Evernote for iPhone 3.1: Faster. Better. Clippier.

Posted by on 24 Aug 2009

Posted by on 24 Aug 2009

Evernote for iPhone version 3.1 is out. In this release you’ll find huge speed improvements for searching and snapping, a bunch of new features, and some nice bug fixes. Get it while it’s hot (App Store). Here’s the feature rundown:

Snappier snapping

Things got a whole lot faster in the latest iPhone update. Creating both snapshot and camera roll notes is way way speedier than ever before. So get ready for less waiting and more snapping.

Clip web pages


Evernote has a built-in web browser, which allows you to quickly open links found within your notes. Now you can do more than just visit the webpages, you can also clip them into your account. To use this feature, tap the Clip to Evernote option found within the Send To menu at the bottom of the browser screen.

Email to Evernote


All Evernote users get their own special email address. Now, Evernote for iPhone makes it easy to add that address to your phone’s contacts. This may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but just think of all the useful stuff that comes through your email every single day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily capture that for later? Now you can. Just forward it to Evernote. This feature is found in the Evernote Account tab.

Note: Your Evernote email address is also available in the Settings section of Evernote Web

Sync on command

Evernote now lets you sync whenever you like. In the Account tab, tap Synchronize Now to have Evernote start sync’ing. Evernote will still auto-sync every so often, but sometimes you just can’t wait.

Bug fixes all around

In addition to the great new features, this release is full of bug fixes making for a smoother, more stable Evernote experience.


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  • Steve Rumsby

    Is it possible to create a bookmarklet for Safari, so that you can clip web pages from outside the Evernote app?

  • Pfefferboog

    I have so been looking forward to this update … Unfortunately its Not possible to install ob my iPhone. The installer keeps telling me that i can install it after i have logged into my iTunes Store but when i do this iTunes can not install it because of some ‘unknown error’ 🙁

  • Gabo

    The performance improvements are great! Congratulations, this is a really good update.

  • c0wb0yz

    Fantastic ! Evernote for iPhone is REALLY a lot faster. In my opinion, this is truly a game changer. Gone are the times when I had to wait several minutes to check a note while I was trying to make a crucial point in a conversation. You’re now the Usain Bolt of the note-taking iPhone apps! Congrats.

  • Jimaroonie

    Wow! Thank you for the iPhone app update – you guys are awesome! Is there anyway to open the browser inside Evernote without following a link first? Or, perhaps even better, can you send to Evernote from the iPhone Safari browser itself? Thanks!

  • Lew

    Good for iPhone users but you are still leaving us Android fans in the cold… At least give us an update on when to expect one.

  • tivoboy

    bout time! I really hate to say it, but I had actually stopped using the iphone app since it was crashing all the time. I’ll get back on the horse and start using it again and see how the new one performs.

    thanks for continuing to focus on the platform – I think you’re doing the right thing. 🙂

  • Dan

    Wow, apple fans must be really happy.

    Any news on the Windows/ Windows Mobile front?

  • Pfefferboog

    Ok deleted the app and installed it through iTunes store. Everything is working great now!

  • Gary

    looks great guys! Do you have any timeline for PDF thumbnail preview? To me (and I know many others)…that is a major hole in the usability of the iPhone app…especially when you guys have web clippings set up to go to a PDF file, and anything I scan is in PDF??

  • Rene

    The iphone app looks great. New we really need an android one!

  • tivoboy

    search STILL doesn’t work very well. Didn’t my multiple support tickets and requests land anywhere?

  • Tony

    Thanks a ton – this update seems to be a great improvement!

    With the next one, whenever it may be, maybe we can tackle the uneditable-rich-text-notes problem, by giving us an option to “strip formatting” or something similar?

    Thanks again for the great work.

  • John

    Works great! I really notice the speed improvements and zero crashes. It’s funny I created an Evernote email upload contact yesterday and today you have the feature built in. Must have some powerful psychics on your dev team.

  • Matt

    I would love to see an android version as well. Can you please give us a possible timeline?

  • Dave

    The update looks great, but I’m really still waiting for the ability to remember last position in longer notes. I clip magazine articles and every time I exit EN my place is lost. Pleasepleaseplease add it soon!

  • Josh

    After the upgrade, the Evernote app is now completely unusable. Getting synchronization errors and it keeps on trying and I keep getting the dialog saying it can’t sync. All I did was add tags to a note. BTW, this bug is very easy to recreate. Very annoyed!

  • Roger

    Why can’t I create rich text or to-do items in the iPhone version yet ? That’s a pretty big feature gap among the versions.

  • Cat Vincent

    So we still have to wait for a “make all plain text” or other option to allow full editing? Disappointing.

  • Pablo

    Still waiting for the iPhone Safari bookmarklet to send to Evernote app!

  • Al

    I don’t see the Clip web pages option? I have version 3.1.0 but don’t see this new feature in Evernote.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Al The Clip to Evernote option shows up when you tap a link contained within a note. When you do that, the webpage opens in Evernote’s embedded browser. You’ll see the button there.

  • Wayne

    Thanks guys. I just went to App Store and clicked on updates. Couldn’t be easier.

  • Michael

    Is there a way to cache most recent versions of notes, at least notes marked favorite? I’ve found several times where I needed a note and had to wait while my iphone dealt with internet connectivity (switching from 3g to wifi or vis-a-versa). My worst case was when I walked into a building expecting to find people there, but the place was empty and the alarm set. I don’t remember the code so I looked in my notes and it took more than a minute to pull up the note. I know the time because the alarm went off while I waited.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Michael When you set a note as Favorite, Evernote saves it locally, so you don’t need a network connection to view it.

  • Luke H

    glaring omission:

    evernote for iPhone needs to display a badge on the icon showing the number of un-synced/pending items. This reminds the user that they need to open the evernote app to send those changes to the servers. this is so critical I have no idea how the devs didn’t think of it.

  • Ann

    Whoop-de-do! Keep hearing how droolingly great the Iphone app is (or isn’t) getting. Those with other platforms get buggy, primitive versions, if anything, for weeks. You do have other customers besides Iphone users, Evernote. Pre, Android, Windows Mobile: something for us, perhaps?

  • Michael Lynton

    In a previous version, there was the ability to pinch/zoom when creating a new snapshot note. Is this not possible anymore?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Michael Lynton That’s correct. Pinch-crop is no longer in the app.

  • Gene

    Much faster and a great improvement. I have never had a problem with the iPhone app.

    One suggestion – most if not all the time I send an email in the program it will go a my own email address. Is there anyway to setup a default email address so it doesn’t need to be entered everytime?

    Bought the ScanSnap S510M from your podcast recommendations. Great product and fits in well with Evernote.

  • Kevin Ferguson

    I’d like to add my voice to the others. Where’s the long-ago promised Android version? You announced it, and have said very little since.

    The Android OS is stable and growing fast, You’ll have to support it sooner or later, so where’s the harm in doing it sooner?

  • Barbara

    Wow, guys, great job! The speed is so nice it really changes the game and makes it SOOO much more useful. A hearty pat on the back for a job well done.

  • Michael Lynton

    @Andrew Sinkov – thanks for the confirmation. That is a bummer – I really liked that feature! Cest la vie.

  • rachel

    Android?! There aren’t that many iPhone users! Please think of the others!

  • Mark Armstrong

    Hey Folks – Keep up the good work. I continue to be blown away by how much I use the iphone app, the dedicated e-mail address, the web version and the mac version. I’m not sure what I’d do without them at this point! One thing I would LOVE to see is access to Shared folders on the iPhone. We delegate tasks using shared folders and it would be great to be able to view them (if not edit them) from the road.

  • clapon

    Built-in browser is good! And I’m happy to get an email address. But I have no idea to add “tag” on notes posted via email and twitter. Please let me know!

  • Susie

    Thanks for this latest update! I am glad to be able to sync on demand (w/o having to exit & then re-enter EN!)

  • jim hom

    Using an ipod touch, with the latest version, I am unable to view notes if there is no wifi connections despite being tagged “*” This really limits the use of evernote!


  • Mark

    I am having the same problem as Jim on my ipod touch. The “favorites” do not show when out of wifi range.

  • Jesper

    Twice the IPhone has had a major update since I bought my Android based phone… please pay attention to the voices asking for a status on your efforts in the Android area!

  • aflath

    Seriously… wheres the love for android?

  • Ste-ve

    ok, 3.1.0 is a bit more stable and faster. Thanks!

    But why its it so difficult to fix the most obvious bugs? Since v3.0, when you try to delete a picture note before uploading it, the app crashes!

    Is that only for me or do others have the same problem?

  • Sascha

    This is great, working very well! A little slow on the start-up but it fixes the photo and syncing issues that I had with the previous version.

    Have you thought about adding the “favorite” function to the desktop clients, too? I can fake this with a “favorite” tag that mirrors the notes that are “favorites” on my iPhone, but it would be cool to be able to flag or unflag iPhone favorites straight from the desktop, see which notes are faves, etc.

  • Thom


    Love the Evernote app on Windows. But the app for the IPhone always suffers from connectivity issues. Even when I get good connectivity, the time lag prevents me from quickly browsing several notes. Could you please set it up the same way as the Windows app, where everything is synced down to the IPhone, and therefor always available? I know you can do this via Favorites, but I really don’t want to have to “favorite” every note… Once that happens, I’ll become a paying customer.

    Thank you.

  • Gary

    Do you have any timeline for PDF thumbnail preview? To me (and I know many others)…that is a major hole in the usability of the iPhone app…especially when you guys have web clippings set up to go to a PDF file, and anything I scan is in PDF??

  • BlackBerryBold9000

    Don’t get me wrong – it looks great, but couldn’t we get our own i Phone/mobile bookmark let and accompanying posting page…

  • Danielson

    Great work guys! iPhone Evernote 3.1 is awesome! It’s earned a permanent in my iPod Touch’s dock 🙂

  • Bikerboy

    I’m happy to be called an idiot but I can’t find the inbuilt browser in3.1.2.
    I can’t therefore clip webpages on the iPhone.
    When I go new note I get just the standard 4 note options.
    Please help!

  • tim

    please add a bookmarklet to iPhone Safari so you can clip (whole page or partial) directly from the browser. please look at Instapaper app, they have this clipping capability on iPhone, it’s awesome.

  • Melvin Tan

    +1 for the need to have a bookmarklet in iPhone Safari. Right now, I’m using ShoveBox to do this but ShoveBox only brings the link but does not copy the whole webpage. But still, it’s one step further. Please have this function enabled in the next iPhone release…

  • David Yiadom

    Yet another request for the iPhone Safari bookmarklet. Can’t wait to see that feature build in. Anyhoo, great app!

  • Roderic Rinehart

    #1 feature missing is the ability to CLIP FROM INSIDE MOBILE SAFARI JUST LIKE INSTAPAPER.

  • Daniel

    Add another vote for a Safari Bookmarklet Please!

  • Massimo

    Please add Safari Bookmarklet!!!

  • Tim Taylor

    +1 for Mobile Safari bookmarklet

  • Tim Taylor

    Official Evernote bookmarklet available here:

  • JPM

    When are you gonna see a mobile version i.e. Safari for iPhone!? That will be ultimate! +1

  • Nick

    Web Clipper for iPhone – when?

  • Craig

    Why is this not available on the iPod version of Evernote? Or is it, am I just missing it?

    I’m running 4.0.3 for iOS (iPod Touch 4th Gen).

  • Justin

    The thing that would make things easier, is if you could actually browse within the app. I know you can go link-diving at this point, but if there was a way to actually browse (search bar and URL bar) would be excellent.

  • Daniel Luiz Costa

    I know that evernote has a bookmarklet to open the dialog of “evernote web clipper” into a desktop browser. It works well with safari for IPAD. But the experience is not good with safari for iphone, just because the screen is to small to show the dialog properly.

    In other hand, Atomic Web Browser has a bookmarklet that I can “install” on my
    safari, so i can command to open my safari’s current page into “Atomic
    Browser”. This bookmarklet is able to tell IOS to switch the
    application automatically.

    I think something like this could be done to make it easier to create a note in Evernote directly from safari.

    Dear Evernote developers, think about that!! if you can do this, you will have much success in sales!!

    This is the “Open in Atomic Browser” bookmarklet: