• We Want to Speak Your Language

    If you took a map of the world and threw a dart at it, you would likely hit an area with an Evernote community. We’re thrilled to see just how widespread Evernote use has become over the past year, and we know that we’re only scratching the surface. Starting today, we embark on an ambitious […] Read more

  • New Premium Feature: PDF Search

    There are two types of PDFs in the world: those that are searchable and those that aren't. Most scanners produce PDFs that are essentially digitized images of a physical page. In the past, these PDFs would not appear in your search results. Starting now, Evernote will run these PDFs through our updated recognition servers, allowing our Premium subscribers to find them when they search. Read more

  • Bug fix-a-thon

    In the past couple of weeks, we have released updates for the five major versions of Evernote. For the most part, these have been bug fix releases, which means that across the board Evernote is running more smoothly and reliably than ever. Here’s a rundown of releases and version numbers. Go on and get the […] Read more

  • Integration Spotlight: AP Mobile for iPhone

    Talk about a perfect match… The latest release of the very popular Associated Press application for iPhone lets you effortlessly clip AP articles into your Evernote account. Here’s the scenario: you’re browsing through the latest local, national, and international news on your iPhone when you stumble across a story about a man caught smuggling 91 […] Read more

  • User Profile: Andrew Flusche – Lawyer

    Name: Andrew Flusche Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia Profession: Lawyer Blog: Andrew Flusche Attorney at law Twitter: @aflusche Where do you use Evernote? Evernote for Windows on my laptop Evernote for Windows Mobile on a Motorola Q9c Which features have you found most useful? The tagging feature works great for me. Everything related to a client gets […] Read more

  • Evernote Giveaway: Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanners

    We’re excited to announce the third Evernote Giveaway: Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 scanners. We will give away one scanner every remaining Friday in July (that’s four total!). These little scanners rock, especially when used together with Evernote. After a quick setup, a single button push sends your business cards, receipts, documents and anything else directly into […] Read more

  • Evernote Web Gets Autosave

    Last night, we updated Evernote Web with a small, but very useful, feature: Autosave. Now, Evernote automatically saves your note every 60 seconds. So, if you accidentally close Evernote Web, navigate away, or are logged out due to inactivity, you won’t lose all your work. Nice. In related news, we recently launched notebook sharing on […] Read more