Evernote for Mac: Subtly Sweeter

Posted by on 05 May 2009

Posted by on 05 May 2009


The latest Evernote for Mac update introduces some great user interface enhancements, as well as a number of behind-the-scenes fixes and improvements.

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Best thumbnails ever

We designed Evernote for Mac to be a visual memory aide, and easy-to-scan thumbnails are a big part of the fun. We’ve completely redesigned the thumbnails in this release to make them easier to use and prettier to look at. The thumbnails now have different shapes based on the content of your notes; adding a new dimension to your visual memory. They now also sport badges to quickly indicate and identify file attachments. These new thumbnails are available in both Thumbnail and Mixed views.

Other visual enhancements

  • Visual update to left-hand navigation
  • Improved the search explanation menu alignment
  • Improved Mixed View thumbnails and text layout
  • Updated look for the Monthly Usage meter

There are also a bunch of bug fixes, as well as support for the “audio/amr” file type for both free and premium accounts. If you already have Evernote for Mac installed, just check for updates and grab the new version. You can also download it from here.

For all of you Evernote for Windows users out there, do not fear. There are some exciting updates coming your way soon.


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  • Stan

    And still no fix for retaining white space when copying-pasting plain text. Real shame.

    • Phil Libin


      There a whole bundle of service-level text handling improvements that we’re working on now. It takes a bit more work than just preserving formating when pasting on the mac, but when it’s done it’ll make formating and editing better on all of the clients.

  • Justin Dorfman

    Wish List:
    – Auto Stickies importer

  • Ryan

    Stan, open Textedit and copy and paste your text into it. Then Press Control+Shift+T. This will convert all Rich text into plain text.

    This is great for all word processing programs. You can now paste the text into evernote without the spaces. Most likely what you have been pasting has been rich text, which is not exactly compatible with evernote yet.

    Btw, i dont work for evernote.

    Thanks for the update!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Trevor

    Just wanted to point out that when I click on Attributes to expand the options list the notebooks list gets indented. Funny little thing but doesn’t seem intentional at all

  • bruno

    Dear god, i’ll heave to buy a new mac to heave a decent evernote…
    If i still had my mac =(

  • xxxxiangxxxx

    How come Mac users always have the sweeter stuffs?

  • Bruno Santos

    It is quicker? It seems quicker. I think it is quicker somehow.
    Love the new thumbnails. Nice touch.

    “We designed Evernote for Mac to be a visual memory aide”…
    Then I would love to have the “Skitch-like” features that are on Windows version, but one can’t have it all, right?

    BTW: I’m saving all my bookmarks on Evernote now. Yup, it’s that great.

  • Glenda Carl

    I’d like to request support for text clippings in the free account. They’re really easy to create on the Mac and really convenient, and it seems more basic to allow text clippings than PDFs. Thanks! I love the app.

    • Phil Libin


      I’m not sure what you mean by “text clippings”. Free accounts can create web clips, text notes, images, pdfs, audio notes, etc. The only note type that are restricted to premium users are freeform file attachments, such as live Excel files.

  • Wendy

    I downloaded it and all went well until I tried to drag & drop into the Applications folder. First I was prompted to either replace the existing or cancel, and clicked “replace”. And then I get an error message saying that the install can’t go ahead because “the item is in use” and then another one saying that “the item ‘Resources’ is in use”.

    I have nothing open, by the way, other than Firefox, and nothing running in the background. What did I miss?

    • Phil Libin


      You’re better off posting support requests to rather than on the blog, because you’re guaranteed that someone will see them over there, but I think I can help.

      It sounds like you might have an older version of Evernote installed somewhere else. Try shutting down all of your apps, then running the Activity Monitor and looking to see that nothing named Evernote or Evernotehelper (this is the little elephant that sits in your menubar and helps with clipping, etc.) is running. If either of those process are running, quit them from Activity Monitor. Now take the new that you just downloaded and drag it into your Applications folder.

      If you’re starting Evernote from a shortcut somewhere, make sure it points to in your Applications folder, not somewhere else.

      That should do it. If you’re still having problems, please contact us at the link above since I’m not a qualified support person :).

  • Tiago

    Greetings from Portugal!

    There’s just one thing I’d like to ask: full-screen text edit, like in Pages. That way Evernote will become the perfect tool for everybody that’s writing a book, a manifesto, or just something else.

    Thanks for your awesome tool, I’m presenting it in one of my Marketing classes as one of the most innovative products/services available on the web!

  • Juan Romero Abelleira

    Love it!

    Thanks a lot for the update!
    It fixed the wonky behaviour of the text highlighting.

  • Al

    all these upgrades are great except nothing for Windows, it’s odd to cater to the smaller markets before pushing out a new rev for MS.

  • aphz

    You’re great, guys!
    Altough I would prefer some updates on the mobile iPhone client, but I trust yout that there’s comming something.

  • Wendy

    Phil, you’re brilliant; turning off the little elephant (which I totally forgot was there) worked a treat! Thank you!

  • Tim

    Love Evernote! Echo the desire for a full-screen editor, AND please, automate sending photos from a blackberry!!!

  • thelottery

    I uploaded to the newest version of Evernote this morning, and lost everything. Lost all my notebooks, my tags, and everything I had saved. And I get an error message that says “name is a required value” (which makes no sense to me) when I try to quit the application.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @thelottery Please contact our support team at

  • thelottery

    Sorry… I meant “upgraded” not “uploaded”.

  • Sam

    I will double echo the desire for full screen editing. Just bought a netbook for taking to meetings and that would keep me focused and off of Twitter!

    Great product, looking forward to next podcast. Thought you did a good job on Net@nite Phil. Always good when you can get Leo bouncing on his ball!

  • Stan

    Thanks for the followup. Once EverNote has better support for white space and such I’ll be upgrading to the premium version. Until then unfortunately I just can’t use it for my day-to-day needs. So, I’m definitely looking forward to that feature improvement! Any ETA per chance?

    – Stan

  • Ryan Erwin

    This update is excellent. The “current monthly usage” meter on the top looks so much better in this version of Evernote. In fact, the last version was really a horrible eyesore.

    The fonts on the “All Notebooks” bar (below main toolbar) are much improved and adding the icons for each type of search in the left toolbar is a very nice touch.

    Excellent work Evernote team.

    If only the guys that made “Things” would work as quickly as you guys!

  • Jesse

    Honestly…why have to separate client applications? Wouldn’t it be easier to be working off a consolidated cross platform code base so that you support the same feature set for both Mac & Windows based users?

    Why? It doesn’t make any sense from a business or consumer stand point.

  • Benji

    I really love Evernote (use it on my iPhone + Mac + my home Vista PC) and I am a paying customer.
    I am thinking of using it for recording business meetings but I understand that the max recording time is 5 minutes. I would like to this to be configurable. So if I need to record a 60 minute meeting I could do this without having to manually restart recording. I suppose if you insist you could just create an auto-restart of the 5 minute recording of a new note up to a certain number of auto-recorded notes. Either way you get my drift.
    Thank you for a GREAT product.

  • Bartek Bargiel


    great update. Please add the Quick Look support for Leopard users – it would work great with files not supported internally (i.e. Pages or Numbers documents which I’m storing inside Evernote as the Premium user). It’s not difficult to implement, too.



  • Bruno

    Please do not even consider a cross platform client, I am asking as a premium user.

  • Phil Libin


    While cross-platform frameworks have matured nicely in the past couple of years, we feel that they still have a long way to go before they can match the native experience of a rich app like Evernote. We figure that if you’re going to bother installing downloadable software, we might as well give you “best of breed” not “lowest common denominator”. After all, we already have a full cross-platform solution with the web client.

    Having said that, we do have a MAJOR overhaul of the Windows client in the works which will (a) make it really nice, and (b) speed up future development to keep parity with the Mac client.

  • Sourena

    It is still disappointing that Evernote does not support the Mac’s built-in right-to-left language support. Languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and many others are all supported by Mac but Evernote is still mainly supports languages whose alphabet is Latin and are left-to-right.

    • Danny

      I agree. I would move from Onenote to Evernote in a New York second if it supported Hebrew

  • James Green

    This is a good upgrade but you will have more access to features if you buy premium. Go premium and it’s all worth it.

  • Tony

    I like the upgrades quite a bit! Thank you!

    I have to say, though, that the best news I’ve heard is the comment Phil made above, which says the iPhone editing will be getting an improvement. Right now it’s a nightmare and the biggest thing keeping me from using this program to anywhere near maximum potential! Now THAT is an exciting Evernote announcement!

  • Acaiburner

    love the upgrades, will have to check the premium as it seems highly recommended.

  • Blackberry weather tracking

    Evernote started out as a Windows app, but in version 3.0, currently in private beta, it has become a web service along with a sharp looking native Mac OS X client app. A custom iPhone version is planned as well, although the web interface already provides some level of access to iPhone and iPod touch users. Using both the native client and the web interface, users can upload all kinds of data clippings into the system and retrieve items from their brain dumps with a quick search.

  • Gerald

    Do you consider implementing full-screen editing?
    The iPad UI is beautiful, simple and a way nicer than the MAC-UI… do you consider applying your iPad knowledge to the Mac platform?

  • Peter Dalsgaard

    I second the request for full-screen editing.

  • Bob

    Is full screen editing coming? Can someone from Evernote please reply to this comment that has been repeated frequently in this thread?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can double click on a note, which opens it in its own window. You can then expand that note window to take up the entire screen. Is this what you mean?

      • Simon

        Thanks, I was looking for an option to do that, I didn’t think about the solution you just gave.

        It would however be a nice option to have a “Full Screen” button somewhere, because having another window just to edit in full screen is not very nice (when working with many things in a mac expose will become cluttered with windows, so any new one has to have a meaningful purpose)

        Appart from that I love the application.

        ps : sorry if I made any mistakes, english is a second languaje and I don’t use it too often to write