• iPhone 3.0, sync, and lots more

    Podcast MP3 | iTunes | Audio feed | Length: 40mins Podcast #7 topics Evernote for iPhone 3.0 [blog post] How we decide which devices and platforms get Evernote Focus on a feature: Synchronization “My one Evernote wish” The Evernote “Seven Ate Nine” Party [RSVP] Twitter questions: Using tags, Evernote for the enterprise, better iPhone editing […] Read more

  • Notebook Sharing and Collaboration: Phase 1

    Update: Evernote for Mac gets sharing [read the post] Update: Evernote for Web gets quick note sharing [http://blog.evernote.com/2011/03/29/the-shiny-new-evernote-web-redesigned-interface-expanded-note-sharing-options-and-more/”>read the post] Update: Evernote for Windows gets sharing [read the post] Update: Evernote for Android gets sharing [read the post] Update: Evernote for iOS gets sharing [read the post] For the past year, we’ve had a single […] Read more

  • User Profile: Erin Doland – Editor-in-Chief of Unclutterer.com

    Name: Erin Doland Location: Washington, D.C. Profession: Editor-in-Chief of Unclutterer.com contributor to Real Simple and RealSimple.com, author of upcoming book on organizational strategies Unclutter Your Life in One Week Blog: Unclutterer.com Twitter: @UncluttererTips Where do you use Evernote? Evernote for Mac on my Macbook Evernote for iPhone I use Evernote most often on my iPhone, […] Read more

  • The Evernote “Seven Ate Nine” Party

    The time has come for a little Evernote celebration. What’s the occasion? There are reasons-a-plenty: 1 year anniversary, 1 million Evernoters, our love of after-work drinks…the list goes on. But most of all, we want to meet you, our lovely users. So, come on down. Where: Slide Lounge in San Francisco [map] When: 7-10pm on […] Read more

  • Big Update: Evernote for iPhone 3.0 is Here

    Ever since Apple announced plans for the new iPhone 3.0 a couple of months ago, we’ve been hard at work rebuilding Evernote to take advantage of the platform’s new features. Today is the big payoff: iPhone 3.0 officially launches and our new app is ready to go! Get it now from the App Store. This […] Read more

  • Palm Pre, Image Recognition, more

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  • Sooo Shiny: Evernote for the Palm Pre

    Evernote for Palm® Pre™ is here. It’s the newest addition to our rapidly growing family of remember-everythingamajigs. Get it now from the Palm App Catalog. Visit our Palm Pre webpage for screenshots and additional information. What does it do? Evernote for Palm Pre lets you capture your experiences and inspirations instantly as they occur, and […] Read more

  • User Profile: Caroline Andreolle – Aspiring interior designer

    Name: Caroline Andreolle Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA Profession: Marketing Manager, IProng Magazine reviewer, wannabe volleyball player, trying to get-it-doner twitter: @sphynge How do you access Evernote? Evernote for Mac on my MacBook Pro Evernote Web Which features have you found most useful? The super awesome web clipper. I like using my mouse to […] Read more

  • And The Winners of the Evernote Eye-Fi Giveaway are…

    We are very excited to announce the winners of our latest giveaway of 5 very sweet Eye-Fi Cards. Big thanks to everyone that entered. Watch the video below to find out if you are one of the lucky winners. If you aren’t a winner this time around, fret not. We will have more giveaways soon. Read more

  • One million strong, updates and more

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