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User Profile: Andrew Flusche – Lawyer

Posted by Ron Toledo on 14 Jul 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 14 Jul 2009

andrewf Name: Andrew Flusche
Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia
Profession: Lawyer
Blog: Andrew Flusche Attorney at law
Twitter: @aflusche

Where do you use Evernote?

Which features have you found most useful?

The tagging feature works great for me. Everything related to a client gets tagged with their name, which makes searching very simple and effective. I have found that the tagging works so well for me that I don’t need multiple notebooks to stay organized. I can just use one general notebook for all my work notes (except for business cards). The sync feature is also incredibly useful. I like knowing that anything I put in Evernote is automatically synced, backed up, and available on all of my devices.

Your Evernote story

Evernote is excellent for keeping all of the important information related to my law firm and clients in one place. I started my own law practice a year ago and found Evernote shortly thereafter. I’ve always been big on organization but never really found a system that worked for me. Before Evernote, I had a notepad here and a document there but I lacked an actual system. Evernote makes managing a lot of information for a bunch of different clients possible. An example of how I use Evernote: If a client calls I immediately start a new text note in the desktop version and tag it with the client’s name. This way I have a record of what is going on with each client call that I can easily pull up with a quick search.

I also set up an auto forward from my website’s contact form, which automatically sends a separate copy of the completed form into my Evernote account using my Evernote email address. That way the contact info and data is right there fully searchable and backed up in Evernote.

What was your last note in Evernote?

It was a text note from a client call that I just had.


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  • Grigory

    I’m also a lawyer.
    In addition to the story, I want to thank you for the opportunity to encrypt the message.

  • Daryl

    Wow – I’m a Law Practice Manager in the UK and I think our regulatory body would have serious concerns about the security of the data. Would be interested to know what due diligence process he went through?

    Great idea in principle though!

  • marc

    I’m a General Cousnel in a multinational company and share the same opinion. One comment: I would like to but Font size 12 as default but I can’t. It always goes back to font size 10. could you fix it?

  • Nakisha Stewart

    Great idea in principle though!

  • Ramoncito Baylosis

    Great to see that other lawyers are using the latest technology.

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