Evernote’s Big Win(dows) Beta Release

Posted by Phil Libin on 24 Sep 2009

Posted by Phil Libin on 24 Sep 2009


We have a big announcement to make…the new Evernote for Windows is here, kinda.

Windows has always been a big deal for Evernote. Fully 46% of our desktop users log into their Evernote accounts through our downloadable Windows version, compared with 38% on Mac and 16% on the web. However, over the past few months our Windows users may have felt a little left out, especially given all the rapid development on our other platforms.

It was all part of our cunning plan… Deep inside our secret lair, we’ve been discreetly (errr not so discreetly) working on a complete, from-the-ground-up rewrite of Evernote for Windows. The goal: make it faster, sleeker, more powerful, and—most importantly—easier to enhance in the future. Now, you can see the results in the brand new Evernote for Windows 3.5 Beta. We think it’s pretty neat. Get Evernote 3.5 Beta »

What’s new?


Evernote for Windows 3.5 has dozens of visible and under-the-hood improvements. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to capture stuff faster, find it easier, store more of it, and manipulate it in more powerful ways. It’s also quite handsome. Here are some of the changes:

Three different ways to view your notes

  • Thumbnail view: Rendered thumbnails showing the contents of your notes, images, and PDFs for easy browsing and filtering
  • List view: Multi-column “List View” with sorting on any column
  • Mixed view: Mixed thumbnail + detail view
  • Can zoom thumbnails to see more detail
  • Can display thumbnail or mixed views in visual groupings by date, size, source URL domain, and start of title

Note editing

  • Auto-complete tagging and easier tag creation
  • Spell checking as you type
  • Better support for advanced markup
  • Can now create tables within notes
  • Can specify default font size for text in notes
  • Better handling of longer text notes
  • Creating ink notes in easier with the new canvas-like layout

More functions available in single-note editor window

  • Detailed note information and attributes
  • Emailing notes
  • Printing notes

Editable description of the search filter

  • Ability to add or remove individual criteria from current search filter
  • Save the current search for use later as a Saved Search

And so much more…

  • Find and Find next/find previous (both within and across notes)
  • Better consistency across the Mac and Windows versions of Evernote
  • New icons and buttons
  • More user-friendly “Folder Import” feature to automatically create notes from a watched folder–great for scanner and other integrations
  • “View on Map” button opens geo-tagged notes in Google Maps
  • Evernote for Windows introduction video included on launch
  • Multi-lingual spell check included in application
  • Quick access to your online account information
  • Improved screen clipping requiring fewer steps, with on-screen explanations
  • Menu options for attaching files to notes without requiring drag-and-drop
  • Extend note search capabilities with ANY or ALL search criteria
  • Remove tags from notes with a single click
  • Advanced note text editor based on Google Chrome
  • Improved synchronization performance via networking optimizations
  • Improved database performance for faster searching and sorting of notes
  • Single binary for all supported languages

Why is it in Beta?

We see Evernote 3.5 as a big (BIG) improvement in terms of features, performance and stability, but it’s such a big change that we want people to use it for a couple of months before it becomes the official version. This means that we won’t be auto-upgrading current users just yet. If you’re new to Evernote for Windows, by all means download and start using the 3.5 Beta. If you’re an existing user of 3.1, you’ll have to follow a few simple steps to migrate to 3.5:

  1. Export any local notebooks
  2. Completely quit Evernote 3.1 (including the taskbar clipper)
  3. Install Evernote 3.5 Beta
  4. Allow Evernote to sync your notes from the server (this make take some time)
  5. Import the local notebooks

Once Evernote 3.5 is ready for primetime, we will allow everyone to automatically upgrade to it. In the meantime, you can use both on the same machine or just keep using 3.1.

Which versions of Windows?

The Evernote 3.5 beta uses the latest Microsoft development frameworks so it runs great on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. If you’re running Windows XP, particularly on a fairly old computer, you may notice some graphical glitches. We’re working to fix these problems, but if the 3.5 Beta doesn’t work well on your configuration, you should switch back to 3.1.

What’s next?

Now that we’ve made the investment in modernizing the Evernote for Windows codebase, we’ll be able to release future enhancement much more rapidly. Look for lots of exciting features in the near future.

Big, big thanks to the hundreds of people who participated in our alpha testing!

Get Evernote 3.5 Beta »


Evernote for Windows Beta keeps getting better:


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  • DahlinDev

    Excellent. I look forward to testing it out.

  • robin

    Dudes, I love Evernote! Use it all the time. And great to see a new windows version. I’m a Tux user myself, so I run it on Wine. It would be nice tough, to see some native client for Gnome one day… Any change on that ever?

    In the meantime I’ll keep using the web and Wine/Windows clients. Keep up the good work! Evernote==Awesome!

  • Spewey Walshe

    Now you just need to sort out a linux version and we’ll all be laughing ; )

  • Adam

    I was unable to install on a Vista 64-bit machine w/ Evernote 3.1 installed. I tried running both normally and w/ elevated privileges (thinking the error might be UAC related) but in both cases got an error:

    “Evernote Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run Setup Wizard again”

  • Paul

    Perhaps there are too many people trying to update now, because I keep getting sync started then it will eventually fail. Anyone else having similar issues?

  • Frank J.

    Is there a way to restore the old view, so the all notes are shown not just the titles?
    Please, please restore that view. Otherwise its a real loss of functionality.
    If you dont believe do a poll.

  • Jim Nutt

    If you’re having trouble running on 64bit Win7, try uninstalling 3.1 first, then installing 3.5. 3.5 was crashing until I uninstalled 3.1, now it seems to be fine

  • A different Paul

    I’m having sync problems, too. I suspect there are quite a few people trying to download all their notebooks at once.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @A different Paul @Jenni @Jon Our servers are pretty slammed at the moment. Sorry about the sync’ing delays, they should clear up soon.

  • kyokoo

    Pretty darn close. Now the Windows version is better than the web version whereas previously I liked the web version better because of the nicer previews.

    But the grid of the web version is neater. It would have been nicer if the Windows version previews was in the same size boxes. It makes all the notes look more orderly and I want to use Evernote make myself more orderly and neat. The reading and writing window side by side by side with the thumbnails makes the windows version better than the web version. Great job, I saw the news of your beta on Why didn’t you send out email notices to your users? We would have come running!

  • jon

    I’m getting sync failures too..

  • Jenni

    Yea, Sync fails over and over.

  • Andrew

    I’ve been using the Alpha for a while now, and I really like the updates; one thing I am concerned about, though, it the UI. Even in the Beta, things just aren’t completely polished (although it is better than is was).

    You guys are doing a great job; can I have some reassurance that the UI isn’t finished yet?

  • Not Givingupyet

    Hi, I’m glad you guys are improving the win client, but the mac client is still pretty shit. It’s like using an html editor from 1993, but worse as we can’t see the html source. Even basic text editing like bold/unbold regularly fails and gets the document into an unuseable state, not to mention copy/paste of checkboxes etc, tinyMCE written in javascript is light years ahead, which is sad if you think about it.

  • Buck

    I understand that there might be sync problems due to volume, but couldn’t you come up with an error message that is not as meaningless, useless, and unhelpful as “synchronization failed”?

  • Brent

    I am also running Evernote 3.1 in Wine on Ubuntu. I wonder what is the reason that you donlt write the client in Java? Then you would only have to write oneversion for all platforms. MyOtherDrive does it that way and it actually works quite well.

  • stan

    After 3.5 sync the Tags are no longer in alpha order and when a notebook is selected the tags are all highlighted (not just the ones in the selected notebook). Will this be fixed?

  • Matt

    No more shortcut to get to the search bar? F6 isn’t working any more!

  • Aaron Anderson

    Evernote Team: It is incredibly irritating to have an application use different/seperate font rendering than the rest of my computer. My fonts are crisp and sharp on my systems, except when I use Evernote 3.5. I know you’re trying to use sub-pixel font rendering, but it looks really horrible, and what would you think that I want evernotes fonts to be different than the fonts on the rest of my computer? Computers need to be a streamlined experience. Having an irritating looking program with different fonts and things, distracts from that experience. Hopefully you can comment on this and clear this up. Looking forward to this. I am a long time user and supported of this program.

  • Jayme

    I loved the way the 3.1 looked. I liked the way that each note LOOKED like an actual page with the blue title section and the gray background. I DID NOT LIKE the web version at all and never used it. This new 3.5 is much more like the way the web version looks and I do not like it. My thumbnails are tiny and I can’t find a way to make them larger. The notes for the beta say that the thumbnails can be zoomed, but I haven’t figured out how.

    I am willing to be educated…and have not made a decision about 3.5 yet. At first glance though (because I am a very visual person), I don’t like its looks. First impressions….

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Jayme There’s a zoom bar that runs along the bottom of the note list area. Shift the bar to make the thumbnails larger or smaller.

  • douglasfugazi

    Congrats Evernote Team. But I want to make a suggestion to team:
    the new version 3.5 is very good, but I DON’T LIKE the new option to CLIP SCREENSHOT. Just to select and send to clipboard evernote.
    The last version 3.1 is very nice when I can select the CLIP AREA manually to send it to evernote .. sometimes I needs to make screenshot of small areas, and the new version doesn’t have control to do it manually selecting small areas, please consider bring back version 3.1 of the clipper selected area manually with mouse

  • douglasfugazi

    what happened with current monthly usage ??
    that was very helpful for me 🙁

  • Alexey

    I’ll hold off upgrading until Evernote moves to WPF version 4, which can actually do proper text rendering.

  • Jason

    Sync fails as well. Is there some way we can keep track of when the servers won’t be as slammed? Just out of curiosity…

  • Jayme

    Thanks, Andrew. Now, can we alphabetize the tags? I’m trying to like it. 🙂

  • Saroch

    I am using Evernote (58716) and Firefox 3.5.3 with Evernote Web Clipper I noticed that the content I clipped using the web clipper did not go directly to the Evernote application on my machine but rather went to the online database which I needed to sync with my local database before I could access the content locally. Is this something you are still working on? Or did I miss something during the installation?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Saroch We will be releasing an updated Firefox clipper. The currently available Firefox clipper does not send web clips to Evernote 3.5

  • WhatTHE

    I’ve just installed 3.5b and checked “running after installation” and clicked “finish.” What happened next? The new version just crashed after a little flash pop-up of .net framework. Ha… I’m disappointed by you guys..

  • Tim Irvin

    Syncs to 24% and then fails. Bummer…..

  • Alexei

    UI is very unpolished, very alpha looking even it is beta.
    Whole concept of UI in 3.1 was much better.
    3.5 is quite slow too.
    Blurry fonts.
    I cant belive it needs to much memory to run!!

    Rolling back to 3.1

  • Darla

    I downloaded and installed the program with no problem, but when I opened it, it was the Spanish version. I speak Spanish but I don’t want to use the Spanish version, so I would like to be able to pick the language version I want to download. How can I do that?

  • rabidpanda

    What happened to the Subject Date field? I had been using it to keep track of the date of my sketches, not the date I scanned them into EN.

  • Joshua, Bummed out annual pro user

    I love(ed) evernote. I’m not generally a piss and moan about new versions (eg, new facebook layout) kind of person, but this feels like a step back (more generic). If I can’t have the old clipper functionality (right click and markup, copy to clipboard or save to file) I probably won’t bother running evernote all the time like I do now. Now I’m bummed I payed for the whole year. Maybe I’ll get over it. Maybe I won’t.

  • Wilson

    Hi, I’m wondering why I am seeing ads in 3.5 when I am a paying Evernote customer.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Wilson Since you’re Premium, you should be able to close the ad box by clicking on the X

  • Bill

    3.1 doesn’t support Chinese character searching very well (even text searching)
    Hope 3.5 can fix it~! 🙂

  • Jude

    Well I’m disappointed in you @WhatTHE, it’s BETA.

    I’m looking forward to driving the new version, great job!

  • Victor

    Paste (of pictures) does not work.
    My favorite font now looks smaller.

  • Temis

    You actually took away the tape/continuous view??? WHY!?

    You replaced the awesomely useful tape view with the useless thumbnail view on the Mac for no good reason, promised you would bring it to the Mac “soon”, and now you took it *out* of the Windows version? Guys what are you doing? Don’t do this please! Bring it back!

  • Thierry

    Please, restore this old great view, with the list above, and below the full content in “endless paper”. It is another old unique and convenient feature of Evernote and which disappears. The thumbnails are unusable for me, because the text of long notes is unreadable, even when zooming up. Finally the ability to create tables! But how to insert additional rows or columns?

  • Serg

    Not working on my system (Windows XP). Pity, as the features a great.

  • David_vazquez

    I’ll be waiting for the Mac update! Great job.

  • Wilson

    Hi Andrew,

    The problem is that it continually reappears when I re-open Evernote. Very weird.

    Another note: Please get the web clipper for FF working as soon as you all can; thanks! 🙂

  • Wilson

    Looks like it is off now; I will monitor; no need for you to pour over any code. 🙂 Thanks! (Still want the web clipper for FF fixed; I love that feature!)

  • Marc

    Unable to install this new Evernote on my PC. The installation blocks while “Installing .NET Framework 3.5 SP1…”.

    I’m a bit disappointed.

  • Martin Packer

    I tried to install on Ubuntu under WINE. The prereq .NET 3.5 failed to install. I believe older levels of .NET will install OK. Am I right in hearing you’re thinking of supporting an older level of .NET? If so I’ll try again when you do.

  • robin

    Ok, cannot get it running in Wine… but I do notice it’s build on .net. So, with the use of mono, it shouldn’t be too hard to port it, right?

  • Gregory Bolkenstijn

    Where can we post about bugs and give feedback? In stead of in the comments of this blogpost.

  • Kaz

    I have a similar opinion to @douglasfugazi.
    The clipper of 3.1 can save the image to .png file and has drawing function.
    I prefer to the clipper of 3.1 rather than that of 3.5.

  • Cheng-Jih Chen

    Is this the best place for reporting issues with the beta?

    I think there’s a mem leak during sync. I saw mem usage go above 1.2GB or so on XP SP3 (32-bit). Evernote became unresponsive and I had to kill it through the task bar.

    What may have happened is that the screen saver came on during the initial large sync of the database. I’m using an OpenGL screen saver, if that may have had anything to do with it.

    Sync did eventually complete when I restarted Evernote (it was at around 90%). It seems to be OK right now, though I’m getting instances where the view of the notes goes away (i.e., Evernote thinks there are no notes). The workaround is to select a different notebook and then come back to the one you had been on. I’m not sure what’s triggering this behavior.

    The little ad box also seems to come up on startup. The option to suppress it is grayed-out in the Options, even though I’m a premium subscriber.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Cheng-Jih Chen Please submit bug reports on our Windows 3.5 Beta forum:

  • Cheng-Jih Chen

    I assume there are no plans to get the Firefox Evernote clipper Add-on to point at 3.5 instead of 3.1, at least before 3.5 exits beta, right?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Cheng-Jih Chen We will be releasing an update to the FF clipper, which will work with 3.5.

  • John H

    Like a number of others in this thread, I have been running Evernote on Linux using Wine, and have been very happy with it.

    Sadly, the move to .NET 3.5 for the Beta means it will not install on Wine. Can you confirm that Evernote 3.1 will continue to be available for download after 3.5 is launched? Otherwise it looks like Linux users will be shut out altogether – unless you actually produce a native version.

  • Bill W

    Sync still not completing. Also noticed that for me scrolling is not working on the notes. Don’t know if that’s a bug with my laptop or not. I’m going back to the old version.

  • James Toon

    I’ve got to agree with Joshua above I’m afraid. I found the 3.5 version a real step backwards, and has really overcomplicated what was a delightful to use simple application.

    To me the best thing about 3.1 is the ability to add continual unstructured notes into notebooks just by clicking on the new note in the list and typing away. I feel like the new version is trying to force a much more rigid windows application struture on it, and thats deeply unattractive. I’m now very pleased I didn’t pay for the annual subscription – sorry to be grumpy, but its a thumbs down for me.

  • pavel

    Looks nice, but unable to fully sync today. Where is the draw mode in the clipping tool?

  • JOe

    Installed 3.5 with no issues. Sync with no issues. Tried the web clipping, which I do use a lot, and it does not work with 3.5.

    Please update the web clipper to work with 3.5.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @JOe The Firefox Clipper does not currently work with Evernote 3.5. We will release a fix for that. In the meantime, you can use the elephant icon in the taskbar to clip web articles.

  • Martin Packer

    I’m told we can do .NET Framework 3.0 in WINE. Are you likely to be able to support Evernote on that? If you can you open the Evernote client up to Linux users.

  • Cheng-Jih Chen

    To be specific about the little ad window, it shows up after sync, even though I have a premium account.

    • Ron Toledo

      @Cheng-Jih Chen You can disable the ad window by going to preferences>show promotions and removing the check box.

  • Adeline

    I am having problems with 3.5. After I install it (I’m using vista), I get an error message saying that evernote has stopped working. I’ve tried uninstalling and redownloading 4x. Advice?

  • Gary

    re: firefox web clipper not sending to evernote 3.5, what can I do to get web clippings from firefox into evernote 3.5 until the firefox extension update is released? Is there a “manual” method that’s better than Windows copy/paste (which doesn’t get the page’s URL)? This is my main use of evernote…

  • Daryl

    Nice, I like it.

    Would like to be able to change the order of my tabs in the left hand pane, either to alphanumerical order, or maybe most-used, if I can’t sort them manually. Presently there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme nor reason for the sort order.
    The drop down to change the order of the viewing pane (I’m in Thumbnail view) – does it need to be so wide? It looks a bit odd. If narrower, the “thumbnail zoom” slider could be placed there.

    Also, there’s a whole bar taken up above that for the dropdown to choose which notebook and the save/reset button. This surely is taking up more room than is necessary, as I can select the notebook from the selection area immediately below the dropdown.

    The current iteration does seem to me to take up an awful lot of screen real estate with (too much) non-content. At the end of the day, I want to see my content – sure, I want to sort, preview and maybe edit it easily, but I’m not sure the balance is quite right in the beta.

    However, overall I do prefer 3.5 to 3.1. (Eg, I like the new method of entering tags on a note) and will not be rolling back to 3.1 just yet!

    Keep up the good work!
    (A pro user).

  • Marc

    Finally I got it installed. I like it very much, except for the general design, which is not so good.

  • Daniel

    Microsoft .NET Framework?

    I’m not keen on having to install this program.
    Will this be part of the official update?

  • Herb

    A ‘day’ later, and I’m still having synch issues this morning. Haven’t made it past 22% before it fails.

    Did it clear up for others?

  • Jon

    Same as adam, I’m trying to install on Vista with SP2 and get

    “Evernote Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run Setup Wizard again”

    Try on laptop later at home, see what happens.

  • Dan Nimtz

    Sync is failing. Shouldn’t it have cleared up by now? Status please – thanks.

  • Jordi

    Thanks for thinking in windows users!

  • Sylvain

    Nice effort but two points. I don’t like the new clipper either. Not only you can’t resize the area you want to clip anymore but when I try to copy and paste the clipped image from one note to an Outlook email all I get now is a red “x”. I could easily copy & paste an image from Evernote to Outlook with 3.1. I will try to return to 3.1 as it’s the main single feature that got me hooked to Evernote since I use it regularly.

  • Sam Guzman

    Ok, I am excited to see changes, but so far it is not faster at all. In fact, it keeps freezing. When I click on the Evernote tray icon, the application loads as a big black thing on my screen, and then UI elements slowly start to appear. Once the whole application appears on screen, navigation between notes is extremely slow, as is editing notes.

    For example, I type or paste a message in a new notes, and there is a 5 second or so lag before anything actually shows up in the note. This makes notetaking very inefficient, and it doesn’t seem to be an improvement in speed at all.

    Finally, I must say the new version doesn’t look better. I really wish it looked like the Mac version. I wouldn’t care so much, though, if it worked. Thanks for listening.


    I have a question. I want to sync Evernote between my Windows Mobile and Windows.
    But, I don’t really have any 24×7 data connection. So, I cannot view any of my notes on my phone after writing them. Is there a way to store and view the notes on my mobile itself, and when I get online (office/home wifi), *then* sync them?

  • Kent Smith

    I wish Evernote would have updated their blog post to mention the huge problems with synchronization with the Beta right now. I would have gladly waited to upgrade a few day or a week. Now I’m all ready to go and can’t get the syncing to even start.

    Really looking forward to some of the changes though so will continue trying over the weekend when hopefully the servers are a little less loaded down.

  • genevieve

    “Synchronization Failed.”


  • Philip Constantinou

    @Jayme thanks for the comments about the tags. Before we’re out of beta you’ll be able to sort your tags by number of notes or alphabetically.

    @Aaron Anderson you can set the default note font under Tools->Options->Display. We should be using your system default fonts.

  • Gregory

    Agree with Arron and Alexei that the font in 3.5 is horrible. It looks ridiculously fuzzy compared to any other program I have running and makes my eyes want to jump out of my head. Glad I get to use the Mac version at home!

  • Greg

    I also tried to install it on vista 64 bit and it failed. Sound like a problem.

  • Daniel

    Being patient with 3.5! But I can’t get passed 40% sync without failing. Running it on Windows7.
    3.1 had no sync issues on Win7.

  • martin

    ***** READ THIS *******

    i love 3.5 … i can actually see the entire not eon the right instead of having to scroll on every little note on 3.1. I just wish that FONTS are fixed – very annoying. The Global setting does not seem to convert all existing and new notes to the preferred FONT.

    I would like to also see a list of notes instead of images on the MIXED view … I am talking about the middle areas where all notes appear (list there instead of images).

    Also – it would be very useful to have the ability to create NOTES and SubNotes so that I can separate thoughts, customers meeting details etc .. instead of ONE big note. I like Debrief specifically for that.

  • Calvin

    Also can’t get the beta to sync. Fails every time.

  • David

    Please tell me that you have not removed the ‘Subject’ date.

    I have found that field to be critical in the way I use Evernote, especially when bringing in notes from other systems. There ‘legacy’ dates can become the subject date.

    Without the ‘subject date’, imported items from the ‘past’ look as if they are new and are not distinguishable between from notes that are truly ‘new’…!
    …please tell me I am missing something.

    The ‘Subject Date’ is an awesome to add a third dimension to the dating notes

  • SonofGroucho

    Installation on a machine with Windows Vista worked fine for me, as did sync. The user interface is much better than the old version. However, I couldn’t get any hypertext links in notes to work! I also tried to add text to a pre-existing note. The program chose the wrong font size and I seemed to be unable to change it. I’ll wait for the final release, I think.

  • Anna Nonymouse

    Installed it for about 15 minutes, then ran screaming back to the current version.

    I’m on a netbook most of the time: none of the new view settings work for me on a 10.5in screen (and there’s no options to get anything resembling 3.1’s view).

    I’m seeing the weird and jagged fonts a few people have mentioned (and yes, I have Cleartype enabled and have tried adjusting settings). Everything else has great fonts, but Evernote fonts look bad. It’s not just the notes themselves, it’s the whole program.

    Also, the new screenshot clipper is just plain weak. The old one, which gave you a chance to alter placement, size, etc was much better, not to mention its wonderful ability to send to clipboard, file, etc. I use the current Evernote clipper for all my screenshot needs!

    Won’t be installing this unless changes are made before it’s all finished… I do realise this is just a beta after all!

  • Paul

    I gave up trying to sync 3.5 for now, since it fails every time. Going back to 3.1 though, it’s now failing quite often.

    Maybe Evernote needs to look into pulling 3.5 off the site until they can figure out a way to allow synchronizing to work properly. I can deal with not being able to use the beta, but not being able to sync the current version (especially being a paying customer) is getting a little annoying.

  • Eric

    What’s the email address to submit bug reports?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Eric Please submit bug reports on our 3.5 Beta forum:

  • James Kubecki

    Love the new app. Unfortunately, without the web clipper, I can’t use it. Looking forward to the final release!

  • Jason

    Looks promising, but I will be reverting back to 3.1. The buggy note taking screen is a show stopper for me.

  • Daniel Kessler

    Evernote 3.5 (and now 3.1) seem to be experiencing widespread sync outages. It’s being discussed over at the forums at

    So far, no word from the Evernote team what’s going on or if it’s even being addressed.

    Be sure to submit support requests if it’s happening to you, too, so that they are aware of the magnitude of the problem.

  • Alexey

    @NOINTERNETMAN, just email the notes to your Evernote address. It is faster and less limiting than using the Windows Mobile client.

  • Scott V

    Andrew: We have a nice long thread on “synchronization failed” errors that 3.5 has brought on. If you could drop into our thread in that forum and just comment on what you know about it, a lot of us would just be happy to hear something.

  • Alex Leonard

    I’ve had to abandon the beta – which is unlike me (I’m a beta junky).

    Sync refused to work and the new print screen method simply pales in comparison to the old – why remove features?! The old print screen was great – select window, monitor, desktop, copy to clipboard, note in evernote or simply ‘save as’ – perfect (I’d even add ’email to’ but not sure if that will work across the board..

    Also, I think you should bring back plain list view as the new view ‘mixed’ i think it was called has a much greater height per note meaning that you can’t see as many of your notes in a notebook.

    Delighted to see a more functional edit bar in the note edit area though.


  • Neville

    Evernote 3.1 strips all formatting from messages copied from Outlook. Has this been changed in Evernote 3.5? i.e. is formatting now retained?

  • Pawel

    I hate that I can’t look trought all the notes in the notebooks. I use this to load a lot of photos and the previous “rev/ff” buttons were perfect form me. This time I have to click on every note to open it and then I have to scroll it to see all photos from one note. This sucks, becouse I usualy use this for inspiration to my work, so i don’t have time to click every one of the notes – i just want to scroll through photos to see something that will inspire me. I prefered the previous “long page” version, and if there won’t be this type of viewing in 3.6 I will have to stick to 3.1 version or say Evernote BYE..

  • Steve

    First I have posted on the thread. But just in case you guys are only reading out here….not much different vs thread, how about some frickin info.
    What gives?
    This is not a quality situation. Where is the communication.
    We are having issues something….trust….you are losing trust.
    Just post something….

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Steve We apologize for the sync issues. Our servers have been hit pretty hard with all of the users trying the Windows Beta at once. Should all be back to normal soon.

  • Rick


    I’m running Evernote 3.5 Beta on Windows 7 x64, but i have that i think doesn’t work properly.

    1. I configured Evernote so it starts when Windows starts, but I think it should start minimized, but it starts maximized (like it did in 3.1)

    2. When Evernote is already running in the system tray (or notification area is what they call it) and I try to open Evernote from a shortcut, it does nothing. I have to double click on the Evernote icon in the notification area to open it again.

    3. Now every time Evernote syncs I get a message (notification) of Evernote having synced successfully, I think that’s kind of annoying, I don’t want such a message, or at least a possibility to disable the message.

    Hope you do something with my comments. Evernote 3.5 runs very good, and I like the rest of the improvements you made!

    Keep up the good work!


  • tim

    like others, i would also like to see a LIST VIEW option in the middle pane (not thumbnails). also sounds like having adjustable pane widths would be a good idea.

  • carl

    What happened to the “Tag” toolbar icon and the right-click function?

  • Victoria Marinelli

    I wish to echo David’s comment above – PLEASE TELL ME YOU DID NOT ELIMINATE THE “SUBJECT DATE” FIELD. For me, that field is the single most useful feature of Evernote. I am using Evernote to reconstruct highly complex chronologies for multiple works of nonfiction and the Subject Date field is the cornerstone of each note I need. I cannot find it anywhere in 3.5, much less easily sort notes by same. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this field has not been eliminated or rendered useless in the update. I NEED THAT FIELD. I AM PANICKING.

  • dibbes

    Very happy with it.. Two small changes/bugfixes for now please:

    1. When saving a note the name of an uploaded file duplicates; so after a while the note is stuffed with names of the document(s)

    2. Please put default some extra white space after a check box that reads much better.

    Thanks! Please let me know here if you can/want to fix this…

  • Phil

    I really like the layout and usability. I had to uninstall however because my scansnap didn’t work with it.

  • Zoltan

    Crashes as soon as started. Some .net framework errors. Runing on Windows7 x64.

  • Alexander Deliyannis

    Well done guys! I have been much looking forward to this release, seeing all the wonderful things that were happening with Evernote in the Mac world. Overall, I am quite pleased; the application is powerful and the footprint remains manageable. There will be issues of course; this is beta software which means that some of the features are not in their final form.

    I have one question, the answer to which should make the migration process easier for people with multiple PCs: as I understand, the actual database format remains intact, the sole change being the addition of a thumbnail file. Therefore, it should be possible to have v3.1 on a PC and v3.5 in another syncing among them with no problems. Can you confirm this?

  • Vincent

    Please, please, please, please fix the tagging system.

    1. When a tag is clicked on the list, every other tag should disappear from the list except for other tags that exist on notes with the selected tag. This makes the process of using multiple tags to dig down to specific notes easier. It is extremely difficult to ctrl + click multiple tags of irrelevant tags fill the list. If the user deselects a tag, then the list can return to displaying all the tags. In evernote 3, this functionality was *hinted* at by having non-related tags get dimmed out; wouldn’t it be simple to complete this functionality by having non-related tags disappear completely?

    2.In the 3.5 beta, below the toolbar there is an interface displaying what notes are being displayed, with an additional “tagged with” section that shows which tags are selected and allows you to x them out, removing tags from the search. Can you please, please do what is logically implied by this functionality by providing users with the ability to add tags by typing them into blank fields in the same space, as in delicious? Please add a blank input field to the right of the last selected tag. Then allow users to type in tags and press enter, adding that tag to the search (and if you decided to do this, an auto-complete feature would make it absolutely perfect). This seems logical to me. In the current setup to delete tags from the search the user can click in that toolbar but to add to the search they have to switch to the list on the left where there are additional problems (see 1). The two logical sides of one action (adding or deleting tags from a search) have to be done in two different parts of the interface. It strikes me as bad design.

    Please, please, please consider adding these functionality. Please consider the fact that some of your users have very long lists of tags.

  • Shaun

    i prefer the view layout in 3.1. 3.5 beta just seems to be messy.

  • Gregory

    @Philip Constantinou

    Philip – the issue isn’t the font for the notes, which you can of course control. It’s the font(s) for the menu, lists, etc. that are really fuzzy and cannot be tweaked via the settings so far as I can tell. Not sure if this is a system/setting specific issue for Aaron, me and others who have made this comment, but it’s awful compared to all my other crisp/legible programs that are running.

  • Tom Bayer

    Love the changes. But the downloaded beta does not indicate Premium like it shows online. Does that mean the new one does not have Premium capability? I see no reference to a separate version to accommodate that. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Tom Bayer Glad you like it! If you’re premium, then you get all the premium functionality: higher monthly allowance, file sync, pdf search, no ads, etc ( It’s a good point though, we’ll look into making it more evident in the downloadable versions that you’re a premium user.

  • Rob

    dont like much this version crash win7 64 bits so heavy

  • Rodney Holloman

    Love the new look and design.

    Uninstalled it immediately as ctrl-T and Alt-Click were gone.

    Please put those back in so I can use it with all the new cool things.
    Thanks again.

  • Eddie

    Encountering a .net framework issue. Crashes on startup. Any ideas?

  • yee

    the setup program froze at “installing .NET Framework 3.5 SP1…”

    I’ve been trying for several times. My laptop with WinXP SP3

  • Steffen

    Crashing when opening on Vista 32bit. Any ideas?

  • SymbianUser

    When will you release a Symbian version?

  • Kevin Bland

    Great product. I use the windoes, mac, iPhone and Blackberry version depending on where I am. It’s so great to have things sync’d! What would move this to ‘Killer App’ status would be the following:

    1. Todo List (with tickable boxes and possibly do by dates). That way my todo lists will always be with me. This would replace mutiple other apps I use

    2. ‘Send to Blog’. I Blog (a bit) but use other apps to write them and then publish. It would be great to write them in Evernote and hit Publish to send it to my BlogSpot.

    3. Twitter. The ability to highlight some text from within EverNote and hit a twitter button to publish it.

    I have worked out that these three things would replace over 7 applications I currently use across all my devices and would tip me from being a ‘free’ Evernote user to a paying user!

    I’d welcome any comments/feedback.

    (This note is available on my Blog at



  • Kevin Bland

    addendum….just tried 3.5 and have the following comment:

    One of my main devices for note taking is a Netbook which has limited screen ‘real estate’. Evernote 3.5 restricts the space for notetaking even more than previous versions. I have barely half of the screen available. I suggest more options for what can be hidden in ‘View’.


  • Grant Muller

    I have some bugs to report, are you guys using a tracking system (bugzilla, starteam, trac) or something online we can post bugs to?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Grant Muller Please use our Windows 3.5 forum to report bugs:

  • Robert Hemmerdinger

    Hi guys,

    Love the new version but you promised we loose the grey background on email??

    I even asked this on the podcast….and you said it was going in this revision.

    Please, please, please get rid of that grey background..


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Robert Yes, we’re working on that. The new email template is live in notes emailed from Evernote Web.

  • ablmf

    Where is the “clipper button” in browser? Of course I could use the “web clipper button”, but if your document says that there is a “clipper button”, I think there should be one. But I can not see it in both FF and IE

  • Mike Parker

    Having a problem here: I quit v3.1 and installed v3.5b (following instructions), but after a reboot there were two icons in the system tray.

    It looked like an installation problem, so I uninstalled everything, deleted the Program FilesEvernote folder, and removed all Evernote references in the registry.

    I’m now trying to do a clean install of v3.5b, but I get an error message “The same version of application is already installed.”

    Any idea how to fix the problem?

  • David Gaw

    Just uninstalled 3.5, and am going back to 3.1, for now. Having the new views available is nice, but having 3.1’s timeline view unavailable is a bit of a deal-breaker, I’m afraid. It’s key to Evernote’s appeal to me. I hope it makes a reappearance before the product leaves beta; I’d hate to be stuck with the old version.

  • Kevin

    Nice update. I realy like the thumbnails. For me the windows version now is as good – or maybe better – than the mac version.

    But i do have one problem: i can’t get Scansnap to work with Evernote 3.5. With 3.1. i could scan directly into Evernote, but the new version just won’t do this. Scansnap does scan the file and save it to a folder (as it did before) but it’s not send to Evernote. I checked al the settings and they seem to be correct, so i assume it’s a bug. Can this be solved? I realy loved the Scansnap/Evernote combination.

    Oh, and as a premium user, no matter what i do, the ads keep showing up…

    Keep up the good work!

  • Tom Mighell

    Just getting used to 3.5 – I mostly like it, but I’m trying to figure out why you eliminated a number of the formatting options in the note itself. I can go to the Format Menu and select a bulleted or numbered list, or indentation, but I can’t do it in the note itself. A real pain.

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Tom We’ve placed the formatting options into the right-click menu for the note.

  • paul

    Could you add an item on the options control panel to turn off system tray pop-ups for sync success/failure?

  • Andre Malan

    For students, your killer feature would be to allow the annotation of PDFs. If I could treat a PDF like an ink note, then I (and many students I know) would get premium memberships. Most course material comes in PDFs, so being able to annotate them just makes sense.

  • Michel

    I love the enhancements of the 3.5 version, but I also miss some features I used a lot in the old version.

    I always used the note list together with the detailed list. This view option is no longer available with 3.5.

    I also miss the old tags summary where you could select a notebook and immediately could see if and how many notes with a specific tag are in that notebook. This allowed me to first select lets say a “todo this week” notebook and see if there are financial notes in this notebook. Really miss this one.

    For now I’ve installed the old version again. But I’m pretty sure I will switch to the 3.5 in the future.

    Success with Evernote.

  • Kent Smith

    I got it installed and all synced. Is there a reason why I need to re-import the notebooks that the instructions had me export from 3.0?

    Doesn’t make much sense. Can somebody please explain?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Kent We ask that you export and import your Local Notebooks, because those notebooks are not maintained on our servers, and so cannot be sync’d.

  • Paul

    Loving the new version although appears to run slightly slower than 3.1 on my rubbish laptop.
    Where’s the “Install to Flash Drive” option gone??

  • gerold kathan

    i would like to install the english version but i find no way to override the default behaviour which instaall evernote in the laanguage of the operating system, which in my case is german.
    is there a command line switch to set the preferred language ?
    thänx for any hint
    greetings from vienna,

  • Kent Smith

    What happened to the To Do features? I was heavily leaning toward signing up for a premium account and now I see that To Do has been removed in 3.5. If this is not added back in I may just stop using Evernote entirely.

    Also need to fix how the tagging is done.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Kent To-dos are now in the right-click menu.

  • Jordi

    I’ve installed the Beta version and it runs ok on Vista 32bit


  • Jeremy

    I have just under 1200 notes in my database. In the 3.5 beta, I’m noticing memory usage of 133Mb and greater. Is this to be expected? If so, it is going to put a bit of hurt on my netbook!

  • Ken Kurosawa

    Great updates! I had stopped using the Windows version of Evernote for the OS X version, but I’ll have to check the new updates out for myself!

  • Jesse

    I have not even installed the beta yet and I have to say this…you guys rock!

  • Alex

    I had to uninstall due to the loss of my favorite feature – the screen clipper. I loved the option to copy, draw, save etc… Will this be added to the new version?

  • Wilmer

    Screen Clipper:
    I would like to be able to use the screen clipper function and use CTRL-C to capture to the Windows Clipboard.

    I think right now everything captures directly to Evernote bypassing the clipboard. The old version was not like this. I would like this feature back if you don’t mind. Otherwise I will also have to install a separate ‘clipper’ software like snagit which i don’t want.

  • Brandon

    I also use a netbook, and have to uninstall this version. The three pane window area is just too cluttered. Maybe a “mini” version for small screens, or more control over the layout… I’d like to collapse the visual view of the 2nd pane and just have a list of notes like the older version has.

  • Paul

    I like the thumbnails and some of the other features of 3.5, but too many issues to start using it:

    – I use Evernote through the web and on all my desktops, but so far, only one has made it through syncing without failing. I’m tired of trying.

    – Alt-click and other usual shortcuts and such are gone, and I don’t see a logical reason for removing these.

    – I don’t like having the font smoothing turned on. That’s cool for those that like it, but it should be offered as an option. To me, it just makes things look blurry.

    – I’m a premium user but I can’t remove the ads in the options menu, it’s grayed out.

    – It’s getting a little irritating that there is very little similarity from the web version to the desktop version. I get that there’s differences in the way it can work in a browser, but come on.

    – Totally unrelated, but why can’t the Windows Mobile version have an option to view by tags or by notebooks? Searching is fine, but there are many cases where I’d like to just browse. Sorry – I felt like if I was ranting, I should just confine it all to one post.

  • Marc-Antoine

    Great desing update
    You must lets us clip image without create new note like in the older version…

  • Stacey

    The 3.5 Beta dropping of the “Subject Date” as distinct from the “Current Date” and the “Modified (now ‘Updated’) Date” results in a significant loss of usefulness to me for the way I use Evernote. It means it is no longer a “diary” tool whether for written diaries or photo diaries where the date the text or photo refers to is not the date on which the note is created. I hope this functionality will be restored before the beta becomes the standard upgrade for Windows users. Reminds me of how “templating” was dropped in the move from version 2 to 3.

  • Thierry

    Please, restore the old tape View, this is a unique and original Evernote’s feature! It is ideal, after research, to get a view of several notes together in their context,
    we can simply browse with the mouse wheel.

  • Rick

    I now have another problem with Evernote 3.5 Beta on Windows 7 x64. When i put my laptop in to “sleep” mode, and i put my laptop on again, Evernote is suddenly open (while it was in system tray before) and hangs (gives a black screen). I have to end the Evernote process to close it.


  • Neil Thompson

    Had my first opportunity to try out this version and have a few comments:

    1. Don’t like the ads and if I try and turn them off the option is greyed out even though I am a premium member

    2. Want to turn off the thumbnail view but the option does not work on the menu – always remains ticked.

    3. Not sure I like the new font – seems a bit fuzzy.

  • jicr777

    “Evernote setup wizard ended prematurely”. This error message I get on every computer. I have tried 3 diffrent computers. With systems: Windows 7 RC 1, Windows 7 final and Windows Vista SP1 64 bit. I have tried uninstall previous version of evernote. On some computers I am using portable version of Evernote so no registry, no global settings which can couse problems. Still nothing helps. Any ideas?

  • Sheldon

    I tried to upload several pdf documents through 3.5 and failed. This worked very well in 3. It looked as if only one document was entered into the database but the account quota was affected. I switched back to to 3

  • Naas

    Screen clipping was much better on last version. Please bring back all the lost functionalities.

    I’m no longer able to resize or move the selection box; if I get it wrong on my first try, there’s no way to fix it because it’s already posted.

    I’m also unable to copy the selection instead of directly posting it to a note. Copying to clipboard was very useful to post multiple screen selections into the same note. With the new version every selection gets posted to a separate note.

  • Michael

    I use Evernote to Sync my work Windows Vista PC with my home Mac SnowLeopard.

    Please return the Tag pop-up. I hate the fact that you have removed the pop-up, which allowed me to quickly select the tags and not enter repeat ones. I have to downgrade to the old version until this is returned.

    Please return the better web clipping capability. Before this was a very quick process, allowed you to chose which notebook, add tags and text comment.

    The only advantages are using the Mac view and the more frequent syncing of every 15 minutes. Feels bloated.

    I don’t see this as a step forward as I have lost significant functionality compared to the prior version!


    Please remove the Ads for premium users.

  • Jeremy Higgins

    I’m running Windows 7 via VMFusion on my iMac. The beta evernote ran ok the 1st few times although it was really sluggish. Now when I open Evernote, it freezes up my entire system, till I minimize the screen and kill the process via Task Manager.

  • Jan

    I really don’t like this version. It’s a total different feeling. It feels flimsy imho. I hope the next MS OneNote version offers cloud syncing. Then I’m outta here.

  • Eric Anderson

    I like the idea but the beta is very, very slow. I’m running XP on a newer and pretty fast laptop (Dell Latitude E6400 with video card) and it’s the first time I’ve run into real problems with speed.

  • Creighton Hoke

    The notes window does not fully appear on my Thinkpad X61 laptop screen, even when the Evernote window is maximized; when entering text, it will disappear off the right side before wrapping. Resizing the window on a larger, external monitor allows me to increase the notes window size to the point where the entire note is viewable. No scroll bars?

  • George E. Papadakis


    Installed the new 3.5 beta. Here are some notes & issues I faced with this new version:

    – The default fontSize option is not working okay. Sometimes EN treats the given size as pt and some times as px. I have not managed to retain a fixed default fontSize yet.

    – Still no option to insert a Horizontal Line.

    – Occasionally, EN tends to forget the view related options (e.g list view)

    – Old notes containing links, are kind of messed up and I had to re-write them.

    – On 3.1 I could hover on the task bar icon and select one of the current open notes. Now, the opened windows (notes) are not treated as individual items / windows making things harder (win 7).

    Looking forward for the new BETA.

  • Steve Truesdale

    It is a very different feel. I miss the the timeband and the general ‘flow of time’ feel of 3.1. I first heard of Evernote – years ago – as the closest thing to the ‘endless roll of toilet paper’ feel of the old Apple Newton – where you just had a bottomless notepad to jot ideas down on – with as little as possible between your thoughts and the notepad. The new version has lost that. Please bring back the timeband and time-sorted mini preview view. Maybe in addition to the other views.

  • Steve

    I really would like to get rid of the ads. Why is this option disabled on this beta version (I am a premium subscriber)?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Steve That’s a bug that will be fixed in an upcoming Beta update. As a Premium user, you should not see ads.

  • Bill SMith

    The automatic hyperlink creation for web sites is not working. In the previous version, if I type a web address it is automatically underlined and hyperlinked -but not in version

  • w0nk0

    I have the same problem that was reported here by other posters: Evernote freezes my entire system after syncing a couple notes – I can’t even shut down the process with task manager as some (I assume networking related) thread slows even system processes. Even the mouse pointer moves sluggishly. It’s not relted to processor speed or RAM, this is a high end system that runs flawlessy with everything else. OS is XP Pro.

    I would also appreciate if the font was the regular OS font, the smoothed font looks veyr unpleasant to my eyes – why not do it “by the book” and rely on the OS for font selection?

    I do like the thumbnail view I have come to love on the Mac though, so I DO generally like the direction you are moving in. Forcing me to reset my system is a total no-go though and might have me abandon Evernote altogether if it stays a problem. And this comes from a user who creates dozens of notes every day for years now.

    So – please! make this thing stable..


  • Jeramiah

    I really enjoy the 3.5 version so far. It seems fairly intuitive and makes it easy for me to sift through all the ideas i get to put in it.

    I would really like it if I could organize the notebooks and tags. Right now i can’t reorganize them how I best see fit.

    And being able to see a word document and make adjustments to it in the program would be really nice.

  • John Clegg

    As a Linux and Android user I feel left out. Is it your policy to put all your efforts into proprietary systems? Spare a thought for the Open Source communities. And yes, I know I can always use the web version, but it is not as good, and useless in bad signal areas.

  • Anthony

    I was very excited for the new functionality, but if this is what Evernote is going to be like in the future, I’d rather stay with the older version.

    While I do enjoy the thumbnails and previews, I was sad to see that the “Subject Date” attribute for all of my notes was seemingly lost and no longer sortable in the new Beta version. I had been using that to sort based on the date on the actual documents versus when I actually scan them (Creation Date). I reverted quickly back to the older version as soon as I realized that it was missing, and I had lost the organization that I had been trying to attain in the first place.

    I agree with a few of the other commenters about the loss of the “timeband” as well, I’d like to see that return.

  • Yoshi

    I like the new searching functions added to this version but I find creating/editing notes quite difficult. Eg. Font size gets messed up all the time. There is performance problem also when moving between notes. Sometimes it takes more than several seconds to move from a note to another. I had to uninstall and get back to 3.1. I hope those issues will be fixed by the time of official release.

  • Keith

    Evernote for iPhone is probably the worst application I have ever used. I get about 6 to 7 different errors every single session I use it. I lose work, it takes FOREVER to do anything… brutal.

  • Breezyguy

    I am running Vista 64 bit. i7 920 CPU. The beta refuses to install. Even if I uninstall the regular free version first -or not. The msg (58716??) is “Evernote Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error”.

  • Susan

    What happened to the “subject date” in notes?? :..(

  • Art Gelwicks

    Struggling with some of the basic changes that were made such as the eliminiation of the double Caps-Lock for text capture and the Outlook plug-in not launching. The program does seem to drag a bit now.

    I do like the new tag editing though.

    Put the buttons back on the editing toolbar or let me choose what buttons I want there.

    The saved searches are a great touch. Need an easier way to get to them. It would be nice to be able to move the list of them to the top of the Notebook tree.

    Where did the Portable version go?

    Mixed feelings so far…but that’s why it’s a beta I guess.

  • Sunil

    Great. The look and feel is now inline with the Mac product, which is where I use Evernote primarily. For some reason though, the Evernote on mac is faster and more responsive when I scroll up and down. Doesnt bother me much since I would not be in on this Windows version at work, if I didnt have the Mac at home and on my iPhone.

  • Matt

    I hate to be negative because I do really like Evernote, but the new version doesn’t really add a whole lot of functionality in terms of how I’d use it, and it messes up one of my favorite features of the old version: The excellent screen clipper. Why was the decision made to take away so much power from that tool? I greatly miss the ability to save to a file or copy to the clipboard. I also really miss being able to resize the box before I clipped it. I was hoping you’d improve the clipper by allowing us to save into more file types – I never expected you to cripple it.

  • Ilir

    Please add two buttons to rotate snapshots or PDFs. I hope it’s easy to do for your developers, and it would make our life easier. Love your product and would use it more if I can rotate.

  • Espiox

    This looks like another great version of Evernote, but until there’s an Android app, I really can’t use this service as much as I want to. The web interface isn’t enough.

  • Qubit

    It seems others have this problem as well: After the “Select Installation Folder” page of the installer, the installation abruptly ends giving the message: “Evernote Setup Wizard ended prematurely…”
    There were no older installations of Evernote on the system. Windows 7 x64 RC1 is the operating system. Cannot install, and I have not found any reason why.

  • JoeTaxpayer

    Thought the notes were going to be separated like in Mac view, not one long scroll?

  • sb

    I appreciate that this is a beta, but wow it is slow.
    I have also had the lock ups and freezing reported by others. Have gone back to the 3.1 release.

  • Steven

    Don’t like this version. The layout is too crowded and the font is fuzzy. I don’t think thumbnail view is necessary and it just looks horrible. I hope that you can improve the usability and performance while maintaining the original look of 3.1 version. Thanks.

  • Dan

    @Adeline I got the same error as you:

    “I am having problems with 3.5. After I install it (I’m using vista), I get an error message saying that evernote has stopped working. I’ve tried uninstalling and redownloading 4x. Advice?”

    I did the same, removed registries, uninstalled 3.1 and 3.5 and tried installing 3.5 only but never could launch the app. It says some sort of kernel.dll error

  • ronkinoz

    – the new tags functionality
    – the thumbnail preview

    – slooooowwwww (I know – it’s a beta…)
    – miss the timeline
    – miss the ‘endless roll of toilet paper’ feel
    – font sizes seem to change all over the place.
    – when putting tags in a note, ‘,’ doesn’t select and move to a new tag if you’ve used the arrow keys to scroll down the suggested tags list.
    – ‘Alt’ shortcuts don’t seem to work in the Font Chooser – they used to.

    Would like to see:
    – Middle mouse click in thumbnail view goes into scroll mode.
    – Be able to change (list/thumbnail)/note layout to above/below instead of side-by-side – I work with portrait oriented monitors, and side-by-side squashes everything too much.
    – for the Notebooks/Tags/Attributes/SavedSearches panel to be able to auto-hide, or be collapsible like it used to be.

    Looking forward to the next beta…


  • dread

    Some more things:
    1. I am only using EN for Windows because I have to at work. Unfortunately its a foreign language Windows and it seems like I can’t tell EN to install in english. The german translation is just horrible!!!
    2. PLEASE add Tag-Search functionality on the iPhone-App. I can’t find a thing without that!
    3. Folders for Notebooks and SavedSearches!
    4. I second the Linux app request.
    5. Actually I second most of the requests above.
    6. Mark in EN to automatically copy to clipboard (like bash), right click to paste.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jonathan

    Just some initial feedback after about a day’s kicking the beta around:

    I agree with the comments above re: preference for the old the screen clipper. I really liked the old one better. I liked the option of being able to save selection as an image file, to the clipboard, or directly to a note as well as the moving and resizing options.

    I understand the benefits of the quicker clip with less required of the user, but the old screen clipper was one of my favorite features.

    Please bring back that clipping functionality, or perhaps provide quick clip vs. traditional screen clip as a user preference.

    I certainly thought it was worth a little extra dragging and moving of the selection area to make sure it was right before clipping.

    I like the ability to do some more editing – adding tables, etc.

    I didn’t see the function to hid the side notebook/tag frame. I’ll miss that a bit if it’s gone.

    Otherwise, the new version seems ok. Not a

  • rafej

    I can´t install. Always error: “Evernote setup wizard ended prematurely”.

    Windows Vista 32bit SP2

  • brian

    Just got my users to love your screen clipping tech. and it’s gone! I was hoping the next version would allow text notation on top of the drawing on the clips and now there is nothing…
    Never used the time line, so kind of like the icon list, but find myself going back to the plain list. Would be nice if I could organize the windows to my liking.
    Performance … Hey you’re updating to the latest and greatest, good luck tuning it up:-)
    The external note editor should remember it’s size and position when closed, or allow use to assign it.
    You’re doing the important think, storing my data…

  • David

    The new version unraveled/un-nested all my nested tags.

    I use evernote for pdf lead management. I use Evernote as opposed to a CRM system because the pdf is the most important part of the data, (it is a scanned version of a handwritten client request and signature). I have about 600 clients leads in pdf format, in 60 different cities, each client-pdf can be in 30 different status’, depending on where they are, in the purchasing cycle. Every single one of these status and cities were un-nested and were placed in a long line in the tag window…ARGGGGHH!

    At first I was not too upset about this, until I realized how slow the beta is when it comes to organizing tags.

    I had to export all info back to 3.1, reorganize the tags, re-sync and re-export to 3.5.

    This took HOURS, because of the tags. If it was not for the fact that I love evernote and that it’s indispensable for my work, I would have quit the program right there!

    Cool things that are missing,
    1) Timeband
    2) The ‘flow’ movement of notes

    Crucial things that are missing,
    1) In certain circumstances ‘tag suggestions’ do not appear when adding tags
    2) Subject Date
    3) Tags no longer organize themselves alphabetically.

    While I was exporting and importing, EN 3.5 thought that some of my data was ‘premium’, ie not a jpeg,mp3 etc. It would not allow me to import over 100 notes of this nature. I had to go through my notes manually (over 4500 notes) and figure which ones were missing. To put it mildly…this was infuriating, and took more HOURS to fix.

    It would have been nice if these *non-sync-able notes were sent to a file or folder so that an easy cross reference could have been made. EN 3.5 just discarded them.

    Slow, slow slow. It takes forever for a ‘new note’ to appear, and if you are not inside a sync-able notebook, the note view does not change to the new note, it just sits there. Until you change it yourself.

    It’s a mistake to remove the “subject date” from the program. This means you are assuming that all notes are created at the ‘time of import’ or only refer to the ‘time of import’, rather than a more important prior date.

    If you are bringing in older material from other places, notebook programs, you now have no way of distinguishing between the notes real “subject date” and the date that it was imported into Evernote. Once again, this is a huge mistake.

    I use the ‘subject-date’ for my clients pdf leads also. In my case the ‘subject-date’ refers to the date that the client originally made the request, not my import date.

    I sometimes receive leads that have been in another reps hands for a little while. When I call the client, I refer to the subject-date…thats the date the client filled out the form. The client couldn’t care less when I imported the lead into Evernote, especially since I am not always the first rep to receive the lead.

    I have been considering Evernote as a way of handling the majority of my data, even photo’s and audio conference calls, as well as work documents. I still love Evernote and I use it everday, I am definitely at the point where 40MB a month does not cut it for me and ‘premium’ is the next logical step. With EN 3.1 it’s an easy decision to make, with EN 3.5 the decision is not so obvious…especially if I have to re-organize unraveled tags on a regular basis.

    I do understand that this is a beta product, so some of this is to be expected, but I feel that Evernote is dropping some of the features which made it not only unique, but also very usable.

  • Nicolas de Kouchkovsky

    I love you product and jump on the beta b/c of that.
    It screwed-up up thew formating of my notes (changed the font size, messed-up w/ bullets, …)

    I corrected some, synched and the mess came back.

    So I rolled back to 3.1 and uninstalled 3.5

  • alex

    the beta worked ok for a period but then started to hang and freeze, i am running windows 7 rc 1 . have rolled back to 3.1

  • ivander

    I tried to install it on Windows 7 64bit without luck, the installer ‘prematurly stoped’. :/

  • Lars Gunther

    The 3.5 beta will not install under Wine on Linux, since it requires an updated .NET framework.

    How about a true Linux version? Since you are giving the client away for free anyway, why not do it Open Source?

  • Milan

    Hi, today I blogged about a current windows client and the things I do not like about it…

    Now I see there’s a new beta..let’s see!

  • Windrider

    I also really miss the Infinite Tape, and because I’m using this for receipt management, need Subject Date and sort-by Subject Date…

    I’m trying to use one touch scanning from my Fujitsu ScanSnap, and it doesn’t work. Connecting ScanSnap Manager to the new Evernote results in nothing; I’d have to copy in the PDFs manually. I’ll just use Evernote 3.1 until you sort that out.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Windrider Evernote 3.5 has the concept of a ‘watched folder’. Create a watched folder, then have your scanner place scans into it.

  • Charlie Giardino

    I installed Evernote 3.5 Beta (uninstalled 3.1) and there is no option in Outlook to send emails to Evernote

  • kp

    No tape view???? Ugh, I was hoping that would be coming to the Mac version, not disappearing altogether.

    It was a unique and useful feature that helped me fall in love with EverNote years ago — not having to give notes “titles”.

    A sad loss of functionality.

  • Peter Robinson

    Looking good so far. only 1 crash when I clicked on the online help button.

    A few comments so far ….

    – Nested Tags are not showing in sorted order. They were sorted in 3.1

    – Could we have an option to organise the panes on the left? I would like to have Tags above Notebooks sometimes.

    – The ‘mixed’ and ‘thumbnail’ view show the note on the right hand side. Could that be added to the list view please?

    – Could the Windows version please share the iPhone’s ‘Favourite’ indicator and have it as a selection somewhere. maybe a ‘virtual’ notebook or a search?

  • Dan Sullivan

    The tags are no longer alphabetically ordered. This is a big issue for me because I depend on be able to sort by tag’s and not that you have changed the order of the tags themselves you have changed the order in which my notes sort!

    Also it’s not obvious how to sort by tags. I’ve discovered that clicking on the heading of the most right, unlabled, column does this.

    Also the tags are now no longer shown in columns, but in a row of their own, which takes up unecessary screen space.

    I understand your that you want to update the UI, but you can’t break things like sort orders when you do this.

  • Thomas Serio

    I’ve been using 3.5 since the beta. The thumbnail views are a nice concept but I hope steps are taken to clean it up a bit – as it is the previews look too uneven.

    My bigger beef is that I still need 3.1 running in order to do any clipping with Firefox. I’ve uninstalled the extension and re-installed from the website, to no avail. Is there a beta clipper somewhere to allow me to just use 3.5?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Thomas Serio We’re working on a Firefox clipper for Evernote 3.5. Right now, the task bar clipper is the only way to clip directly into the desktop client.

  • tesslt

    So, where do we get the “task bar clipper” ?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @tesslt The task bar clipper is the little elephant that lives near the clock in the lower right corner of Windows.

  • Theo Spears

    Please at least make the old ‘all notes in a list’ view available in the new version. I’ve found not better way to quickly sort and view a large collection of notes, and the new mixed view isn’t as nice.

  • Matt

    Please bring back the endless tape view in the beta client. That was one of the best features of product and one that set you apart from your competition.

  • True Constant

    Looks like your installer is busted. Version is producing a screen as the first dialog that is all code. The title of the dialog is !(loc.MaintenanceWelcomeDlg_Title) and the rest of the code on the page is similar.

    I have a Vista 64 w/ Evernote 3.01 installed, but have tried re-downloading, uninstalling the old version, clearing out registry remnants, restarting, etc. No luck.

    Please email me at the address on the note when you fix the installer as I’m eager to give this a go.

  • Anjan Oleti

    Evernote 3.5 sucks big time 🙁
    (many reasons to list)
    ..will stick with 3.1

  • prabh

    Requests a Linux version! Tired of using it via Wine..

  • Göran Öberg

    My Evernote (58716) tells me there is an update to download, (59556). I select “Download and install” but after a while is started once more and again informs me that there is a newer version. Repeats.

  • Richard Arblaster

    @Anjan Oleti you are aware of what beta software is?

  • Tom McQueeney

    Major problem with the latest Windows client Evernote 3.5 Beta 2: When editing note text, highlighting text and hitting Delete regularly puts Evernote into an infinite loop, pegging the CPU at 100% and forcing me to kill the process.

    Beta 1 version did not have this problem. This is a major regression. Maybe I’ll try Beta 3 but once bitten maybe I wait for the final release.

    I like many of the new features in 3.5. It makes filtering which notes to display easier and I like the side-by-side note list with editing panel.


  • C.J. Land

    When using the “show in groups” option, I would like to see the group bar more prominent….perhaps a color to denote the separation between groups. even better would be to allowing it to be customized.

  • chilyn

    The centre column of Evernote 3.5 needs a way to be turned off by the user. It drives me crazy as it interferes with the simplicity of use when -creating- notes, which is incredibly important to efficiency.

  • David

    I don’t like the new screen capture method. I liked being able to paint on the screen before I capture it, and/or save it to my clipboard instead of directly into evernote. I’m switching to 3.1 for this reason alone.

  • Kenn

    I’ve installed Evernote on two desktop machines running Windows 7 Ultimate, and it works like a champ. I especially like the improved way of entering tags.

    However, on my Acer netbook (2Gb RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium), which runs 3.1 just fine, I have tried .437 and .486, both without success. The installer completes and the program runs, but it crashes while trying to do an initial sync of the database.

    I really like 3.5 and I’m looking forward to being able to run it on my netbook.

  • Gary

    I’m using version (58716).

    It’s incredibly slow and hogs my CPU big time (Intel C2D 2.5, 4GB RAM). As soon as it starts the PC goes into slow-mode and all other apps suffer. If this is faster than 3.1 then I wouldn’t want to use that either!

    Will stick to the web app and my iPhone which between them, do most things for me.

  • Kate Gillogly

    When will there be support for Outlook in 3.5? One of my main uses of Evernote is to save emails from various accounts. I’ve downloaded and installed 3.5 twice now (once without deleting 3.1, another time on a new computer with new 3.1 at all), and there’s no Clipper for Evernote in Outlook. What’s the anticipated time frame in getting this?
    Until then, I’m all for 3.1.

  • Qwark

    I don’t like the new screen capture stuff either.

    Just as David said @ Oct 7. 9:27. Besides that, copying images from everote does not work at all (as a bitmap) e.g to paste in an Outlook (HTML) mail.

    I do like the new layout. (needs some fine tuning/ cleaning though)

    the editor is still not too good. especially fonts like calibri look really bad when compared to Outlook or Word. (and why can’t I choose un even font sizes?)
    besides that the editor has ver few ‘features’.

  • Rch Webb

    Just started using Evernote.

    It seems to be that the ‘Folder Import’ function is not working at all (either as a one off or as ‘watched’).

    Second something is not right with the font sizing in notes. Setting the font to 14 then back to 12 leaves text bigger than everything else in 12.

    Last, it crashes every time I try to paste the content of a feed from Google Reader. I think it is something to do with the header etc., since only selecting the body text works fine.

  • abcd

    I want to be able to view shared notebooks in the local evernote program as well! please integrate this functionality ASAP!

  • Scott H

    I have been a biggest fan of OneNote since I started using it several years ago… but I’m becoming a big fan of Evernote, and trying to leave OneNote behind.

    The biggest thing that is stopping me from leaving OneNote completely is the robust editing available in OneNote. I can easily put anything anywhere in a note. Margins, line feeds, etc. have no bearing on how a note is formatted. I can drag things around and drop them anywhere. For free form note taking that is a huge feature.

    If I could have just ONE request to improve in Evernote, that would be it… Make the editor more robust and free-form.

    At this point I think that is the only thing making me hold onto my OneNote.

  • Eleasar

    – is it only me or does the advertisment reload makes the focus beeing lost on the note input window
    – the font size changes more or less randomly after a note was saved

    otherwise i did just start with it and looks really great!

  • Augustus

    Great looking. But it does not seem to have all the great old import/export features, which is a hassle.

  • anna

    yes, bring back the tape view!!!!!! please!!!

  • tullibo

    Guys the new screenshot tool in 3.5 sux bigtime!
    I don’t like the fact it auto generates notes. I’d like the option to turn this off and it should also auto add to clipboard.

    The old capture selection method is also much better than the new one 🙁

  • Sanjay

    Göran Öberg, I have the same issue as you.

    Using 3.5.437 (58716) and trying to update to (59556) by clicking the “Download and Install” button, but nothing happens.

  • Taylor

    I also like the beta but I am very sad at many of the features you you took away for seemingly no reason. I like the new note views you have included but i also think they tape view option so should stay in the program as well. Also you have removed alot of the functionality behind opening a note up in the separate editing window! There are no formatting buttons at all anymore like bulleting, numbering, indents, to do checkmarks

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Taylor The formatting options are available. You can find them in the right-click menu.

  • Ken

    Where is the File Import Wizard in 3.5?

  • Joseph M Ramirez

    mostly liking the Beta; definitely like the looks and added functionality in the single notes, but i’m also missing the tape view.

    and perhaps i’m being dense, but is there an obvious way to tag notes that i’m just missing? especially now that the Tag button is no longer on the top toolbar?

  • Bjorn Corneliussen

    Please, please, please bring back the tape view.

    I have been a fond user of Evernote for years and the tape view was (hopefully IS) the best part of Evernote.

    For now I have rolled back to the 3.1 version.

  • Zedi

    Hey, like the program, but the buletpoints are quite messed up. After syncing with the web app random bullet points appear which make the notes look ugly.
    Also changing the font can really mess notes up. Hoping this gets fixed soon.

  • Martin Packer

    Can I raise again the question of .NET Framework level and WINE – to suddenly give you a client that works with Linux?


  • Toby Burnett

    Just starting to use it, very happy to have spellchecking as I type! But I’m disappointed that there isn’t more flexibility for the editor.
    I really would like to be able to select a default font color for stuff I type in, to easily distinguish from text that I cut and paste from another window. The ^D dialog has no color chooser???
    I just managed to hang it up, by selecting text, right clicking. Had to kill it. 🙁 Can’t reproduce that now, and can’t complain, it is beta.)

  • bill

    I’am a chinese, why and when does evernote support chinese word searching?

  • Martin Packer

    @prabh 3.5 doesn’t work with WINE (whereas, of course, 3.1 DID).

  • Mark Herskovitz

    3.5 looks great but I can’t reliably clip stuff and have it show up in evernote. how can i go back to 3.1?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      @Mark While in Beta, Evernote 3.5 can run on the same computer as 3.1. So, feel free to re-install 3.1.

  • Julie

    I have, and I like the new look.
    However, I’m looking for the File Import Wizard / how to set up a Watch Folder. Has it moved somewhere, or hasn’t it been included yet?

  • adamol

    I tried the beta version on my two Vista machines, one 32, the other 64 bit. No luck! They kept crashing during the initial synch. I didn’t see the time band and also the subject date which some of us are using for implementing a GTD system with EN.

    I am concerned that with 3.5 we’ll be losing some functionlity. By the way, I am still missing certain features of 2.2 like copy link which was very important to me.

  • Tamas

    What I really liked with 3.1 is the pop-out to focus on one note and do the editing. With 3.5 most of the window is taken by information I do not need when I work on a note. Anybody else facing the same? Any solution?

  • polocanada

    I don’t like 3.5 at all. Step back. No proper NOTE LIST, everything is very sluggish, time band – forget it. Thumbnails is nice to have but don’t need at all if mostly text notes. Navigation in note window is pain. It is still beta, but unacceptable one. I am staying with 3.1. (using Windows 7 final, 64-bit and a fairly fast machine).

  • Maria

    I like Beta 3.5 even with its current hickups and challenges but two things must be added–I should be able to launch the full page view from the icons above the note I am writing. I should not have to scroll to options or right click or click on the thumb note, it seesm. And, PLEASE bring back color flags for highlighting notes. Those flags help so much to organize at another level…
    Last, this was never in the other versions but a yellow highlighter would be great for notes!! Thanks for such a great product! M

  • Rui Ferreira

    This is totally broken now.

    No tape view; then no more evernote….


    If that feature just showed up because of a programmer’s whim then I want that programmer back.

    I can not believe you just didn’t think this was a core feature of your program. Its nuts…! This is like thinking Apple made Multitouch because it was just affordable to do so.

  • Graham

    I have other (better) methods to check for grammar and spelling. Evernote is an innovative instrument for creativity and quick-and-not-so-dirty note-taking. Spelling is not an issue at all (at least, not at this stage): how can I disable unneeded feature?

    Why can’t I indent new paragraphs with TAB?

  • Graham

    Evernote for Windows version 3.1 is a tool I’d recommend to anyone writing book summaries or college notes. However, the devil seems to be in the details:

    No option to specify font-size (e.g. 16). No option for heading as well.

    Missing a ‘text only’-paste (cf. Puretext by Steve Miller), a special paste option which removes all the markup.

  • Chad

    Add my vote to the “bring back tape view” list!!!

  • yfwu

    Hi, I’ve been using Evernote 3.5 beta for a while. Here are several feedbacks.

    1) Clicking on the links within notes seems not working
    2) Dragging a pdf to the note will embed it, rather than give you the choice to insert only the link to the pdf file (like in 3.1)
    3) when linking to local files, it would be good to have a PATH variable for cross machine usage
    4) Can we highlight text with background color in future release?

    After all, I am enjoying the beta version!

  • CDT

    Evernote 3.5 is quite promising, and runs like a champ on my Quad-core PC with 3G ram and Windows 7 Business.

    However, it dies horribly and won’t even launch on my Dell Mini 10 netbook (not the 10V) also running Windows 7 Business. It usually just locks up and sits there forever, but once I caught a glimpse of an error about a missing Just in Time debugger. I can’t even kill it now using Task Manager. 🙁

  • Jan

    Cannot install on company computer :-S

  • John Morris

    Agree on the 3.5 Screen Capture. Its terrible. I’m going back to 3.1 as we speak for this reason alone.

  • Toby Burnett

    I agree with the comment about the new note clipper: the 3.1 version is great, I clip only to the clipboard with ^C, then paste where I want it a note that I’m working on. (And sometimes annotate it, a nice feature.) The only option with 3.5 is to create a new note?? What where you thinking of?
    Oh, I don’t use the tape, so wouldn’t miss it. But I do miss the EN2 capability to link other notes.

  • trastomatico

    In my opinion you need bring back the tape view, now is unproductive. The same screen cliper, now no coontrol over the capture I always use ctrl+C method. Still 3.1 in my computers

  • ethan

    I miss the tape view!!! Bring it back! And it takes forever to open/load on Windows 7.

  • pawel

    evernote is great but BETA SUCKS (performs realy bad, no single software update, I’d suppose to have several update a month since it’s beta version).

  • Mladen Mihajlovic

    I don’t like the beta at all. I’m missing the tape view, adding notes sucks, also absolutely no progress notification on syncing and on updating…

  • Renger

    I just installed 3.5 and it works fine. One thing: it looks like the setup of my screen is wrong: all text is not crystal sharp like in all other software I use on the same computer. The same is true for the icons.

    Keep going: Evernote is a great application


  • michel

    The beta is nice, though it needs some polishing. But I’m going to downgrade to 31 because I’m a heavy users of the Firefox clipper which, for reasons unknown to me, does not work with 3.5. I hope the downgrade does not cause me any problems.

    Thanks for a great application and service!


  • lee

    Just a suggestion for the new version:

    I would really like to be able to add a link to an earlier note (i.e. – to create threads). This would make it much easier to post updates to an earlier note without creating a new tag for every thread.

    I love 3.1; 3.5 is OK, but still somewhat flakey! I tried creating a complicated table and gave up…

  • Jethro Null

    Getting over my original dislike of some aspects, generally it IS an improvement. Couple of minor details but ones that need sorting at some point:

    When the notes list is in list mode (my preference) and when that pane is narrowed to give more room to the note pane, it would be nice if the ‘Updated’ label would drop under ‘Created’ and ‘Tagged’ so that the details would not be cropped and the view would be much less messy.

    It would be great if you could move the title, tags and url labels above the note up into the space above to bring the top of the note pane up in line with the top of the notebooks and notes list and provide more visible note area.

    An ‘Attach File’ menu option on the right click dialog in a new note pane would be handy.

    Btw, I’ve got used to the new clipper now, it’s fine, though doesn’t always respond reliably.

  • tom g

    what’s happened to the clipper in 3.5??? what were you thinking, removing one of the best features; clipping to the clipboard?! i don’t always want everything to go to evernote, i always used evernote to screengrab, being a web developer it was an invaluable tool as well as the obvious benefit of allowing me t grab to evernote instead!! going bac kto 3.1 until this is resolved…..nudge nudge!

  • Erik Florida

    Does not install on Windows 7 Ultimate RC.

  • Jeff Nebraska

    I’m struggling to enjoy the 3.5.
    1. I’m a premium user and still get ads.
    2. Where’s the bullet point or number lists?
    3. The thumbnail view isn’t all that attractive.
    4. I had to readjust the frames every time I used it.
    5. Didn’t seem that much faster to me.

  • Augustus Loi

    This new version is SO buggy. I thought the original version was sluggish, but this Beta takes the cake! Really regret installing it on my computers. Going back to 3.1 now.

    As a paid customer and supporter of Evernote, I hope they seriously fix this version before they release it officially. I’ve always loved Evernote, but the Beta is really disappointing.

  • Shawn Christy

    Is this ‘Comments’ area the best place to leave feature requests & feedback regarding the new features and changes in the Beta releases?

    If I should share this someplace else, please reply by email and let me know. I want to make sure that I’m heard! Thanks. 🙂

  • haardvark

    Looks good and polished. However, my workflow habits take a real hit with the tape view gone. Another vote to bring it back!! PLEASE!

  • Art Gelwicks

    Just removed the BETA from my machines. Too many design issues and usability challenges to make me want to struggle through using it. Get out your whiteboard and markers guys, you need to do some reworking.

  • Craig

    Sorry guys, but unfortunately I think you are moving backwards. Interface seems clunky, slow, screen clips crash constantly. Missing shortcuts for tags, triple clicking on title of note (standard fair for windows) does not select the entire string, etc… I’m going back to the 3.1 version.

  • shota

    there is a bug in writing title using japanese kanji. problem is that pressing enterkey occures unfocus.
    see my screencast for detail

  • Jörg

    Still not possible to mix pen and keyboard input in one note? Still no support for math formulae? (Imagine Evernote as the app students could use for math notes in class! They even could cooperatively alter these notes – like in a math wiki, but with group privacy and support of pen-based formula input and easy keyboard-based formula input as well. Sounds great?)

  • kevinws

    I also miss the tape view. Please bring it back.

  • Gordon

    I have loaded the latest beta ( on my laptops. On my Vista 32 bit machines, searching in a PDF doesn’t work. But, on my XP machine it does.

  • David Galbraith

    Like the Beta format and it appears to be gradually improving with useful old tools like the Outlook clipper, etc. There seems, however, to be a bug in receipts forwarded from Shoeboxed which fails to include the receipt image and the link to the image is broken. When returning to the older version….no problem. When is that likely to be fixed. Would like to ditch the older version.

  • Michael Piefel

    Takes ages to start up on Windows 7. Icons are blurred when using larger screen fonts.

    Spell checking sucks. How do you even know which language my notes are in (I use several)? And I do not want red squiggly lines all over my notes when Evernote does not know one of the many special terms. Where is the option to turn it off?

    The screen clipper is abysmal, but that has been said often enough, I hope.

    I was thrilled when I saw the thumbnail view, but all in all I am better off with the old version.

  • Ian Bradbury

    Using the beta, it is not possible to drag files directly onto a tag. You have to drag into the notebook first.

  • Sarah

    I’m a new Evernote user. I decided to try it out (after being a long time OneNote user) because of its ability to sync to a web and iPhone version. I downloaded the beta rather than trying the official version, because I figured newer = better. Overall, I like it enough to try version 3.1 before giving up, but was annoyed enough with certain aspects to come here to complain. I’m not sure if they’re beta issues or not, since it’s the only version I’ve ever used.

    1) Screen clipping is ! I would much rather screen clip to the clipboard and Ctrl+V to wherever I’d like to position it in the current note I’m writing. I really dislike that it creates a new note. (Btw, this was one of my annoyances about OneNote that led me to switch – that it created a new “Side Note” for each screen clipping.)

    2) There seems to be a bug with bulleted lists. I’ll create a bulleted list all of Tier 1, and then later go back and add indented sub-bullets (Tier 2) to some. It looks as I want it until I go to another note and return. For some reason, there’s an extra Tier 1 bullet above the indented Tier 2 sub-bullets I added later. I remove these again to format it as I like. I work on another note, return to that note, and those extra Tier 1 bullets are there again! Very annoying.

    3) It would be nice to hyperlink back to another note (like another commenter suggested). Sometimes I have concise “To-Do” lists with separate notes for each task. It would great to glance at my To-Do list and click on a link for the more detailed information, instead of having to search for it.

  • Denton Jacobs

    I’m experiencing a bug that I wanted to report. I’m having trouble consistently reproducing this bug, but it appears that if I have Evernote running, but have closed the main window and then lock my machine (Win XP SP3), the main application screen loads and turns completely black before locking the machine. Upon unlock, the application is unusable. It cannot be closed, minimized, viewed; it stays completely black. The only way to recover the application is to completely close evernote and reopen.

    Please let me know if you have other questions.

  • Chris

    Cannot install on company computer. 3.1 installs fine.

  • Frederic Ducros

    Cannot install on my pc either

  • LizzyHo

    Love the 3.5 Beta. Many more features and improvements over the older version. Good job!

  • Phil Anderson

    To echo others –> The ability to hyperlink to other notes would be very useful!!

    Thanks for your great work!

  • Mike

    timeline gone !?!?!?!??!?!?!?
    This was the essence of the product originally !
    Also can’t collapse the tag/folder pane. This used to be possible, no?
    Finally – the use of space in the layout is a total mess.
    I have a largish monitor (24″) but it still feels cramped and yet I see acres of grey real-estate on the top-rightish part of the display.
    The ads, meanwhile, sit unmovable right below the one pane likely to be longer – folder/tags/etc…
    Consequence is I have to constantly scroll to see all my tags and stuff.
    I don’t mind the adware thing – but why not put it in some of those acres of free space on top?
    Also.. the links above the notes for those clipped from web.
    The long url goes to ‘rename’ if I click anywhere along it. Something I will seldom do.
    To follow the link I have to bulls-eye this little tiny arrow by its side – something which I will be doing more often than any other thing with that link.

    The new thumbnail looks are nice but why bury the different views only up on the menu system?

    And bring back the classic collapsing panes and TIMELINE !!!!!!!!


  • JP

    How can I turn off the spell check in 3.5 beta?

    … my screen is full of annoying red lines :S

  • alex

    apart from the missing features in the clipper, there is another problem with it: (at least on my 4-monitor setup)
    -start ever note
    -put another window in front of ever note
    -right click tray icon -> start clipping
    => works as expected, you can clip what’s visible.

    But do that a second time and evernote puts itself in the foreground when I choose start clipping from the tray icon, possibly obscuring the window I wanted to clip.

    workaround: minimizing evernote instead of hiding it behind an other window.


  • PienaZupa

    Is there a way to completely disable the tray icon and the close-to-tray function? I use Windows 7 and it is EXTREMELY annoying, especially the fact that you can’t turn it off. Also I hate that if I really want to close Evernote, I can’t do it with the close button – I have to manually left-click on the tray icon (I hate tray icons!) and then click “Exit.” At least on 3.1 I could manually delete the tray icon executable, but there isn’t one for 3.5. What gives!?

  • Jeff Parsons

    Looks great so far, but would definitely appreciate the ability to disable spell check within the application – or at least give the ability to add to the dictionary – how’s that useful?

  • bruno

    Ok i’m going back to 3.1
    Linking betwen notes
    Tape view
    Hability to insert horizontal lines, like in the mac version
    (so i can better organize the content inside my notes)
    Anywasys afeter firefox, evernote is where i spend most of the time when i’m on a pc… so GREAT software!

  • extremeware

    I purchased evernote 2.2.1
    Frankly it is more useful rather than fancy like the current version. hope you guy’s can do something for people like me.

  • David Galbraith

    Have a clean install of Windows 7…everything running fine but the new Evernote Beta will not load. It crashes immediately and provokes Windows to look for a solution. Version 3.1 is working fine but I was becoming used to 3.5 beta. It works on another Windows 7 laptop but cannot diagnose the reason for the crash. Very sad. Hope it is fixed in the next release.

  • purebulit

    I do not like the BETA. There are specific things wrong with it:

    1. Too much screen real estate is used up in the tag attributes.

    2. Can’t use HTML type formatting (why not?) H1, H2, etc.

    3. When I print the screen shots disappear from the note!!!!

    4. Edit bar for window view of notes is too sparse. Add basis HTML enabled formatting.

    Keep us the good work.


  • Jan Vermeeren

    I miss the screen clipper (show clipping panel option)
    The 3.5 screen capture method sucks!!!

  • gee

    is there anyway to change the appearance of the rendered thumbnail view? ie font, font size, color, etc

    or to set the rendered font size either to use all the same size versus relative to the total text in the note?

  • Haider Khan

    i use xp in a fairly new computer

  • scottjl

    Sorry, but the 3.5 beta is a very large step backwards in functionality. The new views take up too much screen space with buttons and ribbons and show too little content. It is noticeable slower. I’ll stick with 3.1!

  • Clint Winterhalter

    The beta on my windows xp laptop now catalogs every document I open? I just returned from a business trip and plugged in my back up software. Evernote started to add each document on my back up drive INTO EVERNOTE.. This is the second time it’s happened. The quick fix is uninstall. Re-install and sync.. The windows version isn’t has nice as the mac version.. I’ll give this one more shot. If it does it again, I’m going to downgrade..


  • hxgee

    Not able to install on Windows 7 32 bit …. any suggestions?

  • e_reverent

    I’ve been waiting for the right moment to switch to Evernote 3. I have tried 3.1 but was totally disappointed. It seems that each time EN comes out with a new version, they take away a few more features. Judging from the comments here, 3.5 is yet again a big step backwards. I’ve been relying heavily on EN 2.2 for a couple of years and absolutely cannot live without it. It has been working without a glitch. You can still find EN 2.2 on the web. Try it. You’ll be amazed how far downhill the new versions have gone.

  • MajorO

    Overall, I like the Beta version. the only thing I’m experiencing that is strange comes when I have a second monitor hooked up to my laptop. the screen does not seem to want to paint correctly and none of the menus seem to work. The only option I have to shutdown the application is to use the task manager.
    I know you’re still working on it, so I’ll hang in there.
    Major O.

  • +jAy-

    3.1 is very neat!

    I would like to see a new mode in the Evernote Program. This mode would turn on/off with a hotkey or mouse click.
    WHEN ON, EVERNOTE WOULD RECORD THE LAST 10 or so pages, the last 5000 words written, the last 10 pictures viewed, the last 3 videos watched ETC!! ALSO EVERNOTE WOULD CONTINUOUSLY OVERWRITE THESE ITEMS so as to have only a recent history “following” the users actions!
    Get me??
    Maybe even a video capture tool??

    Just thinkin’
    Keep up the good programming Evernote people!

  • Ola Forsstrom-Olsson

    Going back to 3.1 because of the screen capture tool, and also, there seems to be problems with ScanSnap. Both things dealbreakers on their own.

  • Bill Clayton

    I’ve tried to like 3.5 but it’s not a good upgrade. I agree with all of the reservations people have listed. One of my own is that 3.1 used to pick up the first clip of a clipping and automatically use it as a title. But 3.5 has been picking up the name of the first image from the HTML on the page. I have to copy and past the title, or type in my own. Also, 3.5 is pretty slow compared to 3.1. I applaud the decision to improve 3.1, but 3.5 is a beta that needs a lot of work before it’s recommended for wide distribution and use.

  • Sergey Smirnov

    I’ve been using your application more than a year not just for notes but for taking screenchots also. And it was great. In beta release this feature is unusable. Clipper doesn’t allow to change the borders of screenshot or save it as a separate file.

  • Steven Jurgeit

    Must say that, despite some issues, the functionality and ease of having thumbnails to link to clips is a great move. I look forward to all future releases of a really handy program. Thanks guys.

  • Wilmer

    I think Beta seems to react slower(loadup and just screen reactions). Is this because you guys used you used the gtk/gnome libraries on windows pc? I don’t really like it (although i can understand how this can reduce your workload for cross platform development).

    1) the overall feel seems slower
    2) screen clipping, I still want the freedom to CTRL-C and clip into any application I want.
    3) quite buggy still(which is understandable, since you’re in beta)

    I’m going back to the old version for now. Good luck!

  • ASL4U

    I really hate the new interface – enough to stop using the online version of any evernote. why did you change the interface to add a bunch of icons in the middle of the page? – and in list view – you can see the list of titles but your page is cut in half with a HUGE EMPTY title bar (or loaded up with tags… like – really the information I want to see ??!!)… which is not adjustable – not disappearable… and you have to scroll and look at the acutal document in about 3 ” of lower edge screen space.
    Sorry evernote – your priorities are weird. I’m going back to 2.2… when the program was useful

  • Tom

    Big fan of evernotes.
    I am using the 3.5 beta recently on windows xp box.
    However, I found we have no status bar by default and don’t know how to turn on it.
    I don’t like the new interface and think one native interface is better than others.

  • Viv

    First of all, let me say that Evernote is a fantastic program, thank you! I’ve been running 3.1 on two machines for a while now without problems.

    However, last night I installed the latest 3.5 beta on a BRAND NEW Dell 1720 Vostro laptop with Dual Core P8700, 3GB ram, XP Pro. CPU and RAM usage went through the roof, the program stopped responding and I couldn’t kill it in Task Manager. The entire systenm was unusable. In the end I had to reboot. 🙁

    And what happened to the clipper?

    Beta indeed. I really hope you iron out the major flaws and that the final release is worthy of the Evernote name.

  • thrillhouse

    Seems a lot slower than 3.1 – also appears to leak quite a bit of memory. Doesn’t seem to take much to nudge it past 100mb soon after launch.

    For my money, the interface in 3.1 just feels a good deal nicer to use than the beta. It feels a little unpolished.

    Evernote is a fantastic product but I’ll be sticking with 3.1 for a while.

  • Rob Prouse

    Since it is in Beta, wouldn’t it be an idea to have a place where beta users could report issues linked from this page? I looked and couldn’t find anything, so I’ll post the issues I found here. Please contact me if there is a better place for this.

    1. Evernote does not seem to respond correctly to Windows power events. I put my laptop to sleep and when it woke up again Evernote did not paint and was not responding. The client area was just black and I could not close. I had to kill the process.

    2. Create a new note, add a new tag, in the tag pane, drag that tag to become a sub-tag of another tag. The tag on the note you created is lost even though the new tag still lists the count as 1.

  • Kristi

    I have 3.1 on my desktop and downloaded 3.5 on my netbook which I use in lectures. I was severely disappointed in the change of views.. getting rid of the good view to make way for 3 almost-unusable views? The screen on my netbook isn’t very big, so when I try to type notes in any of the views, it only shows a few lines at a time.
    I was considering upgrading my evernote, but I certainly will not if the views don’t change in the new version (I’m also holding out for BlackBerry Pearl version).

  • Patrick Mackaaij

    I came to this page to see where you’d like to gather feedback on 3.5Beta. I’ll keep using it so I can provide feedback, let me know if you’d like to receive it somewhere else 🙂

    I think the interface is fine in general. I don’t like the way the fonts look (not sharp but a bit blurry). In a note the text is sharp, I’d like that in the whole interface.

    First thing I really miss in indeed the way the capture tool works in 3.1. The “Prnt Scrn” button does not open the capture tool on the WinXP machine I currently use.

    Performance might have improved in search speed, but the new note window that opens does not display text fast. It scared the hell out of me looking at an empty note screen, I was afraid I lost data but it took ~10 seconds to display (encrypted content).

    I’d appreciate the notes to open fullscreen, at least not somewhere that appears to be the center of a much larger screen than the 1280×800 I use right now.

    The shortcut of encryption changed to Ctrl+Shift+X, that’s fine I’ll just have to learn a new shortcut.

    Very convenient that Ctrl+F is now available inside a note. I’d add it to the menu. Maybe make it cycle through the found instances, now “next” has no effect on the latest match.

  • Luke Abbott

    Just want to echo Rob’s “problem #1″… I often get a black Evernote window and have to close the app through the tray icon.

    Didn’t remember having this problem before, so I came here looking for a release history or changelog or something, but none was to be found…

  • Kevin

    I love evernote. Really helps be an organized and more effective manager.

    Will we at some point be able to use the ‘parent’ tag for filtering, i.e. show me all notes with child tags under the selected parent tag?

  • Josh

    Two features that I miss:
    1) The bullet feature was better…the new images seem low quality. Also the switch in hotkeys is more annoying. [‘s vs M’s isn’t a good switch.
    2) I always would drop pictures into notes, right click, options, and resize them. Now I have to use an external application which is VERY much slower. Please bring back the right-click resize option for photos.

  • Gavin J Pearson

    Just installed the beta and I am very impressed. Your coders have certainly been working hard. As you state, this is a complete re-write. Its more intuitive, user friendly and much faster.

    Thank you Evernote!

  • TesterX

    I am a user for 3years, from paid 2.x version.

    What is this 3.5? Are you out of you mind?
    I am going back to 3.1

    3.5 is ugly, unusable, and buggy (blank screen bug)

  • Patrick Mackaaij

    I also noticed that Ctrl+Shift+X does not set “Use passphrase from previous sessions” as the default. Would be nice to have that back again.

  • itfan

    I don’t want to install MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 SP1.

  • Randy

    After the last update mine is always black as well after being in sleep mode on both of my computers. Everything else has been great!

  • Istvan Pi Toth

    I am using the version (66658) under Windows XP (SP3) and Windows 7 x64.
    I found the following bugs and missing things:
    1) After using the Evernote Button in the Firefox (3.5.5) then I cannot give tags and notebooks when the small popup arrived. I need to open the note in the Evernote then I can give tags.
    2) The user interface seems like I changed a less screen resolution on my display. All menu, characters, buttons, everything is bigger then other windows application and it has blur too.
    3) for the beta testing should be a “send bugs/feedback” button directly inside the program. 🙂

    Thank you very much for the great and very usefull program. 🙂

  • Larry Cadloff

    Add me to the list of people experiencing a problem with Evernote 3.5’s recovery from sleep mode. Evernote displays a black, unresponsive window when my laptop comes out of sleep, regardless of whether the app was minimized or not before sleep is initiated. I need to kill the process with Task Manager to make it go away. I’m running Windows 7 x64.

  • Ken

    I agree with Rick and have already sent in a ticket about Evernote beta crashing when coming out of sleep mode. It does it every time on my W7 64bit machine, too.

    I’ve also noticed it’s slow. Especially when creating a new note. And after spending money on a faster machine, for EN to get slower is a bummer.

  • Brian

    1) I thought the old user interface was better. How the notes appeared in boxes….
    2) Keep the old email feature (or make it an option), where it opens an Outlook window. It allows us to add information and attachments.
    3) In the new release I think most people would be happy to see the same interface with the additional cool features Evernote is adding.

  • J.O. Quilghini

    Still cannot install 3.5 beta on my brand new VAIO laptop with Windows 7. I have tried all the build to date. 3.1 works fine, though.

  • SJ Fenton

    Installed 3.5 on an older computer, running XP professional, version 2002, with service pack 3. Evernote wouldn’t even open. I just get a message asking if I want to notify Microsoft of the error. sigh.

  • Robert Siekmann, jr.

    As mentioned before:

    Although this is a Beta, the fact that you killed some core functionalities is not very promising.

    – No border resizing
    – No draw / edit
    – No direct save
    – The balloon has no direct email functionality
    – The balloon has no direct link to the clipping
    – “Mixed View”:
    I don’t see any options to change the pane settings;
    I’m on a 1920×1080 res so I have no issues with 3 vertical panes, but I don’t think the 3 column set-up is going to work for a lower resolution.
    – “List View” on 1024×1280 (pivoted monitor) works fine, but there’s no thumb-nails in list view.

    + No Outlook required; this is good

  • JCL

    The Beta interface is *so* much better than the current interface. I couldn’t use the current Windows Evernote because the interface made it almost impossible to use with any ease. I’ll tolerate all the bugs the Beta may have, because now I’ll actually be able to use the Windows interface instead of the web interface.

  • Daniel

    I use Win 7 – and still i have a lot of graphics problems with the beta – especially on the buttons…
    other than that – good job. i will change back form half a year at onenote – even if there is still some key aspects missing:

    1. to little hirarchies
    2. to stiff boundaries when creating a note (i love the dragging atound on one page on one note).

    however – the new interface seem to make it quite usable.

  • Daniel

    ahhhh – still no reminder function?

  • Dave

    Yet another 3.5 beta user with the black window after system returns from sleep.

    Running Windows 7, FWIW.

  • Robert

    Nice clean new look. I know there are many complaints. Please keep moving forward with this release. You may think about changing the default view back to the old-style list, just to keep the old timers happy 🙂

    Some comments/annoyances/feature requests:

    I find pasting from Word of numbered lists to be very buggy. Creating them from scratch works better, but make it very hard to use. I know this was mentioned in the notes, but still I hope it is improved.

    Pasting of checkboxes into Word. This has never looked nice (white graphics boxes appear). Improve if you can.

    More toolbar items
    – Provide indent and dedent toolbar items for ctrl-] and ctrl-[ (did they change? from rel 3 to 4 of the beta?)
    – Font size, add “increase” and “decrease” font buttons
    Create saved search buttons (save, reset) are not in the same area as the search box. This makes it hard to know that they are related to the search box.
    How do you expand the note to full screen? It isn’t obvious, so I would suggest an icon on the note itself.

  • Dan

    +1 for the black window on waking from sleep problem. Otherwise very nice.

  • Lee

    The above comments have not mentioned the significant problems with Tables – the inability to resize them or insert and delete rows makes them fairly useless! You can insert a new table in a cell (which is cool…) but if the layout doesn’t come out as you wanted, there is nothing you can do to adjust it.

    Also, I’d like to put in a plug for a much needed feature: it would be great to have the ability to link notes, so that a given note could connect to a followup comment or a related note.

    So far, I still prefer the 3.1 version which I really like!

  • Mark Underhill

    Yes, I too get the black window on Win7. It also takes an age to load. Will Evernote ever allow the Windows indexing service to find information in it? Have reverted to 3.1 for the moment.

  • Domenic

    Please fix the black bug on wiindows 7 sleep mode, very aggrevating!

  • Dave

    Installed Beta 3.5 on three Windows 7 machines. Worked fine on the first 2, but UI issues on the third. If I change focus in the list from one note to another, the preview pane shows the correct note, but the focus (highlight) stays on the original one.

    I like the new design – much improved over 3.1

  • Robert L.

    I’ve rolled back from the beta to 3.1

    The new features in the beta don’t have much benefit to me and the problems tagging in the beta are terrible. Tagging in the beta only seems workable to me for people who use very few tags that they have memorized, since it is impossible to see a long list of tags and there is no capability to see a complete list of tags and then choose the ones you want (as there was by right clicking in 3.1)

    Given that the more you use Evernote the more you need to use tags to organize things, it is inexplicable to me that the beta seems to be a step back in tag capability. I would have expected the capability to do hierarchical tags or notebooks in order to facilitate organizing ever increasing amounts of data (or some cleverer alternative to these that I haven’t thought of).

  • Andrew

    What’s the status on this beta? I have a lot of problems with it on Win 7, as other users have noted: black screens on wakeup from sleep (I have to kill the process in PowerShell) and worse, when Evernote is open, I can’t alt-tab properly. These issues are irritating enough that I will either need to revert or stop using the product altogether, which is a shame.

  • ywliu

    The beta looks slicker and not bad. However, I notice it stays in the memory with a 100+ MB size. I hope it’s because of the beta nature or this is not a good news.

  • Guy H

    Have reverted to 3.1 – using 3.5 views on a netbook screen (WSVGA) just doesn’t seem to work well, where 3.1 is fine. Also had the same strange menu font issues as other users (win 7).

  • Glenn Webster

    I am hoping that you get through the beta phase soon. I use 3.1 with my work and don’t want to play with beta’s. Great Product

  • m

    +1 for the Windows 7 sleep bug.

  • Dave Yuhas

    Linking notes is probably not going to happen. I read somewhere else that’s due to cross-platform compatibility issues. Shame. Workaround is to use a text string to link notes.

  • Dave Yuhas

    I wonder…did Evernote management ask Windows users what they want in an upgraded version?

  • luke m

    Has a LARGE memory footprint… I want to switch to evernote, but onenote uses so much less memory!

  • Daniel

    +1 For the black screen bug on sleep on my x64 Windows 7. Would be nice with better formatting options.

  • Jon

    +1 for the black screen bug when returning from sleep mode on Windows 7. Instead of killing the process, however, I can get it to work by right clicking on the icon in the taskbar (it is on the left side of the taskbar) and selecting “Evernote”. Evernote then responds as normal.

  • Dave

    +1 for the Windows 7 sleep bug. Didn’t see this with Vista and Evernote 3.1.

  • pb

    +1 for the black screen on x32 Vista Business (Hungarian).

  • Teddy Huff

    Just using it for a few minutes I can definitely tell you that it is a graphical refresh that looks great. But I can also say that I found these problems:

    You once again changed the indent rules: it went from Tab/shift tab -> ctrl+m/ctrl+shift+m -> ctrl+]/ctril+[ which is an unnecessary change.

    Indentations actually are broken right now because when you try to decrease more than one step, it forgets what line you were on.

    These two things have made the beta unusable for my purposes and I will be reinstalling 3.1. God I still love this software though.

  • Brian

    windows 7 sleep bug here too

  • P.

    I personally don’t like the new interface. I can hardly navigate it and it’s awfully slow (I mean, opening the fonts selector takes like 8 seconds.. on a dual core E8400 with 4 gigs of RAM ?). But while you could get used to it, the new fonts on windows (7) are unreadable. It’s like a junior programmer suddenly heard about ClearType and decided to reinvent it without a clue. After ten minutes my eyes could not take any more and I went back to 3.1.

  • Miles

    I have mixed feeling about the interface — sure, it is cleaner, but not enough to overcome the many operational issues: the screen capture tool doesn’t allow copying to the clipboard, the assignment of tags is not nearly as easy as in 3.1, and 3.5 seems *much* slower.

  • Garrett

    Version 3.1 is better, more stable. I recommend sticking v3.1 for now. I really like Evernote, but I have found many bugs with 3.5. If I format a note one way, go to another note, then return to the original note, it gets messed up sometimes: the first line has extra line breaks, indented paragraphs have extra line breaks and added spaces. This is disconcerting — notes changing by themselves. There are also some bugs with tagging notes, and bugs with sorting columns in the note list.

  • Bill

    Won’t install on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Edition. Stalls at the Install Evernote window saying Please wait while Evernote is installed. The Status bar stays black, CPU consumption in Task Manager is at zero. This is for (70948). Version works fine.

  • Rui Ferreira

    Where is the all notes vertical scrooling band?

    Where is the right layour time band?

    Where is the full screen note edit?

    Sorry guys. Back to 3.1

  • Philippe

    I prefer 3.5 in terms of general look. Great work!
    However, I’m missing few fonctions badly…

    – Full screen note edit. (Which is so neat on small netbook like mine.)

    – The clipping “Win + A” would open a small window with 4 buttons in 3.1 : tag, garbage, e-mail and “1 note added”. Most were unecessery, but I’d rather have that “tag” still, which was very easy to quickly “sort out” your new note.

    – A quick “tag” button in the main window would also be useful I think, just like it used to be in 3.1.

    – Would be really nice to link notes together like wikiwords would do. (Or use brakets [ ]).

    – Having the possiblity to put an anchor, which bring you to the specific location in a note.

    What do you guys think?

  • Todd

    Saved Searches appear to be quite slow. Despite already having a couple thousand Notes loaded, I still want to continue to add more. Excitement about the product is wavering a bit.

  • macarale

    I just want to start with, I’m using this for more than 2 year and it’s made my life (personal and professional) much much easier.
    Just updated to 3.5 and am very disappointed. Besides the fact that it looks older in design as 3.1.
    -where is the timeline
    -why did you guys change the PrintScreen tool
    -why cant I view items in vertical scrolling band

    Evernote is the best thing that happened to me but this time I really need to say it took a wrong turn. Is this a tease or something??? I know you need to keep things simple but c’mon.

    I (and my fellow followers) went back to 3.1

  • Gina

    I am having a problem with the notes “disappearing” on me and the right pane going gray. A restart doesn’t help. I had to switch over to the website to edit my notes. I only have aboutr 100 notes at this time so it shouldn’t be a memory problem. It is very strange — this is the first time I have had that problem.

  • Jim R Johnson

    Using Evernote 3.5. Am I the only one experience slow response times, even freezing to the point it’s unusable for the moment? When I want to use or find a note, I don’t want to wait 30-60 seconds to have it displayed.

  • Jim

    Just moved back to 3.1. Someone let me know when 3.5 works like they say it does.

  • asas

    Also moved back to 3.1 since the 3.5 became so unstable that it was practicly useless. Both on Vista and Win7.

  • Andrew Sinkov

    Hi everyone. We’ve released numerous updates to Evernote 3.5 for Windows since this post. Please make sure that you have the latest version of Evernote 3.5 installed on your computer. Many of the comments in this thread have been addressed.