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User Profile: Caroline Andreolle – Aspiring interior designer

Posted by Ron Toledo on 11 Jun 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 11 Jun 2009

caroline Name: Caroline Andreolle
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Profession: Marketing Manager, IProng Magazine reviewer, wannabe volleyball player, trying to get-it-doner
twitter: @sphynge

How do you access Evernote?

Which features have you found most useful?

The super awesome web clipper. I like using my mouse to select the area of the page that I want to remember

What’s your Evernote Story?

I just bought a house. Can’t begin to tell you what a headache it is. Remembering where all the documents you need are, looking for the best deal on; mortgage rates, home insurance, moving trucks, etc. If there’s a deal to be had, I want it. That’s why I’m all over the internet, crawling the web for the hottest deal that no one’s caught yet. So at first, I was using Evernote as my deal repository.

Now that I have the house, I have a new issue: how do I paint it? I never thought color was so difficult. You think you like a color… until you put it on the wall. So I decided to start looking for ideas from people who know what they’re doing. Interior designers, graphic designers, design websites, design bloggers, design tipsters… anyone who’s got ideas, I want to take a look at them. But especially with color, it’s super hard to remember. Was that the exact blue I saw? What kind of brown was that? I’m a visual person, but I’m not that visual. So I used Evernote to remember decors, painting tips, color combination’s, find palettes of colors to make sure you wouldn’t get a heart attack looking at that red next to that purple. In short, Evernote’s my personal interior decorator.

What’s was your last note in Evernote

A web clip from the website, Kuler, for color combination ideas.


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  • Crysti Couture

    Wow, this is an amazing idea! I will definetly create a new notebook and do something similar! -@crysticouture

  • baby decor

    I need this!!!!! Thanks.

  • vanessaclark

    I need to create a new notebook as well. It is an awesome idea.

  • geechorama

    Why is she holding a slice of american cheese and a bunch of different colored 3.5″ floppy disks?

  • Nicolette

    Actually, she is holding sample paint colors, so she can match it to the wall besides deciding what color to paint.


  • Chase

    I’m terrible at picking out paint colors for my house. Good use for Evernote. I’ve just started using it on my Mac.