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Video: Running a Dairy Farm with Evernote

Posted by Ron Toledo on 09 Nov 2009

Posted by Ron Toledo on 09 Nov 2009

ray_prock.2 Website: Ray-Lin Dairy
Twitter: @RayLinDairy

Where I use Evernote:

We’re always on the lookout for unexpected ways that people are using Evernote. When we heard about California dairy farmer Ray Prock and his Evernote use, we had to see it for ourselves.

On our recent visit to his family farm, not only did we get a tour of the dairy, but we also learned about the critical role Evernote plays in keeping everything running. Ray, like lots of business owners, has the huge task of managing enormous amounts of information. In his Evenote account, Ray captures information on his cows, including their numbers, treatments and feed details. He also keeps track of his maintenance needs, supplies, notes from meetings, and remaining tasks.

Check out the video below to get a peek at our visit to Ray Lin Dairy.

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  • Michael

    Great case study. Cool video too.

  • Jeff

    Very interesting. Having worked on a dairy farm years ago, this video and the camera perspectives brought back some memories (mostly smells!).

    Good change-up from the food posts (well, I guess this one’s indirectly related to food, but this is good variety nonetheless).

  • Daryl

    Interesting video but hardly told me a thing about Evernote.

    Seems to me that Evernote are still missing a trick here, in showing users how other users actually use the product as part of the workflow, etc. HOW they organise stuff within EN and how they then find and use that info.

    (Don’t mistakenly think I don’t like the product – I do and am a premium user!!)

    • Laurie Pepper

      DITTO. Good video, nice guy, nice cows, but how exactly does he use evernote?

    • Ruth

      Another “ditto”. I like details. In your tips, we see what people capture with EN, and which ways they capture them (voice notes, text notes, web clips, etc.). But how do they organize their stuff within EN, and how do they pull their data all together when they want to make something out of it? Like Daryl, I am a premium user of Evernote and love it, but I don’t think I am using its full potential.

    • Brendon

      Try this article. I’ve found it helpful in ORGANIZING my EN files.

  • Javier Plumey

    Good video, guys. It’s always nice to hear about how technology is being used outside of the IT industry, especially in real-life applications like this. Very cool.

  • georgesutton4

    Interesting case study and video.

  • tystvnsn72

    an exciting experienced and great case study as well.

  • Carlisle Leanne

    Hi, I’m a newbie here…I signed up with because I want to join a group where I could hear some great stories and learning from them. I also want to get information by the blogs and I want also others to know what I am doing. In his story, I was amazed how evernote really helps him and I want to do what he do also.

    Watch Invictus

  • Deni Loubert

    This is a good example of an interesting case study. Thanks.

  • Mirko

    Never thought that a farmer is using Evernote. haha Modern farmers, nice to see.

  • Kieran Daly

    I had left Evernote for a bit and when I got my new machine I decided that I would start using it again. I particularly liked the phrase in the video where he said he couldn’t trust himself to remember it.

    I am like that as well. My wife tells me something and now I have trained myself to not just say “Yes Darling” but put a quick note into my notebook under Wife Instructions.

    I used to get into trouble for forgetting her her work schedule , grocery pickups and so on. Now I remember better because I have it on my iPhone and my PC so I can search and remember. Evernote the marriage saver!!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Kieran, Glad to hear that Evernote is playing such an important role in you life. I must say, Wife Instructions is an absolutely fantastic notebook name/Evernote use. Thanks!

  • Fajar

    i’m use Evernote everyday, in my iPhone and my Mac. I’m SEO Consultant, and very important to work mobile anywhere, when do it in my home , saved all works in Evernote in Mac, and while mobile still continue works with my iPhone , it’s very usefull. Thanks for Developer !

  • Shelly Freeman

    As a student it’s a great daily tool. Same with mother of four and being disabled. It’s ease of use for a person like me with no hands is unchallenged! Thank you so much for this wonderful app that I still can’t believe is free!


  • Adam

    The thing is, Evernote is not a good app for tracking statistics as mentioned in the summary. Evernote is not a real database app, which is what he really needs. Even a Google Docs spreadsheet with a few data-entry forms would be far more useful, because he could generate reports and monitor trends. Entering such data into Evernote by hand on a regular basis would be a tremendous waste of time, because it would require formatting and organizing manually. A simple database with some forms for each activity would be much faster, simpler, and more helpful.

    For non-numeric data, Evernote may be ok, but for tracking numbers, it’s the wrong tool for the job.

  • me

    this is a really great case study, probably the best one I’ve seen so far. Not taken in a hip advertising agency, new media company, record label, fashion designer workshop – but in a real world situation.

    Great and inspiring. Thanks.