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User Profile: Cameron Muilenburg – BMX Rider

Posted by Ron Toledo on 15 May 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 15 May 2009

bmxcropped Name: Cameron Muilenburg
Location: Dallas, Texas
Profession: Creative at an Apple Store and Student
Check out Cameron’s: Blog
Flickr: cameronasa
twitter: @cameronasa

Where do you have Evernote installed?

Which features have you found most useful?

Definitely the geo-location data on the iPhone notes.

Your Evernote Story

I am a BMX rider and Evernote has worked out great as a database for all my favorite spots to ride. Here’s how i do it. When I go to a new spot i take a snapshot note on my iPhone in Evernote of a ramp, some stairs, a rail, or whatever. I also jott down a few notes about the spot or any other details that I want to remember. I’ll also tag the note with “BMX” and/or “Skateable” to make finding skate friendly sites when I’m with my skater friends easy.

Now, whenever I am looking for a place to ride I just pull out my iPhone, search for a specific attribute such as “rail” or “ramp” and find the spot. Once I pull up the note i can click on the details to pull up the location right on my iPhone in Google maps. This also works great when I’m out of town visiting places i’ve ridden before and looking for places to ride. With Evernote I can search by location and pull up the spots on my IPhone.

What was your last note in Evernote

A riding spot note in Joplin Missouri. I recently took a trip to Joplin Missouri and of course I rode my bike while I was there. I tagged a bunch of spots around town and saved them in Evernote. It’s nice to know that the next time i go there I have a bunch of spots waiting for me in Evernote.


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  • J. Biddle

    Thats a great story!

  • John Swead

    That seems like a great idea if you where trying to do a skate video in one day. It would a convient way to keep track of the sites. Then you could get everyone in one quick go and set up while showing everyone where they will be each day.
    Thanks for the info.

  • David Hammersmith

    Wow, cool bike riding. Great video. Well done!

  • Merchant Card Processing

    This is really nice riding. My son loved it!

  • Manny Scott

    Im a total skateboarding freak and i really dug this video, some very cool moves out there. Way to go buddy.

    Manny Scott
    spy camera

  • Jake SC

    Sick moves. You should have a site that shares some of your favorite riding spots. I’d love to see if some of my friends and I could hit up those places at some point.
    Jake Sepia