The New Evernote Video: Evernote to the Rescue

Posted by on 19 Aug 2009

Posted by on 19 Aug 2009

Check out our shiny, new Evernote video.

What do you think?


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  • Wil C

    Very nice! I enjoyed the “Pushing Daisies” type narration.

  • Patrick Mackaaij

    I was hoping for a short movie to support my Evernote article at:

    but I find this video too abstract to explain what Evernote can do for people.

    So I’m sorry I cannot be enthousiastic about this movie. Maybe you should talk to the CommonCraft guys?

  • René Cum

    Great video! 🙂 I feel happy to help my friends to get organized with evernote!

  • Julie B

    Very cute and clever. I like it.

  • Mugo Petersen

    Very nice and true!

  • Dr. K

    Great! This service has changed my life… I am like Jack.

  • Torbjørn Vik Lunde

    Seriously cute. 🙂

  • Bill Vick

    This has to be one of the best product videos I’ve ever seen. Like the company and the product it’s friendly, easy to use, easy to understand and a true powerhouse for productivity.

  • Rob Fahndrich

    Nicely done. Jill is very attractive!
    Love Evernote and still trying to transition from OneNote into Evernote… keep up the good work

  • Ragnar

    Hey! The Evernote elephants never gave ME a Mac Book…
    But the video is just awesome 🙂 agree to the Pushing Daisies comment, lovely style!

  • Charles

    I Love EN. It seems though that the innovation that it used to be known for is not what it used to be. I was one that pleaded for a BB version. We got one but I never use it because it does not work for me(I have the Curve) and it is so primitive that if it did I still would not use it. I get by with the mobile web version. It just seems that you guys have lost some of the vision you once had. So all these stories of how people of how it is used and related items are not bad it seems that you have gotten comfortable, that is a sure way to get passed up. Sorry I just had to vent a bit.

  • Bruno

    This video is so funny! I love it.

  • Hans

    Very nice and funny! Great!

  • Donald Burr

    Love the video! It has that sorta campy style of humor that I’m totally into.

    …Still trying to figure out the significance of the ninjas, tho…

  • Pablo

    Very nice and artsy! Nothing much or new on information though…

  • Adrian

    Common Craft is the way to go — I agree with Patrick (above).

    Concise, quick-paced, but intelligent explanatory videos such as those from Common Craft or Google (see their YouTube channels) is the way to go to simplify the many complexities of Evernote and show its value.

    This vid was cute and well-produced, that’s about what you can say for it. Look at the tone of Common Craft and Google animated vids: they’re also cute and well-produced, but with useful, condensed content.

  • Chris

    You asked for opinions below the video, so here’s my 2cent review of it, hoping it may be of some help to you.

    I came here not knowing what EN was, and I am leaving still not knowing what it is.

    Those who already know what it is will praise it because it is a good video, but it fails the purpose that you created it for. It isn’t for the existing users, it’s for new users who want to know quickly what it is, and I found it quite confusing. Hope you create simpler version, let me know when you do so that I can re-review it for you.

    My best wishes…

  • Kevin

    As much as I love Evernote, I am not crazy about the video. I think you need something simple, like that “what is twitter” video that spread a year or so ago.

  • AdamV

    @Patrick Mackaaij, they don’t make custom videos anymore.

    Personally I think this was a fantastic video!

  • ShenanDon

    A fine piece of self-congratulatory video.

    Two questions to ponder:

    1) If one did not know what Evernote was, would this video explain the product?

    2) If one were considering — or already using — a product competitive to Evernote, would this video move one to select Evernote? On what basis?

    What, really, is the purpose of this communication? Might the strategic intent have gotten lost in the stretched allegorical metaphors of Typing Elephants in the Cloud?

    Ad Men gone wild?

    Corporate ego aggrandized with abandon?

    No harm beyond the opportunity cost, I suppose.


  • robert99

    So far I’m very happy for this video

  • Bionic Cat

    Gotta agree with the critics on this one. Video is lighthearted and fun, but not in the least bit informative about what Evernote is capable of doing. I often sing the praises of Evernote to others and whereas I never do it justice, I can certainly sell it better than this video.

    Again, love the aesthetic and production, but lots of software companies make all sorts of nebulous claims about how their software is life-changing. Evernote has the chops to back it up, but the video doesn’t show any Ever-fu moves, so it’s hardly convincing to the uninitiated. You’re not some beer maintaining name recognition with funny ads. I think you need to build product awareness before you can do this sort of video.

    Clearly lots of effort went into this, but it’s a stinker when it comes to selling Evernote. Gimme better fodder to spread the Everlove!


  • Amelia

    Really cute and catchy. You have a bunch of other instructional vids and content, so nice to see something clever like this to introduce people who wouldn’t think of using it otherwise…

  • Milan

    Wow, well done!!

  • Yury

    A note monster, the cloud of elephants and pretty Jill make me believe.


  • marcos


    Would you guys have any perspective on releasing a programa version for Nokias?


  • mrsdurff

    Elephants in the clouds? Really cute!

  • Pete

    As a current Evernote user, I found it funny to watch. But that is exactly the problem. You made it
    from the perspective of an Evernote user, but target it at people, who never heard about Evernote. Too much effort to make it cool and funny, leaving someone new to Evernote confused.

  • Brian

    I think this finely produced video would definitely entice people to find out more about Evernote. The video’s high quality tells people you have a high quality product. It gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling about the your company.

  • Ken

    Liked it mostly, but the choppy video style made me think there was something bogging down my computer before I realized the video isn’t supposed to be smooth motion.

    More style than substance.