Integration Spotlight: OfficeDrop

Posted by on 18 May 2009

Posted by on 18 May 2009

Evernote and OfficeDrop (formerly Pixily) have teamed up to help you get rid of all the paper that clutters your, very un-paperless, life. From documents to scraps to receipts, everything is digitized by Pixily and made available in Evernote for easy access any time you like –you barely have to lift a finger.

In their own words

OfficeDrop is an interactive document management service that helps consumers and small businesses be more organized and efficient. Our users send paper documents to OfficeDrop. Upon receipt, OfficeDrop scans, categorizes and uploads the documents to a customer’s web account, where they can be securely accessed by authorized users from any location.

Why this is cool

Evernote is a single place for all of the things you want to remember. Now with OfficeDrop, you can keep all those piles and piles of documents right next to your notes and webclips and snapshots all accessible in Evernote the instant you need them.

How it works

Collect all your papers and place them into a pre-paid OfficeDrop envelope. If an envelope just won’t suffice, OfficeDrop also has pre-paid UPS boxes. Once they get your documents, OfficeDrop scans everything into your personal online account. From there, simply click on the “Send to Evernote” button and the scans shoot over to the notebook of your choice. Setup instructions are available on the OfficeDrop blog.

Get $10 OFF

For a limited time, OfficeDrop is offering Evernote users a $10 discount. To take advantage of the discount, follow this link or type EVERNOTE into the coupon code field during checkout.

The Evernote API

Learn more about the Evernote API on our developer page, and join over a hundred developers working with the Evernote API to create new and exciting integrations.


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  • George Wilkinson

    Evernote is a nice idea, but I am just a little concerned that having everything of mine in a proprietary format that cannot be retrieved if the company goes out of business one day or they hike rates to an unreasonable rate with no option to take your documents elsewhere.

    I know many other people have this same concern about using evernote for important papers or everything you have.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @George You can export your Evernote data any time you like. We have a well defined XML export and HTML export options. Your data is never locked in.

  • Sin Trenton

    “Collect all your papers and place them into a pre-paid Pixily envelope.”

    Nice! Prepaid even. Have to check where in Czech Republic I can get those.
    Since you are not mentioning one word about “USA only” and you do have an international customer base, I assume it goes for all of us? ;o)

  • Parepidemos

    In what way is this better than having my 11yo son scan all my documents for free, here at my home? (and then uploading those docs to Evernote) Is there something special about Pixily’s digital format, or the way the documents are stored?

  • Tawny Y.


    With the desktop version, you can synchronize everything with your desktop PC or Mac – thus still having access to all your important documents on your personal computer, even if Evernote goes belly up.

  • Anand Rajaram, Chief Product Officer, Pixily


    With Pixily, you (or your son) don’t have to do the grunt work. Pixily has a very intuitive user interface, powerful organization and sharing tools and makes all information available as PDFs for you to download (or send to evernote). We don’t use any proprietary format.

    A lot of us tend to not scan diligently after a few months, and it isn’t as easy as putting it in a pre-paid envelope. Also, Our scanning equipment is industrial quality and do a better job of scanning than consumer targeted scanners, improving search accuracy.

    On top of these value-added benefits, Typical sheet fed scanners cost $250 – $300 ( which is almost 2 years of Pixily’s Value Plan).

    In effect, We make it easier for you to stay organized.

  • BAM

    Hmm, is this one of the reasons local image processing was removed from the desktop version?

  • Dan

    Is pixily available to non-US customers?
    Nothing is mentioned in the pixily website.

  • Lee Probert

    Does Pixily convert the scans into text too?

  • Ricky

    Are you folks ever planning to do anything really (really) useful, like allowing us to have separate sections and sub sections (like a folder structure) for our notebooks??

    I’ve got two scanners, and it takes no time at all for me to scan paper as it comes into the office, but I, for one, could really use some freaking folders.

  • Tom K

    Just to reiterate others’ questions – is this available outside the US? Eg. UK?

  • brsdarlo

    i’m with you ricky… tags don’t bridge the gap between subfolders. Tags are meant to be used liberally and freely, which means putting tags in a hierarchy will be a wild jungle unless they are very micromanaged and used conservatively…defeating the purpose of tags (which was never to replace subfolders..but to cross link data on the fly with anything you can pull out of your head – unlike subfolders you need to be in the right district of thought).

    We need both, we need both, we need both.

  • Markus

    Sounds great! Will the upload limit affect how much you can send from Pixily?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Markus Yes, scanned documents imported from PIxily will be counted against your month allownace.

  • vv111y

    HIPPA compliance guys?

    From both you and pixily (I’ll ask them).
    That would be reeeaally nice.


  • loongshifu

    I would also want, as Ricky does, folders and sub-folders so that notes could be more organized. Are there others who want this feature?

  • Anand Rajaram, Chief Product Officer, Pixily

    @Dan @LeeProbert @Tom K

    At this point, Pixily’s mail in service is offered only in the U.S. Please sign up for our newsletter at so that we can keep you posted on when we launch the service in other countries.

  • E

    I agree with others. Folders and sub-folders would be great.

  • R

    If you close your Pixily account, will you still be able to keep the documents in Evernote? Or does your partnership require you to delete them?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @R You will not lose any data kept in Evernote if you close your Pixily account.

  • Rhonda Bayless

    SUBFOLDERS, yes these are a basic must and with all the updates recently to EN, it would seem like this would be priority one.

  • Steve

    I’m looking for a single serious tool to manage ALL the key information in my life… Evernote was/is at the top of the list.

    I’m a “data guy.” I agree with the comments of others who have mentioned the need for a multi-tier folder structure. The flat single level folder structure would quickly become unmanageable for doing serious bulk data management.

    Is doing that in the software development plan in the near future. I’ll take no answer as an indication that you’re not sure how to even do it…

  • Mr. Subfolder

    Does Evernote have a philosophical/religious aversion to sub-folders? I only ask because so many of us (us being Evernote customers – you know – the people who pay your salary) want them and Evernote has not responded.

  • Emma H

    I couldn’t agree more. I signed up to Evernote, started uploading stuff, then was stunned to find I couldn’t create sub-folders. What the *!%*. How can you get organised without sub-folders. As others said, tags are useful but just don’t hack it as a basic mode of organisation.

  • SUB folders?

    I would agree with the need for subfolders but with Evernote for iPhone I’d just be happy with actually being able to use FOLDERS – I can’t seem to find the functionality to do this…