Evernote for BlackBerry: Direct Downloads

Posted by on 12 May 2009

Posted by on 12 May 2009

We recently announced the availability of Evernote for BlackBerry. Since then, many of you have requested a direct download link. You’ll find it below. But first, an explanation of why we prefer to distribute via BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry smartphones come in lots of flavors: different devices, different operating systems, different carriers. Each of these variables can affect the way that Evernote functions on a device. BlackBerry App World allows us to ensure that only those devices that we’ve tested get the application.

By downloading below, you understand that we do not officially support your flavor combination and, as a result, do not guarantee that the application will work as expected.

BlackBerry App World is still the preferred download method, so please check there before downloading here.


There are two installation options. Download the ZIP file and install the application using BlackBerry Download Manager on your desktop. Alternatively, point your BlackBerry browser at the appropriate link to begin an Over The Air (OTA) download. If you have a Storm, please download the Storm version.

BlackBerry (non-Storm): ZIP | OTA:
BlackBerry Storm: ZIP | OTA:


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  • Don

    THANK YOU!!! Now I can stop checking App World incessantly. I am looking forward to finally being able to use Evernote on a regular basis. A great app but not nearly as powerful as it is when integrated with the mobile component. Blackberry + Evernote = Great Potential!

  • Gerardo

    You are great. Many thanks…

  • Tom Capote

    I sure hope my Curve 8330 (OS V4.5) will be supported soon? Please!!!!

  • Steven Schulman

    How about a version for poor Google Android G1?

  • Hass Chapman

    Looks great! Now how about one for S60?! I am a paying subscriber who has just swapped his HTC for a Nokia and who is now really suffering from the loss of Evernote!

  • Eain Jones

    Nice one, well done. Loving all the evernote goodness.

    Now that the carrot has been offered, here is the stick…..please buy reqall and offer speech to text services

  • Emanuele

    Installed now via OTA in Italy

    I get an error “Error communicating with the Evernote servers: Connection closed.
    After pretty some seconds
    “uncaught exception:application evernote(172)”

    Anyone with thoughts?

  • Federico Granata

    Storm OTA give a “907 Invalid COD Unable to import ZIP file” 🙁

  • symptoms of stroke

    Now i got it! Thank you!

  • Zenistar

    Many thanks.

  • mike pags

    The Storm OTA version is coming up:

    Download Failed
    907 Invalid COD
    HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

    I get this same message when I follow the upgrade link from the Evernote app that I installed from AppWorld.

  • Steve

    Having trouble downloading the update .146 on the storm. Anyone else having this problem? fixes?

  • Bill

    Thank you. Still hoping for 8330 support soon.

  • Chris

    Great start, how bout one for the Curve 8310 on OS v4.2.

  • James Murray

    This is great, since I can’t access Appworld.

  • Rich

    I downloaded the app from the app store on monday and it was working great. Today it is completely gone. There is no download button at the app store and the manual link from your site fails when I try to downroload. Any ideas?


  • PaulS

    Thanks for the downloads, had given up on the App Store almost. My Curve 8900 & I are happy! 😉


  • John

    I issues with installing the app on my Blackberry Storm. I’ve tried App World (Canada/Bell network) and it doesn’t appear. I’ve tried the OTA install and get the following error:

    Download Failed
    907 Invalid COD
    HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

    I’ve downloaded from the direct link and tried to copy the jar file to my media card and install from there and also get an error.

    Seems like this version doesn’t like my BB.

  • Andrew

    I concur that a version for OS versions < 4.6 would be nice. I’ve got an 8330, so it’s not antique by any stretch, but the most recent OS update I can seem to get is 4.5 …

  • Andy

    Thanks for the direct link! My App World still doesn’t show the Evernote application. But the directly downloaded version works like a dream!

  • Dave White

    How about an Android port? Its a small market now, but that’s not going to last for long…

  • Craig Eddy

    Blackberry’s “App World” suffers from a HUGE invisibility problem, IMHO. My device is too old to run this EverNote application apparently. But I didn’t know that (or wasn’t positive about the version #, to be more fair to myself). But I went to the App Store expecting to find the EverNote application and have the App World application tell me whether or not my device was compatible. I searched and searched on many different keywords, I browsed folders, not EverNote application. Turns out, I guess, that App World won’t show you applications that aren’t compatible. So you’re left assuming that the app isn’t *there* yet and coming back over and over again to check for it. Sucks.

  • MikeMilzz

    So wish this would work on my company issued Curve 8330. If anyone gets it to work, please let me know.

  • Zoe

    Really looking forward to support so that my iphone friends will stop saying i-told-u-so 🙂

  • Marinersway

    Thank you, works great on my Curve 8900 OS v4.6

  • Rich

    After getting the same error as many others when using the direct link (907 Invalid COD HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error). I cleared my storms cache operations and the download / install was successful. Hope this helps.


  • John Carino

    Wow, lots of people complaining about this. BB is really hard to develop for, and there are huge differences between BB devices and OS versions that appear very similar. My company ran into similar problems trying to develop for BB, it was a nightmare. Hang in there guys!

  • Sean

    Works great thanks. Sean

  • Mike

    App world is brutal. Thank you for ending the pain.

  • Peter

    Used the OTA to install on my pearl which is using 4.5 and so far working perfectly. Will test more, but it looks like I can use it without issue.

  • John Everett

    I get a message saying it needs

    ..which is not installed.

    Can anyone direct me to get that? Thanks, John
    I have a Pearl, I think it has the latest OS.

  • Charles

    why focus on the minuscule number of people that have 4.6 and ignore all the 4.5 people?

  • dwhit

    After having used the iphone version for awhile, I have to say I’m SORELY disappointed in the BBerry client (on an 8900). It’s a near POS on a relative basis… maybe the OS’s fault though…..

  • Harry

    If I try to look in I get the error:

    “HTTP Response code: 400”

    I use a
    Blackberry Bold
    Prosumer Version
    T-Mobile Germany

    Any ideas?

  • Adam Williams

    Thanks Rich for the advice, I cleared my cache and everything went smoothly after that.

  • David Rothblatt

    hi Any joy to be had for us 88xx series users? Stuck with Verizon on BB OS

    (That’s what they give us…)

    Thanks. Love Evernote!!! xD

  • Ben

    I can confirm that the Evernote Application DOES work on 4.5 devices.

    Use the “BlackBerry OS 4.6” OTA link above, download and install.

    I am using a Verizon Curve with OS (latest available), and the application works perfectly – including snapshot notes using the phone cam.

    Creating and searching notes is very, very nice, all integrated with the Evernote App. Viewing and managing your notes is accomplished through the Evernote mobile web interface – which is a bit clunky. All said, 5 out of 10.

  • Doug

    OK, just downloaded latest OS to my 8330. Since the latest OS available is 4.5, I had to download the app from here (thanks, guys). Had to spend about an hour on the phone with Verizon. Then, I finally got the app on my BB and I have to say that I am kind of disappointed. I can’t wait until Verizon gets the iPhone…

  • Frederic Ducros

    Hi guys 🙂

    I have an 8310, with OS 4.5. And it works like a breeze. I can type notes, take pictures, capture soundbites, sync them without problem with my other two pcs and the web…

    Am I missing something?

    Only thing I don’t like: no list view or note view… It goes to the web (no local storage).



  • jamesboy

    OK guys….thanks for your information about that.

  • Mikoto

    Hello I am BlackBerryBold user in Japan.
    It is released from docomo in Japan.
    Evernote was installed.
    It is not possible to use it because of the network error.
    I get an error “Error communicating with the Evernote servers”
    Docomo has not opened the setting of APN to the public.
    APN cannot be used in Japan.
    Please support the connection with BIBS.

  • Uther

    Upgraded my 8310 O2 Curve from 4.2 to 4.5 and tried an install. Seemed to work at first but caused the whole system to hang. Hope this configuration is supported soon!

  • James Smith

    Thank you guys!

  • Emanuele

    May be that Evernote doesn’t work on Bold+BIBS??

  • Ed

    I have been waiting for this for a long time! I downloaded the zip file and installed it with desktop manager on my Pearl 8100. It works GREAT! It was easy to install and after using it for a day, I have not found any glitches. I am running 4.5 OS, so I don’t know if it will work with Pearls using older OS systems. Great job Evernote!!!

  • Patrick Ferlang

    Absolutely amazing piece of kit guys, working perfectly. Now I won’t forget anything!

  • Matdredalia

    Any chance of seeing this app for the older BlackBerries with 4.5 OS? >.< I’m absolutely dying to get my hands on this but unfortunately I have a curve 8310 and can’t use it 🙁 *pout* LOL

  • Zlee1

    I installed evernote on my AT&T blackberry 8300, running I thought it was okay, but I had a problem. To begin with, it will not allow the user to decrypt encrypted notes (just like the web version). The is a deal breaker for me. Two days after installation, it prompted me for a OTA upgrade. So I went for it. The installation crashed the bb which resulted in a battery pull. When the phone rebooted, the battery was at zero and shut off. I had charged the bb that morning and I get about three days. After I popped in my spare battery I found that evernote was gone. We really need a 4.5 version. I doubt there will be a 4.6 upgrade for the 8300 phone.

  • Patrick

    I also just installed it on my 4.5 OS BB 8130. Works great. I don’t really understand why you can’t install it through BB Appworld if you don’t have 4.6+.

    My only real complaints are: I would like to see the application size come down a bit – it’s almost a megabyte and the fact that it still relies on the web interface for a bunch of stuff.

  • Waylon

    I just downloaded it for my storm. It doesnt work, keep getting the following error message…

    Error communicating with the Evernote servers: HTTP Response code: 405

    Its driving me insane!

  • Van Horn

    Loaded on my 8330 Curve (os 4.5) just fine. I love the audio notes feature since recording a note with the BB app and then emailing it to my evernote account was a multi app process, this does it in 1 app. Same with camera. Great app, will allow me to capture while mobile much more effectively. THANK YOU EVERNOTE!

  • charles Schenck

    I have had several comments about my desire for the Evernote BB app and my disappointment with what was offered. This past week I downloaded the BB app from and it is amazing in how well it works and how it replicates the online/desktop experience of It works very well. I am hoping for the same kind of experience from Evernote someday as well on my BB.

  • Steve Wright

    I’ll look forward to using this on my new Blackberry when it’s delivered in a few days time. Never used one before so I’m sure it’ll be fine. Looking forward to it!


  • Manny Scott

    Wow this would just be the right thing for my blackberry. Its just been 6 months since i purchased and this would certainly be the right add on.

  • blogger

    wow thanks for the direct link thanks a lot

  • John

    I have the app running on my Bold. Every time it tries to do anything, such as login or upload a note, I get Error communicating with Evernote servers: HTTP Response code 403.
    The app has yet to work once.
    Is it because I am using a corporate connection, and my work firewalls don’t permit access to Evernote (even though they do on my work PC)? Or is the app just broken?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @John Please contact Evernote support with your question:

  • Ann Landau

    Just direct downloaded Evernote for the Blackberry Curve 8330. Installed perfectly and I did a test search for a note I wrote earlier today on my Mac Evernote. Perfect, so far! THANK YOU!!!

  • John Senrot

    I have downloaded and installed in my BBerry Curve 8330 the Evernote App. I also have it on my desktop.

    I cannot synchronize with the Evernote Web site from my BBerry Curve. It gives me the error message:
    “Error communicating with Evernote servers: failed to transmitt” plus some other stuff. I have Yahoo, Google maps and the regular BBerry Browser and they all work fine.

    Appreciatte any info you could throw my way

  • Justin Show

    Can I send you the doctor bills for my carpal tunnel syndrome treatments (thumbs)? Just kidding. Thanks for the links. ~ Justin Show, blackberry addict

  • Barry

    Couldn’t find Evernote in the appStore so used direct link and got the ‘907 Invalid COD Local Connection timed out after ~ 120000’ error message 🙁

    Using the Curve 8900 ….

    Can anybody help??

  • johnathan smith

    Just got my Blackberry and trying to get used to the texting on it. lol. This new app looks great for it but I am receiving an error message when trying to add it.

    • Jonny Drake

      I switched from my iphone back to a Blackberry and now I’m trying to get used to the texting on it! This new app looks great for it but I am receiving an error message when trying to add it.

      • Jonny Drake

        I was wondering if anyone else was getting an error message or know a way around it? Thanks

  • Evielyn Chapman

    Have been trying to download on my blackberry bold 9000 using the direct download ota – but it goes to a page that says “404 page not found” Is there a problem with the link?? I’d really love to have it on my bb as i love using evernote on both my mac, pc & web. I live in Australia, so unfortunately i can’t download it from the bb app store. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks!

  • Carolyn Rutherford

    I was able to click the direct link sent by email, and I have AppWorld on my BlackBerry Curve- but it says my carrier, which is Cincinnati Bell, may not support this program. So … now what do I do? If I can’t sync to it on my BlackBerry – it’s not nearly as useful as I’d hoped. 🙁

  • Mike is the new direct link – found it in the forums.

    • Thinh

      Thanks Mike, this is great! I’ve been finding OTA link for a while because AppWorld is not available in my country yet.

  • christian.louboutinwedgeswomen's

    wow,it sound good…

  • Evielyn Chapman

    Thanks for the new direct link!

  • Rob

    Direct Link! Awesome Thanks

  • Peyton

    It has been very a mobile-filled 7-day period right here at Evernote. Evernote for BlackBerry enables you to upload a text be aware, voice clip, image, or file for your cloud-based Evernote account via its appealing, signature green interface. Wow it’s really amazing.

  • Havise

    The link for non-storm devices doesn’t work anymore, what can I do, because I cannot download evernote from the app world

  • Havise

    Didn’t see the new link… It worked! Thank you 🙂

  • Olivia K

    Thanks for the link! Been looking for a direct download for Evernote for a few days now!

  • Juegos

    Thanks for the download links Andrew. Best wishes to you.

  • Copper Repipe

    I love my Blackberry and appreciate the direct link you have here. My wife though is pressuring me to give up my Blackberry and get an iPhone like she has, but I’m not convinced the 3g network is as solid as the one I have now.

  • Nnaemeka Nwosu

    Blackberry newbie here! Using Desktop Manager, which file do i import *.jad *alx? I keep getting ” No additional applications found”.

    • JR Anciano

      Import the .alx file

      In Desktop Manager, go to Applications, then on the top right side of the window click Import files, and then find location of wherever your extracted files are and import the .alx file.

  • Terrell Deramus

    Hi webmaster, commenters and all the others !!! Your blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of fantastic info and inspiration, as both versions most of us need!b Maintain ’em coming… you all do this kind of great job at such Concepts… can’t tell you how a lot I, for one appreciate whatever you do!

  • David Tschanz

    I for one would like to thank you. I live in the Middle East where app world is STILL not available despite years of promises (though iphone is and there are 30 million BB users).

    This made it possible for me to use evernote!

  • Charlie

    I’m glad evernote is available for my blackberry 🙂

  • Latitia

    I installed evernote on my mac and ipad, and would very much like to install it also on my blackberry curve. But I have a Namibian registered blackberry, and Blacberry app world is not available for namibians. I have tried EVERYTHING to download evernote ,but not possible. Must I give up?

  • K rajasekaran

    Wonderful organiser. Every moment is documented. Grateful Evernote.y