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User Profile: Dave Levy – Singer, Songwriter

Posted by Ron Toledo on 08 May 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 08 May 2009

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Dave Levy, photo by Tristan Roy Name: Dave Levy
Location: Washington, DC
Profession: Public affairs professional, singer/songwriter, blogger and amateur softball player
Twitter: @levydr
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Where do you have Evernote installed?

Which features have you found most useful?

Image capture and web clipping

What’s your Evernote story?

I’ve been using Evernote for about 9-10 months now. Since I’m on the road a lot, in places where the only device I have is my phone, it’s great to have something that can capture and store all my thoughts and ideas on the go. I use Evernote to keep track of work projects and the thoughts and processes that go into it, and I also use it to write my music.

For a songwriter, inspiration doesn’t always come at a convenient time. Most of the time, the best songwriting doesn’t happen at a desk. The best songs come to me after a conversation with a friend, a long day at work, while riding the train or walking down the street. I need to capture that moment and easily be able to remember it later on and Evernote has helped me do so in an invaluable way.

Evernote has helped me keep track of my ideas so that I can finish songs whenever inspiration strikes. Whether it’s recording guitar riffs or song melodies to typing in chord changes and song lyrics: Evernote is my place to capture and search for these ideas. I remember one song took me three years to finish because I couldn’t get the bridge right and often times I’d get a great idea but never be able to remember it later. With Evernote, I was able to reference whatever mood, feeling or memory that somehow made the song come about.

Here’s an example of an Evernote text note that ultimately led to the completed song “You Know”

“You Know” by Dave Levy
You know
What they say about broken clocks
But being right was never my intention

Here is the resulting song that Evernote helped me finish, “You Know”

What was your last note in Evernote?
A text note to remind myself to download a song “Vineyard” by Jackopierce from iTunes.


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  • Lance

    Well done – not only is Dave right about Evernote being a valuable songwriter’s aid, but his profile was a brilliant bit of promotion as well. Kudos on both counts 🙂
    I’ve been using Evernote for the same purpose (among others) for a while, but never thought of submitting a profile.
    Kudos also to Evernote, of course – for being inexpensive, reliable and a ubiquitous songwriter’s tool wherever and whenever the muse happens to visit.

  • tony

    As an accountant I use evernote to keep a record of all client related activity. That is notes of meetings,phone calls,emails,thoughts,etc.

    By tagging each note with the client code and the job number I then have a really good system of accessing this record in and out of the office.

    Scanning letters &other documents into evernote let’s me have access to them whereever I am.

  • Sally

    Evernote is really useful, we can easily access it even through our cellphones. I’m also using it to keep track of my ideas and take notes where ever I go.

  • vidrieria

    tagging each note with the client code and the job number I then have a really good system of accessing this record in and out of the office

  • Derek Newman

    As an IT professional a lot of my work involves supporting sales consultants in the field who use the demo drive we produce. We get 30-40 emails a day on average asking for help. Evernote has become my tool of choice for capturing solutions. In many ways it is becoming my very, very valuable knowledge base. I then have the ability to reference this vast resource of information easily from any computer thanks to the synchronization.

    I am also an avid David Allen GTD’er and what better place to capture your lists of things to get done than inside of Evernote. Synchronization, ease of use, mobility, flexibility, simply AMAZING… simply Evernote!

  • Alex Frachetta

    I didn’t know you were collecting these feedbacks.
    See mine:

  • Kate Halt

    he is talented! keep it up!

  • Jill Colt

    What a talented guy!I hope I can be like him.

  • James Taylor

    What can I say… I’m very impressed! I also love Evernote, so thanks for that 🙂

  • Jonathan @ saynototheoffice

    I use Evernote for virtually everything:

    1)I’m an entrepreneur and advocate of virtual business. I run my paperless UK company from Spain with the help of Evernote.
    2) I’m also a freelance consultant, writer and blogger and use Evernote for research and writing of drafts.
    3) I’ve just finished my PhD and used Evernote for research and sharing drafts and notes with my supervisor.
    4) I use Evernote to publish my CV and related biographical info so potential clients or employers can easily access it.

  • @geoffness

    I just love it – use it every day. Don’t use many features, though. Just taking notes. I like to keep it all in one place.

  • Stanley Guess

    I use evernote in the construction industry for daily reports. I’m a Qaulity Assurance Rep and I start each day off with “Notes” which are continued throughout the day. I then take an early morning clip of the local radar and forecast for the day and paste to the report. Followed by inserting a pdf of the contractors schedule and a pdf of the location and type of work proposed for the day that I have detailed out with markers. The last attachment is of photos of the progress of work and a final update the the “Notes”. On some occasions, if work is halted due to weather, I will clip radar or other web info that substantiates the delay.

    The construction industry in general would benefit from using Evernote, I know I have.

  • Lindsay

    I recent discovered Evernote and have started using it to take notes in all of my college classes. Using consistent titles and tags I can easily access my notes in class on my netbook, from my laptop at home and on my phone on the go. No paper, no mess. “Organization” is a concept now possible for this college student! Very nifty!

  • Kristian Tigersoul

    Evernote is a great tool for songwriters as myself, though I do miss a monofont compatibility that translates to the ipad and android version. It’s somewhat lacking in that area for us please work on that!