Big Update: Evernote for iPhone 3.0 is Here

Posted by Phil Libin on 17 Jun 2009

Posted by Phil Libin on 17 Jun 2009

Ever since Apple announced plans for the new iPhone 3.0 a couple of months ago, we’ve been hard at work rebuilding Evernote to take advantage of the platform’s new features. Today is the big payoff: iPhone 3.0 officially launches and our new app is ready to go! Get it now from the App Store.

This is a major upgrade for us. There are two main reasons to be excited about Evernote for iPhone 3.0: the great stuff that we put in, and the even greater stuff that we’ll be able to add in the near future. So, what’s new?

Beefy synchronization

We’ve completely rewritten the data synchronization part of the application to take advantage of the new iPhone 3.0 capabilities, so that info about all your notes (but not their entire contents) is now synced locally on the device. This means that you can scroll through thousands of notes without interruption and without ever seeing the dreaded “load 25 more” message. It also means that filtering on tags, attributes, notebooks and locations can now be done without ever hitting the server, so it’s virtually instantaneous. Also, note content is now cached more aggressively, so pulling up a previously-viewed note is very quick. If you have a lot of notes, Evernote may need a couple of minutes to sync your note list the first time you launch the new app.

No pending

This new data handling functionality also means that there’s no longer any need for a “Pending” tab —pending notes are now displayed in the normal note list and you can edit them at any time, even before they’ve been synced!

Where in the world?

We love maps, and Evernote 3.0 for the iPhone’s got em! You can push the “pin” button at any time to see all of your notes displayed on a map. The numbers indicate how many notes you have in a particular area, and zooming in will break up the groups until you can see each individual note as a pin. Now, if you want to quickly remember the name of that great pickled mustard herring you had in Stockholm last summer (mmmm), just thumb the map over to Sweden and there it is.

Instant groups

The note views now lets you group your notes by date, title, notebook, city or country. You can also instantly jump to a different group by taping the index bar on the right of the note list (or on the bottom, if you’re in landscape mode), or scroll your finger over the index bar to fly through your notes at breakneck speed. Once you get good at using groups, maps and index-jumping, you can quickly get to any note without ever having to search.

Advanced Searching

Of course, you can still search through your notes and we’ve made that better as well. Advanced search options are now easier to use and many types of searches can be performed without ever having to touch the server, so they’re really fast. You can also instantly jump back to seeing all your notes at any time.

Way better audio

We’ve given the audio recorder in Evernote a lot of attention and now it’s much better than before. We doubled the recording time, halved the number of required button presses, and dressed it up in a spiffy new skin. If you haven’t tried making voice notes in Evernote before, give the new audio recorder a shot. It’s so slick now that we can’t stop playing with it…

Cinema-quality Landscape View


Try holding the phone sideways in the note list view. Now add a few thousand notes and try it again. It’s a drool-worthy visual timeline of your notable life.

Mercy for your fingers

We’ve eliminated several steps and small buttons when making snapshot and camera roll notes. Now you can snap a picture and send it to Evernote with just a couple of clicks. If you want to add a title, tags or text to your photo (or any other) note, just pull it up from the note list —even if it’s still pending.

Plays nice with others

Evernote for iPhone 3.0 now supports in-app integrations with iPhone apps from other developers. Several exciting Evernote-aware apps should be launching really really soon! Stay tuned and we’ll blog about all of them.

General improvements and bug fixes

This is our third major version of Evernote for the iPhone, so there’s a lot of improvements under the hood.

More on the horizon

Just as important as the new features that made it in to this release, is the fact that Evernote 3.0 for iPhone is the most powerful mobile platform we’ve ever built and it’s going to let us do things in the future which we couldn’t even dream if doing before. So what are we dreaming about now? Well, we don’t want to make specific promises (and some of them may be a long way away), so we’ll just hint at three things for now: sharing, local search, calendar integration, to-do management, audio search, compass use and memory training. Wait, that’s seven things. Dammit! Suffice it to say there will be lots of amazingly cool features coming soon.

Works on all iPhones and iPod Touches

Upgrade your existing iPhone or iPod Touch to the 3.0 firmware, and you’ll be all set to run the new Evernote. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to get the new iPhone 3G S, you’ll notice that, thanks to the fantastic new camera and faster speed, it’s pretty much the perfect Evernote device.

As always, Evernote 3.0 for the iPhone is available for free from the App Store. Remember that your Evernote app is happiest when it gets to sync across all of your computers and mobile devices, so if you haven’t already done so, make sure to download us for Mac and Windows as well!

It may still say version 2.0 in iTunes, while all the Apple servers update.


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  • Michael Schechter

    I am loving you guys right now! Cant wait to play around with the new version… PS, I am obsessed with your product!

  • Kim

    What about Evernote and the Blackberry?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Kim We recently released Evernote for BlackBerry. You can get it from App World or from our BlackBerry page.

  • Scot F

    Love the product! Crazy question, will I be able to have 3.0 before I place OS 3.0 on the iPhone, or should I update the OS before Evernote?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Scot You will need to update your device to 3.0. A number of the new features are made possible by 3.0.

  • matt

    Android client? Pleeeeease?

  • Krzysztof Maj

    Congratulation Evernote! Very nice, very nice!

  • Karl M

    One suggestion if you’re going to work more on audio notes… how about speech to text? I’d pay another $50/yr for that.


    Rock on guys… Evernote is just the best data acquisition and retention application out there.


  • Michael Krautwasser

    Stunning update!! Like the new features… Great job done.

  • Doug

    nice work guys – can’t wait to take it for a test run!!

  • Marc

    The area where Evernote is really lacking is the text editor. It is just not an up to par Rich Text editing experience.

    Focus on speed, always.

  • Tiago

    Hey, thanks for the update guys!

    Just one thing, how does the iPod Touch handles the location feature of the notes? It doesn’t at all or it somehow plays around the no GPS built in feature?

    Thanks again, you make my life a lot easier !

  • Jonathan


  • Pishabh Badmaash

    Tagging needs to have a tag cloud view, now!!

  • Ryan

    Looks awesome!! Two quick requests/questions:

    in iphone 2, viewing PDFs requires an extra click to actually open it as the note just shows the pdf icon and file size (this happens on the website too) – can this be eliminated/streamlined?

    on the iphone notes that have check-boxes in them don’t seem to display correctly – is this fixed?

  • Tiago

    I love the way it syncs auto”magically”.

    Yet, there’s still one very important thing missing: the option to have all notes as Favourites (like an option in the account menu – you can even let go the Favourites tab, everytime it syncs it just copy all the content into the memory). There’s no point in not having that now with the increased memory space in the 3G S.

    Anyway, it’s beautiful, snappy and lovelly !

  • revs

    Holy Cow!! Awesome!!! Unbelieveably awesome!!!

  • Matt

    Wow. Awesome upgrade! I also downloaded the new AP News app version, and by surprise it gave me the option to save an article into Evernote. Excellent!

  • Gilles

    What about the video possibilities on the iPhone 3GS ?

  • Gary

    Sweeeet!!! Michael just about said it all. Mine is in a “waiting” state tryin to get it from the App store now. What about PDF preview? Does it generate a thumbnail or still just the PDF logo?

  • EP

    Yup, Windows Mobile has been forgotten 🙁 Such a shame too… The iphone offers “new” features that WM devices have had forever.

  • patrick walsh

    you guys rock. nice update!

  • JJ

    Just downloaded iPhone OS 3.0 & Evernote 3.0 – You guys are the BEST!!! Thanks for all your hard work. I love your product.

  • NTT

    WHOA!! That’s a huge one.. Great work guys.. Now Evernote 3.0 + iPhone 3GS is the killer app.. 🙂

    Btw, any chance that you could integrate evernote search into to iPhone Spotlight search, so that it behaves the sameway as it does on a Mac?

  • Susan

    I’d be lost without you! Two of my coworkers started using Evernote today because, well, they know I know my stuff.

  • Fab

    It’s great to know you are still working on the Iphone version. Evernote still miss important points that other Iphone App already do: (1) local search (offline) (2) download all the notes to the Iphone, so we can browse them offline, without worrying to know if we have check the star to make the note a favorite. I really do not understand why there is no option at the notebook level to inform Evernote that the contents of this notebook have to be transferred to the Iphone entirely, so we can consult it offline. (3) no easy way to use tags. (4) no calendar view (really more useful than a map view, even if it is less sexy). Look at the Momo app, or Shovebox app, simple, but so useful.

    Evernote is really wonderful regarding sync across different systems; the mac version is stunning, we can see that you have worked hard in order the app to be great, but the Iphone version is really behind… I’m willing to become a premium user once the Iphone version is finished ! Continue the good work.

  • shollomon

    Some nice to have stuff in that list. It really does seem to speed things up. It works well for me to sort things by notebook. But Evernote is not even close to great until it provides full offline capabilities.

  • LK5

    buuuu! What a great app! with my winmo app i just want to cry. Maybe i soon i have to say hello! iphone 3.0….

  • Gary

    As I mentioned..the app is awesome. Still waiting on a response about PDF preview (premium user)? That one is killing me, as I am scanning in paper docs on a ScanSnap, as well as all of my web pages are from Safari as a full-preserved page clip…and ALL are PDF! Is this feature coming, or is this not technically feasible??

  • Henry

    It’s great to get a new update. However, I am disappointed that Evernote cannot support rich text format note in iPhone. Since the launch of iPhone OS 3.0, it is very easy to copy text & format & graphics from safari or any Apps using WebUIView. It is obsolete to separate the notes to text only, pics with text. Please let us to copy & paste text, images into our notes just like what we do in our desktop. It would be great if we can still use bullet points/checkboxes like the one in our desktop. Thanks!

  • Daniel Marashlian

    Wow! I had no idea you guys were planning this! It looks amazing! I’m downloading it right now. Now you guys got my wheels turning in how these new features could be bridged over to the Pelotonics Integration… hmmmm… There’s something there!

    I’ll let you guys know as soon as Troy and myself think of some new use cases.


  • Roger

    Thanks for your work.

  • Oscar Luaces

    Hi, very nice work, but, after a few hours of use, suddenly, evernote for iPhone stop working for me (version for the 3.0 firmware). It seems it connects but I see no notes, and when I write a new note it is always pending to be syncronized. Also, from the iPhone I cannot see the number of notes of my (free) account. However the mac version works perfectly. I tried to deinstall and re-install evernote for iphone, but with the same results. Does anyone have the same problem? (iPhone 3G 3.0)

  • Lukather

    WOW! I’m waitin’ for that new features in the upcoming (upcoming right?!) update for blackberry storm 😀

  • Martin Lorch

    Wow, what a great update. This has some amazing functionality and feels extremely slick.

    Thanks for your work,

  • Paul Tilley

    Evernote got me through my dissertation and now with this very sexy update its going to make my new job so much more interesting…sorry I mean productive:)!

  • Mladen Mihajlovic

    It all sounds wonderful. When, oh, when will you give so much love to the Windows Mobile version?

  • minhtam

    I may sound like a broken record, but have you considered making a Symbian / S60 client? It’s the most used mobile OS (outside of the US) and there are lots of smartphones where it would incredibly useful. It would also open your software up to a whole new crowd of users who use clever phones, but who haven’t (yet) gotten a smartphone.
    Thanks for considering it.

  • z0mbix

    Where’s the Android love?

  • Terry

    please please please… add an alarm function so that I can specify a date/time for a note alarm to be set off and pushed to notify me.

    For example, one plans to be in Paris in September and saw a poster about a great art exhibit that will take place there during that time. He takes a picture of the poster, makes it an Evernote with an alarm to be set off a couple of days before he departs for Paris to remind him. The iphone pushes the notification of this note alarm and allows him to click to go to view the note.

    Pretty please?

  • Mark Nicholson

    This is superb, well done. I’m slightly obsessed with Evernote, like a lot of people seem to be round here, and this app has just made something brilliant even better. It really is a great upgrade, makes searching and viewing notes really clear and easy. It’s a joy to use.

  • Ian Fogg

    Please add the ability to sync note contents, at least the text even if you don’t do the file attachments.

    Would be really really helpful for locations where network coverage is non-existent (eg London’s tube), patchy (eg rural) or too expensive (international roaming).


  • David

    I love Evernote, use it often, and recommend it to everyone. I downloaded the 3.0 version and have been playing with it, but you should know that it quits unexpectedly about 50% of the time while doing simple functions (or nothing at all). This is when using the new Evernote on an iPhone 3G (not 3GS) with the new iPhone 3.0 software loaded and the new Evernote installed.

  • Chris

    🙁 The iPhone owners get all the love… The green Android feels very, very lonely. Even the BlackBerry and Pre owners feel loved but not the little green Android…
    I’d love to use Evernote and will go Premium as soon as there is a native Android App but I’m so envious when I see this great update for the iPhone. Java’s not THAT hard and the G1/Magic has everything the 3GS has (maybe not exactly as fast but good enough).

  • Merritt

    My notes on the web and my mac are not showing up on my iphone. How long does it take to sync things up?

  • Juan Romero Abelleira

    Amazing update, thanks!

  • Ameya

    Are you developing an Android Version? We are waiting!!

  • Larry

    Still no Android native app love? 🙁

  • John

    A PALM PRE app and now another iPhone update?

    Why are you so blatently ignoring the Androids? You’re about to lose this user.

  • Swaroop

    Very useful improvements!

    I especially like that we can add/edit notes without waiting for sync to happen.

    And nice touch with the improved looks.

  • Swaroop

    The biggest downside though is that now it takes way more clicks to get to the saved searches! 🙁

  • Swaroop

    Another thing… I *still* can’t see the full title of a note if it exceeds the overview page’s length… which is very sad.

  • teddy

    Are you working on an Android version maybe?
    and a linux one?

  • Brian

    yeah. iPhone 3.0 out for ahh hmm 1 day and there is an app update. What about Android! You guys suck.

  • Zack

    How about a physical keyboard to go with you Evernote App. That would be a true killer feature, my iPhone with this mystical device would replace my HP Mini 1000 with Evernote on it. Please!

  • M

    All of my notes are blank since the update. Great.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @M Try quitting the application and relaunching it.

  • estabrook

    A great update.

    A couple of commenters are thinking along the same lines as I am–how about a quick/easy way to get web content from Safari to Evernote.

    An iPhone evernote bookmarklet would be great. Or something based on iPhone 3.0’s cut/paste functions?

    Thanks again for a great update.

  • Immotion

    I second NTT, please integrate the iPhone 3.0 global spotlight search with EverNote, that would absolutely spectacular!!

  • David

    Nice work! There are rough spots I was hoping would be addressed (not to be a bitch, but…):

    First and foremost, I LOVE Evernote for multi-platform sync of simple notes and To-Dos. That’s the key value prop for me and it’s the only thing out there that does it.

    But, what does Evernote want to be? Is it a note-taking app? Is it a life organizer like Things? I fear you are on the road to adding everything including the kitchen sink yet not creating a tight app really focused on solving a specific set of problems. I say this because basic support for styled text isn’t included, there are some convoluted UIs that could really be simplified, and performance seems to be slipping. These seem to be fundamental attributes to get right for this innovative app.

    So, specifically:

    1) Please add support for formatted text. It’s frustrating not to be able to edit styled text on the iPhone

    2) I still find the whole search interface clumsy and more complicated than it needs to be.

    3) Editing notes is weird. Touching the Edit icon to edit a note should bring up the keyboard like every other iPhone app does — rather than this strange two-step process of reloading the note in edit mode, then bringing up the keyboard with another touch.

    4) Optimize for performance. This version loads slower than the previous one.

  • Kang

    Have us Windows users been forgotten?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Kang Far from it. There are some big things coming to Windows soon.

  • ken

    Oscar Luaces says

    >> I tried to deinstall and re-install evernote for iphone, but with the same results. Does anyone have the same problem? (iPhone 3G 3.0)

    I have the same problem, too.(iPod touch 3.0)

    I also tried to remove Evernote and re-install it,
    but nothing became good.

    I’ve been really upset. I can’t do anything without Evernote!! Please help me.

  • Swaroop

    I third NTT, integrating EN with spotlight search would be useful indeed.

  • Peer Timo Andersen-Ulven


    Fantastic new version!!! But, there is still the same old fault, as I see it, with writing a new note. It defaults to start the title with small letters. Most other apps can get the keyboard and capital letters right according to what they are expecting of input. Evernote has always defaultet to small letters. It is a very small bug, but something that always frustrates me on entering new notes.

    Thank you for your great work!

  • Jonathan Bloom

    This update is huge and I’m loving this update. I wanted to edit some notes before they were synced up and now I’m glad we can do this.

  • Jonathan Bloom

    Count me in for the offline syncing as well, I’ll be getting a 32GB iPhone and this would be a great option. Most of the time I’m fine with online access, but I was on a cruise ship a week back with no internet access-and Evernote would’ve been even more useful if I could use it all offline.

    Being able to access my unsynced notes is definitely a major step in the right direction. 🙂

    Is there also, perhaps, a chance we could see video notes?

  • belle

    this is a great update! More Power!

  • Greg Wyatt

    Since upgrading my 3g to 3.0 software, evernote locks up when I attempt to open a new note. It also will not update and show any of my notes. The program is very slow and easily locks up. I have rest and removed and re-installed Evernote 3.0 several times with the same results?

  • curtis

    Same problem here – upgrade to 3.0os on my 3G and updated evernote – I either have no notes at all or the app just locks up – can’t create new notes without freezing, and reinstalling app makes no difference ….

    Help? I can’t find any support for this – this is a serious problem for some of us!

  • Tenkely

    This update looks amazing! Too bad you don’t have a version for Android yet…

  • George S

    iTouch version quits right after it starts to synch. Can’t get any value from the upgrade when it won’t run.

    Any news on a fix?

  • Gary

    3rd request for response….PDF preview in the iPhone app coming??? Helloooo??

  • mward

    3.0 just fails for me. Won’t sync notes and trying to create text notes causes a freeze. Restoring 3G to clean factory state and installing only Evernote yields same results. There is something wrong with this version of the application.

  • kytyn

    Dear Devs, I know Apple makes testing and getting apps cleared a total pain but this version needed more QA before release. I’ll try to open a note, even one that was created on the iPhone, and it gives me a “Tap to append body text. (You can’t edit this text on the iPHone because it contains images, audio or styled text. Use the PC, Mac or Web version of Evernote to edit.)” message. If it’s a picture (again, one taken by the iPhone) it won’t open the large version (which resulted it me purchasing the wrong light bulbs today!). If I uninstall then reinstall Evernote it will give me full functionality for an undetermined length of time, then deny me again. Since I’m not always in an area where I have WiFi this is really not a good workaround.

    OK, just did some testing – if I have a WiFi connection I can edit notes but if I’m on anything less (3g) I can’t edit notes. If I start out on WiFi then go to 3g it still seems to let me edit. But if my phone has been turned off and only has seen 3g then I’m stuck with that message. I thought I editing notes entirely in 3g before switching to 3.0 (on my 3g phone, before moving to the 3gs). Maybe I just ~never~ turned off my phone before getting my new one! But requiring WiFi just to access notes is insane – I can see it for installing the app but just for data???

    Please get this working soon. I’m preparing for a vacation and ~need~ my second brain!

    Thanks so much!

  • Gregg

    If you do the latest upgrade, would it be safer to then reinstall the app after and remove it before you actually install? I just don’t know if its going to cause any bugs by upgrading, I assume it must be backwards compatible?

  • hall316

    Just trying this program out for the first time and for me it’s epic fail on my 3gs. I can’t get it to sync the notebook at all. I’ve tried with wifi and the regular 3g service and nothing happens. It seems like a great product and would love to actually try it out.

  • thatch

    It’s broken, you really need to temper the line in the hype that reads.

    “Works on all iPhones and iPod Touches”

    I upgraded and I now have nothing, did the uninstall and reinstall – still nothing.

    Checked support and forums and read the message to other people in the same boat saying that you will look at it after “you have fixed the serious bugs”.

    How much more serious does it need to be?

  • Germaine

    evernote on my iphone doesn’t seem to be syncing well. any ideas?

  • MGoulart

    Not working for me either. Removed app and reinstalled etc.

    Please release fix soon 🙂

  • etecé

    The iphone app (3.0) closes in the middle of the sync, so I can acces only to favourites notes. Please fix the bugs.

  • will

    The update has been very buggy for me. I’ve had several crashes, such as when trying to take a snapshot note, and editing existing notes.

    Good feature set, but not stable enough. I am sure a fix is in the works.

    Thanks for the continual feature upgrades.

  • avrum

    not working for me either. all of my recent notes have titles, but no content in the body of the note. I’m assuming a fix is on the way.

  • Johnny

    I didn’t upgrade to 3.0 yet, please allow evernote to be available for 2.2 again! I can’t download it from the App Store!


  • Randy Fisher

    Great post, Your information is excellent on the topic. Thanks

  • tony

    works great thanks

  • Greg Wyatt

    Thank you guys for a wonderful product. Your customer service is also fantastic. I do have one small suggestion. It would be great if you would respond to the many of us that cant use evernote for iphone on the 3.0 OS. Just a short note on this blog would be great. I have deleted and reinstalled Evernote 3.0 several times as well as having accomplished a complete restore (not from back up) of the OS 3.0 firmware and then reinstalled a new copy of Evernote 3.0 with the same results. Will not sync and completely locks up the device when you attempt to create a new note. Again, thanks for all you do and I look forward to the fix so I can again use Evernote from my iphone 3g.

  • bndo

    “Germaine says:
    evernote on my iphone doesn’t seem to be syncing well. any ideas?”

    Same. I’ve only been able to see 2 of my 25 notes in the iPhone 3.0 install on my iPhone3G (I assume these are the one’s I favorited). Is there a way to revert my evernote for iphone install?

  • Stew


    > The area where Evernote is really lacking is the text editor

    I think the rich text editor in the Evernote client is pretty good. Have you tried clicking the little button in the upper-right corner of a note? Or press Alt-Enter (on a PC). Yeah, they could use a few more RTF features and a couple features don’t have toolbar buttons (press Ctrl-K to make the selected text into a link). But it’s not something!

    I was wondering if the new map feature (stores the location where the note was created) works with the iTouch via wifi, or just on the iPhone? I don’t have either, but I was trying out my buddy’s iTouch at home and it couldn’t find my location. I guess my router doesn’t send it out (which I usually think is a GOOD thing).

    Anyway, Evernote will be the first app I install when I get an iTouch!

  • Ramon


    I also have problems with Evernote 3.0 on an iPhone 3G with OS 3. (ultrasn0w) :
    – notes won’t load
    – new notes won’t sync

    Reinstall doesn’t solve this. Please look at this!

    Just a question to you all, who’s using ultrasn0w? As that might also be a complexing factor.


  • English

    Poor T-Mobile G1 and G3 phones. 🙁 No love. I LOVE Evernote and use it daily. Looking at mobile phones now and want an iPhone but want to stay with T-Mobile. Will you offer an Android version?

  • pepoluan

    You know, Symbian userbase is still waaaay bigger than BB+iPhone+Android+Pre…

    Thus, it makes perfect business sense to make an Evernote for them.

    So, when can I see “Evernote for Symbian”?

  • BGK

    Great update! Would like to see individual notebooks included on the iPhone app, though.

  • Martin Cleaver

    +1 for video notes. I’m looking for an application that can do this: it’s my #1 criteria item.

  • Wedding

    From the bottom of my heart I’d like to extend my big congratulations to EVERNOTE! You have come a long long way to reach your millions of users and finding way to make Evernote reachable as ever. Now this is a coming true project. Hopefully soon, you will be in blackberry. Keep us updated!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Wedding Evernote for BlackBerry is available: BlackBerry page

  • Freddie Daniells

    thanks for a fab update…this app just gets more and more useful and critical to my daily routine. The voice upgrades will make me use that for the first time. also like you later post on sharing – can see that as making me use the app more too.

    Like a couple of others here, a request for integrating Evernote with Spotlight search – would be killer. General offline would be nice but maybe resource hungry – however, how about making the favourites downloaded to the device. The reason they are favourites is that yopu may wanty to refer to them a lot and so having natively on the phone would be great.

    Anyhow, keep up the amazing work. Really looking forward to the next PC desktop upgrade. Cheers

  • Sam

    3.0 is a major step forward and I love using it. Evernote for the iPhone is the reason I switched from OneNote to Evernote.

    I would very much like to have the ability to upload multiple pictures at once into the same note. This is very helpfull while shopping or documenting a meeting.


  • tivoboy

    I get a LOT of crashes, especially when syncing over cell network.

  • Bully Xtreme

    Incredible product! I just got! Thanks for this great app. Keep up the great work and website

  • michael smith

    Wow! This is great! I have recently purchased my iphone. Glad to know evernote can be accessed on my phone. Kudos to the team!

  • Chris

    “…sharing, local search, calendar integration, to-do management, audio search, compass use and memory training.”

    Any approximation on when these features will be integrated? Please please please integrate reminders that use iPhone push notification (even when the app is not open). I have too many Evernote notes that get lost in the shuffle because I can’t set reminders about them. Better yet, build in some features like reQall has for memory management and voice-to-text transcription for easy data entry.

  • Ron

    I just got the iPhone 3GS 16GB yesterday, and I can log in and browse the tips. When I tap to create a new Text note, however, the app freezes and I am eventually taken back to the iPhone home screen. Please fix the app, or at least acknowledge there is a problem. So far I’m quite unimpressed.

  • Dannie

    Great update for us iPhone users on a great program. I tout the wonders of Evernote to anybody and everybody that I come in contact with. Friends, family, and even enemies.

    BTW, what’s a Blackberry?

  • Roger

    Boo. New iphone version is WAY too slow. I think the snapshot note option has become too resource heavy because it takes my 3G phone about 45 seconds to process a new note. Please lighten the program up again!!!!!

  • Bob

    Count me in as another who can’t get the syncing to work. App crashes a lot, too, on iPhone 3gs.

  • Matt Grover

    Just started using the Voice Note feature, would really like it if it worked with the Bluetooth headset, even the new “Voice Memos” app in 3.0 doesn’t seem to have this feature.

  • Andreas

    I am working in a place without wifi or 3G. Evernote would be perfect if I could download my notes on the iphone and use them offline.

  • Serge

    Same problems here with the iPhone app, I cannot use the new version at all. It forgets my login info and crashes at any touch! I’m sure you guys are working on this – maybe it’ll be fixed by the time AT&T adds MMS!?

  • Sergei

    @Andrew: Андрей, please consider synchronization of the notes content. We know it is not even in EN plans, but it would be a new dimension of the use of the application. Entire content should be available (PLEASE) offline. Do not worry too much about capacity of cellular plans to transfer data, let people to deal with that (plus, not everybody needs it). Or make it available for iPod Touch ONLY. Many of us use iPod as a pocket computer in isolated areas without any connection, and this pool of users still growing.
    Great job, thank you.

  • Dgg

    +1 for this capability on Windows Mobile (WM) Phones! I’m sure this will surprise all the iPhone users & developers – but there are actually more WM Phone users out there than iPhone users….see


  • MarcoAix

    Good update but the sound quality is far from the Apple app which seems to detect low volume recordings and adjust (compress ?) them with a good result.

  • By_tor

    I have exactly the same problems as kytyn, see above.
    I understand that noted are not available offline unless you “favourite” them, which is a bit if a pain but understandable. Maybe you should have some more flexible favouriting options in a future update – eg favourite a whole notebook, or by a certain tag, or do a search then favourite the results

    If you were going to visit Paris and wanted to take all the notes you had made during your pre trip research this would be a great option

    My main current problem is that even when I have good data signal via 3G (but no WiFi) I can’t view non-favourite notes, even simple short text only ones created on the iPhone client. Is this by design or a bug?

    Thanks for the app though, and here’s to further developments!

  • sThig


    I have evernote on Safari, the Mac App and the iPhone app. The iPhone app freezes and crashes. I put it on my gf’s iPhone and she can get notes, but can’t open them.

    What gives? Such a good app that falls short

  • Pkerr

    I can’t read a lot of notes on my iPhone when I tap on them. I am uninstalling the app and going with something else.

  • crinau

    I keep getting synchronization failed because of an error communicating with the Evernote servers. Please try again later.

    I removed the iPhone apps. Reloaded it. Restarted the iPhone. Confirmed that my desktop had the latest version.


  • patrik

    Crashes all the time when im out of wifi (have ipod touch), what to do?

    will this be fixed?

  • Bijesh

    I’m also having the same problem. New notes are getting uploaded. But, I’m not able to see any existing notes. This started by getting synchronization failed message, but now I just get the Loading message.


  • AJL

    Seems like I will probably make heavy use of this. Unfortunatly it won’t sync for me, it just says ”syncing notebooks…” but never actauly syncs. Please help!

  • aladar

    Hey Evernote team,
    thankyou for the great free software!

    i just want to add my name to the list of people struggling with the current iphone app,
    (iphone 3G, OS 3.0)

    since the latest version came out, i could view, but not edit any notes over 3g, after i found this page, i tried over wifi, and was able to edit a note.

    then going back to 3g, i got the “Synchronization failed” error, even when trying wifi!

    so now i cannot even view any notes, let alone edit them.

    i’m sure an update is on its way, is there an eta? i’ll have to use another app in the mean time

  • tivoboy

    yeah, I am really surprised there is NO response from evernote, even for paid subs.

    I continue to have the CRASH issue, especially when running a search. First of all, search doesn’t seem to work correctly, and then it just CRASHES! Why don’t they fix it, and why don’t they respond

  • Greg Wyatt

    Im dumping evernote for good. I have yet to see any response from evernote acknowledging the buggy issue of evernote for iphone 3.0. Not one word that this is being looked into. Tons of post describing the buggy nature but zero response from the developers. Customer service sucks in my opinion. Im outta here!

  • crinau

    After my response on the 10th July, no response. And seeing others responding. I will be posting on Twitter about my disappointment. Maybe the Evernote team can respond if a collection of us do the same.

    I have been really happy with your product the past. But your head in the sand on the issue and not to acknowledge an issue is really crippling your brand. Stop celebrating your birthday Evernote and please respond.

  • Phil Libin


    We’re sorry that some people have been having problems with the iPhone 3.0 release. We did submit an update (3.0.2) a couple of days ago which should fix many of the sync problems, but we can’t control how long it takes Apple to approve the app. It should be up in the next few days, if previous history is any indicator.

    The simple problem is that the iPhone platform is getting wider; there are more device, carrier, geography, version and configuration permutations than ever before. We’re committed to supporting all of them, but it takes a lot of work. In the weeks since iPhone 3.0 came out, around half a million people worldwide have downloaded Evernote for the iPhone. A few hundred of them are having networking and other problems. We’re working hard to make sure that every single one has a great experience.

    In the meantime, it’s a good policy to do a complete cold-boot of your iPhone from time to time, especially after installing or upgrading an application. This clears up many memory issues, especially if you run multiple apps, and tends to improve the stability of the phone. The Apple firmware has been getting progressively better about this with every release, but it’s still a good idea to reboot.

    Lastly, please keep in mind that comments on this blog are not the best place place to post support requests if you want a response from Evernote. Our support people do not regularly read the comments here, but always read and respond to everything posted to our support page ( Any inquiries that you post there are sure to get our full technical attention.

    Thanks for your support, and thanks much for making Evernote a better product!

  • Chris

    @Phil Libin you buggered the link to support:

    I hope this upcoming release will fix the issues I’m seeing where I can only sync from the iPhone 3.x app to your servers if I am on ATT 3G. WiFi has proven to be an epic PITA on this release. Can’t wait to try it out.

    Thanks for a great app. I think I am crossing the line into addict and am going to have to start paying, but the sync issues need to get solved.

  • Lee

    Lots of crashes!!! Hopefully you can fix it soon. I’m looking to use this for daily voice memos vs the new built-in voice memo app.

  • Mark T.

    @Phil Libin: Regarding the memory training, are you considering spaced repetition?

    I’ve read about this technique before, and it seems quite intriguing and powerful:

    And here is an overview of the algorithm they use:

    I’d love Evernote to both store my memory and help me remember information with my wet brain alone! I imagine even a simplistic approximation of spaced repetition would provide a big advantage. You guys seem like the geeks to do it. 🙂

    Happy Evernote subscriber,

  • tivoboy

    @phil libin, thanks for the note. I HAVE submitted to support but since nearly two weeks now, no response.

  • RicciRicardo

    Great application Evernote!
    However I seem to have 1 hiccup.
    Whenever I’m out of WIFI access I can’t access my notes!
    Am I doing something wrong, or is that how the application works?
    I was under the impression that offline access was a given.
    Please advise

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @RicciRicardo If you want to access a note when offline, you need to mark that note as a “Favorite” by tapping on the little star in the top left corner of the note.

  • C.J. Land

    More issues with 3.0.2.

    Ipod Touch/1stGen/Version 3.0 Software
    Evernote 3.0.2

    I continue to get message:
    “Synchronization Failed” Synchronization failed because of an error communicating with the Evernote Servers. Please try again later.

    My application has not synchronized since July 2. Incredibly frustrating because I thought this was a God send of an application when Google dropped Google Notebook as an application.

    Very disappointing for an application that really could dominate this space.

  • Top L

    I’m echoing some of the others in the comments to this post and in other posts: there should be a way to have all the notes accessible offline on the iPhone (and other mobile platforms).

    I think Favorites is an excellent idea to quickly access frequently used notes, and while it’s great that you’re making Favorite notes available offline, there should be a separate option to allow for all notes to be offline.

    This would greatly make Evernote usable to a huge pool of users who have the iPod Touch, and also for those who travel internationally and want convenient access to all of their Evernote data without paying for roaming.

  • João Carvalho

    Please support Symbian OS. There are millions of costumers waiting. Consider the most recent versions of it – the Series 60 5th edition – that have bigger screens and touch support, and try to make it backwards compatible with other editions.

  • Shak

    Hi all, I’ve also been getting this error. Don’t normally use Evernote but thought I’d give it a try so exported all my Yojimbo data it on desktop, but when I started the iPhone app, I got same error as other users. I noticed the error appeared just after the message ‘synching tags …’ appeared at the top of the page.
    This might not work for everybody but this is what I tried and it worked.
    When the error message appears, click OK.
    Now go to the settings within the app and click logout.
    Quit the app.
    Restart the app and you will notice you’re still signed in.
    The app will start to synch and hopefully you will NOT get the error message.

    This is what worked for me and hope it does for other people too.

    good luck,


  • Shak

    Update to my previous post

    this is weird. I tried logging out again and quit the app. But when I restarted the app I wasn’t automatically logged in like the previous time … However after signing in, the app synched with the servers no problem.
    Also, to correct my mistake from previous post. Go to the ‘Account’ tab and log out, not ‘Settings’ (there is no settings tab). Sorry

  • Walter Reade

    I’m getting the synch error people are mentioning above. Tried logging out and restarting. Nothing. Help?

  • GregHK

    I was also getting this problem, but then tried the recommended solution from Shak and it now works okay.

    You need to start the Evernote iPhone App, go to the “Account” tab, hit logout, top right of the screen. The sign in again with your existing account name and password.

    Note that I tried this one time and the Evernote app terminate and took me back to the Iphone main page. So I went through the process again and then it worked.

  • bill

    Evernote stopped working for me with iPhone 3.0. It’s pretty much useless now. The iPhone app doesn’t work. Syncing doesn’t happen, and it crashes when I try to delete notes on the iPhone.

  • Jan

    I also need Evernote for 2.2 !
    Since I will not upgrade to 3.x for any time soon, I cannot use evernote anymore if I cannot get it back 🙁

  • Acacio

    I’m also having problems with evernote crashing and not syncing. It worked a couple of times, but then stopped syncing. I will wait for fixes, solutions, or updates. But it seems to be a good product, for those who get it working.