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Posted by on 21 Dec 2009

Posted by on 21 Dec 2009

The new Evernote for Mac release (v 1.6.0) comes with lots of great updates. Download the latest now»

Tons of notes

Evernote for Mac 1.6 dramatically improves speed and performance for accounts with large (LARGE) numbers of notes. This is a welcome enhancement for you active Evernoters out there. All aspects of your Evernote experience is now much faster. For those of you still growing your Evernote database, you can feel good knowing that Evernote will always be snappy, even when you have you thousands and thousands of notes in your account. Something to look forward to.

Emailing notes


Emailing notes out of Evernote for Mac got a nice upgrade. Notes are now sent directly through the Evernote Service, which provides a much more consistent and reliable user experience. This will also make life a lot easier for those of you that rely on webmail instead of using a desktop mail client. The From email address will be the one that we have on file for your account. To change that email address, log into Evernote Web and go to the Settings section.

And more…

  • Improved performance when displaying search results in large PDFs
  • Dragging a URL onto the dock icon works consistently
  • Another attempt to fix issues with the Safari clipper toolbar button experienced by some users
  • Resolved issues with right-click Save As… option
  • Fixed a display bug in the quota meter
  • Numerous other fixes

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  • Greg

    Just downloaded the new release. I’ve got to tell you – I hate the new emailing interface. I don’t have any of the tools available to me that I have in…including switching accounts, the recently-used addresses, and the list goes on. As it is, I have no choice but to just email notes to myself, then send them along to whoever I wanted to send them to in the first place, because it’s not sending from the account I would want it to.

    Not to mention it’s sending emails that are “from” me, but sent through your SMTP server, which makes them look more like spam. My incoming server is actually marking up the headers with warnings about this, saying the message may be untrustworthy.

    I get that some folks don’t use, and I guess this new interface might be better for them…but please Please PLEASE make this an option!

    On the bright side, I _do_ like the formatting of the email message a lot better than in the previous version.

  • JS

    I haven’t updated yet but my opinion exactly the same as the previous one: make this an option! I’ll cry if I can’t switch account anymore.

    I would have thought you guys would have strenghten the relationship between and Evernote.

    Keep up the good work (and make the internal mail thing an option)



  • Greg

    Ok, looks like I didn’t RTFM on the “from” address, which you addressed in your post. 🙂 However, I still don’t have any flexibility to switch between accounts, and all of the other complaints I had above are still valid.

    Pleeeease add an option to use again…..

  • Kathryn

    Wow, I’m not sure if my 1900 notes count as a LARGE number, but I’m noticing a SIGNIFICANT improvement in performance. Kudos, and thanks!

  • Daniel Drucker

    Thirding that the new email thing absolutely must be made optional. All the mail it sends gets tagged as spam, as your domain is not SPF authorized to send mail as me!

  • Russell

    Great job! Now my massive 20mb PDF’s are actually searchable, quickly! Great update (I don’t use the email interface though so I can’t vouch for that part of the update).

  • Barrie Stephenson

    Unless the email function is given options I won’t be upgrading. Why make an excellent app LESS versatile? Rectifying this oversight shouldn’t be a problem for a brainy bunch of developers like you. Before Christmas will do if it can’t be fixed today.

  • Henk Poley

    Minor nitpick, when you enter something in the global search box, then press [Esc], that is supposed to empty the text from the box.

    Would be nice to fix that.

  • Tim Stringer

    The built in mail feature is a neat idea that could be useful in some circumstances…but for my own purposes I much prefer being able to sent e-mail from the Mac OS X Mail application. This way I can choose which account I’m sending from, have an e-mail signature, etc. Another vote to make this a Preference setting…

  • Russ Kirby

    Having trouble getting this new version to replace my old one. It says “the operation cannot be completed because the item “Evernote Helper” and “Resources” is in use. ?

  • Tony

    Nice update – thanks! Keep up the good work!

  • Blake

    I have to say thanks for a wonderful product overall!

    I agree the new email functionality needs to be an option. I like being able to use my own email app for all the reasons mentioned as well as having a record of the email in my sent file.

  • Albert

    I’m going to have to get my Mac updated!!! Question: when will the windows Beta release become the official release?

  • Paddy

    You guys do a great job. Just switched to Mac this month. All I really, really miss is Evernotes ability to handle a watch folder. Can we still hope?

  • Daniel

    Using Spotlight to search for notes is not working in this update. Clicking a note via Spotlight only opens Evernote, but does not display the note. This really slows down my work flow.

  • Henk Poley

    Would it be possible to have .DHW support back? I mean the vector format output by the Acecad DigiMemo devices. Apparently Evernote v2.2 had support for that.

    I’d guess people would upgrade to premium for that.

  • Sam

    Is it only me?

    1.6 opens when I clip something from Firefox.
    1.5 and before, was working fine (didn’t open an app)

    Please fix!
    I don’t need an app when I don’t need it.

  • Karen

    I appreciate the updating but don’t care for the new emailing interface. I like to send notes to a group of people, entering their addresses under “blind carbon copy” option. I can’t find a way to do this under the upgrade. Is this something you can fix? Thanks!

  • Dustin Blake

    Kudos on the increased performance of the application—I was beginning to wonder if my mere 4500 notes had become too much for the Evernote App to handle (funny, because now with the iPhone app, I’m storing about 4300 of those notes on my iPhone 3GS locally, and it’s quite zippy)—but this new update sped things up quite nicely.

    HOWEVER, I’m with @greg, @js, @daniel drucker, @barrie stephenson, @tim stringer, @blake on the “improvement” to the email aspect of the upgrade—not only does this allow less flexibility, but, for those of us who have configured our Sender Policy Framework (see for more info) settings for our domain(s) correctly, any email that is NOT sent from one of the approved hosts in our SPF directive will be marked as not passing SPF and be designated as either spam or a soft-fail depending on how the recipient’s email server is configured. While I could see how this “improvement” from Evernote might be better for users of webmail (unless they’re using Google Apps with a domain that has SPF setup properly!), this is a major step backwards for anyone who was utilizing the “Send via Email” part of Evernote just fine before this new upgrade. Making the new email route the default would make sense, but please, at least give us the OPTION of handling these emails through our regular email clients as well.

    It’s little things like this “upgrade” that make me question my continued usage (and reliance) upon Evernote. It’s a wonderfully convenient service that does present an entire ecosystem of usage options (Desktop, Web, iPhone) and some great tools… but along with the lack of useable export options (sorry, but I don’t think .enex – Evernote XML – really counts as an XML, and unless there’s another application of ANY sort that can import that, it’s about as usable as my papers from High School that are in ClarisWorks 4 format – oops!), this kind of feature regression could easily be interpreted as yet another ‘control grab’ over our data by Evernote.

    Ideally, the Evernote app would allow a “Files and Folders” type export [for an example, check out the DEVONthink Pro 1.x export functionality (which I’m assuming has been preserved in the newer 2.0beta and is likely also present in the DEVONthink Personal line as well—but my personal experience is only with the Professional line, and the 1.x version—a bit ironic because I used that functionality to move my data into Evernote—because I found that the webapp of Evernote fit my workflow so much better!)] which would export each notebook as a Folder, with each record as a .pdf, .rtf, .html, .txt, .jpg and so on – Title=name, etc. Any metadata (tags, etc. ) could be added into the “Spotlight” comments of each file (ideal!) or at the very least, added into a separate file – perhaps as an XML or possibly a .html file (one per Evernote Notebook -> now Folder) that could be used by an importing program (or even the user, if in an html document readable by a web browser) as a “directory” or catalog of the Folder’s (former Evernote Notebook’s) contents.

    With that kind of export ability, there’d be no doubt at all of Evernote’s commitment to user data portability, and the only cries of user lock-in would be from the tin-foil hat crowd. True, some users might pack up their data and abandon Evernote, but I would imagine far more would be willing to hop on board, knowing their data wouldn’t be held hostage. Let the features and functionality of Evernote be what compels users to adopt it as a solution (and compel current users to remain) rather than possible data lock-in difficulties.

  • Gregor

    Well, unfortunately the Safari clipping still makes the 1Password icon disappear – and they claim it’s you who’s responsible.

  • patricia

    I downloaded the application for my Mac, for windows and my iphone.
    I am not able to add the Web clipper, though it says it is part of it. It is like a revolving door.
    Do not see Evernote on Safari