Evernote for Android: It’s Here!

Posted by on 16 Dec 2009

Posted by on 16 Dec 2009

Editor’s Note: As of April 29, 2015, the Evernote features and pricing described in this blog post have changed. Please reference our comparison page for a current list of features and pricing levels.


Say hello to the newest member of the Evernote family: Evernote for Android. After months and months of development, we’re incredibly excited to unveil this shiny new version of Evernote. As you would expect, Evernote for Android is free and available in the Android Market.

Capture everything


Evernote for Android allows you to create text notes, snap photos, and record audio. In addition, you can easily attached files to your notes. Free subscribers can add PDFs, text, audio, or image files. Premium subscribers can attach any file they like, as long as the total note size is under 25MB.

When creating your notes, Evernote for Android lets you specify titles, tags, and destination notebooks.

Find all your notes, any time

Evernote for Android comes equipped with native note browsing, which means that you can easily browse and search through all of your notes. Thanks to Evernote’s synchronization features, all the notes you make in the desktop or web versions of Evernote are instantly accessible from your Android phone—and vice versa.

There’s also Evernote’s image recognition, which automatically recognizes text contained within snapshots—this is great for everything from business cards to wine labels to whiteboards.

Different views


When viewing your notes, Evernote for Android lets you choose between a fancy thumbnail view or a simpler list view. If you’re on a speedy network, then opt for the thumbnail view. If you’re on a slower network, or one that charges based on data use, you can go with the slimmed-down list view. Your choice.

Check the menu

To maximize the amount of visible space, we placed a bunch of functionality into the Android menu. Click your phone’s Menu button, and you’ll be able to browse notes, set location awareness, view Saved Searches, and more.

Where you at?


Evernote for Android captures your location whenever you create a note. It then lets you find that note by proximity to your current location. To activate this feature, go to the Settings menu and make sure that the location settings are enabled. Once a connection is made, the “Notes Near Location” option will appear in the main Evernote menu.

And much more…

This is only the beginning. We have big plans for Android in 2010, so stay tuned.

We also want to give a special thanks to all of the people that helped us iron out the kinks during the beta period. You rock!

Speaking of which, if you were a Beta tester, then you need to uninstall Evernote and reinstall it from the Market.

Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution License.

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  • BarbD

    YAY!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • MFTMike

    Congratulations on releasing the Android app. Please work on a s60 app now:)

  • puco

    Thanks guys for the effort. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and it is by far my most used mobile application.

  • mjschmidt

    Argh!!!! I have been waiting for this for so long, and when I saw this announcement I was soooo excited… but now I’m PISSED! How useless is this app! I can _create_ notes when I’m offline, but I can not _view_ them when I’m offline! In order to see my notes, I have to go online and upload them to my online Evernote account, but when I go _offline_ again, poof! I can’t see the notes anymore!!!!

    I want my notes to reside on my SD card, as well as online, because I don’t leave my phone “online” all the time (eats battery). This new Evernote app is useless to me if I can’t see my notes offline. Even 3Banana lets me keep notes on my phone.

    Major fail to you fix this.

  • Giorgio

    Help, cannot install: “Package file was not signed correctly”

  • AC

    I’ve been using the Beta app since early November. It’s great, but the one thing I cannot figure out if why I can edit some notes, but can only append others.

    Any explanation would be great. Thanks.

  • Benjamin M. Strozykowski

    This is the same functionality as the iPhone application, if I’m not mistaken.

    Do you have the “Unknown sources” option enabled in Settings>Applications?

    Great release, Evernote Android team! I’ve been using the Beta since I could get my hands on it, and have been loving it on my HTC Hero. The development pace has been staggering, and it’s good to see a company truly taking the suggestions and issues the community has into consideration.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Roy Jacobsen

    Congratulations on the release.

    So, now can you work on some of the bugs in the Windows Mobile app? Like the fact that I can’t create photo notes with my Samsung Omnia?

    We users are a tough crowd to please! 😉

  • Mike Pags

    Also getting “Package file was not signed correctly”
    I’ve been using the betas. Do I need to uninstall the betas before the Market version will install correctly?

    I’m using a Moto Droid on Verizon.

  • Chuck

    Giorgio, I found that the release version would not install until I uninstalled the beta.

  • mjschmidt

    @Benjamin M. Strozykowski – According to Elaine in the forums, the iPhone version has the option to mark “favourites” so you can see them both online and offline, however the Android version does not have this functionality.

  • Sam F

    While at first glance, this app seems great, the lack of off-line storage makes it severely limited for me.

    Why can we not save notes to our data card? You mean that I have to use my network every time I want to read a note, and potentially rack up fees? I can’t view my notes on a plane, or in a bad 3G zone? It takes me 30+ seconds to view a photo I just took?

    Note Everything, while it doesn’t have the way-cool syncing that this has, at least lets me view my notes off-line, and quickly too. This is a big turn-off for me, which is unfortunate because the application looks otherwise great.

    Two other small peeves:

    With the big empty space under the four New Note buttons, was there no space for a button to go to your saved notes? Why should this take two clicks — surly one would be looking at saved notes almost as often as taking new notes?

    Also, I can clip articles from the web, but there is no functionality to visit the url from the app. In the desk-top application, you can click on the url to visit it.

    If your “2010 plans” include features that address these concerns, you will make me one happy man… Otherwise, I think I’ll stick to Note Everything.

  • Sam F

    From a similar comment on a forum:

    1) when you make a note on your own phone, why not save it then-and-there? You wouldn’t need to use any network to save it. When a user requests that note, you can just pull up that note locally. You would therefore need even less network usage than you currently use. It makes no sense not to allow local saving of notes taken on the phone.

    2) When you view a note on your phone, you have to download it via your network anyway. Why not then save that note? You’ve already used the network, and that note would then be visible there-after off-line. Again, it would reduce network usage and dependency.

  • Philip Constantinou

    @Sam F
    For easy access to your notes just tap the search button with nothing in the search field.
    When viewing a clipped note, go to “Note info” and you can click the source URL and open it in the browser.

    BETA USERS: You have to uninstall the Beta version to run the released version. See the forum for more details. You don’t need to enabled “Unknown sources”. If you are seeing “Package file was not signed correctly” please uninstall the previous version of Evernote.

    RE: Offline notes: We hear you loud and clear. The Android app was written with plans to take advantage of local storage, we just wanted to get a first release to you guys.

    @AC: Since the Android doesn’t provide a rich text editor we let you edit text notes that you’ve created on the phone but only appended to rich text notes that can’t be modified by the Android editor.

  • postromantic

    Cool! It makes me happy =)

  • Tom Streeter

    Good to hear offline storage is in the pipeline. It’s not the dealbreaker for me that it seems to be for some, but I can definitely see the value. On the other hand, I’d rather have the app now without the capability than having to wait longer to get everything.

    What impresses me is that a little bug I observed in the final release candidate was squashed in the Marketplace release version. That bodes well.

    Nice job. Hoping to see offline storage after the holidays…

  • tommy

    Great work! Feels really good and was about time!

  • WeeBee

    Evernote team, why don’t you guys ported Evernote for Symbian yet? Please!!! :\'(

  • Renato Brant

    Where´s the Symbiam version?

  • lok

    We need a Symbian version!!! It’s a shame. Symbian has one of the largest number of users around the world! We NEED it.

  • GaryC

    And still no Blackberry App? It’s starting to feel like it’s time to start looking for another service.

  • Lisias

    Good. I’m very happy for you, guys.

    But… How about make some money on the most used Mobile Platform* : Symbian?

    Sounds like a good business opportunity to me: make programs that can be used by 45% of the current mobile users TODAY.


  • Daniel

    Hey guys, where’s the symbian version?

  • Paulo Leonardo

    No Evernote for Symbian??? I can´t believe it…

  • Bruno Fontes


    I love to user Evernote and it would be great if we could have a Symbian version. Do you know when it will be possible?

    Thank you so much!

  • Hans

    I’ve just downloaded to my computer and transfered to HTC Tattoo. Because I couldn’t download the app from Market. What I can see, this app is not optimized for low resolution (smaller screen) like Tattoo!! Fix that, please 🙂 / Hans

  • Ben

    woot! my transition from iphone to android is now complete. Thanks Evernote, great stuff!

  • Pedro Teixeira

    And Evernote for Symbian? Cmon!! We are wainting so long for this, and seems easy to port the app to Symbian platform.
    Evernote, go Symbian!! Evernote, go Symbian!!

  • Richard Dale

    I can’t seem to show encrypted text on the Android – this is very important! What is the status on that?

  • Jado

    Evernote for symbian now!!!


  • Fernando Cruciani

    Bury! Do you think the Symbian S60 5th (Nokia N97) will end? Cade a version for Symbian! Thought to migrate to the Pro version of Evernote! But I have to look for another service! Sorry

  • Matthew

    Hey, while you working at offline support for Android, perhaps you could add offline support to the Windows Mobile app too. You have Windows Mobile users who would be much more enthusiastic supporters if you would add this! Please!!!

  • Awsome-O

    @GaryC: Uhhh, you mean this Blackberry app?

  • cajl

    It is great
    But for the Archos 5 IT, it is impossible to use the Market !
    have you a solution ?

  • Guy Walker

    It’s like an early Christmas Present!

    This is awesome

  • tds1

    How about a Linux version? I run Ubuntu at home and would like a native application. I use the windows version at work and the iphone version when I am mobile, but on Linux I have to use the web page.

  • fizzog

    This is great! But I use encryption a lot. Is there a way to access encrypted portions of notes on my HTC Hero? And is there a way to encrypt portions of notes which I write to Evernote on my Hero? Help would be appreciated!

  • Prashant Agrawal

    Was waiting for this for a long time, great to see it finally on android. Looking forward to offline storage.

    For some reason, I don’t see saved search feature. Any idea why?

  • Michael Houghton

    Well, because of this app I’ve finally migrated from Yojimbo, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed.

    I think what I’d like to see is the aforementioned offline storage/syncing and then:

    – a widget that can display a note of my choice

    – activities that can be hooked in via Any Cut (or Locale, if appropriate)

    – integration with the Android “Share” system to make it a really good Android citizen.

    Love it so far though.

  • Mathias

    @Hans were did you find the download of the apk-file, have the Tattoo as well and would love having Evernote on it.

    To Evernote, please make it available for lower resolution models like the Tattoo as well, you are aware that it’s quite easy aren’t you. Compile with the 1.6 SDK change the Android manifest a bit and you are good to go. This won’t affect the other models running 1.5 and earlier, it will still work for them, just as long as you don’t use any specific 1.6 API’s, so please. Have written a document about it that might be of use for you

    And it would be very nice to have a Symbian version as well.

  • Mitja

    The moment you release the symbian client, I’m your man (in the paying sense) ! S-Y-M-B-I-A-N !!!

  • Hans

    @Mathias I downloaded the file to my laptop from this link,, where I found in the user forum. Transfering to my HTC Tatto via USB in SD Card and installing with Astro File Manager.

  • Rick

    You’ve just made my transition to Android one step closer to being a reality

  • Peter

    Is anyone else using the Motorola Milestone. When I use the evernote app to try and take snapshots it doesn’t work most of the time I..
    1. Select snapshot from main screen
    2. Press the camera icon (or camera button to take photo.
    3. The camera does its focusing and stops (no shutter sound)
    4. Now the camera icon and button don’t function.
    5. Have to go back to the main screen and select snapshot again
    6. …and again… and again.

    Also it looks like its not detecting orientation of the phone between landscape and portrait.

  • Eric

    I have been using the beta version since it was released. It has made my premium membership worth the money(as if it’s not worth the $5). I hope this release means good things for Evernote. I look forward to seeing this app improve to the iPhone app quality!!

  • Malte

    It’s Cool. Love it. But one thing could be better. that i can view my notes that i created on my mobile even after i uploaded them

  • samu

    Was waiting for this app for months. WOuld even go premium.. but guys, camera snapshot doesn’t work on Milestone (droid). And I think the app asks to often wheter I want to save or not… I mean, it’s not a 10 pages Word document. Just save when I leave.. Like in task manager astrid.

  • Michael

    Silly Evernote.. where’s your QR code?!

  • Android Reporter

    That’s a great handy tool for android mobile users. I have blog about it at:

  • Anders

    I have a Droid/Milestone as well and have the same snapshot probles.
    Also, when I try to record voice note Evernote xrashes. Every time.
    Thougts or solutions anyone?

  • Kevin

    @cajl For the Archos 5 IT, download the .apk at Works great.

  • Norman Liang

    I have an exception error every time I’m using camera as well. Using Android 2.1 device. Is there a fix or update coming?

  • Doug

    Woohoo!! Finally. Well chuffed. Thanks to everyone at Evernote. 😀

  • Vadim

    Please add support for encrypted text.

  • Christian Ashby

    This article needs the QR code!

  • Laura

    Thanks you for this great Christmas present!!!

  • David Ellard

    Is the android app compatible with HTC Tattoo unable to locate through the marketplace

  • KazuyaD

    Yay! Great Christmas present guys! I just couldn’t get into using the mobile site. Offline storage will definitely be a plus when you roll it out(I’ve got 16gigs to burn here) but I’m glad that you went ahead and put it out now rather than later, thanks for showing Android the love.

  • Tommy

    Evernote rocks! I keep it running all the time when I’m tied to the desktop (Windows 7)… how about an option to NOT show the app in the taskbar when minimized. When I want to bring it up, I’ll click right-click the icon in the notification/systray area. Less clutter.

  • Steve

    I read through some of the comments on the market place. I see that there is an offline version available for the iPhone. When will an offline version be made available for Android?

  • John

    I think this app is great but I need offline notes. I used this when released and was disappointed to find out i needed a connection to see my notes. Using 3banana for now until evennote provides offline notes. Thanks

  • Jim

    When you edit and save a note, the app takes you back to the preview for that note but does not show your edits. You have to close that window and re-open it from the list to see your edits. VERY LAME!!!

  • Matej

    I second the offline caching. The app is pretty much useless if you dont have a network connection. Otherwise looks like an amazing app.

  • Sandra

    Why can’t I find it anywhere?

  • Caleb

    Wish I had a Droid!

  • mb

    Love the app but have requests:
    1. Like others have said, please add offline capability. As implemented currently is semi functional.
    2. Need to be able to use tags to search and display notes.
    3. Higher res icon for droids and others to come
    4. Better mapping functionality. I don’t see where a geotagged note is when I try to display on my droid. Just the map with my location (even though the geotagging is recognized when I use the notes close to me function). Lots of cool things could be done in this area – hope you do.

    Big evernote fan on pc and web. Hope the android version continues to improve. Could be great but think there’s lots of work to be done.

  • Jun

    I tried to install Evernote from Android Market, but get the error of Package unsigned, then quit the installation. Why would that happened? I am using HTC Hero with Android 1.5, and have Evernote 1.1B8 installed in my cell….ummm

  • Paul

    Nice app, it’s great to see Evernote supporting more mobile platforms!
    But I have to say, other than location awareness and camera integration, this doesn’t offer much more than a mobile web site would! Perhaps more features are to come in the future, offline notes would be a great one to add.

    Also, I noticed that the application wants to run in the background after exiting, which is undesirable, Evernote has no need for it and it simply reduces device battery life and performance.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jsama

    Thanks, but i cannot find this apps in android market from htc tattoo 🙁

  • George T

    Great app! 🙂
    But I still think that the most major drawback is the lack of speed.

  • Scott

    Works great on my Droid. Hope one of the first improvements is to add the text encrypt/decrypt function.

  • Dusan Stojanovic

    Nice app but how to use Evernote with android

  • Ami

    I just installed it and I like it; but I hope that, in future versions, we’ll be able to select a larger font size when viewing notes. Thanks!

  • Janis Kelly

    Is it possible to copy and paste into the Android version? How? I did that a lot on the Windows Mobile version but not clear how to paste in, say, a copy of a news story into Android.

  • Rachel

    According to, Evernote is not currently available from the Android Market for the HTC Tattoo because the developers haven’t explicitly approved it as being suitable for use on a QVGA screen (320×240). I’m not sure whether they’re in the process of rectifying this, but in the meantime you can download it from and it seems to work fine.

  • Louis

    I ve download evernote and take premium version but, surprise, on my htc hero, i can’t see my note offline
    it s not serious ! ! !

  • MC

    I’d love to see an integration with the Dolphin Browser so that we could send a website straight to evernote in their “Share” option.

  • Hektor

    Yay! Now all that’s left is a client for Symbian…

  • Bascy

    Great idea, but why can’t i edit the tags on the Android?

  • Mike

    Great app – but I would love to be able to search by tags easily.

  • Chazz

    Would be nice to be able to edit existing notes and have a rich text experience (WYSIWYG) just like the editor on the website version. This would make it the perfect note application.

  • Yves


    I start getting used to Evernote on my Samsung Galaxy.

    There is one detail however that is a bit unpleasant:

    The thumbnails which Evernote creates seem to be stored in /sdcard/Evernote/notethumbs, and they appear in the gallery app of my phone.

    This could easily be solved by putting an empty file named .nomedia in that folder /sdcard/Evernote/notethumbs. This will tell the gallery app not to descend into the folder.

    Otherwise great app! 🙂

  • Dmitry

    I’d also take premium ver. but only for android client with offline capability

  • weeti

    I just got an Acer liquid and I have evernote for it, it rocks. Must be my phone, but it doesn’t really like big files (I’m mainly typing my classes on evernote).. But it’s good for the others and I really like to be able to have my classes available at any moment.
    Once again, evernote rocks 😉

  • kevin

    So far so good on HTC Eris droid

  • David

    Great app.
    One problem identified running on Sprint’s HTC Hero – the synchronizing notification never clears after I save a new note.

  • darin

    I used this, but until there is an offline note feature I can’t rely on it. Accessing my notes is critical, and if I’m in a tunnel or subway I still need access to them, despite not having a cell phone signal.

  • pat

    Please integrate with Android’s built-in “share” concept. I’d love the option to “share” things with Evernote!

  • scott

    Crashing on launch.
    Motorola Milestone.
    Android v2.0

  • cb

    Thanks for the app. When you add offline access, can you give us option to only download certain tags or notes created or updated from a certain period? Think that will make things easier for those of us with our whole lives in evernote!

  • Hartl

    Great tool, but without offline support it’s rather useless.

    Once you have a linux client and android offline support I’ll switch to the premium account!

  • Jay

    Yeah, this app is pretty useless until there’s an offline mode. I wonder why they felt the need to reinvent the wheel here instead of just trying to port the iPhone app that already does everything we’re asking for this one to…

  • Jaymush

    Why can i not edit existing notes anymore? Use to be able to press the menu key and there would be a “Edit” option. Am I the only one having this problem?

    Moto Droid 2.0.1

  • Chris Pearsall

    I really wanted this to work but unfortunately it would not run. It came up with an error screen that disappeared to quickly to read.

    motodroid 2.0.1

  • Jonathan

    Without offline support for Android, this is of very limited use. Most of us city residents spend a considerable amount of time in the subway, or in buildings (e.g. libraries) where cell phone service is blocked. I would use Evernote 10 times more heavily if you added that one feature!

  • gary

    like everybody else has been saying, offline notes is a critical feature.. without it, i cannot reference my past notes or edit it, which is mostly what i need the notes for.. hope it will be implemented for the next version for android

  • Scot

    Offline use is a must. Without this feature, there’s nothing particularly compelling about the offering. With it, it’s genius, but…

    Please put the offline use at the top of your list.

  • Lonnie

    Definitely need to be able to search and view tags. Offline would be nice but tags are a must!

  • Ömer YÜCE

    android application development makes sense for me

  • Ryan Shillington

    +1 for offline notes

    I’d definitely become a premium subscriber for offline notes.

  • Louis Tim Larsen

    I can’t find this app in Android Market for HTC Hero :/
    I live in Denmark, Europe, if that have anything to say.

  • iViN

    I have the same problem, meaning I can’t find this app in the Android Market either…
    I’m in the Netherlands and have got a HTC legend.
    Does anyone know if this app has been removed or whether it’s not compatible with 2.1?

  • Tom

    Same problem here. I live in Belgium and have a HTC Legend. Evernote does not appear on the market.

  • jean

    same problème HTC legend in belgium

  • tina

    can’t find for my Motorola Devour either

  • airwhale

    Got my HTC Legend yesterday, and can’t find Evernote in the appstore either. I’m located in Sweden.

    Is this a device-issue or a geography-issue, I wonder.


  • Morten

    I have just got my HTC Legend and was looking forward to dowload Evernote, but I can’t fint it in Marketplace??? I live in Norway.

  • Christian

    Same problem for HTC tattoo in Germany, does not appear on the market. Where can I get the *.apk file to install it manually?

  • Ryan Bateman

    Great application, guys. Would a feature request for a quick-note widget be out of line? Would really utilise one of Android unique features, I think.
    Anyhow, keep up the good work.

  • Pj Murray

    Hey does any one know if there is a way we can suggest improvements for the app to where it will get to the right people?

  • Mark Twells

    Tred searching for evernote in the Market – not there. My phone is a HTC Tattoo, and I’m UK based.

    anybody tell me how to get this app?

  • carmen

    How come this is not available to Blackberry, or is it?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Carmen, There is an Evernote for BlackBerry. You can get it from BlackBerry AppWorld. More information is available here:

  • lookon

    when will the next Android version release? any roadmap? 🙂

  • Jorge

    Can’t find it on the Android market. Using a Devour in the US.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Jorge, point your Android browser at this URL:

  • b oardtc

    Confirm installed from beta url on legend in Ireland. How close is the software to getting into the market?

  • Lim Yeng Chuan

    This is a wonderful application. It would be perfect if the notes can be stored in the SD card. When in an aeroplane, or other situations when we cannot go on line, we still want our info.

    Sometimes when we are overseas, Wifi is not available and 3G on auto-roaming is not cheap, then android evernote becomes useless. Perhaps just word files or name of pic files if there is a fear of not enough memory ( but hey, current card is 8 G more than enough)

    If that is ok, I will drop GooMemo and use Evernote.

    Thank you very much for reading, nice people at Evernote!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re looking into expanding the Android functionality to allow for local note storage.

  • Mohit

    such a great application but most of the time it’s useless, please make it stores data on local storage so i can use it even when i don’t have internet connection othewise no use of having this application and why don’t i use my drop box.

  • JoefromPhilly

    Is there a way to see only notes by notebook? Today, it looks like I can only see all the notes at once and only when I open the note, I can see the notebook it resides in.
    Other than that, the app is awesome!!! Thanks so much!

  • Robert Vuković

    I would vote for OFFLINE storage too.
    I was surprised that I can not access my notes on the phone if I don’t turn on Wi-Fi.

    3G is still too expensive in most countries for regular use.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re working on a number of improvements to the Android version. Stay tuned.

  • JY Lu

    I really like Evernote. But I have experienced a couple of issues with my Android phone.
    1. My tags created on my laptop (Windows) are not synced to my phone.
    2. If I create a note on my laptop (Windows), and I cannot edit and save my changes on my phone.
    Can someone help?

    • jim

      yeah, editing from my phone doesn’t work here either – HTC hero

  • Joop Puts

    No Evernote on Android Market.
    Netherlands, HTC Legend.

  • A.Q.S

    No Evernote on android market for me either.
    Ireland, HTC Legend.

  • Liamog

    Just got HTC Legend and would love to have evernote on it. A friend showed it to me on his new Samsung weith Android. Any suggestions as to how I can get it for HTC Legend?

  • Suzanne MacTaggart

    For sure, let’s get a way to keep the content we create on the 16 GB SD!(Lawyers talk aand write a lot). I’m getting messages that my voice text is filled up and I am down to only 15% memory in phone! What is expected to be put into the SD (Sorry for Droid Motorola x-question but I’ve only had it 2 weeks!) The Wbl Wsr

  • gkjhgjhg

    make a QVGA version to

  • Meizu

    Evernote can be found on android market, but I couldn’t download it. It appears “Downloading…” all the time
    China, HTC Magic

  • Justin

    Every time I make a note on my mac I get this pop up when I try to view the note on my (android platform) htc hero running 1.5. ((java.lang.illegalstateexception: can’t declare any more prefixes in this content))any ideas on why???? The thumbnail shows up but when click on it on the phone that is what I got. I tried reinstalling on the phone and no luck. Really excited about this software but really wish I could figure this out. Please help It would be greatly appreciated.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Justin, we’re looking into this issue.

      • Allison

        I have the exact same problem as Justin!

      • Allison

        p.s. – My phone is a Samsung Moment

      • Rob

        Same problem here, it is so aggravating the program has great potential. Moto Droid

      • Van Metschke

        Also having that problem. A new update for the Android was pushed out recently, but didnt seem to fix the issue.

      • Rudy X. Desjardins

        Exact same issue here – running Android 1.6 on a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (Rachael)… Mac OS X 10.6.3… Evernote Version 1.8.1 (04/14/2010) build 79826

      • marcocatelli

        Same issue. Motorola Milestone with 2.1 I love evernote, I hope you will update soon

      • Autumn Smith

        I recently purchased a Droid HTC Incredible and installed the Evernote Android App. I also use Evernote for Mac. When I create a note on my computer, I cannot access/view the note on my phone. When I click on the thumbnail on my phone it reads “java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t declare any more prefixes in this content”…? I also purchased the premium service (one month for $5) just to try it out before I figured out that it wasn’t working on my phone. I would love to subscribe for a year, but this service is basically useless to me without being able to view my notebook on my phone. Please help!

      • Logical Tom

        I NEED a good note app. I am having the same problem. seems odd that some people get it to work and others do not. Are all android users getting this error?

      • graeme

        Same error here on the HTC desire with evernote for mac.

        Looking forward to a fix 🙂

      • Jerry

        I’m having the same issue with the HTC Incredible. ((java.lang.illegalstateexception: can’t declare any more prefixes in this content)) Will there be a fix soon? I’d hate to switch apps since this seems to be the best app for notes.

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Jerry, we are aware of the issue and are working around the clock to resolve it. It is related to viewing notes created on the Mac from the Android. We hope to have an update soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

          • Ryan Conrad


            I am using the Evernote application on a PC and I get the same error with notes loaded using the plugin for Outlook 2007. It is not limited to just mac users.

      • Doug

        Same problem. REAL annoying. Motorola Droid.

      • Veronica

        I’m having the same problem. “Can’t declare any more prefixes in this content.”

      • Andy

        Same problem, making your software useless. It’s been a bug for way too long.

  • bjoern

    same here htc legend in germany – and no evernote, skype or paypal in the market store

  • bjoern

    No Evernote on Android Market.
    Germany, HTC Legend.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      We’re looking into this. Evernote should be available for you.

  • Ashish


    Another complainer, HTC Legend purchased but no APP in the Android Marketplace. Am currently in Germany.

  • Pengvim

    I love this program, but there should be an offline mode.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Cronqvist

    Still no Evernote in Market. Denmark 🙁

    HTC Legend.

  • Cronqvist

    Why not let us download and install it manually?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Cronqvist, if you can’t find it in the Android Market, you can point your Android browser at

  • Felix

    Because of google’s copy protection, users who cracked for root can’t find evernote in the market.
    Could you give a apk package to download?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Point your Android browser here:

  • Steve

    Love the app! The only issue I have is the default camera upload is horizontal. Therefore, when I capture pictures of documents, receipts, etc. they’re all sideways in my uploaded notes. Is there a way to fix this, because I do not see an option to rotate images in Evernote?


  • Pat

    I installed Evernote on my Liquid a few days ago, and… it doesn’t work properly.

    When I write a note, it never gets uploaded to my account, nor can I see my online-created notes on my phone.

  • Kurt Navratil

    Love Evernote in general – need a WIDGET! I like the 3bananas widget and am using it more and more….

  • Moscow

    Same problem here… notes created on MAC get error on my HTC DESIRE: ((java.lang.illegalstateexception: can’t declare any more prefixes in this content))… hope it’ll be fixed soon…

  • Larry McConkey

    I loved using Evernote until I discovered I couldn’t store the data locally on my Motorola Android. I need access all the time, not just when connected to the internet, exactly as it works on my PC! Just flew across the country and expected to work on some ideas that I had started in Evernote. I have to stop using it until I can get local data – obviously best on the card memory.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Larry, We are working on improving the Android version’s local storage capabilities.

  • Jens C. Rekling

    Installed evernote on HTC magic. No go at showing the introscreen. Error:
    java.lang.illegalstateexception: can’t declare any more prefixes in this content))

  • Martin Jerresand

    HTC Desire, Likes Evernote a lot, just switched from iPhone to Android. Getting this illegal state error message on notes created on my Mac. Please….


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Martin, we’re working on a fix.

  • Buzz Factory

    Available here for HTC Legend

    Works Fine.

  • Drk

    Evernote for Android doesn’t works with OS with another language different than english. For example, if you use germany, french or spanish you will see the next error:

    “java.lang.IllegalStateException: can’t declare any more prefixes in this context”

    Only if you uses special characters (ó,ò,í,ì,ç,ñ,….)

  • Nathan Thomas

    will this link work on motorola devour

  • pete

    Love Evernote (Android), but… i know it’s old skool but i would love more note sort options, especailly alphabetical.

  • chrisr

    I just downloaded Evernote on my Incredible. I’m trying to register but it’s asking me for the word verification. I don’t see any words to verify. Do I have to register on my computer rather than my phone?

  • Don Wells

    I have noticed that the search from Android is not the same as search from Windows. For example searching for Pat will return a note with Patricia on Windows. On Android it will not unless I search for Pat*.

    Is there some regex syntax we don’t know about? I would expect a search for *ricia to find patricia, but it doesn’t. The * only seems syntacticly to mean any on the end of a word. Give us an idea of what this syntax might be and how we could use it.

    It would also be nice on Android to select a specific notebook if we have several. Many of my notebooks are small enough to scroll through and not have to type in a search term, but I can not do that with the entire contents of my Evernote account.

    Thank you.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for letting us know about the differences in search on Android vs Windows. We’ll look into that.

      We will have a blog post up soon that explains the search syntax.

  • ury0005

    Offline + Sync is most wanted feature for Android client.

  • Andy

    “We have big plans for Android in 2010, so stay tuned.”

    Hope that your plans include being able to read, sync, and use notes created on a Mac in Evernote for Android on my phone.

  • SlyFox

    When will you give us PREMIUM users offline support for Android?!!

  • Ron

    It’s working! It’s working!

  • Mett

    it’d great if there would be an offline mode, so notes can be read or written offline.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s in the plans.

      • Steven Dent

        Is there an ETA on those plans? Evernote is awesome on my HTC Desire. Makes my life far easier!

      • Cwat

        any schedule for the offline notes? tks

        • Andrew Sinkov

          There are lots of Android improvements and enhancements in the works.

      • Daniel D.

        Here’s to hoping that the offline mode receives some priority. My mobile carrier’s data coverage is less than certain when I’m traveling, and I would feel more comfortable relying on (and renewing) my paid account if I knew I could get my “must have” notes even when I can’t connect to the internet.

      • Maarten

        Offline mode would definately finish this very useful app. If storage would be a problem, then an option for text only offline access would already be very helpful.

        Keep up the good work!

      • Cheesey

        I really would like to use Evernote on my HTC Desire HD, but without being able to use it offline its almost useless. The synching takes ages so I’d like to take a quick note and synch it back later when there is time to.

        Please hurry up with that one :/

  • Stephen Wong

    Unable to find and download Evernote software from Android Market on my Sony Ericsson X10 Mini?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Try pointing your Android browser at:

      • telemakos

        Thanks! Is it still the newest version available?

      • Kaue

        Thanks alot =D You guys should put this link at your homepage, cause at least here in brazil our android market does not have your app =/

  • april

    I just bought a Motorola devour. evernote is not in the android market and the link provided didn’t do the trick. I don’t know if I’ll keep this thing if I can’t get evernote. I’m a little dependent on it now for my writing.

  • Kish

    I may buy an Android phone just for the Evernote Application. Definitely the coolest and most productive app out there!

    • danoz66

      Can always get an iPhone or iPad, EverNote looks and works great on both devices!

  • Sheldon

    I just UPGRADED from iphone os device to android device, and it is great this app works fantastic…. I am also waiting for the offline version.

    Also I am hoping for improvement on search, by using the notebook on tabs or something, like the iphone.

    Keep up the great work on this app…..

  • Jack

    I have big hands and hate the small (vertical) keyboard on the HTC Incredible. Evernote does not seems to support the wider (horizonal) keyboard on the Incredible (at least I can’t get it to appear).

    PLEASE add the wide keyboard capability. Also waiting for an offline mode so I can use it to read/write note when out to signal range (often).


  • schelby

    When will I be able to get Evernote on my Devour? I don’t know if i should even bother using the program if I can’t use it mobilely?

  • Gisi

    I want to use it on a Xperia X10 Mini, when do you fit the resolution?

    • telemakos

      I agree! I’d love to use evernote on my X10 mini pro but I cannot find on the android market yet!

  • chris

    What are the differences between the Iphone version and Android?? I am wanting to get a T mobile galaxy 2 with 2.2 on it. Also are you able to create a notebook on the mobile version? I use this product on my ipad 3g and Mac computer. The Ipad version is as good if not better that the Mac version. I am a premium member.

  • Henry

    Great app, I keep finding more ways to take advantage of it. Any plans on adding the capability of barcode scanning?

  • Clive

    Please make the app available outside of the market too. I have serious problems with the market not showing stuff for my phone model (HTC Tattoo running droid 1.6) – Evernote is not found. Even if I use the QR Code directly off the evernote website. Please also just add a link to the .apk file directly, I’d love to try this.

    Thank you

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Clive, point your Android browser at:

  • oxsun

    I’m expecting the offline version for my HTC desire also;
    and if it supports hand draw on android it would be great also.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for bringing Evernote over to Android. It just made the switch from iPhone to Android and Evernote was the first program I downloaded. I have one question I’m hoping you can answer. I have several notes that contain pics. On my iPhone the notes would open with the pics small enough to fit on the display entirely and I could pinch to zoom in/out. On my Droid X they are much larger and I have to scroll around to see the entire picture (I’m viewing them scaled). The only solution I’ve found so far is to resize the pictures in the web app. Is this something you can fix? I’ve noticed this issue with other Android apps, and I’m curious if it’s just a limitation of the OS? I also have two requests. Could you add an option to have the app default to existing notes? I reference my notes more often than creating them. The other request is offline notes. Thanks!

  • Nini

    the Android version is a good start. Offline functionality will be the biggest improvement.
    What I miss too: To sort the notes by notepad. Its a pain in the a** to go through 100+ notes to find what you’re looking for.

  • Michael

    Agreed with Nini — not being able to view my notes on my Android by Notebook is a serious deficiency. With many notes, it means that the app is really only useful for *submitting*, not *reading* notes.

    • Adam

      If you type the name of the notebook into the search bar of the android version it allows you to just view notes from that notebook, same with tags.

      Does that solve your problem?

    • Bob

      It’s helpful to know that typing the Notebook “name” will bring up the items in that nobebook. But, typically I want to scan the Notebooks, not the individual items and often I do not recall the names of my 30 notebooks.

    • pep

      I agree with that, i think this is a serious must.

      Typing the Notebook name is not a solution at all, think i have more than 20 notebooks, have i to know how are the called?¿

  • helloqidi

    waiting for the offline mode

  • Greg


    I miss offline mode too and I find it too complicated to access to its notes, I would expect seeing on start page the last notes I used.


  • Aaron

    Would love to have full zoom in/out functionality for pics. I often take a pic of a page so I can reference it any time, but I cannot fully zoom in/out to get around and see it up close…

  • tactoth

    Is the notes list integrated into the app or need to be read in web browser? To be frank I’m really disappointed when I saw evernote for BB, it’s nothing more than a text editor that can upload.

  • David

    Not impressed at all! Evernote for android is essentially useless without offline view- I stopped wasting my time with this at this point. Also, there is not real sorting capacity.
    The only reason I considered it was because the multi OS functionality (windows mobile, desktop and android…) but since the android functionality is BS, this is not really helpful app. I have seen a post stating that they are working on various updates for android… the post is from 1 year ago- and still no update. Apparently, off line functionality is not a high priority. A simple text editor in conjunction with drop box would be more effective and multi-OS as well.

  • Rafael

    Evernote for android is essentially useless without offline view (2)

    • Vaggelis


      • JoãoPT

        +1…can’t get why I’m unable to see my notes when offline. : /

  • TakTak

    I was so excited to find out about Evernote. Also heard it from Leo Leporte priasing the product. Install the desktop version. UI is confusing. Got it through. Install the Android version (that’s where the actual need is) to find out offline mode require Premium subscription. I can’t justify paying $50 a year for this as I need a simple note taking app.

    I’ll pass. Will stick with GDocs for now since it will sync with Google Docs until something better comes up. Will uninstall both desktop and android version.

  • Till

    Yeah, this app is useless without offline mode. With it, it’d be dynamite.

  • anso

    I have Evernote for Android installed on my HTC Desire – but now I want to uninstall it. When I try and press it, as I usually do with apps I want to delete, Evernote doesn’t seem to want to disappear. It is still there. How do I delete Evernote properly?

    Best regards


  • Carlos

    I’m also waiting for offine mode in android app, but thanks for the effort!!

  • katana346

    First I must say I am quite impressed with the latest android update. Thanks for all the hard work.

    One thing: The new large widget for the Android app is brilliant, but could there also be a vertical version, with the notes on the side so that swiping ones finger up or down scrolls through the notes rather than needing to press the tiny arrow buttons? Please?

  • clp

    Updated my phone and had to re download my evermore app. Having trouble logging back in because I don’t remember my username. It allows me to reset my password but not my username. How can I change or find out my current username without creating a new account? Thanks….hooked on evermore!

  • Finn Deacon

    Downloaded Evernote on my HTC Sensation and it would not restart properly. Only had a few seconds to uninstall before phone locked out, but just managed it…..after several previous lock-outs.

    Phone back to normal now.

    I need a phone more than I need Evernote…..uninstalled from my new HP laptop as well now.

    On the face of it a great product, just not good having it take over and lock out my phone 🙁