are working on some great sharing and collaboration features, which should address your needs.

      As for file attachments, you can already do that. Evernote Premium users have the ability to attach any file type to a note (as long as it is under 25MB).

  • Elliot

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for replying such great news. Pls remember security is paramount. U know Active Directory format. I just can’t wait. You prob can’t belive but we even have in our new distributor packs that they should use Evernote as we know it will help them track their local competitors. Can’t say enough good things about your product. As ‘it just works’ as iPhone. You must be getting millions of downloads. U deserve all the success u get. Where do I invest?

    Also did u see my other post elsewhere about setting default focus to last note entered. And at top not bottom. Like outlook inbox. Only thing I find mildly frustrating.

    When do u estimate sharing release?


  • Joe Sortman

    I also want this! I am looking at this from a Jr. High Supervisor’s perspective. I would love to have a note for each student with access for my secretary or the individual teachers as needed.

    Time Frame??

    Keep up the great work!

  • James

    Please guys, cut the chatter and get these things down to 20 minutes. It’s just not worth listening to these. Even the new ones have way too many tangents.

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