We Want to Speak Your Language – Part 2

Posted by on 23 Oct 2009

Posted by on 23 Oct 2009


Our translation program is moving along at an incredibly fast pace thanks to the tremendous effort of hundreds of lovely Evernoters from across the globe. In fact, things are going so well that we’re looking to translate Evernote into even more languages. Here’s the latest list:

The new languages

  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Swedish

These are in addition to the languages that we are either currently working on or already support:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian

If you would like to help, please go to our translation program site and get started. Even more language are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Write for us

We’re simultaneously running another project aimed at improving our handwriting recognition in some of these languages. You can help by sending us a sample of your handwriting. Check out our recent blog post explaining this project.


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  • Shai Inbal

    What about support for writing in Hebrew, Arabic, Persian & all the other right to left languages? I’m a tech writer at Israel and I highly enjoy Evernote, but have a hard time recommending on it because It doesn’t really support writing in Hebrew and my neighbours’ languages.

    Pretty shameful.

    • Mojtaba

      I’m a very fan of Evernote and I’m eagerly waiting for right-to-left languages support in Evernote. I’m a translator and graphic designer and I can cooperate in Persian translation of Evernote if it is available. I have some experience in translation of programs and websites, and may be I can give you some technical information about right-to-left languages.

      • Ben

        PLEASE add right to left support! Even if RTL languages translation is not available.

        Should be extremely easy to implement since RTL works perfectly well when I paste from MS Word — Just add that button, please!

  • Louis Han

    What a pity! Chinese is not included!

  • Alan Santos Rodrigues

    I Wanna help to translate to Brazilian Portuguese!

  • Ningning Hu

    May I help you with translating Evernote to Chinese? I really really love this application.

  • dkmilan

    Oh…do you need Chinese?

  • April

    Is it possible that the addition of language support is causing or will cause problems when typing notes in English only. I am using the Evernote application on a Blackberry Tour and I’m starting to get unintended symbols and characters in my notes. I’ve having to go back and edit the notes and on longer notes that really becomes an issue.

  • Aone

    agree with Louis Han .we
    want Chinese!

  • Basel

    Guys, please implement right to left. Please!
    Evernote is the awesomest thing that entered my life, but it is just missing the ability to view right to left languages.

  • Sara

    Would be great if you could translate it to hungarian too.

  • jeff lee

    Chinese version??

  • Heidi Sitara

    HI, why Swedish? Why not Norwegian?
    If you do Norwegian, it can be read by the swedish and the danish. Danish and Norw is almost simlar, and sweedes can read Norw as well. But Danish people can not understand Sweedish very well…

    Pleas do Norwegian….I can help!

  • willem smith

    send me an e.mail please with an adress to ask you how i can update and pay whith dutch euro’s to a dutch account.

    great work by the way!

    with compliments


  • Anthony

    I’d be grateful if you supported Greek.

  • B.Robertsen

    I would like to have Evernote in NORWEGIAN
    Swedish or danish isnt thr same evev the similarity

  • Mark Fu


  • brian patteden

    Well if you need a good Romanian or Croatian translation drop me a line. See the big picture!

  • paul

    i really need chinese search support. current chinese search result drives me crazy.

  • Dmitry Stavisky


    Thank you for offering your help translating into your languages! We’ll be adding more languages over time, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the progress of the Evernote Translation Program at

  • Dmitry Stavisky

    @Louis Han, @Ningning Hu, @dkmilan, @Aone, @jeff lee, @Mark Fu,
    We started a pilot Chinese translation program localizing iPhone client. You can help even if you don’t have an iPhone device – we’ll publish translated screenshots at

  • Dmitry Stavisky

    Recently we fixed some problems that were affecting search in Chinese. If you are still having trouble with the latest releases please write a note to Support –

  • Peter Ström

    My handwriting is impossible to read in swedish

  • Bengt Sundvall

    Since I’m a Swede, I’m happy to see that Evernote now support Swedish.
    The only language-related thing I have found inside Evernote is in Options, tab Ink, Recognizer Options where the following languages are listed (with their Swedish names!): English, French, Russian, German. However, I suspect that this has nothing to do with changing language of Evernote.
    I also checked the Manual and the Forum (searcning for “language”). I could find nothing about languages in the Manual and the Forum has a lot of contributions about länguages, some of those were answers/thanks to some original instruction, but I haven’t been able to find just that one.
    It had been nice if you had included a “How to” instruction on this very web page.

  • Luke Choi

    Korean Verision Please~!

  • Dmitry Stavisky

    @Bengt Evernote support for Swedish is still work in progress. We’ll be releasing our client applications as they become ready. At that point Evernote app will simply use your operating system language settings.

  • ender

    I can trasnlate to Turkish. Please contact for mor information.

  • Anders Lund

    I would like evernote and reqall to work with danish.

  • Ron

    What about right to left? Specifically Hebrew

  • wumin

    Chinese version please.

  • Luciana

    Hi, I also can help with Brazilian Portuguese.
    Contact me if you will.
    Congratulations on your expansion!

  • Jose Eduardo Deboni

    I can help you with Brazilian Portuguese too, if you need. Huge fan of Evernote!

  • PCObsession


    If you look on your GPS (an old fashioned world paper map will do just fine ..) & look at the Southern point of Africa, there is a country called SOUTH AFRICA. (The Netherlands is smaller than my neighborhood … well almost! ).

    You cater for Dutch like everyone BUT we have eleven official languages of which you cater for one only i.e. English. The second language is Afrikaans which is spoken by more people than the whole Dutch Population !!!!.

    Except for Microsoft (partially) nobody seems to care about us and AFRIKAANS? ….. then there is 10 languages left, I suggest you start with ISIZULU (ZULU) and ISIXHOSA (XHOSA) and ISISOTHO (SOTHO).

    However, although AFRIKAANS is recognized as a ‘world’ language, wouldn’t it just be great if EVERNOTE is the first to implement it ?

    Kind Regards

  • Joern

    I find letting Evernote by default using the detected OS language is a mistake; let the users decide which language they want to have Evernote in, provided there are translations available. What about adding a language option to the next Evernote update?

  • Ticino

    There are over 7 million inhabitants in Catalonia, most of whom speak the Catalan language. There are over 11 million speakers in all the official Catalan-speaking territories. There are many more Catalan speakers in the rest of the world due to the diaspora. That’s more than Danish,Norwegian, Flemish, Finnish, Swedish, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Croatian, Afrikaans, and not far behind Czech and Greek.

    Most Catalan speakers would much prefer applications in their native tongue but are so used to putting up with having to make do with Spanish/Castilian localizations that sometimes it doesn’t even occur to them to protest/request. World renowned companies such as Nokia, Siemens, Google, Mozilla, etc., have already recognized the importance of Catalan and have localized the interfaces of their products in this language. I hope Evernote will consider seriously following in their footsteps very soon. I offer my collaboration in any future translation project in this area.

    Perhaps Evernote could sound out the amount of enthusiasm for Catalan in a way that would reach the maximum number of users. Maybe a quick “advert” in the publicity window of the application, similar to the call for translators or the “advertise here” one? To help you, the translation in Catalan of “Would you like to see Evernote translated into Catalan? To request it, click here” is “Voldríeu veure Evernote traduit al català? Per demanar-ho, cliqueu aquí”.

    Many thanks for a great product, even though it sometimes has difficulty accepting words in my own native language: British English!

    • Joan

      I agreed.

  • Jaume I

    Hey! first of all, thanks for this amazing program! secondly, I agree with Ticino. I’m Catalan and as lot of us, we would like to use and enjoy every single program as any normal person in any normal country do with their language.
    So take me into account if you decide (hope so) to translate it to catalan too.
    I’ve already translate other programs before, like “minilyrics” v.6.1.
    Thank you very much!

  • 1GR3

    I don’t ask for croatian version. Infact i was not asked at all which version do i want but getting serbian version by default and not being able to change it, seams little bit offensive!

  • nikitha

    hi!this is nikitha….i am finding a difficulty in understanding the language of evernote which default language was english but suddenly changed to the other language… to change that….


  • tarun

    Hi, Today, while typing in evernote, I mistakenly typed something wrong and my typing language got changed in the note. Currently I am not able to understand what I am typing in ever-note. My default language setting is English. Please help!