Evernote for Mac Update: Snow Leopard Issues Fixed

Posted by on 08 Sep 2009

Posted by on 08 Sep 2009

The lastest version of Evernote for Mac (version 1.4.9) addresses a number of the Snow Leopard issues that we wrote about in our recent blog post.

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The following issues have been fixed:

  • Disappearing Safari clipper
  • iSight note problems
  • Quick Look issues
  • Firefox clipper not clipping to desktop (update your Firefox extension)

If you are still experiencing issues since upgrading to Snow Leopard, please contact our tech support.


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  • fjpoblam

    Thanks as always, folks. Your help is ever appreciated!

  • Bruno

    Leopard user here (will wait for 10.6.1 to upgrade) and the clipper issues on Safari/Webkit are not solved with this upgrade, sorry. 🙁

  • blire

    I’m a big fan in China. Evernote is perfect for me except that Chinese character can’t be serched(Windows). That borther me so much!!!

  • Johnny

    Clip Screenshot to Evernote “Full Screen” issues still not solved.

  • chris

    So, if you’re getting the “Evernote is unable to connect with the Evernote Service…” message when you try to use the Mac client, chances are it’s a certificate issue. At least that’s what it was for me – here’s how I fixed it:

    – Install this new version of Evernote
    – Load up Safari (yes, the browser is required)
    – Go over to and log in
    – You should be prompted about the certificate being untrusted. If you’re jonesin’ for your evernote like I was, you’ll happily click “Show Certificate” then the arrow for “Trust” and choose “Always Allow” or whatever. Save it, it’ll ask you for the password for your system and you should be good.
    – Fire up the Evernote client and sync that bad boy. It should happily connect and all will be right with the world.

  • bryan Barnes

    Ok great it works with Safari in 64-bit mode, but now I have issue with your update.

    I also use 1password for all my password issues almost always bypassing the keychain entirely so it is very important that I use that button all the time.

    I installed your update to 64 bit mode and it got rid of the 1password button and installed “Open in Dashboard” button which i never use and is not a part of the default setup.

    BOOO on the upgrade. I love your product and have paid for the subscription but it is not working correctly I am afraid.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Bryan Barnes We’re trying to resolve the 1Password issue for the next Mac release. We’re fans of 1Password, too.

  • Neil du Plessis

    Check for updates have been incorrectly saying I’ve got the latest version since this release. I downloaded manually and after quitting EvernoteHelper via Activity Monitor, I managed to install the new version. Seems to be working after this process.

    Safari clipper now works.
    iSight note in SnowLeopard now works.
    QuickLook in SL now works.

    Well done! Thanks.

  • Paul Watts

    Yes, VERY annoying this update broke 1password in the browser. Hope you fix this very soon!

  • Chelle

    This is great…I was having some troubles and thought it was just me, glad I came here to see what I was doing wrong 🙂 Hopefully it will fix my issues.

  • admanzion

    thats really great

  • grempe

    +1 on the need for Evernote to not stomp on 1Password on Snow Leopard on 32bit or 64bit systems with Snow Leopard.


  • Joe

    I updated and i got both the clipper and 1password working. I think i just reinstalled both.

  • Ben

    +2 on the need for Evernote to not stomp on 1Password on Snow Leopard on 32bit or 64bit systems with Snow Leopard.

  • Dave

    +freaking3 on the need for Evernote to not stomp on 1Password on Snow Leopard on 32bit or 64bit systems with Snow Leopard. Play nice!

  • this

    Found this in the comments on macupdate. Seems to work for me.

  • Matt Gibson

    Still haven’t managed to get my 1Password button to stick with Evernote, despite trying a couple of the solutions above.

    Good to know you’re working on it, guys!

  • Philippe Fabry

    Goog to know that you’re working on 1password. Evernote misses me on my macbook pro 😉

  • Doug Smith

    Agree – I miss Evernote in Safari.
    Had to delete because of 1Password issue.

  • Joel McIntosh

    I too had to disable the Evernote Safari plugin. Surely you guys can resolve this conflict.

  • BradyGilchrist

    I’m also in the same boat with 1Password had to delete the Evernote plugin which is a drag.

  • Christo Skelton

    Same issue with 1Password icon missing – a real drag.