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Posted by on 20 Jul 2009

Posted by on 20 Jul 2009

In the past couple of weeks, we have released updates for the five major versions of Evernote. For the most part, these have been bug fix releases, which means that across the board Evernote is running more smoothly and reliably than ever. Here’s a rundown of releases and version numbers. Go on and get the latest and greatest, if you haven’t already.

Recently updated versions of Evernote

UPDATE: Content not valid error
If you are experiencing the “invalid content” error when you sync using Evernote for Mac version 1.5.0 on your Leopard ( OS 10.5) machine, then you should:

  • “Check for Updates” in your client to upgrade to version 1.5.1
  • Open the Mac “Console” application and look for the title of the note that is failing. You should see a line that looks like either:
    • 11/1/09 4:50:54 PM Evernote[1029] exception adding note ‘Mexican Cooking’ to server
    • 27.10.09 12:26:00 Evernote[16411] exception updating note ‘Mexican Cooking’ [guid: b931f161-7f61-4ac1-8ea6-c7df882d12bb] on server
  • Open the note with this title in Evernote and edit the contents of the note in some way. For example, you can add a space to the end of the note.
  • Sync

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  • Frosty

    So sad … still no Android version 🙁

  • Mike Musgrave

    I have been a great fan of Evernote for several months. But since I upgraded to the 3.0 version of the iPhone software and the corresponding Evernote version, I have never been able to sync notes. With this latest version I am now able to download notes which are on the server to my iPhone for the first time since the upgrade, but cannot upload notes from my iPhone. It says “Unknown error u5”. Any ideas on how to get this working ? Anyone else with similar problems ?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Mike Try uninstalling/reinstalling the app. That should fix the u5 error.

  • Trinka Jeffery

    downloaded Mac update, and now software is non-functional. Just get “updating database” which never completes. Re-start … then same problem. Anyone else facing this?

  • Kris

    I sure hope the next set of bug fixes includes a fix to allow symbols in passwords for the Pre version of Evernote.

  • ThomasK

    Still waiting for the update for Windows with thumbnails. Any new guesstimate about when it is ready???

  • John C

    There is a bug in the windows client version (52487). I’m running it on two different machines (both XP) and can reproduce every time.

    1) Right click on an image note, choose Edit
    2) Choose “Darken”
    3) Click “OK”

    Image is deleted, but the note remains

    This is nasty- I’ve lost a few images that I can’t get back.


  • Peter

    I’m having trouble synchronizing. I get:
    “The note’….’ could not be synced. The content is not valid.

    These are simple copy & paste items from my Google Reader.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Peter Please contact our support team:

  • Kevin Ferguson

    Please, please, please,now you’ve fixed these bugs in other versions, can you devote some time to Android?

    The OS is getting more and more prevalent, and I’d LOVE to have a native client instead of using the mobile site. Both good reasons to support it!

  • SED

    On the iphone, everytime I first open a note, it crashes and kicks me out to home screen. The next time it opens fine. Every time. Have uninstalled and reinstalled 3x. Help. Please.

  • Brad

    I am having the same problem as Peter.

    “The note’….’ could not be synced. The content is not valid.

    I started getting these after installing OS X Snow Leopard dev build. Something in Evernote may be incompatible.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Brad Evernote is not yet compatible with the pre-release beta of Snow Leopard. We hope to fix some of the issues in upcoming releases and plan on being fully compatible by the time Snow Leopard is publicly released.

  • Rich Rein

    There is a fundamental problem in the evernote sync process in the latest release.

    I have a iPod Touch, and iPhone and a Mac all running the latest releases.

    First the mac stopped syncing. Tried to reload evernote, but did not fix problem. removing the data cache, however, did fix that problem.

    Second, today, my iPhone would not sync. First it would show the latest version of a note, then it fetched an old copy from somewhere and presented that. Had to remove and reinstall the app to fix that.

    I think there a general integrity problem in the caching/syncing.


  • vic

    Version 1.4.7 (53277)

    still cannot sync in snow leopard on some notes i get “content not valid” error

  • rocco

    I was able to delete the offending note (after writing down it’s contents) by swipe-deleting it.

  • Laura

    For the love of God, PLEASE get an android app out there. I signed up for Evernote ages ago but I don’t use it because my phone is my main source of input. I’d become a paid user in heartbeat if you’d just get an app up for my phone OS.

  • Brent Hopkins

    Too bad Evernote for Palm Pre still does not work with my Premium account 🙁

  • Ichiro Kishimi

    After installing Snow Leopard the sync error never fail to occur. Version is 1.4.8 for Mac.

  • fjpoblam

    I’m about to install Snow Leopard. I understand Evernote will work “mostly” with SL… I may have to do some “manual” syncing, for now, heh, heh. I look forward to your updates!

  • Wolfmore

    I just installed Snow Leopard and started getting this error of “can’t sync..content..not valid’ while trying to add a new note to Evernote on my Mac Desktop. This sucks..oh well…hope we find a work around soon.

  • David

    I also installed snow leopard and cannot clip screen shots from Safari… it just leaves a few tiny letters!

  • joey

    Just installed snow leopard and getting same error. At least I’m not the only one…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Joey [and others] We’re looking into the Snow Leopard issues and should have them address very soon.

  • bing

    the snow leopard destroyed my elephant icon on my safari.

  • Albert Gouyet

    Synchronization fails with Unknown Error u11 on iPhone.

    My evernote iPhone app is completely stuck. It displays a “synchronization Failed. Unknown Error u11” message every second. Cannot get out of it

    Is there a fix?

  • Notetaker

    having the same problem – synchronization failed. unknown erro u11. won’t let me log out. turned off iphone and restarted. downloaded the latest software updates. help!! my husband wants to load snow leopard on mac but holding off until i know there’s a fix.

  • Justin

    having the say snow leopard error as everyone else.

  • Jesse

    Same issue, unknown error u11, every second. App is totally unusable on iPhone. Help!!

  • violeta

    same u11 problem described above.
    evernote unusable 🙁
    iphone v3.0.1

  • Val

    Husband just installed Snow Leopard, same problem, can’t edit desktop Evernote documents and sync…”content not valid.”

  • Lauren

    Having the same syncing problem “content not valid”

    Did all the latest updates…

    Has this been fixed yet?

  • JJ

    c’mon where’s the “content not valid” fix!!!

  • Rob

    content not valid…….. Aarghh

  • Linda

    Well, I’m still on Leopard, not Snow Leopard, but right after I updated to the latest Evernote yesterday, I’ve had the “not valid” happening with the two docs I edited right after updating. What a pain!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    I’m still on Leopard, but after Evernote updated, I keep getting “content not valid” errors. It was just with copied and pasted info, now it seems to happening even with plain typed info. This is very frustrating. I love Evernote and use it to take notes for PA School.

  • Paul

    Evernote 1.5.0 (60140) & Mac – 10.5.8
    I too keep getting the “. . . evernote could not be synced. The content is not valid.” message.

    It only happens with two of my notes however they are the most critical ones – a list of all my upcoming dates (called Calendar) and a list describing about a hundred details of an aircraft. The one thing they both have in common is a lot of tabs arranging all the data.

    This are my two critical notes and its a real worry they can’t sync. I keep adding to them both everyday – and they keep not synching and I keep worrying more.

    Could someone please get back to me on this?

    Thank you

  • chris

    “content is not valid” bug is brutal. Nothing is syncing. Basically renders the app useless.

  • George

    My sync problem says it’s due to a network error. This has been constant for over 3 weeks now. Any suggestions?

    MacBookPro 5.10.8 with latest version of Evernote.

  • baranek

    “Content not valid” – evernote vs. snow leopard.
    Have I to leave evernote?

  • Kathryn

    I am getting the same error: ‘The note (x) could not by synced. The content is not valid.’ I have not updated my laptop to Snow Leopard, am still running 10.5.8.

    This is mostly happening with existing notes to which I’ve made changes – but I use some notes daily for ongoing projects, so I’m in a bind! It has also happened to one note on the day I created it (Oct. 17).

    Argh! Save me from the bouncing icon/error messages every hour upon the hour!

  • Kory

    I’m getting the same, rather cryptic “The note (x) could not by synced. The content is not valid.” on a note I created this evening. Tried to create a copy and then a test note, and the problem persists. My ability to sync seems to have broken.

    iMac with 10.5.8 with the latest version of Evernote.

  • Jim

    I too am getting the “content is not valid” (what does that actually mean ?) and I’m using only Leopard (not snow leopard) – I gather from what I read above that this is a problem with the latest release. Is there a way to roll back to the previous release ? The program (now essential for me) is completely non-functional in this state. The evernote knowledge base seems to not have anything on this … ?

  • Sabrina

    Same “content is not valid” problem. I deleted the problem note, and tried reinstalling but it’s still doing it. The note itself was just text, some of it pasted from the web, and links. I’m on mac 10.5.8. Is there any work around for now because the bouncing icon and freezes are driving me crazy (it freezes for a bit while it tries to sync).

  • Thomas

    content is not vaild problem. running plain old leopard. driving me insane. whole app in shambles.

  • Brian

    Ditto the u11 problem… could have really used this today 🙁

  • Gabriel Silverman

    What a bummer – I keep getting the u11 error repeatedly on the iPhone app as well. I uninstalled it then reinstalled it with the same problem immediately. Fix this please!

  • Alex

    Getting “content not valid” errors here using Leopard and Evernote Version 1.5.2 (62233).

  • Lee

    Also still getting the Content is not valid error. Started with 1.5, continued with 1.5.1 and 1.5.2. This is on Leopard.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Lee A step by step solution to the Content not valid issue is described above.

  • Jnm4

    My Evernote/iPhone symptom: Synchronization Failure. Unknown Error u11

    Evernote Company’s symptom:
    – Unresponsiveness on this forum and others to killer sync problems.
    – Poor product testing regime.
    – Poor response time to severe product flaws.

    When can begin to trust again? Humm?

  • Tal Mor

    I managed to reproduce the U11 bug.

    If you create a note on your computer which is plain text but has links in it. it turns the links into live links on the iphone and therefore is probably html. Now the iphone lets you edit it because originally this note is plain text. but once you make some change thats it , you get the u11 bug.

    The only way to remove the u11 bug is to delete the problematic note from your computer.



  • Jordi

    I’ve solved the Synchronization Failure. Unknown Error u11

  • ulFo

    This is annoying -last months I always get the unknows error type u11 when I have edited one of my fav notes on the iPhone .. will anything be done with it . makes it hard for me to recommend this service that I have loved so much to anyone …
    Have searched the net for any solution but the best and only I find is to delete the whole app on the phone, install it again and resync . However, all useabliity makes no sense …

  • Mac cowell

    I am a pro member and am getting the u11 error on a couple of notes. I have the latest versions on iPhone and Mac desktop. This is not cool.

  • Frank

    Keep getting “Sync Error – Your password is invalid” error with the windows client – Rediculous!

  • Patrick Folmar

    Can’t run Evernote on Windows v6.5 mobile phone.
    Just downloaded Evernote. I get a “certificate authority is invalid or incorrect Error: 0x00100006. Please help

  • Tom

    Not a big thing, but still weird – on one of my computers, the number next to all notes is 10 higher than the actual number.. on my other computer it’s fine
    it’s been synced, updated, etc but still.. weird stuff

  • Peter Plume

    What is going on? The idea of evernote is beautiful but I can not rely on such a buggy piece of software. I have all the updated versions (mac, ipad, winmo) but the list of sync errors, certificate errors and not valid content errors is endless. I give up. Glad I did not pay anything for this “software” but please give me back approx 5,5 hours of futile troubleshooting.

  • Vivek

    I’ve been getting “Synchronization failures” since last week as well. I can’t get around them. Seems evernote cannot get to the network since the “check for updates” fails as well. Everything else on my machine can get to the network so not sure why evernote is having an issue.

  • Rita Vine

    Downloaded Evernote for Win Mobile – am unable to login because of certificate authority 0x00100006 error and I am SURE my u/p is correct.

    Funny, because I downloaded and installed the same mobile software to my Win mobile 6.0 device about 6 months (maybe 1 year?) ago and it was fine.

  • laserdisk

    Auto-shape tool does not work in 4.10.

    It is a very handy function, but it does not work since I upgraded to 4.10. Anybody can help me for this issue?

  • Roger Domyahn

    Beginning week of March & since I receive the following message: “Synchronization failed. Unknown Error u5. How is this problem solved?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Roger, please contact our support team:

  • Vicky

    I have Evrrnote on iPad, iMac and Mac air. The two computers sync well, but the iPad , where I have all my notes,gives me u5 error. I want to delete the app and reinstall. Would that delete my notes, or would they stay in the server?

  • Lance

    I am having the same issue from my iPad…unknown error u5

  • Musab

    So, we dont have a solution yet?

  • Paul Azzario

    started off synchronizing, but now will not, due to “an unexpected error on the server side”
    Can this be resolved?

  • Mukesh

    Cannot syn due to Unknown error U5. this problem is there since last 2 months. Is there any fix.

    Very sad that this issue still exists.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Please contact Evernote support:

  • Zhongjie Wu

    In the Mac version, when I open a note in a separate window and the main window and the note window are in different “Spaces”, from time to time the main window will get focus itself even when I’m typing in the note window. Then the computer will automatically switch to the “space” where the main window locates. This happens every time the app is uploading the notes to the server. It is quite annoying.

  • carrollboone

    All notes no longer works. This since I downloaded the latest version of Evernote.

  • Vasana Painting

    I had sync failure and the application won’t start. I can access previous notes on the web-based application but can’t add anything to it. Should I re-install or will I lose all my data?