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Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 31 Jul 2009

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 31 Jul 2009

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  • Joe T

    I just downloaded the latest upgrade and I am very disappointed to see that you have taken away a feature I use routinely… the ability to clip a web page to Evernote.

    I am an Evernote evangelist and had ben using the paid version on Windows for years. While I have ben tempted to upgrade to the premium plan, I am now concerned that you may remove other fetaures or hold my data hostage in some other way to get a couple extra bucks out of me.

    Dirty Pool, I say. Upgrades should not come with a reduced feature set.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Joe Web clipping is a fundamental Evernote feature. We have not removed it. If you’re having issues with clipping, please contact Evernote support: http://s.evernote.com/support

  • Chris Westergaard

    Thanks for at least addressing my Twitter question about the differences between the Safari and Firefox extensions. I use Firefox for normal browsing, but the shift click to save as a PDF is a great feature, and it keeps me coming back to Safari when I need to clip something to Evernote.
    I love the service, and I love that I keep figuring out new ways to use it.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Tom

    I subjected my non-Evernote-using wife to your podcast this week, and the “remembering that hotel in Tokyo” bit brought up an interesting connection. She says that you guys should rename your product “Pensieve” and tap into that huge Harry Potter market.

    Enjoying the podcast and the product, and keep up the great work.

  • Matthew

    The new pdf search works . I have very much wished for this feature, and it induced me to upgrade to premium. All my pdf notes have been scanned, and suddenly my searches get the hits I want.

  • danahyatt

    Great! No more searching my shoebox file system for a receipt. Now I can find a transaction and print it in seconds in EverNote.

    P.S. Greetbeatz Rap download did not work but they added me to their member list without me requesting. If you get through to GreetBeatz ask them to strike me from their member list.

  • danahyatt

    I am happy with the funtions of EverNote and Developers are ahead of schedule in my book. Wonderful job. Your team is the most valuable asset.

  • David Holden

    Where’s the linux client?

  • Daniel

    Is the word recognition engine for PDFs similar to the one you use for images? One thing I love about the image word recognition is that it stores multiple possibilities per word, and with my poor handwriting that greatly increases the likelihood of finding a hit.

    The way I’ve heard the new PDF indexing described sounds more like you’re just OCRing it with only one word stored per scanned word. That’s definitely a step forward, but a bummer for me. I’m a premium user and usually just scan my handwritten notes in as PDF via our office scanner, and searches for words in my handwriting virtually never turns up PDFs, but does show up in my JPEGs somewhat often.

  • James

    Any reply to Daniel? If we scan search handwriting in PDF I’ll go premium!

  • Carrie

    I love Evernote and use it for research brainstorming and on-the-go notes. But when it comes to more sustained research notes I find it’s not ideal because there is no easy way add a reference to each note (the book or article one is taking notes from). What I’d love is for it to be able to link to a program like RefWorks, so that every note could be linked to a bibliographic reference. Or if the note header (where author, tag, location are) could also have a space for “source,” that would help. Or is there already a way you can think of to do something similar within Evernote?

    • Prof. Katherine Reilly, Simon Fraser University

      Here here! Please please please Evernote and Refworks – start talking to each other!!! The academic community needs you!

    • víctor bermudez

      I totally agree: Evernote would be much more useful if it was capable of synchronizing with programs like Refworks so that we would be able to keep the notes we make from every book/article added to a specific bibliography that we keep in Refworks.
      It would be awesome to be able to work with those two together and I wouldn’t mind paying for it.

  • Robert Aubin

    How do I get ,or find web clipping

  • Tim

    Is it possible to handwrite over a note and save the annotations in evernote?