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Posted by on 07 May 2009

Posted by on 07 May 2009

Some time ago we published a post explaining how to scan directly into Evernote for Mac. In this post, I’ll explain how to set up the Fujitsu ScanSnap to work with Evernote for Windows.

Fujitsu ScanSnap

We’re big fans of the Fujitsu ScanSnap for a bunch of reasons: it scans both sides of a multipage document, auto-rotates and discards blank pages, OCRs the text, and, most importantly, can be set to deposit the resulting PDF into Evernote. It has become an indispensable part of my workflow. Every document I have goes through my ScanSnap into Evernote before heading into the recycling bin.

Setting up your ScanSnap

  1. Right click on the ScanSnap manager icon in the task manager and select ‘SCAN Button Settings’ (make sure that the ‘Use Quick Menu’ is not checked)
  2. In the ‘Applications’ tab, click ‘Add or Remove’, then click ‘Add’ in the next pop-up window
  3. Add Evernote by clicking the ‘Browse’ button and navigating to Evernote.exe (in most cases it is in C:\Program Files\Evernote\)
  4. Type ‘Evernote’ for the Application Name and click OK. Be sure to select ‘Evernote’ in the application drop down menu.
  5. In the ‘File Option’ tab, select PDF as the format and check the ‘Searchable PDF’ option (if available). Click OK.
Pic. 2: ScanSnap Settings

Now, left-click on the ScanSnap Manager icon – you should see Evernote as the selected destination – if this is the case – you are all set up. From now on, whenever you scan a document, it will go into Evernote.

You can also use the Fujitsu ScanSnap with Evernote on your Mac. Steps are almost identical and DocumentSnap has a great blog post explaining how to set that up.

Scanning Handwritten Notes

The Fujitsu Scansnap does a great job OCR’ing printed text, but it does not handle handwritten text. Evernote can help. If you are scanning pages of handwritten notes, our image recognition can make them searchable. To take advantage of this, set up a second profile in the ScanSnap manager to scan your documents as JPEG images, instead of PDFs. Use this profile when you want to archive your notebooks and scribbles.

Using other Windows scanners with Evernote

The instructions vary greatly depending on the scanner and the scanning software you might be using, but there are a couple of general tips that should help you set up your Windows scanner to send to Evernote:

  1. Find your scanner settings (located in the Control Panel, or a stand-alone program)
  2. Look for a way to configure the hardware buttons on the scanner
  3. Set a button to launch Evernote, by pointing it to the Evernote.exe (in most cases it is in C:\Program Files\Evernote\)
  4. Save the settings and try it.

Evernote knows what to do with files sent to it from a scanner, such as images or PDFs. If Evernote is not running, it will launch and create a new note from the received file.


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  • Simon

    I would love to use my ScanSnap to scan all my home documents into Evernote, but the fact that there is no easy way to encrypt notes or notebooks means that isn’t viable for me.

    I use Evernote at work and on the iPhone, so I couldn’t run the risk of leaving an unencrypted copy of my bank statement or passport etc. lying around, so I use DevonThink on the Mac instead.

    Having the ability to encrypt individual notebooks could make Evernote truly a home for all notes- plus you have the advantage of having an off site backup as well. Using something like Mac Journal on my laptop and DevonThink at home for scans isn’t nearly as appealing as putting everything in Evernote, but I certainly couldn’t trust a journal type notebook that was unencrypted at work.

    I imagine more people would be inclined to subscribe for a premium account as well, if they were able to securely upload a lot of scanned data in addition to regular web clipping etc.

    The main downside I see is not being able to search unlocked notebooks, but that would be to be expected.



  • Joe

    That’s an adorable typo in the second paragraph:

    “Every document I have goes through my ScanScan…”

    I kind of want a product called “ScanScan.”

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Joe Thanks for catching the typo.

  • Jim Nutt

    You can do something very similar with the Lexmark 5600 series. Right click on the Lexmark system tray app and select “Manage Application List”. From there select “Add Application”, enter the path to the Evernote exe and select all the file types. I made jpeg the default. Once you’ve done that you can set Evernote as the default application when you press scan on the printer. Works splendidly.

  • Karen

    Hey, it would be really sweet if Evernote could work with the NeatReceipts scanner like it does with the Fujitsu….don’t want to invest in a new scanner when my NeatReceipts scanner is relatively new. The owner/developer sounded interested when I contacted him a short while ago and told him how great it would be if his scanner worked with Evernote.

  • Kevin

    I’ll second Simon’s motion. Evernote dudes and dudettes: we all have confidential information that we’d love to file, but can’t because there is no encryption. Bank statements, social security numbers, journals, whatever. I appreciate the security features you’ve already included, but would feel much better with encrypted folders. I can live without the text search features in exchange for encryption. How ’bout it?


  • Philly

    If I need encryption on Evernote, I currently put files into Truecrypt containers before adding them to notes as attachments. The downside is that the containers are not searchable (I get around that by adding a list of contents/detailed tags to the note as well), but at least it’s secure.

  • Gary

    I totally agree with Simon. I currently am a Premium Evernote subscriber, and have been using a ScanSnap S510M for a while now as my “paperless” solution – its always live and connected…I just walk up to my ScanSnap attached to my Aluminum iMac, and drop the docs in, hit Scan, and they go right to my pre-designated notebook called “Temp- file and tag”. Then, as I have time, I keep that notebook cleaned up, through tagging, then dragging it back into my “Personal” notebook. Its been an awesome solution. However, when it came time to tax time, I didnt want my W2 and 1099s in the cloud unencrypted – so i pulled them in an offline folder. This isnt a great solution, because I access my Evernote files from iPhone, 2 different Macs and a PC. Lockable notebooks is what we need here!

    Interesting suggestion Philly – sounds like a lot of work though…no??

  • Brooks@DocumentSnap

    Great post Alex. I suspected the Windows steps were similar but at the time I didn’t have a way to test it out.

  • Eric

    Being able to scan docs directly into Evernote is a great timesaver. (I don’t have a SnapScan, but do this with a Lexmark AIO. Evernote plus scanning hardware with an automatic doc feeder is fantastic for me since I simply cannot seem to organize paper.)

    Now, what I’d LOVE is a way to handwrite “tags” on the documents I’m about to scan and have those automatically get converted inside Evernote. (Imagine being able to write at the top of a set of handwritten notes “tag: (topic 1)(topic 2)(topic 3) and have the server side OCR pick that up and add those tags to scanned notes…

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Evernoters. I plug your product every day to new iPhone owners, and look forward to what you do with social bookmarking (request: Diigo integration.)

  • Nathan Baron

    Hi there,

    At work I use evernote from a U3 portable drive and have a snapscan scanner. Is it possible to use this system with the U3 version?

  • Maurice

    The scansnap software allows you to specify different profiles for scanning. This includes the destination directory.
    In combination with automatic import in Evernote, you can scan, import in specified notebook and delete scan with just one touch of a button… Perfect timesaver.

  • Jonathan @ saynototheoffice

    I use the ScanSnap S300M with Evernote for Mac and it’s just about the slickest thing I’ve ever seen. 5 seconds to drop a sheet in the feeder, press the button and have the PDF pop up in Evernote for filing.

    In fact, the ScanSnap + Evernote combo means I have found use for pen and paper again. I have A5 size pads of blank paper all over the place. I write stuff down (remember, like 5 years ago) all the time and then, about once a week, I rip out all the written-on pages from the pads, scan them in 10 seconds, tag them and store them in Evernote. I then chuck the paper away (recycle) as anyone sensible should do with paper.

  • Richard

    I’ve been using scansnap (s300 – pc) for a year or so now, and also love evernote. I’m not overly concerned about security but encryption would be nice to have.

    My biggest problem which stops me using scansnap to evernote for all of my notes is that I cannot search the pdfs produced on the web or iphone clients. This is a problem supposedly with the way scansnap writes the pdfs and the ability of the cloud OCR to decifer those words. I tried this previously with scansnap OCRed documents which I then moved to Evernote, then I have just tried this solution, which unfortunately doesn’t work either.

    As soon as this issue is sorted I will go Premium, but until then I just use evernote for other stuff which doesn’t warrant the fees.

  • Daniel

    Is there a way to use this Evernote with other Fujitsu Scanners (workgroup models). The non-snapscan drivers do not allow you to add a non registered application.

    Here is a note from Fujitsu:
    My application doesn’t appear in the events list of the Scanners & Cameras control panel applet.

    For an application to be listed in the Windows STI Events list it has to have been written to comply with the Microsoft specification for the Still Image architechture.

    Older versions of applications may not comply with this specification. please contact the application vendor to establish compatibility with the STI interface.

  • john

    have i missed something or does the fujitsu scanner for mac not OCR pdfs?

  • Leo

    Love Evernote! I have fujitsu S510M and love it too! I also have a portable NeatReceipts Scanalizer and would love to use it while out and about. Is there anyway to get Mac or Windows to recognize this scanner without installing all the NeatReceipts software? I just want to go directly from scanner to evernote.



  • Eric


    Fujitsu S300M does NOT OCR PDFs… major mistake IMHO.

    S510M and the new S1500M DO perform OCR and they are both fantastic products.

    Originally the Fujitsu S300M description on the Fujitsu website included that it performed OCR… I bought it and was surprised to find out that this information was completely wrong. Fujitsu sent me a S510M as an apology and corrected their *manufacturers* website.

    Just bought the S1500M for my parents and the software has really improved a ton! Setting up a S1500M->Evernote pipe for them now.

  • Keiron

    I am looking to use a ScanSnap for my business invoices. Is it possible to configure Evernote to recognise text within the scanned invoice and automatically put the document into a folder according to the supplier? I get around 20 invoices from my suppliers every day – tagging and organising would take ages.

  • Danny

    I just bought the fujitsu scansnap and I am trying to scan into evernote. I tried following the directions, but when I get to the point of browsing for the Evernote application, I can’t find it on my computer. It is not in C:Program Files”. Doing a search of my computer for “evernote” all I can find are web links to go to the evernote site.

    Thanks for you help!

  • Andrew

    Hi Guys,

    I need some help

    I have S510M connected to my Mac

    I can’t find the Step 5, select PDF as the format and check the ‘Searchable PDF’ option

    Here’s a screen shot

    I have no troubles get a scan file into Evernote but it’s not OCR and it doesn’t get OCR within Evernote, I assume it’s due to being a PDF

    I don’t want scan as jpg option as normal scan multiple pages to 1 file

    Is the ‘Searchable PDF’ option a windows only?

    Any help would be appreciated


  • st

    Why doesn’t Evernote do OCR on PDFs? Wouldn’t that just be an engineering solution? Since users could themselves export PDFs from their Evernote notes, run them through OCR software, and re-upload them, couldn’t Evernote do that, just as it does OCR on jpgs? Even if images had to be extracted, OCR’d, and then reinserted? 😉 I mean, it’s possible, right? So it’s on the to-do list at Evernote, right? (please, please, say yes ;-). Wouldn’t that be an extremely, extremely desirable, top priority feature for Evernote to implement? Suggesting that users Scan a 20-page document to 20 jpegs instead of a PDF so that it can be OCR’d isn’t Evernote’s final answer to users, is it?

  • Rob

    Am I missing something. In my scan snap manager software it does not have an application tag; Therefore I canot get it to scan directly to evernote.

  • vinava

    @Rob I just discovered the same thing (missing application tab). I just purchased/opened the box of my new ScanSnap S300 and will be pretty disappointed if I can’t configure it with Evernote. Please post a resolution if you find one.

  • vinava

    Should anyone not see the application tab I learned that deselecting “use quick menu” from the systray icon will allow the tab to appear.

  • Jude

    I don’t understand some of the posts since there is an option for the Scan Snap S300 to OCR text.

    I’m unable (after only a couple of tries) to have Evernote search hand-written notes. What are the correct settings? I’ve tried OCR .pdf and .jpg. I can’t believe this can run off of 2 USB ports. Loving it after day 1!

  • Craig Kennedy

    Is there an advantage to doing this vs. scanning into a folder on my hard drive and setting Evernote importing to that folder?

  • EN

    does the ScanSnap scan smaller items like receipts and business cards, do they get stuck??

    • Ron Toledo

      @EN the ScanSnap works great for smaller items such as receipts and business cards.

  • Mike

    Just hooked it up and I’m quite pleased. Just driving myself crazy deciding if I prefer the PDF or the JPEG. JPEG seems to be most logical to take advantage of Evernotes OCR and searching.

  • Dave

    Just starting to work with the S300. It does do OCR, and if that PDF is loaded into Evernote, EN will find the document using search. It won’t, however, highlight that part of the text. If it’s a big document, that’s a problem. You know the text is there, but you may not be able to find it unless you’re sharp-eyed.

    A work-around, and not a great one, is to download the PDF from Evernote, and Adobe reader will highlight the relevant search words. The scanner, so far, looks to be just what I was hoping for.

  • Mike

    I tried scanning several notebook pages and it’s causing jams. Is there a way to scan just a few pages at a time and continue appending to the same pdf file?

  • jbenson2

    Question about Step #5: In the ‘File Option’ tab, select PDF as the format and check the ‘Searchable PDF’ option (if available).

    This slows down the scan process. Is it needed for Premium users. Won’t Evernote do the legwork and make the PDF’s searchable?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @jbenson2 If you’re a premium user, Evernote will make your PDFs searchable. I would suggest doing a side by side comparison and seeing what you prefer.

  • Rick Smith

    I just signed up as a premium user and am using a scansnap 1500 setup for searchable pdf yet I cant search anything in my account, the only thing that works is the document I emailed from shoeboxed, I can find anything on that receipt. What am I doing wrong with the other document?

  • jbenson2

    My previous reply seems to have disappeared. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I scanned a magazine page with mostly text with a small color image

    The ScanSnap Settings were:
    * Send to ScanSnap Organizer
    * Normal Image Quality
    * Auto Color Detection
    * Single Sided Scan

    The Non-searchable PDF (size 303 KB) took 11 seconds to scan

    The Searchable PDF (size 342 KB) took 43 seconds to scan and convert

    Added to Evernote at 7:25 PM

    I manually synchronized at 7:27 PM – could only find the search word on the searchable PDF

    I manually synchronized again at 7:30 PM – found the search word on both PDF’s

    Another test:
    I ran a few other tests with my Fujitsu ScanSnap. The searchable scan/convert time is usually twice the time as the non-searchable version. The size difference is negligible.

    A Form with some handwriting
    no search: 11 seconds – 34 KB
    search: 24 seconds – 51 KB

    A Business Letter – all text with a small color logo
    no search: 11 seconds – 135 KB
    search: 19 seconds – 155 KB

    A Small Photo
    no search: 9 seconds – 44 KB
    search: 20 seconds – 44 KB

    It looks like the non-searchable mode is the way to go with my Premium Evernote account.

  • jbenson2

    Pretty Slick???

    Maybe a bit too slick…

    Note that the document is still scanning at the 18 second mark, but the image is already displayed on the Mac screen.


  • Mark

    Very, very cool. I scan EVERYTHING into Evernote, using a Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M… and my organization has increased 1000%!

    My goal is to go “paper free” at home and in my office, and I’m rapidly approaching it.

    I have the premium membership with Evernote for the 500mb of monthly transfer, and the security.

    My financials documents I scan to PDF, then encrypt them with Acrobat Pro, and compress them (zip ’em) on my mac.

    Then… drag ’em to Evernote, where they’re titled and tagged so I can fine them when I need ’em.

    Most everything else, I scan to jpeg and drag into Evernote. Multi page documents that don’t contain financial info I use Acrobat Pro to OCR them, then drag ’em in.

    Super easy.. and now I can find virtually anything in a few clicks. Love it.

  • Jeff

    @Mark, so it’s the Premium account that let’s you convert S300M pdf’s to something useable on Evernote? I too have the S300M, but cannot create readable PDFs using ScanSnap software, and Evernote (free) could not read a PDF created on the S300M and uploaded. It’s really confusing the way both Evernote and Fujitsu discuss their connection.


  • Jeff

    I answered my own question:

    Premium reads PDFs.

  • Daniel

    I was able to set this up in under 2 minutes with a dell scanner, and think just about anyone else should be able to as well, regardless of scanner type. Create a folder on your pc called “scans”. On your scanner, chose to scan to computer (if you don’t see this option, possible scan to file.) Now in Evernote, very simply chose import from the file menu, and the import wizard. Browse to your “scans” folder, and just click the radio box “watch folders for changes and import automatically”. Done. I scan a document, and in under 6 seconds, it’s pulled into Evernote. This will create a local copy as well, but you can chose to automatically delete a file as soon as it’s uploaded with a few more clicks. Keep up the good work Evernote. You probably will have to turn on your pc to let evernote grab your most recent scans.

  • Randy

    My Lexmark will not scan directly into the new v3.5 beta for Windows. Worked great with older version. Hope you get this fixed.

  • Gautam Desai

    My ScanSnap won’t scan into Evernote 3.5 Beta for Windows either. It activates the application, but no import. I guess I’ll do the watch folder option for now…

  • Mike

    I too have this issue with Snapscan not working with Evernote… I’ve submitted to a request to support so hope this will be resolved soon.

  • David Reber


    That did the trick. Thanks for posting your findings!


  • Jeff

    Since moving to 3.5 I also can’t scan to EN from my ScanSnap.

  • Nibby Priest

    I am having issues with SnapScan. I cannot get the files to go direct to Evernote v 3.5 from the scanner. I am new to Evernote and this was a compelling feature for me to have. I notice others are having this same issue. How soon do you think we will see a resolution?
    Thank you

  • Rob

    I can not get documents to scan directly into Evernote. Have setup ScanSnap exactly as outlined. Documents scan to a directory but do not go into Evernote.

  • annel

    Appreciate this post!
    I never used Evernote, just recently bought SnapScan actually, so now I think I know what I’m missing…

  • Brian Maskell

    Does ScanSnap & Evernote work with an HP Multi printer, scanner, fax, copier? We have 3 of these in our office. it would be great to be able to scan directly into Evernote.

  • Con

    does the snapscan fi-6130 A4 Series Scanner work with evernote?

  • dle 0ha web blog

    s soon as this issue is sorted I will go Premium, but until then I just use evernote for other stuff which doesn’t warrant the fees.

  • Babs

    Evernote and ScanSnap S1300..AWSOME!
    Life is sometimes sad. I created a notebook called Goodbye’s. It lets me keep things I want to remember about the event,happy or sad in one place. After the recend death of a friend I received a thankyou note with a colored picture I wanted to keep. Prior to Evernote it would have landed in the somewhere paper file. I scanned it and within 5 min it was perfectly reproduced and synched to my computer and IPhone. The IPhone pdf was clear,the handwritten note searchable and the picture preserved….EVERNOTE and SCANSNAP, PRICELESS!
    Evernotedly, Babs

  • SnappyGail

    I agree with you Babs. Thanks to everyone here for sharing your experiences and for your suggestions! Keep them coming!

  • Tasra Dawson

    This is fantastic. Now that I’ve got it set up to scan directly into Evernote, I’m wondering where we should save the file. In the ScanSnap setting tab, you have to select a place to save the document but since Evernote already saves a copy in the data file, it’s duplication to have it save another place as well. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Also, wondering if you could direct me to FAQ or tutorial about how/where all the local and online Evernote data gets saved. Right now my Evernote data file on my computer is over 1 GB. As I start scanning and saving everything to Evernote, it’s going to start eating up space. Any suggestions on the best practices for that as well?


    • casrenski

      Evernote storage is unlimited, youre only limited by the size of your monthly uploads; for premium users this is 1GB per month (so it doesn’t matter that you’ve got 1GB on your computer, unless you wanted to do it all at once).

  • Kelly

    This is a GREAT! I was able to use my KODAK i1120 ScanMate Scanner to scan my documents directly into Evernote. It was extremely easy using the Kodak Smart Touch application that comes with the scanner. All I needed to do was download the Evernote software, configure Smart Touch to launch it when scanning and it automatically put my documents into my account. The best part is that I get to use all the image processing features that come with the Kodak scanners so the image quality of my documnets is awesome.

  • Bruce

    Very helpful. I was scanning docs directly into EN, but had to name each .pdf in order to find them. Once I saw this post, and turned on searchable .pdf in my EN Documents profile, problem solved. Now just scan and viola.. search for any word and you find the file, without naming and tagging.

    I like to scan multi-page docs that related to the same subject as multi-page .pdfs. One file for a multi-page doc vs. a file for each page.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Allen Krasna

    Is there a way I can add Evernote as one of the options inside quickscan? Depending on the scan I have different places I want my scan to go ..

    I’d rather have the option (evne if it means an extra click each scan to decide where to send the scan.


  • Bruno

    Which Fujitsu ScanSnap was used for this demo (video above)?

  • botox glasgow

    I love your site theme can you tell me the name of it and where you found it? cheers.

  • Kathy

    I wish it worked with Neatdesk. I have thousands of receipts and documents scanned there, and would love to scan some things directly to Evernote.

    • Deborah

      I found a way to do that. When you scan as a PDF in the Neat Scanner, you can designate the folder it goes to. Create a folder for it (Like “Evernote docs”). Then go into Evernote and you can go into Tools–>Import Folders and tell it to import anything it finds in the folder you designate. It will do it automatically!

  • Eroll

    I have a question with the evernote profile i can scan directly to evernote. thanks but I would like to have the evernote profile available in my quick menu. Is that possible I have been searching the internet and manual but can’t seem to find it. Have I overlooked something is is it not possible?

  • Paul Lurie

    The thread suggests that other scanners than SmartScan can be configured for direct to EN. Any experience on how to set the twain Fujitsu scanner e.g. FI 5120.


  • roger

    What’s the difference between the scansnap s1100 and the S1300? I know one is bigger. I know the S1300 can scan faster, but how much faster? Any other ideas?

    • Jaume

      You can check a video on Youtube where both Scansnap S1300 and S1500 are put to scan -live- the same set of documents.

      Although you are interested in S1100 vs S1300 I hope it will give you a rough idea to compare.



    • Karen

      Will it work with the fujitsu S300? I can not find how to get out of the quick menu to see the settings you described?

  • Sebastien Cournoyer

    is there a way to setup the scanner so it create a new pdf file for each page scanned ? For example, if i have a stack of paper let’s say 20 pages, can it be setup so each page is a separate pdf file, thus creating 20 separate pdf files ?

    Is this setup on the scanner side or can it be done on the EN side ???

    • Reid

      I don’t know the first thing about this scanner or its software, but saw the answer to your question in the video on this web page:

  • Vincent Iyengar

    I bought the Fujitsu Scansnap to scan to Evernote, but it just gives me an error message. Might as well throw the damn thing away. What a waste of money!

    • khjelsand

      Hi Vincent, I’m sorry you are having problems with your scanner. I’m unclear from your comment – did you purchase the new ScanSnap Evernote Edition? If so, please contact Customer Support for help troubleshooting your issue:

      • Vincent Iyengar

        Yes I’ve got a ScanSnap ix500, which claims to scan to Evernote, but doesn’t.

    • khjelsand

      Hi Vincent, I’m sorry you are having problems with your scanner. I’m unclear from your comment – did you purchase the new ScanSnap Evernote Edition? If so, please contact Customer Support for help troubleshooting your issue:

      • Vincent Iyengar

        OK, I’ll try them. I think it’s something to do with having Mavericks on my Mac, which seems to cause a lot of problems.

  • Ferg Foley

    How do I change settings to have my photo scans go to Jpeg instead of PDF

  • Vincent Iyengar

    This doesn’t work for me at all. Fujitsu ScanSnap simply doesn’t scan directly to Evernote and that’s that. Wish there were a help line I could ring, but there isn’t even that.